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					                          Youth-Inclusive Financial Services Course
You are invited to attend the new course, Youth-Inclusive Financial Services: Implementing Sound Practices
in the Field, offered by Making Cents International and hosted by Plan Canada in Toronto, January 13-14,

Youth-Inclusive Financial Services: Implementing Sound Practices in the Field is a highly interactive course that
offers a practical step-by-step framework for exploring youth-inclusive financial services. Through hands-on
activities and case study discussions, this course provides microfinance practitioners and youth enterprise and
livelihoods practitioners an overview of today’s relevance of financial services to youth in the developing world
and how to design and implement interventions to expand youth-inclusive financial services.

Who should attend this course?

This course is for senior staff, responsible for implementation, from youth-serving organizations and financial
service providers that would like to learn more about what it takes to provide youth populations with financial
services or support those organizations doing so.

During this course you will learn about the following:

           How financial services can play a role in lives of young people
           Key steps in the design of youth inclusive financial services
           Forming partnerships
           The role of monitoring and evaluation for youth inclusive financial services

As a course participant, you will walk away with guidance on youth-inclusive financial services packages, and
action plans you can apply to the specific needs and interests of your organizations and the young people you intend
to serve.

This course is appropriate for those who are exploring or already offering financial services to youth.


Dates: January 13-14, 2010
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Cost: 650 USD per course participant (discount available for additional participants from same organization)

Plan Canada
95 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 1001
Toronto, Ontario M4V 3B5

                     Making Cents International  1155 30th St., NW  Suite 300  Washington, DC 20007
                  Tel: (202) 783-4090  Fax: (202) 783-4091 ∙ ∙
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Trainer Bios

Veronica Torres is the Director of Youth Enterprise and Livelihoods with Making Cents International.
She is an experienced specialist in youth livelihoods with over 14 years spent in designing, implementing,
monitoring, and documenting integrated livelihood development programming for adolescents and youth.
Ms. Torres manages and contributes to the design and development of a series of global, demand driven
courses and tools for financial service providers and youth serving organizations. She brings experience
in developing financial services for young people drawing on best practice in both youth development and
microfinance. Prior to joining Making Cents, she was with Save the Children as a senior specialist on
youth livelihoods programming, focusing on capacity building, financial service development, and youth
entrepreneurship and employment programs throughout Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
 Through her career, Veronica has influenced large microfinance and youth serving organizations to
incorporate demand-driven approaches into their work and developed capacity of teams to design youth
friendly products. She continues to lead the practice as an author and presenter on youth inclusive market

Rathi Mani is the Program Coordinator at Making Cents International for the Youth-Inclusive Financial
Services Linkage Program(YFS-Link), an innovative three-year capacity building program designed to
help financial institutions develop and offer relevant, profitable, demand-driven financial products and
services to youth. As Program Coordinator for YFS-Link, Ms. Mani is responsible for internal and
external coordination, contributing to networking and outreach, managing events, and conducting
trainings within the YFS-Link program. Prior to joining Making Cents International, Ms. Mani supported
capacity building initiatives for microfinance associations around the world with the Network
Development Services Team at the SEEP Network. Ms. Mani’s past field experience in microfinance
operations and research includes East Africa, China, and Guatemala.

Making Cents International is committed to helping you build a legacy of economic opportunity. We
are a social enterprise based in Washington, D.C. that provides specialized technical
services and curriculum to individuals and organizations working in enterprise development. Making
Cents is a leader in strengthening the youth enterprise and livelihoods field through generating,
documenting and disseminating best practices. The “Sounds Practices” course is part our global
Youth-Inclusive Financial Services initiative designed to support organizations effectively linking young
people to financial services.

                                     For more information please contact:
                                       Rathi Mani, Program Coordinator
                                          Making Cents International
                             t +1 (202) 783-4090/email :

              To register, please complete the form below and return to the Program Coordinator.

                   Making Cents International  1155 30th St., NW  Suite 300  Washington, DC 20007
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                                                       Registration Form

                  "Youth-Inclusive Services: Implementing Sound Practices in the Field"


                         WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, JANUARY 13-14, 2010 - TORONTO, CANADA

         Session: Youth-Inclusive Services: Implementing Sound Practices in the Field
         Cost: $650 USD participant (discount available for 2+ participants from same organization)

Participant Information:

       City:                                                   State:
       Zip code:                                               Country:
       Tel:                                                    Fax:
       Email:                                                  Skype:

   Gender                Male                         Female         

   *Please include a Curriculum Vitae or Resume for each participant.

   Registration and Payment Options:

   Every registration form must include payment of the registration fee. Registration cost is US$650 per person
   and US$550 for each additional person from the same organization. This fee covers the cost of the two days
   of the course as well as coffee, tea, and lunch each day. The fee does not cover hotel accommodations,
   transportation, other meals, or incidentals, which are the responsibility of each registrant.

   Please check and fill in the appropriate information below:

   [ ] I am registering the following number of people for the Youth Financial Services Course taking place
   January 13-14th, 2010:
           _____ 1 person = $650 USD
           _____ 2 people = $1200 USD(20% discount for each additional participant)
           _____ 3 people = $1750 USD
           _____ 4 people = $2300 USD
                          Making Cents International  1155 30th St., NW  Suite 300  Washington, DC 20007
                       Tel: (202) 783-4090  Fax: (202) 783-4091 ∙ ∙
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Please provide the additional names and other key information for the additional members of your
organization that you are registering at the space provided at the end of this form.

Payment must accompany application

All fees must be paid in U.S. dollars. We can only accept checks drawn on U.S. banks, U.S. dollar money
orders, and traveler’s checks from banks that have a U.S. affiliate. Your bank’s U.S. affiliate address will be
listed on the check in addition to your bank’s address. We also accept payment by wire transfer and Visa,
Master Card, Discover and American Express credit cards.

Payment Type: Please select a method of payment (payment must be received before reservation is
a)Mail or courier check payable Making Cents International with completed registration form to:
         Making Cents International
         ATTN: Rathi Mani
         1155 30th St., NW, Suite 300
         Washington , DC 20007
b)Provide credit card details with completed registration form and fax to +1 (202) 783-4091 or mail to address

(circle card type): Visa     MasterCard           Amex         Discover

Cardholder Information (if option “b” above is selected):

Full Address:
Card number:                                          Security code:                  Expiration Date:

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation requests received in writing before December 18, 2010 will be refunded
100% less a USD 100.00 processing fee.

c) If you are sending a wire transfer, please contact Rathi Mani at, 202-783-4090 for

Please send your completed registration and payment to Making Cents International using one of
the following:

         Scan and/or email to:
         Mail or courier:
         Making Cents International
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Attn. Rathi Mani
1155 30th Street NW, Ste 300
Washington, DC 20007
Fax +1 (202) 783-4091

  Questions? Contact Making Cents YFS-Linkages Program Coordinator Rathi Mani at
         or call +1 (202)783-4090

           Making Cents International  1155 30th St., NW  Suite 300  Washington, DC 20007
        Tel: (202) 783-4090  Fax: (202) 783-4091 ∙ ∙
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