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					   Welcome to the
Freshman Information

      Hosted by ASG
   Students say “Hello” first (“Dzien dobry”) to Doctors, TAs, and
    especially Professors; say “Goodbye” (“Do widzenia”) or
    “Thank you” (“Dziekuje”) as a courtesy
   Do NOT confuse „Professor‟ and „Doctor‟
   No hats/caps/etc during class/seminars
   Polish custom is to dress up for tests/exams to show respect
   Every Prof believes his/her course is the most important – do
    NOT tell them you can‟t study something for their class because
    of another course
   If you are sick, go either to the Szpital Wojskowy (ER), on the
    way to Anatomicum, or the hospital on Przybyszewskiego Str.
    (across from Eskulap).
   Our student clinic is located at the Przybyszewskiego hospital. It
    is at entrance “R”, entitled Przychodnia Medycyny Rodzinnej
    (Outpatient Family Medicine Clinic)
   They are open Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. You must register
    and if you are not insured in Poland, pay 50 zloty to be seen.
   If you are sick and cannot attend a mandatory class, get the white
    health booklet signed and stamped by your doctor
   Winters here are GLOOMY and DARK; enjoy
    the sun while you can, because it will be gone all
    winter long

   Due to past events, PUMS arranged for an
    English-speaking Psychologist to be available:
    +48 604 548 582
   Ms. Karolina Misiorna is the Student Liaison
    Officer, and only dorm administrator that
    speaks English in Aspirynka/Medyk (room 20 in

   Mr. Pietraszkiewicz, in Eskulap, is the head
    dorm administrator for the dorms; please see
    him if you have any concerns (you‟ll need a
   The index is traditional part of Polish education and
   There is a deadline for all signatures in Index.
       Try to schedule retakes soon after the initial exam is taken. –
        avoid dragging them out to the end of the year.
   Fill out Indeks before you hand it in to the Professor,
    including your name on every page that is to be filled
   Retakes
   Syllabus: Get one.
   Scholarships
   Green books
   Health Insurance
   USMLE and NBME
   Dorm Fees
   Loans
   Student Organizations (ASG, NSG, AMSA, Journal Club)
   VISA and Temporary Stay Cards
   Xtra info for dentistry students ;)
Course Overview
   120 hrs
   Pass/fail
   Fall and spring semesters
   The book required for the course is:
       Zaczynam mowic po Polsku…?
   The teacher will sell it to you.
   The Polish Department has some good dictionaries
    available for your use, just ask for them.

  Polish-English dictionary link:
       Histology and Embryology
   132 hrs
   Exam – 5 internal exams, 1 practical, 1 final
   Practical covers slides, staining methods, blood
    cells, and electron microscope slides.
   Fall and Spring Semester.
       Histology and Embryology
   Basic Histology by Junquiera
   A Histology Atlas (optional); take pictures
    during lab
   BRS Cell Biology and Histology
   Langmann‟s Embryology
   Moore‟s Embryology
                Gross Anatomy
   210 hrs
   4 Quizzes
   Fall and Spring Semester of first year. Then fall
    semester of second year.

   Online source
               Gross Anatomy
   Moore‟s Clinically Oriented Anatomy (big or
   Anatomy Atlas (Netter, Sobotta,
   BRS Gross Anatomy
   DO NOT need Grant‟s Dissector or scalpel
   Flashcards available
            Medical Chemistry
   60 hrs
   Lectures, seminars and labs
   Exam – Quizzes and Final Exam
   Fall Semester
            Medical Chemistry
   Timberlake Chemistry for supplement
   Handouts from class are VERY USEFULL
   Bring Lab coats for Labs.
   Quizzes are 5 questions, based on seminars and
    handouts. Usually multiple choice with couple of
    structure (Except AMINO ACIDS)
   75 hrs
   Exams: Every week!!!, Integrative (Depending
    on Point averages), and final
   Fall and spring semesters
   Biophysics Lab Book (IMPORTANT)
   Lectures, and Labs
   Seminars and Second semester and they cover
    medical biophysics.
                     First Aid
   20 hrs
   Pass/fail
   Arranged in Groups.
   Attendance mandatory – but if you have proof
    of current certification in the medical field, you
    can try to get out of lectures
   No books are required.
                     First Aid
   Final Exam:
     3 questions total. 2 Theorhetical, 1 practical.
     The practical will be performed on a mannequin
    We like this guy. He rocks.
Papa Smurf
You‟ll see him in Histology
If your lucky!
  30 hrs
 Pass/fail
 Spring semester
 No books, Take notes in class
Required texts (for final):
      Plato Symposium
     Henry David Thoreau Life without principle
     David Hume An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
       (sections 1-4)
   60 hrs
   Test: Periodic Quizzes
   Book: Lab Book (Sold by the teacher)
             Physical Training
   30 hrs.
   Spring and Fall Semesters
   Go out and fun!!!!!!!!!!!
   35 hrs
   Spring Semester
   No Book required. Strictly handouts
   Lectures and Seminars.
   Test: Quizzes and Final Exam.
             Contact Information
   Sacha Shaw (ASG)–
   Patricia Walczok (ASG)–
   Stephanie Cairns (NSG) –
   Thomas Poloczek (Dentistry) –
   Monika Kalinowski (Dentistry) –
   Karolina Oczachowski (AMSA) –
   English Speaking program website:
   Polish program Forum:
   American Medical Students Association
   The oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-
    training in the United States.
   Medical school will likely be the most difficult life challenge you have
    faced. From the rigorous studying to the pressure of fulfilling your
    roles as student, family member and friend, you need all the help you
    can get to succeed
   AMSA is committed to improving the lives of medical students like
    you, in big ways and small. Our benefits will make your life just a little
    easier, and our magazine, The New Physician, will bring a smile to
    your face and provide a needed diversion from studying.
   For more Information or to get involved with upcoming events
    contact: Karolina Oczachowski – or Sacha
    Shaw at

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