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        Embassy                                                        General

                                Of Belgium
                     in the People’s Republic of China
                               Professional Card
(visa +permit to exercise an independent activity in Belgium, as a self employer)

Please note that there are two possibilities to go to work in Belgium:
- As an employee or researcher or trainee taking up employment. (Work Permit) For
    this case, please refer to our info sheet specifically designed on this subject (click
- As a self employer: you want to settle your own company in Belgium. You will need for
    it a Professional Card AND a visa to go to Belgium.
As this last procedure can take a few months, we recommend you to proceed
simultaneously for your request of Professional card and your request of visa. For that
please provide:

You are welcome at the Belgian diplomatic missions and / or at the new Visa Application
Centers of your jurisdiction. For more details click here

The documents to be produced are:

1)   A valid passport: To be obtained from the local Entry and Exit Bureau.
     The passport should be valid at least one year and should contain at least 3 empty
     pages, when applying for the visa.
     Please provide three copies of your passport (the empty pages don’t need to be

2)   Four application forms signed and dated by the applicant (more details).

3)   One form confirming your preference regarding the language to be used for the answer.
     Please note that this form must be completed in French (form annexed) or in Dutch (form
     annexed) or in German (form annexed).
     In order to help you, you can find here annexed an explanation note in English and in

4)   Three copies of your Chinese identity card.

5)   A medical certificate (this is valid only 6 months from date of issuance). The specific
     form(s) (available here) should be signed and stamped by one of the designated

6)   Two application forms “Demande de carte professionnelle pour étranger” (available
     here) or “Aanvraag voor beroepskaart voor vreemdelingen” (available here).

7)   Your curriculum vitae.

8)   Certified copy of your qualification(s).
9)   Documents confirming your professional activities e.g. creation of a company
     (published in the Moniteur Belge / Belgisch Staatsblad) or documents related to the
     purchase or rental of offices.

10) If applicable, a complete identity, telephone number and address of your associate in
    Belgium. State the family relationship with him (her) if any.

11) Professional references and letters of recommendation.

12) A letter describing and justifying the professional activity that you wish to exercise in

13) A notarized certificate of good conduct together with a translation, for the past one
    year. In case you have resided in a foreign country during the last year, you should
    moreover submit a certificate issued by the relevant authorities of that foreign
    country (*).

14) Your plane ticket reservation + 1 copy.

15) Two envelopes with your family name, first name, postcode and address in Chinese
    and your telephone number.

16) Depending on circumstances, complementary documents may be demanded.

Please read also the following recommendations

Your visa has been refused? The exact motivation (legal and factual) of the refusal
decision and details about how to lodge an appeal against this decision will be sent to you

(1) Please leave name card and telephone number.
(2) The visa-handling fee: € 180 - to be paid in RMB (more details).
    Application fee for the professional card: € 140 - to be paid in RMB (more details).
(3) All documents have to be produced in one original and Three photocopies.
(4) An application file is to be constituted according to instructions from the Belgian
     Embassy/Consulate General. The Belgian Embassy/Consulate General submits your
     request of professional card to Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-employed
     and Energy and your request of visa to the Alien’s Office of the Belgian Ministry of
     Interior. Please note that both decisions can take a few months.
(*) All notarized certificates shall be authenticated by the relevant provincial Foreign Affairs
    Bureau before being authenticated by the Belgian Embassy/Consulate General. They
    should not be older than six months (more details).

  For further information, please feel free to contact:
Belgian Embassy               (86) (10)
Beijing                        or
Belgian Consulate General     (86) (20)
Guangzhou                      or
Belgian Consulate General      (86) (21)
Shanghai                       or