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					Vehicle is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Its main purpose is to
give protection against the losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents and in opposition
to liability that could be incurred in an accident. Simply Vehicle Insurance is say that
whenever in the insurance duration the accidents happen on road or any other place the
auto insurance vehicle insurance company give us the money to repair, buy new car and
any other damages related to the accident.
Vehicle Insurance is also called auto insurance car insurance motor insurance and in
Pakistan car bema is typical word in Pakistan given o insurance.
Generally In Pakistan 10% of damages will pay the insured person or says victim and
remaining 90% will pay by company.

Vehicle insurance can cover some or all of the following items:

      The insured party
      The insured vehicle
      Third parties (car and people)
      Third party, fire and theft
      In some jurisdictions coverage for injuries to persons riding in the insured vehicle
       is available without regard to fault in the auto accident (No Fault Auto Insurance)

There are different policies present in the world lets take a short look on it
    If the car is damaged.
    If the car is stolen.
    If the car is malfunction.
    The parts of car get broken e.g. windshield back shield lights etc

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