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									                 Maidenhead Regatta 2003
                        Saturday 9th August 2003
                       Sponsorship Packages
                   Paul Sugden, Regatta Sponsorship Secretary
                         Maidenhead Rowing Club
                     River Road, Maidenhead, SL6 0AT
         Email: Telephone: 07810 756 099

           Maidenhead’s most historic sporting event

     Maidenhead Regatta
In 2003 Maidenhead Regatta will have been a highlight of Maidenhead’s sporting and
social calendar for 110 years. Since 1893 the Regatta has been held on one of the most
picturesque stretches of the Thames below Brunel's 'Sounding Arch' railway bridge,
providing a perfect backdrop for an exciting and enjoyable day. As one of the longest
running and most prestigious events in Maidenhead it has become a much-loved outing
for competitors and spectators of all ages
By supporting Maidenhead Regatta your company can benefit from the publicity and
marketing opportunities of being associated with one of the most widely recognised
events in Maidenhead.
The Regatta is run by Maidenhead Rowing Club, located beside Maidenhead Bridge.
Since moving to a new clubhouse 5 years ago, membership has doubled. The club now
provides a rowing base for over 300 members, and also offers conference, catering,
entertainment and bar facilities.
Maidenhead Rowing Club has a long history of rowing excellence. Its members have
represented both club and country at major National and International levels. Most
recently, its Junior squad celebrated winning two Gold and a silver medal at the National
Schools Championships.

Principal Regatta Sponsor
The principal sponsor can be assured of a very high profile. We will work
with you to provide a tailored package including:
   Name and Logo on Regatta notices sent to all clubs in the region.
   Your MD or other Senior Manager to present the Victor Ludorum trophy
   Photos & references to sponsorship will be sent to local publications.
   Reference to sponsorship & logo on front cover of Regatta programme
   Full page (A5) advert inside Regatta programme (in preferred location).
   Advertising banners in prime positions at the Regatta and logo on Regatta
   banners placed prominently around Maidenhead
   Product display opportunity at Regatta.
   Advertising banner/link in prime position on club regatta web site.
   All-day mentions over the PA system.
   Use of superb clubroom (seats 100) and facilities for one daytime meeting
   (normal rate £400/day).
   15 complimentary tickets to Regatta enclosure
Facility Sponsor
Your chance to sponsor one of the essential facilities of the Regatta:
      Bar
      Food Tent
      Umpires Launch
      Safety Launches

    Use of superb clubroom (seats 100) and facilities for one half day meeting (normal
      hiring rate £250).
    Web site banner and link
    Banners on sponsored facility during regatta and PA system announcements
    Club-assigned race sponsorship
    Full page (A5) advert inside Regatta programme
    10 complimentary enclosure tickets

Race Sponsor
       Link on MRC Regatta web site (for one year).
       Opportunity to present and have photographs taken with the race winners
       Credited as sponsor in regatta programme
       Announcement of sponsorship over PA system at Regatta
       Mentions in press reports

Donations to the regatta are gratefully received. All donors will be acknowledged
in the regatta programme, on the web site and over the Regatta PA system.

Principal Regatta Sponsor             £2000
Facility Sponsor                        £500
Race Sponsor                      £25 - £250
Choice of: Men’s, Women’s, Juniors’, Veterans’
Premier Eights                          £250
Premier Fours                           £175
Eights                                  £150
Fours                                    £75
Pairs/Double sculls                      £50
Single Sculls                            £25
Please contact us to discuss other sponsorship options or advertising in the regatta
Donations                               £25+
Sponsorship Form
Principal Regatta Sponsor
Interested in becoming principal sponsor? Please contact us to discuss.

Facility Sponsor
We would like to sponsor the following:
  Bar                                                            £500 + VAT       
  Food Tent                                                      £500 + VAT       
  Umpires launch                                                 £500 + VAT       
  Safety Launches                                                £500 + VAT       

Race Sponsor
We would like to sponsor the following:
  Premier Eights                                £250 + VAT                        
  Premier Fours                                 £175 + VAT                        
  Eights                                        £150 + VAT                        
  Fours                                          £75 + VAT                        
  Pairs/Double Sculls                            £50 + VAT                        
  Single Sculls                                  £25 + VAT                        

Donation:                      £______        

Name:      __________________________________________________
Position:  __________________________________________________
Company:   __________________________________________________
Address:   __________________________________________________
Email:     __________________________________________________
Telephone: __________________________________________________

Cheques for Donations (no VAT) made payable to: MAIDENHEAD ROWING CLUB

Cheques for Sponsorship (inc. VAT) made payable to : MAIDENHEAD ROWING CLUB LTD.

Please send this form along with your cheque to:

                    Paul Sugden, Regatta Sponsorship Secretary
                          Maidenhead Rowing Club
                          River Road, Maidenhead, SL6 0AT

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