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					IRC Timeline 2008–2012           President – Bob Cahalan       Vice President – Werner Schmutz   Secretary - B.J. Sohn

DATE              ACTION/EVENT

DEC    14         Voting deadline for election of new members
       19         Deadline for extended abstracts for IRS2008 Proceedings

JAN               Give notice of Business Meeting Venue and
       23         Deadline for MOCA09 abstracts

FEB-MAY           Notice of Business Meeting Date/Time/Location with RSVP
                  Request Working Group Presentations from Chairs/Co-Chairs/Rapp

JUN               Distribute updated B.M. Agenda via email and post on website
                  Reminder to WG Chairs/Co-Chairs/Rapp to send in presentations

JUL    19-29      MOCA09 - Montreal
       24         IRC Business Meeting 6:00-10:30 p.m. Room 525ab, Palais des congres

AUG               Post 2009 IRC Business Meeting Minutes to website
                  Request proposals for IRC-sponsored/co-sponsored sessions for 2011 IUGG
                  Membership - Vote for location/venue of 2010 B.M./Deadline 28 August
       31         Deadline for proposed 2011 IUGG sessions/send to Hans Volkert cc Jenny Lin

SEPT              Tally results of vote for 2010 B.M. location
                  Announce Venue/location for 2010 B.M.
                  Post abstract deadlines and links to registration info on IRC website

OCT               Request proposals for IRS2012 bids - Proposals must be presented at the 2010 Business Meeting
JAN            Reminder: Abstract deadlines
               Reminder: Bid proposals for IRS2012

FEB-APR        Reminder for IRS2012 bid proposals
               RSVP to 2010 Business Meeting
               Check News Items for Abstract reminder/deadlines/links, List of IRC-sponsored symposia

MAY            WG Chairs/Co-chairs/Rapporteurs: send Working Group Presentations
               Check website for Business Meeting Agenda
               Reminder: IRS2012 bid proposals are due before Business Meeting

JUN            Reminder: WG Chairs/Co-chairs/Rapp to email group reports for 2010 B.M.
               Reminder: RSVP to 2010 Business Meeting if you have not already

JUL    18-25   COSPAR Assembly, Bremen, Germany
       22      IRC Business Meeting - IRS2012 venue proposals

AUG            Final IRS2012 venue proposals
               Membership Vote on IRS2012 venue / Deadline: TBD

SEPT           Reminder to members: return your vote for IRS2012
               Post 2010 IRC Business Meeting Minutes on website

OCT            Announce IRS2012 venue
               Request for IRS2012 Session Proposals

NOV            Send Letter of Acceptance to Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of winning IRS2012 venue

JAN            Announce 2011 IRC B.M. venue: 2011 IUGG Melbourne
               Check IRC website for Abstract Deadlines and links to Registration Info

MAR            Reminder: Members send ideas for IRS2012 sessions and provide appropriate convener names
               Members: RSVP to 2011 Business Meeting in Melbourne
               Check website under News Items for Abstract reminder/deadlines/links and List of IRC-sponsored symposia
APR       Reminder: RSVP for 2011 Business Meeting

MAY       Reminder: RSVP for 2011 Business Meeting
          Check website for B.M. Agenda

JUN-JUL   2011 IUGG 28 June – 7 July
          2011 IRC Business Meeting

AUG       Post 2011 Business Meeting Minutes to IRC website
          Select IRC Award Selection Committee (for IRS2012 awards). The selection committee consists of IRC officers, two
          former presidents, and two senior scientists.
          Submit proposals for IRC-sponsored sessions at IAMAS 2013
          Members: send suggestions for sessions/convenors/plenary at the IRS 2012 Symposium

          Important Dates for IRS2012:
          First Announcement (Aug 2011)
          Selection of convenors (End of Aug-Sept 2011)
          Second Circular (Oct-Nov 2011)
          IRS2012 Abstract submission (Nov 2011)
          Abstract Submission Deadline (Feb? - March ?, 2012)
          Program Completion (Mar-April? 2012)
          Accommodation, Registration & Travel Information (Mar-May 2012)

SEPT      Form IRS2012 Committees: Scientific Committee, Program Committee
          Chief Convenors: list tentative program, request starting session organization

OCT       Call for Extended Abstracts
          Form Nominating Committee for Selection of Officer Slate for 2012-2016

NOV       Request to Chief Convenors: Please respond with list of your session committee members (co-convenors)
          with name, affiliation e-mail address/subjects to be treated in your session

DEC       Check Symposium website for sessions and submission info
          IRS2012 Poster Distribution
JAN        LOC: Procure Convention Services
           CALL for nomination of officer candidates to nomination committee/ deadline: 1 Feb
           CALL for membership to nominate one gold medal scientist and two young scientists/deadline: 1 Mar
           Important Dates for Awards Selection:
                  Selection Committee (closes ?)
                  Nomination of candidates for IRC Awards (closes 1 March)
                  Decision by Selection Committee (closes 15 March)
                  Decision by Officers (closes 31 March)
                  Contacting and arranging award recipients travel (April 2012)
           Announce IRS2012/ Notice of IRS2012 website (
           IRS2012 Main Conveners:
                  Complete session descriptions are posted on the IRS2012 website (
                  Please circulate/advertise notice of your session to relevant communities.
                  Add Key invited speakers.

FEB    1   Officer Nominations due
           Nomination Committee: identify President nominee
           Notice of Business Meeting to be held at IRS2012

MAR    1   Awards Nominees due
           Awards Committee: select award recipients

APR        FINAL CALL for IRS2012 early registration Deadline May 1, 2012
           IRS2012 session convenors: Summarize # of abstract submissions (Oral, Poster, Total)
           Convenors: Please submit session selections by ? May 2012

MAY        Officer slate ready
           Check website for Business Meeting Agenda
           WG Chairs/Co-chairs/Rapp: send B.M. Working Group Presentations.

JUNE       Announcement of Official Program on official website
           Register through website

JUL-AUG    IRS2012 Symposium and Annual IRC Business Meeting
           Election of 2012-2016 IRC Officers
SEPT   Extended Abstracts for IRS2012 Proceedings
       Members: Nominate candidates for IRC Membership/Nominations due 1 Oct
       Post 2012 Business Meeting Minutes on website

OCT    Distribute Ballot for New Members
       CALL for vote for new IRC members (2012-2016)

NOV    Tally votes for New Members and Finalize election results

DEC    President: send official letter to President-Elect ending 2008-2012 term, starting 2012-2016 term.