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					             Here’s the deal.
             RATECARD                                                                                              March 2009                 | | 04 496 9850

CPM PlaCeMents                                                                                                     Channel Definitions
                                                                                                                   Channel              includes
                                                     skyscraper and                 top Banner and
    tier                   Channel                                                                                 Business             Stuff Business (BusinessDay), NZX, Masthead Business
                                                  Medium Rectangle CPM               Half Page CPM
                                                                                                                   travel               Stuff Travel, Masthead Travel
                      Business, Travel or                                                                          technology           Stuff Technology, Masthead Technology
    tier 1                                                      $40                       $44
                         Technology                                                                                entertainment        Stuff Entertainment, Masthead Entertainment/Events

                   Entertainment, Lifestyle                                                                        lifestyle            Stuff Life & Style, Cuisine, NZ House & Garden, Masthead Lifestyle/Features
    tier 2                                                      $25                       $28
                         or Motoring                                                                               Motoring             Stuff Motoring, Masthead Motoring
                                                                                                                   news                 Stuff News, Masthead News
    tier 3        News, Sport or Mastheads                       $18                      $20
                                                                                                                   sport                Stuff Sport, RugbyHeaven, NZ Fishing News, Masthead Sport
                                                                                                                                        The Dominion Post, The Marlborough Express, Manawatu Standard, The Nelson
                      Run of Stuff or Run
    tier 4                                                       $15                         $17                   Mastheads            Mail, The Press (Christchurch), The Southland Times, Sunday News, Sunday Star
                       of Overseas Stuff                                                                                                Times, Taranaki Daily News, The Timaru Herald, Waikato Times, Auckland Stuff

                    Run of Network or Run                                                                          Run of stuff         Run of Stuff excluding Stuff Home Page Premium Medium Rectangle
    tier 5                                                       $10                         $11
                     of Overseas Network                                                                           Run of network Run of Network excluding Stuff Home Page Premium Medium Rectangle

•       All rates are for domestic eyeballs only, except where specified                                           • Sub Channel targeting is available i.e. the News Channel, Sub Channels include:
•       Prices include optional frequency capping and anti collision at no extra cost                               National, Crime, Politics, Weather, Farming, World, Opinion and all Masthead News
•       20% discount off Channel CPM for re-targeting                                                               – 20% loading for individual Sub Channel targeting i.e. Weather, Mastheads
•       Minimum campaign spend of $1,000                                                                              (whether targeting one Masthead or all Mastheads)
•       Run of Overseas Stuff includes country targeting if required at no extra cost                               – Additional 20% loading for Sub Sub Channel targeting i.e. Auckland Weather
•       Skyscraper – 160x600, 120x600, Top Banner – 760x120, 728x90, 468x60,
        Medium Rectangle – 300x250, Half Page – 300x600                                                             – Not all Sub Channels are available on all Mastheads – check with us

Stuff DomeStic Home Page Buy out                                                                                   Domestic text Formats
                                 20% Share          effective            one Day         effective                                                                        Price                  effective cPm
                                  of Voice            cPm                Buy out           cPm
                                                                                                                    Special Offers                                       $6,900                        $0.86
    Medium Rectangle                 $8,100              $16              $9,700              $23                   Sponsored Links                                      $5,300                        $0.66

    Domestic Impressions                      507,000                              422,000                          Top Strip                                             $3,700                       $0.46

Available Weekly or as a One Day Buy Out.                                                                           Domestic Impressions                                             8,049,000

    	                           subscribers             Newsletter	Frequency             Insertion	Period                         Format                      skyscraper/Banner	Price            Advertorial	Price
    stuff	Headlines                15,000                  Daily – Weekly                           Week                   Skyscraper, Advertorial                         $500                          $750
    Cuisine	                       16,000                       Fortnightly                        Fortnight               Skyscraper, Advertorial                         $1,000                       $1,500
    NZ	Gardener                    10,500                        Weekly                             Week            Skyscraper, Banner, Advertorial                        $500                          $750
    NZ	House	&	Garden               7,800                        Monthly                            Month           Skyscraper, Banner, Advertorial                        $500                          $750
    NZ	life	&	leisure              4,500                         Monthly                            Month                   Banner, Advertorial                            $200                          $300
    BusinessDay                    4,040                Daily Monday – Friday                       Week                   Skyscraper, Advertorial                         $300                          $450
    NZX                             3,390          Twice Daily Monday – Friday                      Week                         Skyscraper                                $200
    rugbyHeaven                     2,250                      Twice Weekly                         Week                   Skyscraper, Advertorial                         $200                          $300

SponSorShip opTionS                                                                                                KEYWORD TARGETING
    Section, Blog, Multimedia Assets, Poll, Quiz, Newsletter, Printable View                                        Skyscraper and Medium                    Top Banner and
                                                                                                                                                                                           Relevant Offers CPM
                                                                                                                        Rectangle CPM                        Half Page CPM
    MyNZX, NZX Stock Search Bar, My BusinessDay, BusinessDay Currency Converter,
    BusinessDay Executive Suite and Homepage Weather                                                                              $40                               $44                               $10
One month min. Pricing depends on options selected and placement traffic –                                         Keyword exclusions, combinations and phrases also available – check with us for
check with us.                                                                                                     keyword list.

FEATURED PROMOTIONS                                                                                                Rich Media FoRMats
                                 First Month                           Each Additional Month                        Format                    home Page          other Pages           additional Placements
                        $10,000 includes:                      $4,500 includes:                                     Floating Layer                 +48%                 +40%         Medium Rectangle/Half Page
                          • $3,000 One Month                    • $1,000 One Month Competition
    Competitions                                                                                                    Expandable Ads                 +24%                 +20%
                            Competition and Setup                 and Maintenance
                          • $7,000 Supporting Media             • $3,500 Supporting Media
                                                                                                                    Polite Ads                     +12%                 +10%
                        $15,000 includes:                      $7,000 includes:
                          • $4,000 One Month                    • $1,500 One Month Advertorial                     Check with us for more Rich Media options.
                            Advertorial and Setup                  and Maintenance
                          • $11,000 Supporting Media            • $5,500 Supporting Media
All supporting media must link to the competition or advertorial page.
Competition excludes permits.

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