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									    Dialog for all your on-line marketing operations
    A single platform

    The Edatis offer is based upon an ASP platform: Dialog. It allows you to manage and analyse, via a single interface, all your on-line marketing operations: not only
    direct e-marketing, referencing, affiliation and e-advertising, but also traffic measurements and database management.

    Dialog is the only platform to integrates all the components of the on-line Media Mix. It therefore enables you to calculate the most relevant ROI for all these activities.
    Advertisers and agencies alike can finally arbitrate efficiently between different channels, different targets and the most efficient media !

                                                                                                                       CUSTOMER ACQUISITION

    Dialog is made up of 5 high-synergy modules, dedicated to the acquisition of new
    customers, their loyalty (Relationship Marketing) and the analysis of their behaviour
    (Customer Intelligence):
    CUSTOMER ACQUISITION: (emailing, SMS, sponsored links, affiliation, e-advertising)
    INTELLIGENCE MARKETING: (database analysis, website traffic)

    Dialog offers advanced tools to Marketing Managers, enabling them to track the browsing
    behaviour of internet users on each on-line channel of communication. Our ability to
    understand customer behaviour and analyse the ordering process has never been so
    complete and insightful.

                                                                                               RELATIONSHIP MARKETING                        INTELLIGENCE MARKETING

                                                                     THE 5 DIALOG’S MODULES
                                                                    Emailing / SMS : create, send and measure the impact of emailings and SMS
                                                                    Search : manage and analyse your sponsored links campaigns on search engines
                                                                    Display : optimise the diffusion of your on-line advertisements
                                                                    Dataweb : Host and manage your Marketing databases
                                                                    Web Analytics : Study your website traffic

    Dialog is accessible via a simple Internet connection with a secured login and password. Thanks to the ASP mode, all our customers benefit from free automatic
    integration of our updates.

    Dialog is available in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Italian.

    Dialog can be used in ‘Full Service’ mode, with customised support from our customer service department. For our customers who are familiar with the mechanisms of
    on-line marketing, we offer the Self-Service platform.

    Dialog Dialog offers a routing capacity of 1 million emails/hour
    In 2006, it allowed our customers to send almost 1 billion emails, hosted more than 32 million addresses, diffused almost 20,000 advertisement banners and optimised
    more than 5 million keywords in the search engines !

    Edatis is a member of SNCD and IAB and has been designated as an “Innovative Enterprise” by Oseo Anvar

Tel : +44 20 30 51 66 59    -   E-mail : info@edatis.co.uk
                                DATA SHEET
                                                                               Redundant architecture with high capacity and availability

          Mails Servers :
          Web Servers :
                                                         Primary Data Center                                                                      Secondary Data Center
          Database Servers : MySQL
                                                                                               Inter-sites connections : Optical Fibre

          Backup system on magnetic

          REDBUS et TELECITY
          Internet connections : TISCALI,

                                               * Tracking/ Sponsored links                       3 Internet                                                            2 Internet
     Tried & tested solutions                  * Contents                                       connections                   * Tracking/ Sponsored links             connections
                                               * Email sendings                                max 2.1 Gbps                   * Contents                              max 2 Gbps
                                               * Access to Application
                                               * Database

                                     Three redundant bandwidth providers: TISCALI International Network and NEO TELECOMS (aboveNet), COGENT
                                     Communications, recognized by numerous major French and international companies. The availability of the Internet
                                     connectivity has been fully ensured for one year.

                                     Triple connection from the main platform towards Edatis providers (and double connection from the second platform). (2
   INTERNET CONNECTIVITY             redundant routers BGP4)

                                     Basic bandwidth commitment: 600 Mbps, burstable up to 6 Gbps.

                                     Servers are distributed among 2 hosting sites, located several kilometres from each other, in order to face any power or network
                                     failure. Minimum Service is insured (tracking, sponsored links, images) in case of total failure of one the hosting site.

                                     All sensitive elements are redunded by a VRRP system (Firewalls, Web Servers, Load balancers, Mail Servers, …)

                                     The Edatis web architecture is built in clusterized form: 20 servers support the web load. The IronServers (Foundry) used for load
                                     balancing offer many advantages :
                                                - Strong fault-tolerance

                                     Edatis uses RAID5 Hotplug storage system for maximum security and performance.

                                    Web/ Performance examples of our Web server cluster: more than 4 000 Web Hits per second.

  EASY RISE IN LOAD                 Mail/ A group of 25 servers allows Edatis to send mailings quickly, while decreasing ISP blockages problems.

                                    Processing/ High power processing in order to meet any of our clients needs. The database servers are based on new
                                    processors with EM64T architecture.

                                   System customized using Open Source technologies

                                   Each service is optimized thanks to the use of adapted Linux Distribution

  PLATFORM UNDER LINUX             Architecture divided into robust autonom elements to guarantee a permanent service

                                   Tuning mail servers maximizing the deliverability rate to the end user

                                   Technical resources and skills fully insourced assuring the best level of reactivity and customization

   INTERNAL ARCHITECTURE           Edatis uses a fully GigaBit Ethernet backbone to attempt maximum network transfer rate between the elements of the platform.

Tel : +44 20 30 51 66 59    -   E-mail : info@edatis.co.uk
                               DATA SHEET
                                       Access to equipments controlled 24/7, access badges, iris scanner. Security PC 24/7.
     SECURITY ACCESS                   Multiple Fire protection by fire extinguishers FM200.
                                       Intrusion alarms on all the accesses to the cleanroom (doors, windows) and permanent electronic surveillance.

                                       Redundant UPS and generating set power-feed.
     ELECTRIC SECURITY                 Control of humidity rate and presence of dust in air.
                                       Use of air-conditioning in order to preserve operating temperature.

                                       Monitoring and supervision 24/7 of the platform network.
                                       Sending of Security reports to our system administration team.
                                       Storage of platform access history.
                                       IDS (based on SNORT and ACID) for detection, intrusion and data correlation.

                                     A continuous monitoring of ISPs blockages coupled with an alert procedure that allows our technical team taking quick action
                                     in case of a blockage.

                                     Edatis uses an Alarm Server to identify, among a list of 100 main ISPs, those who block the message delivery. Our technical
                                     department gets directly in touch with the ISP to solve the problem.

                                     Other tools to manage blacklisting :
                                                       Servers as SPAM RBL. Edatis is automatically warned when a customer marks its message as a spam via the
                                                       SPAM RBL Server. Our technical team reports then the complaint to the advertiser or the broker.

                                                       Bulk mailbox. All major Webmail providers have set up spam filters that can mistakenly forward messages
                                                       towards bulk mailboxes. Edatis regularly carries out tests towards most Webmails in order to ensure the
                                                       proper delivery of the messages.

                                     Softwares as SPAM ASSASSIN. These softwares are used by professionals and individuals to filter unsolicited emails. Edatis
                                     regularly carries out tests in order to ensure optimal delivery rates.

                                     Our technical team operates a 24/7 standby in order to ensure high reactivity when facing a technical problem.
                                     Thanks to our platform supervision procedure, alerts are sent automatically via Blackberry to the Edatis technical team.

                                     An automatic backup system on magnetic tape
                                     If requested, data can be saved on a weekly basis.
                                     If requested, restorations can also be quickly carried out.
                                     Distant storage of magnetic tapes in fireproof safe.

     DISASTER RECOVERY               Our machines’ configuration is stored on a distant website, for a fast redeployment in case of any major problem.
                                     Every element of the system is provided with internal documentation when first installed.

         Number of servers : 80
         Example of email sending capacity : 1 000 000 mails/hour
         Example of email tracking capacity : + de 4 000 hits/sec
         Total database storage capacity: 1,5 To
         Bandwidth capacity: 600 Mbps upload and download, burstable to 6 Gbps.
         Central processing unit (CPU):
                               string data processing : approximately 200.000 BogoMIPS
                               total platform : 350.000 BogoMips
         Network performance towards Internet : ‘Round Trip Delay’ time (i.e. ping) average (milli-seconds) on October 2007 :
                               towards USA : 80.7ms
                               towards Europe : 20.4ms
         Example of a customer database managed by Edatis :
                               Number of stored emails addresses: 32 600 000 emails addresses
                               Sending volume : Approximately 14 000 000 mails / week

Tel : +44 20 30 51 66 59   -     E-mail : info@edatis.co.uk

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