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Glow and the Curriculum for Excellence
              Presentation Title

              Presenter’s Name
                    A brief introduction
• What is Glow?

• How will Glow support and
  enhance the Curriculum for
            What is Glow?
• Glow is a National Intranet, linking
  Scotland’s 1.5 million teachers,
  pupils and parents

       Teachers and learners are
         at the heart of Glow

• Any time, anywhere access
• A safe and secure environment

There are lots of tools and resources
 in Glow to support learning and
Glow Groups               Glow learn
                                        resources search
       Targeted news                      cpd resources
    Document Store
                                       secure file transfer
 Glow Mail

Glow Chat
                                           video streaming

Glow Meet:
                                           web hosting
 Video Conferencing

 Audio conferencing
    Application sharing
     Virtual whiteboard
                            Glow Messenger (for staff)

Glow will let you

 share and collaborate with other
 departments and classes, other
 schools, other authorities, even
 other countries
Glow provides

  video conferencing
  access to national resources
  tools for communication and collaboration
  virtual learning environment
  web hosting
  etc etc
              Glow Tour

Let’s see what Glow looks like
Each user has a unique
username and password
               Glow Tour

First, we’ll look at what a teacher in
  a secondary school might see
This opening page is for staff only
and has news . . .
. . . the daily bulletin and absence sheets . . .
. . . calendar of events, etc
The school home page has information
for everyone, not just staff
There are groups for departments,
extra curricular activities, working groups,
This departmental group has areas
for news, a document store, a discussion
area, etc
Here is the staff page of a primary school
This is the primary school
main site
Groups in the primary school
are based around classes
The document store can hold policies,
minutes, resources, etc and can be accessed
from anywhere, anytime
The school calendar
                Glow Tour
In this brief tour, we haven’t looked at
  the tools available like video
  conferencing and messaging

or looked at the Local Authority or
  national sites

You can find out much more at
     Curriculum for Excellence

Let’s look now at how Glow can
 support the Curriculum for
     Curriculum for Excellence

Aims to provide:
• More freedom for teachers
• Greater choice and opportunity for
• A single coherent curriculum for all
  young people aged 3-18
                        Purposes of CfE

  Four capacities
• Successful Learners
• Confident Individuals
• Responsible Citizens
• Effective Contributors
Enthusiasm and                        Relate to others and
motivation for                         manage themselves

Using technology
for learning

       Some of the ways Glow can support CfE

                                        Communicate in
Respect for others                     different ways and
                                        in different settings

                                        Work in
                                        partnership and in
                             CfE and Glow

Here are two examples of Glow
 being used in schools

You’ll see that the activities involve
 the 4 capacities and support the
 CfE approach
This       CfE and Glow
Group is
about a
The activities include question and answer
sessions with the local wildlife ranger, web
conferencing with the ranger, opportunities
for children to
suggest ideas for
the garden, etc

The resources
include pictures,
maps, documents
and videos
               CfE and Glow
This is an extracurricular project
organised through Glow
              CfE and Glow
It is a virtual meeting place for
everyone involved, containing
information about the trip, advice to
pupils and parents, etc with much of
the information supplied by pupils
Numeracy Glow Group
  This example shows
  how a Glow Group can
  support the Outcomes

Numeracy Glow Group Created

    Documents uploaded

   Discussion on teaching
    Numeracy Outcome

  Lessons and ideas shared

Pupils and staff using the
group for resources,
communication and homework
                              CfE and Glow
One of the 7 principles of Curriculum for
Excellence is Challenge and Enjoyment

The following three quotes are from
Primary 6 pupils who were using Glow to
share ideas and develop their
understanding of the novel they were
reading in class
Challenge and Enjoyment

            I really liked Glow because I
 When I was using Glow it
             learned loads of new stuff.
              I learned about
was so cool. I have been using glow in
                We used web cams and
 Japan by talking to other me with my
             school to help
            microphones to talk to other
            wish that Glow
 schools. I reading study on Kensuke’s
               schools. I learned more
    didn’t have to stop.
              Kingdom. We have been
               about Michael Morpurgo.
    Hannah, Primary 6 Chat and Glow
             using Glow Primary 6
             Meet. I can’t wait until the
            next time we can use Glow.
                  Lyndsay, Primary 6
What’s happening in
   What’s happening in Aberdeen?

The rollout of Glow to schools in
 Aberdeen has begun
  What’s happening in Aberdeen?

• Mentors have been trained

• Several schools are training school

• Some schools are already using
   What’s happening in Aberdeen?

The rollout involves 3 phases

1. Staff on Glow, communication tools
2. Pupils added, additional tools enabled
3. Glow Learn (the Virtual Learning
   Environment) enabled
   What’s happening in Aberdeen?

• Schools are given a ready-made
  site which can be tailored to suit

• Initial training will be provided

• Ongoing support will be available
   What’s happening in Aberdeen?

For further information on Glow in
  Aberdeen, contact

• Your school mentor
• Rosaleen Rentoul (346143)
The ICT Education Team
Aberdeen City Council
October 2008

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