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					Accommodation                                                                           Back to top
                         Gives information on accommodation at every University and what it
                         costs, plus transport and shops

Aimhigher                                                                               Back to top
Aimhigher: London        Site still being developed
Aimhigher: London West Site still being developed
                         Careers & Guidance / Courses / Universities & Colleges / Applying for
                         a Course / Student Finance / Student Life. This site also has lots of
Aimhigher: National
                         useful links to other Websites. There is also a link to the Dfes
                         Aimhigher site which gives examples of Good Practice for Co-
DfES/Aimhigher           A more student friendly Aimhigher site

Careers & Guidance                                                                      Back to top
BBC Onelife              General information on post-16 education
National Union of
                         Advice on career options & routes
The Big Choice           Guidance for A-Level students

Choosing a Course                                                                       Back to top
                         For a charge of £15, students fill in a questionnaire of 150 questions,
Centigrade               your results are analysed against all University courses in the UK and
                         the computer program produces a unique personal report
Club Navigator           A complete guide to going to University
COA: Cambridge
                         Advice on subject & Institution choice
Occupation Analysts
                         A useful section gives a brief outline of different subject areas at
Courses & Careers UK
                         University      Contains a list of downloadable e-magazines on Higher Education
                         An on-line Questionnaire which asks you a series of questions and
Fast Tomato
                         then suggests a range of possible courses, subjects & Institutions
HESA: The Higher
                         A lot of detailed but quite complex Statistics on Universities &
Education Statistics
Higher Education &       A very useful site, with lots of information and advice on all aspects
Research Opportunities   of choosing a course
Higher Education
                         Performance tables that give details of the social mix of students at
Funding Council for
                         the different Universities and the student retention/stay-on rates
England             A full list of Open days at all the Universities, with dates
                         This site gives details of the type of jobs that University Graduates - What
                         from different subject areas do. Useful in researching what course
Jobs do Graduates do?
                         you want to do and the prospects once you finish your degree
Quality Assurance        Provides reviews from QAA on all courses at all Universities. A very
Agency for Higher        useful way of finding out the quality of teaching on any particular
Education (QAA)          course
Springboard              A complete guide to careers, Universities and Gap year opportunities
                         First enter the UCAS Website, then click on "STAMFORD TEST"
Stamford Test            Complete a Questionnaire and get recommendations for suitable
                           Information & statistics on all University courses provided by HESA,
Teaching Quality
                           the Higher Educatin Statistics Agency. (note: this site is not fully
                           operational yet)
The Higher Education       Everything to do with applying to University. A site provided by
Guide                      Connexions - West Midlands
The Morrisby               You can register on this site and fill in a brief questionnaire. It will
Organisation               then search for suitable courses to match your requirements
                           Provides League Tables of many different aspects of Universities,
                           including haw many Points you need for entry, student to lecturer
The PUSH Online Guides
                           ratios, sports facilities etc. Also a useful section on Higher Education
The Russell Group of
                           Information on the 19 major "Research Intensive" Universities
                           Full details of all University courses, including contact details so you
                           can visit that Universities website, or ask for a prospectus
                           Lots of useful information on choosing a course & applying to
                           Advice on applying to University, University rankings, accommodation
                           Gives a wide range of advice to help you choose your course and
University Quick Search    A Direct, one click link, to all the University Websites
                           Lots of useful information on all aspects of Universities, provided by
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Telegraph and Amazon)

Foundation Degrees                                                                         Back to top
Foundation Degree.Org - Useful information on Foundation Degrees. Entry requirements,
part of the DfES        funding and future education & career opportunities

GAP Year                                                                                   Back to top
                           Accenture is a Management Consultancy. Horizons is a scheme which
Accenture - Horizons
                           offers Gap Year opportunities and training
Community Service          Gives details of opportunities fo voluntary work for students taking a
Volunteers                 GAP year                A really useful site, giving lots of advice and links to other sites
Royal Academy of
                           Gives details of Organisations which provide work for students taking
Engineering: Year in
                           a GAP year

Good Practice for Co-ordinators                                                            Back to top
                           Examples of good practice from Aimhigher regions around the

Law                                                                                        Back to top
National Admissions Test Information on the LNAT Admissions Test for Law. Includes sample
for Law (LNAT)           tests

Medicine                                                                                   Back to top
BioMedical Admissions      Information on the BMAT Admissions Test for Medicine. Includes
Tests (BMAT)               preparing for the test and practice tests
CHMS: The Council of     Useful information for school students thinking of applying for
Heads of Medical Schools Medicine
NMAS: Nursing &
Midwifery Admissions     Details on Nursing & Midwifery Courses
No Barriers 2 Uni        Details of Health & Medical Degree Courses at London Universities

Scholarships                                                                         Back to top
                         Details what organisations, institutions and charities offer student

Science, Engineering & Technology degrees                                            Back to top
                         Headstart courses offer Year 12 students the opportunity to stay at
Royal Academy of
                         the Engineering Department of a University to find out what it is like
Engineering: Headstart
                         to study for a degree in science or engineering

Student Finance, Loans & Fees                                                        Back to top
Aimhigher National
                         Information on Loans & Fees
                         Sections on student finance, loans & fees for both students and for
The Student Loans        A company owned by the Government. Give a whole range of
Company                  information & advice on student Loans
Universitiesnet          Advice and guidance on Loans, Fees & Finance