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									Xango Mangosteen Health Beverage by Lukas L Rethke

Xango Mangosteen Juice

The Mangosteen is a fruit that grows in tropical regions all over the world but is indigenous to southeast Asia. Known as the Queen of Fruits, it has
been used in herbal medicine for many centuries by different cultures around the globe. The rind or pericarp contains xanthones that are proven to be
100 times more powerful as an antioxidant than Vitamin A, C & E.

There are over 40 different xanthones in the Mangosteen fruit. Each xanthones has a different health benefit. Xango can be used to treat inflammation,
arthritis, IBS, sleep disorder, mild depression, diabetes, infection, cancer just to name a few. Xanthones have over forty research papers written about
them, and plenty of medical doctors use Xango as a supplement in their practice. Please see the website to hear what the doctors are saying and do
your own research at www.pubmed.com.

Xango is the only company that incorporates the entire fruit into their Mangosteen juice dietary supplement. The trick is to make it taste good while
maintaining the medicinal benefits of the pericarp. While the pericarp is the part that contains most of the xanthones, it is also very bitter. The other
Mangosteen drinks use only an extract or just the inner fruit.

The word Xango is a combination made up of two words. The first part Xan comes from xanthones, and the go comes from Mangosteen.

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Drink to better health and to more wealth.

About the Author
Lukas L Rethke
I am a hard working, self employed Bobcat skid loader operator (mini tractor for moving dirt) in the construction industry who grew up on a farm in the
very north eastern corner of South Dakota. When I spent the summer of '95 in Northern Colorado, I was hooked, and have been here ever since. I
have a whapping 5 weeks of post high school education, and have no regrets about it. In my spare time I like to spend time with friends and family, go
snowmobiling, do some reading or surf the web.

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