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									  REVIEWED MLM’S
                                                    THE BEST MLM
                                 Last year MLMBUZZ.COM announced it would stop bringing you
Amway                            the latest in network marketing news and invest 100% its time and
Arbone Web Site -ACN             resources to seek out the BEST MLM opportunity on the
                                 internet. We refused the offers of money and perks from all
Arbonne International
                                 reviewed companies and stayed true to our commitment to provide an
Avon Products, Inc.              unbiased analysis and objective criticism during the selection
Big Planet
                                 process. We are not associated with ANY of the companies that we
                                 reviewed and in no way were we under any obligation to pick or
BioPerformance                   mention anyone.

Creative Memories                There are several MLM opportunities on the internet today. With so
                                 many offering "The best pay plan" or "the best opportunity", we felt we
Discovery Toys
                                 owed it to the industry, and those that are looking for the right business
DXN                              to pursue, to investigate these companies and identify THE BEST
Financial Freedom Society Inc.   MLM.
Forever Living Products          We made the decision to not use our name when researching and
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing        interviewing companies. Since most companies are familiar with
                                 MLMBUZZ.COM and we did not want them to put on a dog and pony
                                 show to impress us. We approached each company as an individual
Fund America Inc.                looking to get into MLM.
Future Lines
                                 We spent the first 90 days reviewing hundreds of different companies.
                                 We were able to immediately dismiss most companies as they were
Kirby Corporation                either start ups, not properly registered with the proper agencies, or did
Kleeneze                         not return one of 3 different phone calls. After we narrowed the
                                 hundreds of companies down to the top 40, we went to work. We
Lexxus International             focused on 5 specific areas of each company:
Liberty League International
Life Force International
Mannatech                        Payplan
Market America                   Experience
Mary Kay

Melaleuca                        It is important to point out, we were not looking for good MLM
New Quest International          companies, we were looking for the BEST. We did come across certain
                                 aspects of some companies that we thought were unique and worth
New Vision
                                 mentioning, but in the end chose to stay true and only honor one
Neways                           company. After 9 months of research and due diligence:
Nikken                               MLMBUZZ.COM would like to announce our selection as
NHT Global                               THE BEST MLM OPPORTUNITY of 2006
Nu Skin Enterprises


Oxyfresh                          We were impressed with several companies, but we were blown away by
Pampered Chef                     what YOURTRAVELBIZ (YTB) offers. In an industry of fly by night,
                                  get rich quick opportunities, YTB has established itself as a network
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
                                  marketing company in which all others should be measured. They have
PrePaid Legal                     raised the bar for the entire industry.
                                  Here are some of the key reasons YTB came out on top.
Project Good Life International


                                  * Publicly traded and in business for over 5 years
                                  * Easy to understand business model and compensation plan
Rexall-Sundown                    * Over 100 years of combined MLM experience between the
Shaklee                           founders and management team
                                  * Legal representation (Ted Lindauer is in house counsel)
Sibu (company)
                                  * Growth over the past 12 months and the potential for significant
Silpada Sterling Silver Jewelry   growth over the next 24 months
Southern Living at Home           * Internet based application in a multi TRILLION dollar industry
Tahitian Noni International

The Pampered Chef                 YTB appears to have all of the ingredients necessary to be the largest
Upperware Brands Corporation
                                  MLM of all time.

Usana Health Sciences

Usborne Books at Home             We congratulate all of the top 40 companies that made it through our
                                  strenuous selection process and in particular,
Vector Marketing
                                  YOURTRAVELBIZ.COM for being the BEST of 2006.

VitaMark International



Weed music distribution service

World Financial Group



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