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COO Report Circuit June 2007


									                                                                                 Circuit June 2007

                             COO Report
CONTENTS                     Edited by DAISY GUTHIN

EMEA Region News…            MARK YOUR CALENDAR
page 2
                             2008 AGM Amsterdam
Asia Pacific Region news
…page 3                      Dates and location have been set for Worldcom’s 20th
                             Anniversary 2008 Annual Group Meeting (AGM) in
Americas Region news…        Amsterdam:
page 5                       Tuesday, April 15 – Friday, April 18, 2008
                             Amsterdam Marriott Hotel
                             Stadhouderskade 12
                             1054 ES Amsterdam
HIGHLIGHTS                   The Netherlands
                             Check it out on the web, and please put it on your calendar.
Del Monte’s “Frutini” and
Kaizo promote healthy
                             Host Hubert Wisse and his team at WisseKommunikatie,
snacks for kids….page 2
                             Worldcom The Netherlands are planning a great anniversary
                             AGM. Past group board chair Jon Holt, Holt & Germann Public
Fulford keeps kicking
                             Affairs, will lead the team planning Worldcom’s 20th Anniversary
goals…page 3
                             celebration activities next year.
Travers Collins and
                             Fall Worldcom Region Meetings
CASACOM lend support to
outstanding community        Please mark your calendars and plan to be at your region’s fall
causes…page 5 & 6            meeting. Meeting planning teams are developing great
                             opportunities for partners to share expertise, have fun, and get to
McGrath Power PR flipping    know each other better.
over burgers…page 7
                             Americas Region Meeting
Bliss Gouverneur &           Wednesday, October 10 - Friday, 12, 2007
Associates client takes on   The Biltmore, Coral Gables, Florida
New York media …page 9

                             Asia Pacific Region Meeting
                             Wednesday, October 24 - Friday, October 26, 2007
                             Macau, China, hotel TBD

                             EMEA Region Meeting
                             Thursday, September 27- Saturday, September 29, 2007
                             Nixe Palace Hotel, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
News from the European Region

We’re currently pitching for ADL, a new distributor for consumer electronics looking for PR support in Germany.
Another company interested in working with us is Hagenuk, a German producer of
telecommunications devices. Last but not least, there’s fring (, a free mobile VoIP software
that lets you talk and live chat using your handset's Internet connection instead of costly mobile airtime (GSM)

HBI’s currently busy with the Germany-wide university road show for the European Union’s “help” campaign
( fighting against smoking and tobacco addiction. After a successful start in Munich’s
Ludwigs-Maximilian-Universitaet, the tour now continues throughout June and July in many German universities.
During this series of events students can measure the amount of carbon monoxide in their exhaled air and will be
informed about the dangers of this addiction and the various kinds of help they can get to quit.

Kaizo Springs into action; Gets commissions from a range of companies from fruit to poker.

The Spring Group, one of the UK's leading HR groups, has brought in Kaizo to re-launch its ‘Best People’ brand to
the IT industry. ‘Best People’ is a specialist technology recruiter providing highly skilled specialist candidates such
as systems analysts, network and security specialists and those with skills in infrastructure architecture. The focus of
the campaign will be to re-establish the brand with the industry and to position it as understanding the issues that IT
managers face in today’s business environment.

Del Monte has signed up Kaizo for an additional project to promote its kids range, Fruitini. The activity will
encourage mums to reappraise their kids' lunch-boxes by uncovering 'The Fruit Imposters' - effectively a name and
shame of brands who pretend to be healthy yet come laden with sugar and nasty additives. With a September 'Back
to School' push, the national press PR programme will put Del Monte right at the heart of the healthy eating debate
and become recognised as the trusted brand that acts with integrity when it comes to kids' health.

Kaizo is working on a project for Adsdotcom, the company behind brands such as Interpoker, Millionaires Club and
Playboy One of their activities is an online slot machine game which has just awarded the largest ever
payout for an online slot of $8m. The winner, an Italian blacksmith, visited London to collect his prize.

PR Newswire has hired Kaizo to run a second Net Promoter audit to establish the recommendability of its various
services and to identify which types of marketing attract the best customers.

Probako Communications: successful TV show and brand activation program
Hungary’s biggest national television channel, TV2 broadcast an infotainment program about premium liquor brand
Grand Marnier. The famous French drink is imported and distributed in Hungary by Probako’s client Pernod-Ricard
Hungary. Probako organized the TV program for weeks in co-operation with the client and the representatives of the
television channel. TV2’s crew traveled to Paris and to Grand Marnier countryside HQ in world famous Cognac
region, spent 3 days at location and collected raw material for the 30-minute TV show. The client was very satisfied
with the final version that was seen on television on May 14th.

                            2    Circuit June 2007
Pobako successfully started PR activities for a brand activation program of Unilever’s Knorr brand. The agency’s
responsibilities include press relations (writing and distributing press releases, distributing product samples etc.),
website maintenance, issue management, as well as event organization.

YA Corporation arranges Russia visit for new President of key long term client Innocentive Inc
The YA Corporation arranged a two-day visit of the new president of InnoCentive Inc. in May to introduce him to
the Russian system of R&D in fundamental science and discuss InnoCentive’s new worldwide marketing and
information policy. YA Corporation will develop domestic strategy to promote the global scientific forum through
Russian R&D centers, universities, and institutes within the framework of its newly accepted world strategy for
Europe, Asia and USA. New forms of scientific cooperation between InnoCentive and the Russian scientific
community will be presented at the XVIII Mendeleev Congress on general and applied chemistry, scheduled to
take place in Moscow in September The YA Corporation has been exclusively representing the InnoCentive Inc.
global forum of scientists since September 2001.

YA Corporation stages unique seminar on future of medicine and pharmaceutics for British Telecom
In May, the YA Corporation provided information and organizational support for a British Telecom seminar on
future of medicine and pharmaceutics, held at the British Embassy in Moscow. The seminar reports covered the sway
of new information technologies on world pharmaceutics, medicine healthcare and inevitably impending dramatic
changes in the structure of pharmaceutical industry of the 21st century.

The seminar was attended by about 40 representatives of largest national and international pharmaceutical
companies, governmental regulatory and healthcare bodies, and medical insurance companies. The pharmaceutical
industry was represented by the largest international and national Russian companies like Novartis Pharma, Bristol
Mayers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim, Berlin-Chemie, Hoffman la Roche, GlaxoWellcome, Evidence, Mukos,
Comcon, Formed, Akrihin and others. It’s planned the new pilot seminar will pave way for a series of BT’s more
in-depth specialized seminars on IT technologies in the fall 2007 in Russia.

News from the Asia Pacific Region

Fulford lands new accounts
Fulford PR secured three new accounts in April. The agency has been brought onboard to handle PR for the Global
Brand Forum, an international meeting famous for bringing in top branding icons including Al Gore; Monsoon
Pictures, a local film house; and work with the Singapore Sports Council for their Extreme Singapore and
Adventure Singapore campaign throughout 2007.

Fulford keeps kicking goals
The agency further secured five new accounts in May: a media stunt and consumer event for Equal artificial
sweetener; work in concert with its affiliates in Hong Kong, Korea and Japan to promote the Manchester United
Opus, an 850-page limited edition publication which will be touring the region with the Manchester United football
team; publicise the 5-Nations Netball Cup which will take place in September, and the FINA Marathon
Swimming World Cup series, set to commence in October.

                            3    Circuit June 2007
Peer has WOWed ING DIRECT after again being challenged to develop unique concepts for the innovative client’s
annual employee ‘WOW’ event. Designed to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the entire ING DIRECT
team, the top secret WOW events have always made an impact. Peer’s concepts are fresh and different and the events
are big. Through collective brainstorming, four unique and exciting concepts have been proposed for ‘WOW 2007’.
Stay tuned for the big event where Peer Group will demonstrate how it continues to impress ING DIRECT and its
team of six hundred-plus employees.

Peer negotiates media opportunity
Peer negotiated a high profile media opportunity with one of Australia’s most popular travel programs with
Australia’s fast bowler and Travelex ambassador, Brett Lee. Brett Lee, the brand ambassador for the Travelex Cash
Passport, showed The Great Outdoors around his hometown in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.
As part of the arrangement, The Great Outdoors agreed to promote the Travelex Cash Passport in an upcoming

Wrights stirs up community support for local football clubs
Working with Peet Limited, one of Australia’s largest property groups, Wrights developed a series of entertaining
and interactive events to engage local communities to promote the inaugural Peet Cup and leverage Peet Limited’s
sponsorship of two Victorian Football League clubs. Wrights implemented a public relations program, which
increased Peet brand awareness, promoted the sponsoring estates and encouraged community engagement.
The Peet Cup provided the company with an opportunity to secure state-wide television exposure for the brand as
well as outstanding coverage across suburban media, VFL websites, and the webcast program, V TV.

World’s first premium mangosteen company celebrates 1st anniversary in Japan
XanGo, the first company to introduce a mangosteen beverage to the market, celebrated its first anniversary in
Japan. AZW – which represented XanGo in Japan – coordinated a press conference to announce its new product and
a VIP party for exclusive distributors. Several journalists, including a major women’s magazine Hanako, attended
the press conference and 100 VIPs attended the party. Ongoing media coverage is expected to spread the buzz
throughout the industry and to the public.

200 runners jog through the night
AZW supported its retainer client, adidas Japan to launch its running category campaign. To commence the
campaign, adidas held a running event “Night Runners” that aimed to encourage people to take a night jog (and stop
making excuses why they don’t exercise!!). 200 consumers were invited to run at the event and AZW secured
approximately 15 media representatives to run with the crowd and experience the fun.

Mitsubishi Pharma Concludes Merger Agreement with Tanabe Seiyaku
AZW coordinated a press conference and analyst seminar for the merger agreement between AZW’s retainer client,
Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation and Tanabe Seiyaku on 16 May, 2007. This merger, effective as of 1 October,
2007, will make the company the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in Japan. AZW also supports Mitsubishi
Chemical Holdings, the major shareholder of Mitsubishi Pharma, and will continue to ensure it maintains its position
as the reliable PR firm for the Mitsubishi group.

                          4    Circuit June 2007
News from the Americas Region

Delta Media Wins Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Contract
Delta Media’s Sheena Pennie has been selected by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to be the
Conference Director for the 29th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners being held
in Montreal, Quebec in September 2007. For more information about the conference, please visit

Delta Media Selected by Natural Resources Canada for National Communications Project
Delta Media has been selected by Natural Resources Canada to develop and implement the communications
strategy and action plan for the release of a major report on climate change scheduled for the fall of 2007. Delta
Media will be required to manage the implementation of all components of the communications action plan in
accordance with the sensitive nature of the issues at hand.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Seeks Strategic Communications Plan
The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, an arm's-length federal agency that promotes
and supports university-based research and training in social sciences and humanities, has retained Delta Media’s
services for the development of a strategic communications plan.

McRae on the Move
McRae Communications is pleased to announce that we have moved our offices to The Equitable Building in
downtown Atlanta. We also have shortened our name to simply “McRae,” which is how we are known in the market.
Our new address and phone number is:

        100 Peachtree Street, Suite 3200
        Atlanta, GA 30303
        Phone: 404-917-0620
        Fax: 404-917-0621

Northlich Boosts Digital Capabilities by Acquiring Interactive Ink
Northlich announced it is boosting its digital capabilities by acquiring Interactive Ink, a cutting-edge digital
communications agency based in Columbus, Ohio. The melding of the two agencies allows Northlich to deliver
more comprehensive digital communications, including work in the areas of consumer-generated and social media.
Northlich can now deliver stronger business results through internal and external campaigns that integrate on-line
and off-line mediums, including deeper engagement in second generation Web-based communities, web design and
development, mobile applications, Web content management and search engine optimization.

As part of the acquisition, Northlich adds a Washington DC satellite office to serve digital clients in the nation’s
capital, complimenting its existing offices in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and its brand consulting office in
metro New York.

                             5    Circuit June 2007
Liggett Stashower Turns Up Creative Volume As Agency Participates In Charity Project
John Lionti, associate creative director at Liggett Stashower (LS), has made guitars out of thin air, corrosive rust
and marble, the material he’s simulating for the 2007 public art project GuitarMania, with the help of LS artist and
illustrator Earnie Merritt.

In its third year, GuitarMania features 9-foot polyurethane guitars that are sponsored by local and national
companies, organizations and individuals, transformed into works of art, displayed throughout the city, then
auctioned off to benefit United Way of Greater Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The project has
raised more than $1.6 million prior to 2007. LS has participated each year, creating three guitars that embody the
rock spirit.

In 2002, Lionti tapped into his inner rocker and found inspiration for “Air Guitar,” which featured clouds and a blue
sky for a clever play on words. It was named to The Plain Dealer’s top 10 guitar picks. In 2004, Lionti traveled back
to 1979, listened to Neil Young’s “Rust Never Sleeps,” then created a guitar and amplifier that were weathered as if
they’d been outside since the late-seventies.

This year, Lionti picked up his sculpting tools (dormant for 20 years), turned up the Led Zeppelin and cranked out
the “Classic Rock” guitar, which he’s dubbed a “reverse Venus de Milo.” He carefully sculpted two hands, a la
Michelangelo, and connected them to the guitars to simulate strumming. Merritt faux painted the sculpture to look
like authentic marble, leaned the guitar against a similarly marbleized Grecian column and “Classic Rock” came to

TC&C Announces New Business/Latest Projects
TC&C will provide public relations support for an advocacy campaign for the University at Buffalo, the flagship
campus of the State University of New York system. Part public education and part advocacy, the campaign seeks to
increase awareness and support for the University at both the state and community level.

Within weeks of the wounding of two Buffalo Police officers, TC&C donated time and ideas to several projects
which helped to raise more than $450,000 for the long-term care of wounded officer Patty Parete. TC&C worked
with Parete and Buffalo-based New Era Cap to design COPP (Community Outreach for Patty Parete) caps. The blue
and gold caps featuring Parete’s shield number sold out in less than an hour every time they were offered. Parete is
currently in a New Jersey rehabilitation facility with the same injury suffered by actor Christopher Reeve.

TC&C engineered a multi-tiered community rollout of a $55 million condominium design for Uniland Development
Company. Meetings with political leaders, neighborhood, community and media groups were orchestrated to blunt
the advance criticism by a neighboring building. Community response to the Gates Circle project was
overwhelmingly supportive. TC&C will continue to support Uniland throughout the regulatory process.

TC&C once again handled publicity for the Buffalo Home & Garden Show. Strong word-of-mouth helped to drive
awareness, with Show attendance and online ticket sales increasing by 11%. TC&C also handled the Home Show’s
media buy for the first time.

CASACOM and Garde-Manger Pour Tous: Working to Fight Malnutrition and Poverty Among Kids
CASACOM has been working on a pro bono basis for the past year with the Garde-Manger Pour Tous, a not-for-
profit organization that provides more than 2,500 hot and healthy lunches every day to kids in Montreal's elementary
schools. A media relations campaign was launched to announce a generous donation made to the organization by the

                           6    Circuit June 2007
Montréal Canadiens Children's Foundation and to kick off its 2006-2007 fund-raising initiatives. Media were also
invited to attend a luncheon served by Larry Smith, president and CEO of the Montreal Alouettes football team,
accompanied by several popular football players. In addition, CASACOM developed several recommendations to
ensure the success of the Garde-Manger's annual benefit cocktail. All this hard work was undertaken for a good
cause: raising awareness about the contribution the Garde-Manger Pour Tous makes daily to improve access to
quality food and to fight poverty with concrete actions in the community. The strength of the CASACOM - Garde-
Manger Pour Tous partnership will continue to evolve this year and hopefully for many years to come as it is the
cause that all CASACOM employees are dedicated to.

New Client Added to PSB Roster
Padilla Speer Beardsley is pleased to announce that Madison, Wis.-based company, TomoTherapy, has selected the
firm to handle investor relations work. TomoTherapy sells systems that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of
radiation treatment for the full range of cancer tumors.

Padilla Speer Beardsley will also continue work for the Metropolitan Airport Commission (MAC), who has
extended its contract for another six years. The firm will help MAC increase its revenue from concessions and
manage the space available for advertising within concourses. Work to date includes brand-building, runway
openings, branding and promoting the new electronic parking system, public affairs and media relations among other

PSB Announces Two New Clients
PSB is pleased to add Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) to its client roster. BEI is a Denver-based consultancy
that provides information and education to owners and advisors about how to exit their companies; PSB will provide
marketing communications and media relations support. Another client addition for PSB is Gold Mobile, a division
of New Jersey-based Gold Group, is a technology solutions provider that extends and enhances Internet applications
to a mobile environment. The firm has joined forces with PSB for a marketing communications campaign.

JUST-US Calls on Tech Image for Support
JUST-US is an association of Siemens Enterprise Networks users. TI is working with
them to support their annual conference and to establish their expertise in the area of
telecommunications and data networking. The user group has over 1500 members representing 600 organizations,
and is extremely active in its knowledge-sharing and influence.

DSM Somos Enlists Tech Image for Content Development and Support
Tech Image was chosen by the North American division of DSM Somos to offer
guidance and editorial support for its manufactured resins. As a significant nanotech developer, the company needs
to document its results and offer case studies that reinforce its leadership position.

Agency Announces Expanded Relationship With The Holland, Inc.
McGrath/Power Public Relations announced an extended relationship with Vancouver, Wash.-based, The Holland,
Inc., parent company of Burgerville restaurants. The partnership is moving from a strict PR focus to a full
communications program, including: employee communications, community relations, guest and partner
communications and point of purchase and collateral material development. In addition, McGrath/Power will take a
larger role in brand development efforts on behalf of the company. The expanded relationship with The Holland,

                          7    Circuit June 2007
Inc. will double the client’s retainer and is largely due to a 15 percent year-over-year increase in sales that has been
attributed to McGrath/Power’s efforts.

While the McGrath/Power client base is predominantly comprised of technology-oriented companies, the agency
regularly has consumer and professional services accounts on its roster. Staff members’ work on this consumer
account helps them to look at their technology projects with a different mindset and takes advantage of the agency’s
original roots in the consumer market. The expanded relationship with The Holland, Inc. marks the second year that
McGrath/Power has served as the company’s agency of record.

PPMG Retained by PayPerPost
The Pollack PR Marketing Group has been retained by, a web-based platform that connects
advertisers and consumer content creators to deliver compelling marketing messages, to raise awareness of their
service amongst bloggers, advertisers and media buyers. Established in 2006, PayPerPost created a new category in
developing a marketplace for consumer generated advertising, and is fueled by the self-expression of bloggers,
videographers, photographers, podcasters and participants in social networks. The company is backed by prominent
investors including, Inflexion Partners, Village Ventures, DFJ Gotham and Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

PPMG Retained by Expungement Assistance Services (EAS)
PPMG has been retained as the integrated communications and marketing agency for Expungement Assistance
Services (EAS). As part of the program, PPMG has included Liggett-Stashower’s advertising division to provide
creative and advertising strategies for EAS. The mission of EAS is to secure a full measure of justice in public and
private affairs in regards to the constitutional right to prosperity, to those who are restricted by a criminal record.
With emphasis on problems involving basic necessities and fundamental rights of employment and housing, EAS
seeks to improve the lives of their clients by providing high quality services and empowering people by relieving the
stress and burden of a criminal record.

Consumer Practice Group i40 Presentation
PPMG would like to thank Account Manager Landon Cowan for the energy and enthusiasm he dedicated to his i40
Consumer Practice Group Presentation entitled Vlogs, YouTube and Viral Video. An audio transcript of the
presentation and supplemental video materials is available to view and download on the Worldcom Intranet.

Richmond Public Relations Announces Six New Clients
Over the last few months, Richmond Public Relations has begun working with six exciting new clients! Some of our
new clients include BabyLegs, the hand made legwarmers that protect crawling babies’ knees and keep their legs
warm. The simple yet genius idea was invented by a local Seattle, Wash. stay-at-home mom who began the business
by selling BabyLegs out of her diaper bag; Barnard Griffin, a private family-owned winery located in Richland,
Wash. The winery currently produces 70,000 cases per year and is available in restaurants and stores around the
country; Dig it! The Fossil Workshop, an interactive family fun and learning center that will open a new location in
the Everett Mall in Everett, Wash; Jones Soda Co., which is headquartered in Seattle, Wash. and is known as an
innovative premium soda in markets across North America; Red Bull Energy Drink, Richmond Public Relations is
one of two agencies to date that have been hired to work with Red Bull; and ZEVIA, the world’s first sugar free
natural alternative to diet soda.

In addition to new clients, Richmond Public Relations is working with Taphouse Grill, which specializes in the
largest selection of draft beer anywhere in the Northwest, to launch the grand opening of their new location in
downtown Seattle, Wash. this June.

                             8    Circuit June 2007
Congratulations Kirsten Andresen Bell
Richmond Public Relations would like to congratulate Kirsten Andresen Bell on her acceptance to SATW, the
Society of American Travel Writers.

MMC Kicks FDA Approval Plan into High Gear
MMC’s Healthcare Practice marked an important milestone with our first FDA drug approval for
GlaxoSmithKline’s Veramyst for the treatment of nasal allergies. Upon receiving word of the approval at 5:45
p.m. on a Friday, the team put the approval plan into action, which included: revising six documents based on final
client review, putting the press release over the wire and distributing it to key media contacts, sending the full press
kit to select outlets, issuing the first of three b-roll feeds for evening newscasts, and conducting aggressive pitching
to media including broadcast, Web, trade and consumer magazines. MMC also leveraged a cadre of 19 clinical
investigators and thought leaders to deliver Brand messages. Because the timing of the approval announcement was
driven by SEC regulations, MMC had developed action plans for several specific timing scenarios to ensure we
optimized media outreach no matter when we got the green light. To date, MMC has secured more than 60 million
impressions (more than 2 million from the b-roll alone).

MMC Holds Event with $10 Million Smile
In just five weeks time, the MMC AquaFresh team launched GlaxoSmithKline’s new AquaFresh White Trays with
an event at South Street Seaport in New York with “Ugly Betty” star America Ferrara. There it was revealed that
the Brand had secured a Lloyd’s of London insurance policy worth $10 million for Ferrara’s smile – one of the most
valuable the prestigious insurer has ever granted for a body part. The announcement is part of a program to raise
money for Smiles for Success, a nationwide organization providing free dental care for women transitioning from
welfare to work. AquaFresh is donating $1 for every box of product purchased between now and August 31, 2007,
and $1 for every person entering the “Beauty That Fits” sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to Hollywood to meet
Ferrara. Before the event, MMC executed a teaser campaign inviting consumers to visit the branded Web site to
guess whom the smile belonged to. Insuring Ferrara’s smile helped to strategically spotlight the Brand promise of
achieving brighter, whiter teeth without having to spend a fortune. The irony of Ferrara’s TV character wearing
braces helped pique media interest. MMC has secured more than 80 million branded impressions to date, including
coverage in Reuters, New York Daily News, E! News, Access Hollywood and

BGA Executes High Profile Media Tour for CMF Associates
BGA kicked off its new relationship with CMF Associates in style with an action-packed media tour in New York in
May. As mentioned in the April CIRCUIT, CMF delivers financial and management advisory work to private equity,
middle-market and international companies. The aim of the tour was to establish relationships for CMF with key
journalists at national and trade publications, as well as to present reporters with new trends in the private equity
industry. BGA secured meetings with the Wall Street Journal, CFO Magazine, Dow Jones, Buyouts, MarketWatch
and Private Equity International. The day was a great success with CMF securing opportunities with most of the
publications, either commenting on stories in the works, suggesting new story ideas, or as a credible source for by-
lined articles.

CI Expands Security Practice with Two Client Additions
Corporate Ink expands its security practice again, with two new fast-growing clients, TriCipher and TriGeo
Network Security. They’re targeting front-of-mind issues: TriCipher protects online identities, vital for online
commerce, and TriGeo’s positioned to become the security company for the mid-tier market. In both wins, we
replaced under-performing agencies. Initial campaigns will focus on media, analyst relations and industry visibility
– our bread-and-butter.

                            9    Circuit June 2007
OMA Adds Three New Clients
Off Madison Ave is working with new clients Naturally Vitamins, JDC Development, Inc. and GS Fine

OMA Clients In the News
Off Madison Ave client Arizona Village Communities ( recently acquired a premium
parcel of residential land west of Phoenix where they will develop golf villas in a picturesque mountainside setting.
The news was featured in the real estate sections of the Arizona Republic and the East Valley Tribune. Agency client
AmSafe was featured in the June issue of Cessna Owner for its aviation airbag restraint. AmSafe recently posted
pictures of the airbag and its other restraints on the popular photo-sharing Web site Flickr

OMA Joins MySpace
The agency recently launched its own MySpace page at

JHC on the Move
JHC will relocate its Pittsburgh office to the South Side this July, occupying a two-story loft in the newly developed
Rivertech Office Works. JHC’s new office will be adjacent to the UPMC Sports Complex and accessible to the
popular South Side Works development. Jack Horner launched the business in 1992 in a 350-foot office in
Monroeville. The agency moved in 1999 to its current headquarters office, inside a former Westinghouse building
located in Forest Hills. In March 2007, that building was sold, creating an opportunity for JHC to move into the city.
The agency also has a Philadelphia office, which opened last year in King of Prussia.

M. Silver and Stephen Hawking Take Flight
For its client Zero-Gravity Corporation, M. Silver recently managed and promoted the Stephen Hawking Zero-
Gravity Flight to showcase the thrilling experiences that await ordinary visitors to “near space.” In April 2007,
famous physicist Stephen Hawking was the first disabled person to ever experience weightlessness aboard a Zero-
Gravity flight, resulting in one of the biggest stories of 2007. Feature segments included NBC Nightly News, Today
Show, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, Fox News, Inside Edition, MSNBC and live reports by CNN; and
front page coverage around the world including The Washington Post, London Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street
Journal, The New York Times, Newsweek and Time.

M. Silver Associates Launches Mexico’s Newest Destination – Riviera Nayarit
Even for an agency that specializes in tourism, it is rare to get the opportunity to launch a new destination. M. Silver
Associates has commenced work for its newest client which is Mexico’s newest destination, a 100 mile stretch of
beach framed by the Sierra Madre Mountains north of Puerto Vallarta. The destination was successfully launched in
New York and Toronto. M. Silver Associates is collaborating with Arvizu S.A. in Mexico which represents the
destination in the local market.
M. Silver Associates Launches the Westin Roco Ki Beach and Golf Resort in the Dominican Republic
The Westin Roco Ki Beach and Golf Resort is the first North American branded resort in Punta Cana, the
Dominican Republic, a region known for all-inclusive resorts. M. Silver Associates is handling all pre and post
launch public relations activities or this luxury resort due to open in May 2008.

                           10    Circuit June 2007
Branson: ATWT
Cast and crew from the CBS daytime drama As the World Turns (ATWT) will film five episodes in Branson,
Missouri, the Live Music Capital of the World, as actress Jennifer Landon (Famed actor Michael Landon’s daughter
in real life and who plays Gwen on ATWT), searches for fame and fortune as a singer in Branson. In conducting
national media relations for this campaign, SA’s has created a streaming video iPod pitch, unique packaging and
various pitch angles, to draw the interest of entertainment, lifestyle, business and the soaps’ media.

National Media Respond to SA Pitches
SA’s media relations has landed client, Employee and Family Resources (EFR), in the Wall Street Journal and HR
Magazine and drawn interest from Fortune Magazine for the launch of My Plan After 50, an online program that
examines all the issues beyond finances in planning your retirement years. EFR also provides one of the most
popular Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to employers across America.

Jet-Alliance, a shared jet ownership company in Westlake Village, Calif., chose SA for national media relations
regarding its purchase of the nation’s very first Eclipse 500 jet. The Eclipse 500 belongs to a new category of aircraft
called “very light jets (VLJs).” Media coverage included articles in Forbes, Dallas News, The New York Times,
Yahoo! Finance and The Business Press.

Worldcom Partners Working Together

PPMG would like to thank David Moore of Liggett-Stashower for attending a new business meeting with
Expungement Assistance Services in Los Angeles.

The agency would also like to thank Off Madison Avenue, The Bohle Company, McGrath Power Public
Relations Richmond PR and Schneider Associates for their help in brainstorming creative concepts for the
agency’s PayPerPost pitch.

Thank you to all the Worldcom partners who submitted their greatest client service anecdotes to Standing Partnership
in preparation for Melissa Lackey’s “Outrageous Acts of Client Service” presentation at the PRSA Counselors
Academy Spring Conference. We knew our Worldcom partners were dedicated to their clients, but even we were
amazed at the commitment by our partners to provide clients with unparalleled service. We’re looking forward to
sharing Worldcom’s best client service stories with Counselors Academy attendees in June.

Hats Off to Off Madison Ave
SA thanks Chris Sietsema and Eric Reid from the Mighty Interactive division of Off Madison Ave for a training
teleconference that provided specific social media insights for many of our clients. This is a great example of making
the Worldcom partnership work. Thanks, too, to Laura Hall for coordinating this opportunity with SA.


PSB Places Earns Top Place at Two Awards
Padilla Speer Beardsley received two awards from the 2007 National Agri-Marketing Association on behalf of
BASF’s Turf & Ornamental and ProVM business. PSB placed first in the Turf and Ornamentals Public Relations
Campaign category for the 2006 People vs. the Pros golf event media relations campaign. The firm also placed first

                           11    Circuit June 2007
in the Company & Association Magazines (External) category for publication of TimberLines magazine to forest
landowners and consultants.

PCI Celebrates 14 Honors; Lizards Lead Award Winners
May is local awards month in Chicago and Public Communications Inc. celebrated by taking home 14 awards on
behalf of six of our clients. The honors were the Publicity Club of Chicago’s Silver and Golden Trumpet
Awards and the PRSA Skyline Awards. PCI’s clients were recognized in categories ranging from crisis
communications management, issues management and government affairs, to marketing, media relations and
individual media kits.

Long time client John G. Shedd Aquarium was the award leader with five honors - three Skylines and two Silver
Trumpets - for its special Lizards Exhibit. Other multiple winners were the American College of Allergy, Asthma &
Immunology’s Nationwide Asthma Screening Program (Skyline Merit Award and Golden Trumpet), the marketing
program for Zimmer’s Gender Solutions Knee, (Skyline Award and a Golden Trumpet) and Museum of Science and
Industry’s Leonardo da Vinci exhibit (Golden Trumpet and a Skyline). The AIDS Foundation of Chicago received a
Silver Trumpet and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums was honored with a Skyline.

SJ&P’s Gold Addy For Zaxby’s Campaign Is “Indescribably Good”
SJ&P was recently honored with a Gold ADDY award at the district-level competition held in Miami. The agency
was awarded for its Zaxby’s “Indescribably Good” campaign, a series of five television commercials which captured
unscripted reactions of people eating Zaxby’s freshly-prepared food. The campaign introduced Zaxby’s bundled
meal deals, which helped the company compete for share of wallet at lunchtime. The campaign ran in 2006 and has
evolved with additional spots currently running in Zaxby’s markets across the Southeast and has contributed to
successful sales increases in the past year. A “quick-casual” restaurant chain headquartered in Athens, Ga., Zaxby’s
has more than 380 restaurants in 10 Southeastern states.

SJ&P Honored At Local Image Awards Ceremony
St. John & Partners took home four awards for excellence in public relations programs at the Florida Public
Relations Association’s 2007 Image Awards ceremony at the Jacksonville Public Library. The agency was
awarded for its Armchair Ad Review, an online survey created by SJ&P to allow individuals to rate their favorite
Super Bowl ads. The firm also won three awards for its hurricane preparedness/ response programs for Winn-Dixie.

OMA Takes Home IABC Award
Off Madison Ave won an IABC Copper Quill award on May 10 for its crisis communications plan for client Agua

Tech Image Repeats as the ‘Best Boutique Firm to Work For’
For the second year in a row, Tech Image was recognized as Best Boutique PR
Firm to Work For by the Holmes Group. Mike Nikolich, CEO, and Tim
Boivin, Director of Media Relations, attended the gala in New York City to receive the award from Paul. The
Holmes Group cited our philosophy of hiring adults and then treating them like adults as a strong factor in this year’s

                           12    Circuit June 2007
Tech Image Brings Home More Hardware
The Chicago Publicity Club honored Tech Image with six awards for its creativity during
2006. The agency took home Golden Trumpets for two programs, and four Silver Trumpets
as well. Annual campaigns for Protus IP Solutions and GlobalSpec were honored in the
highly competitive Marketing category, while the Silver trumpets covered a variety of
thought leadership elements.

SA Recognized at Local PRSA and IABC Awards Shows
The Iowa chapters of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and the International Association of Business
Communicators have honored SA. SA, on behalf of clients ABATE of Iowa, Salisbury House and Polk County
Health Services received awards in categories of audiovisual, special events and electronic newsletter from PRSA.
SA received another ten awards from IABC, including the Award of Excellence for radio public service
announcements about motorcyclist safety on the road. SA’s work on the “Salisbury Automobile Classic” earned a
Best of Show nomination at the PRSA awards as the judges noted it was the “most thorough, well-documented, data-
based evaluation seen in the entire contest.”

New Hires

MMC Adds to Healthcare PR Pro to Team
The agency has also been experiencing significant growth in staff over the past few months, with 27 new hires since
mid January. Our newest staff member, Vice President Jennifer Horowitz, comes to MMC’s Healthcare Practice
from Porter Novelli where she served as Vice President, managing the Enbrel business (a treatment for arthritis) for
Amgen and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Porter, she was with GCI Group. Jennifer brings 11 years of PR
experience, and strong client and team management skills to the MMC Oral Care team.

Partners in the News

Sue Bohle Lead Speaker on Public Relations for Online Game Development Conference
Recognized for her experience in video game PR, Sue Bohle was invited to speak at the first annual OGDC. Sue led
a workshop on how developers can build a brand for their companies at the conference. With 30 plus years in the
business, Sue Bohle has been involved with video games since the mid ‘80s. She drew from these experiences and
shared with the developers the current trends and online PR tactics and explained how game companies can best
reach consumers.

David Anderson Expert Panelist for PR Agency Summit
Agency co-founder and managing partner David Anderson was selected as an expert panelist for the Bulldog
Reporter PR Agency Management Summit in New York City Sept. 27. Anderson wrote a guest column on agency
growth and office space for the June issue of bizAZ magazine. Agency co-founder and executive creative director
Roger Hurni’s outdoor activities and international expeditions were profiled in the Business Journal of Phoenix on
May 18.

Off Arizona Ave vice president/director of public relations Laura Hall and vice president of marketing Paige
Chadwick were recognized as candidates for Arizona Woman magazine’s Arizona Woman of the Year award on
May 30.

                          13   Circuit June 2007

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