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					                                                                                                                      December                     2004

8,531 New Smiles Around the World
Operation Smile changed the lives of more than 8,500 children last year* and furthered its goal of sustainability in its
partner countries.
During international medical missions, medical volunteers traveled to 24 sites in 16 countries, providing full medical
evaluations to more than 6,500 patients and free surgical treatment to 3,155 children and young adults.
                             Also during last year, in-country teams of Operation Smile medical volunteers conducted local
 In this                     missions in 13 countries, taking care of more children throughout the year. An additional
                             5,376 children were provided with free surgical treatment through local programs, for a total
 Issue:                      of 8,531 children treated during both international and local medical missions.
                             Operation Smile continued its investment in sustainable development, providing our partner
Page 2                       countries with medical training and education, quality assurance and state-of-the-art
Message from our Co-founders equipment and supplies, enabling them to provide advanced treatment for their own children.
Page 3                                                                  *Operation Smile’s 2004 fiscal year is July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004.
The Fisherman – A Story
 from Brazil
Page 4
                                        Children treated through                            How do we invest in sustainable
                                         local programs in 2004
Message from our CMO                                                                        development?
                                     China                                     120
Operation Smile Attends                                                                     In each of our 23 partner countries, we work within their
                                     Colombia                                  819
 Medical Conferences                                                                        medical infrastructures to improve access to specialized
                                     Ecuador                                   521
Page 5                               Kenya                                     295          surgical treatment for facial deformities. For Operation
International News                   Morocco                                   377          Smile, it begins with the international medical mission
International Mission Report         Nicaragua                                 120          model then moves to sustainable programs on the local
                                     Panama                                    218
Pages 6 -7                                                                                  level. Our partners are given the skills to treat children on
                                     Peru                                      141
Medical Mission Spotlight:           Philippines                               739          their own, with their own resources, their own volunteers,
 Novosibirsk, Russia                 Russia                                     29          their own supplies and their own medical professionals.
Page 8                               Thailand                                  763
Donor Spotlight:
                                     Venezuela                                 158          It’s working.
                                     Vietnam                                 1,076          In the last five years, the percentage of local missions has
 Regent Medical
Teamwork Helps Boy in                Total local missions                    5,376          increased from 14% to 63%. This year, more than half of
 Venezuela                           Total international missions            3,155          our partner countries conducted medical missions or year-
Page 9                               Total children treated                  8,531          round programs on their own.
Fund-raising News
                                                                                                                                                                   Photos: Marc Ascher

Page 10-11
Events Around the U.S.
 Help Children
Back Cover
World Care Patient Update
Color printing donated by
Letton Gooch Printers, Inc.
                                  Jonatan Sanchez of Barinas,   Jonatan Sanchez after surgery      Thu Phan Huynh Minh of Vung Thu Phan Huynh Minh after surgery
                                  Venezuela, before surgery                                        Tau, Vietnam, before surgery
                                                     Message from our Co-founders
                                                       As the year 2004 comes to a close, we’d like to reflect on this successful year for Operation
                                                     Smile and to briefly describe some initiatives the organization embarked on, bringing us
                                                     exciting changes and growth.

                                                     We have been focused on advancing what we call “the eight elements of Operation Smile.”
                                                                Global Medical Care Volunteerism Global Medical Education
                                                            Scientific Research Resource Partners Diplomacy and Leadership
                                                                 Sustainable Development Advocacy for Improved Healthcare
                                                     Through these elements, we provide so much more than surgery; these elements are the basis
                                                     of what has evolved into continuous programs that have treated more than 80,000 children
                                                     as well as programs in our mission countries that support self-sufficiency, allowing our
                                       Marc Ascher

                                                     volunteers to treat children on their own. In 2004, 63% of Operation Smile patients were
                                                     treated by healthcare professionals in our partner countries who take care of children
                                                     throughout the year.

 Mission                                             To further this self-sufficiency, we emphasized the credentialing of medical volunteers in our
                                                     mission countries. This means that not only can those volunteers participate in the
 Statement                                           international Operation Smile mission in their countries, they are now credentialed to
                                                     participate on missions in other countries as well. In fact, this past year more than half of our
Throughout the world, Operation                      medical mission team members were volunteers from the countries we serve.
Smile volunteers repair childhood
                                                     We also launched a new look for our Web site. The site has a new functionality that is more
facial deformities while building
                                                     interactive allowing for better communication with our volunteers and donors. It also
public and private partnerships that
                                                     provides the way to secure donations that we can acknowledge and process faster. This
advocate for sustainable healthcare
                                                     system upgrade has enabled us to increase our donations and to help more children. Since its
systems for children and families.
                                                     April launch, more than $250,000 has been raised through the new site.
Together, we create smiles, change
lives, heal humanity.                                Our direct response television program began airing nationwide in July 2004. With funds
                                                     provided by long-time supporters Frank Reidy and Tony Fung, Operation Smile engaged the
                                                     Russ Reid Company to produce this television campaign. It is designed to increase awareness
                                                     and funds for the organization by recruiting monthly donors called “Smile Partners.” Hosted
                                                     by Roma Downey, who is well-known for her role as “Monica” on TV’s “Touched by an
                                                     Angel,” the show delivers a powerful story of how Operation Smile changes lives around the
       6435 Tidewater Drive                          world. The program has already dramatically increased our donor base, creating a stream of
      Norfolk, Virginia 23509                        residual income that will allow us to grow and expand our work for years to come.
    Tel: 757-321-SMILE (7645)
        Fax: 757-321-7660                            We are proud of our accomplishments, proud of our volunteers, our donors—but most of all,
                  ■                                  we are proud of the 8,531 Operation Smile children whose lives were changed this year with
      Check out our Web site                         your help. We are a not-for-profit, but we are also a business. We are in the business of                         helping children; and what better way to invest your money and support, than in a child.
                  ■                                  Thank you for your commitment, and if you can, please give generously to Operation Smile
               Editors:                              one more time this year to help us invest in the future of the children and the families we
             Lisa Jones                              serve.
          Katherine Taylor
          Lisa Jardanhazy                            From our Operation Smile family to yours, we wish you happy, healthy holidays and a joyful
                  ■                                  New Year.
    Operation Smile extends its                      – Bill and Kathy Magee
  sincere thanks to Letton Gooch
  Printers, Inc., Norfolk, Va., for
  making this newsletter possible                                             Operation Smile would not be where we are today without
        Operation Smile is a
                                                                              our volunteers. To acknowledge the dedication of our thousands
     United Nations Affiliated                                                of committed volunteers, on December 3, Operation Smile thanked
            Organization                                                      more than 2,100 of them in recognition of the United Nations
                                                                              International Volunteer Day. (
2     Operation Smile
            “The Fisherman”                                                                           Anamais
                                                                                                 before surgery
            By Cathy Snyders, Volunteer Speech Pathologist
            August 2004 - Belem, Brazil, medical mission
               Thirty-one-year-old Anamais's face and hands are dark and              Don, a plastic surgeon
            weather-worn, a product of many years as a “pescadoro,” a                 from Canada, has just
            fisherman on the Brazilian Amazon river. He is stocky and                 scrubbed along with
            muscular, but his face carries the look of an abused puppy, scared        George, a surgeon
            and apprehensive. He enters my speech therapy area, his eyes              from Belem who will
            darting left to right and his head hung as if in defeat. He lifts his     assist him with the
            head towards me, and I get a full glimpse of his eternal                  fisherman's operation. Courtesy of Cathy Snyders
            embarrassment—a complete unilateral cleft, a facial crater that           I wonder what the
            rips through his smile and extends through his soul.                      poor fisherman thinks
                                                                                      of this international
            “Tres veces,” he starts in Portuguese. “Three times, I have tried
                                                                                      endeavor. I hold his
            other missions in this city, and each time I was told that I was too
                                                                                      hands as they give him
            old. I was told to come back again the next year, but they said no
                                                                                      shots and wait for the
            each year.” He tells me he was not allowed to go to school even
                                                                                      local anesthesia to take
            though he had aspired to be a teacher. He has worked all of his
                                                                                      effect. Don makes
            life on the docks and in the water—when he is out to sea, no one
                                                                                      marks along the
            can crack jokes. I ask him if he is married and he buries his head,
                                                                                      fisherman's lips which
            placing his hand over the shame he carries. “No,” he sighs.
                                                                                      serve as a guide during     Anamais and Speech Pathologist Cathy
            “Espero.” “I wish,” he says. His facial crevice is frightening to
                                                                                      surgery. He is an                               Snyders after his surgery
            anyone who looks at him, and it has caused him a life of
                                                                                      architect, redesigning a
            loneliness and left him without a “namorada,” “girlfriend.”
                                                                                      flawed face. He is a master artist, his canvas is this countenance.
            I am relieved to see his name on the surgery list. The fisherman is
                                                                                      The procedure ends with nothing less than a miracle.
            nervously fidgeting in his chair in the operating room waiting area.
                                                                                      The surgeons are meticulous and take considerable time and
            They call his name, and he gives the “thumbs up” sign to indicate
                                                                                      effort. The fisherman sits up and anxiously takes the mirror I
            he is ready for surgery. I am motioned to come too, and I walk
                                                                                      hand him. When he takes a glimpse of his new smile, his eyes
            with him into surgery room #2. The room is daunting, but there is
                                                                                      grow large, he smiles, then looks at us and gives his big
            a friendly, almost festive atmosphere as we enter. Francesca, an          “thumbs up” sign. He holds the mirror and carefully touches
            anesthesiologist from Italy, is starting to put a patient to sleep and    what was once a mangled mouth, and is now a handsome smile
            speaks softly in her native language. Bolan, a nurse from Finland,        for a fisherman’s face.
            speaks English with a heavy accent, Brazilian nurse Rita and
            Brooke from North Carolina begin the prep work. Ivan, a dentist           – Cathy Snyders
            from Colombia, stands at the next bed, ready to extract teeth.              Virginia Beach, Va.

            Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course a Success in Honduras
                                                        In October, Operation Smile conducted a Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course
Sarah Fox

                                                      in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Ten Honduran anesthesiologists and nurses were selected for the
                                                      two-day course and were provided advance materials to study. All attendees passed,
                                                      receiving PALS certification, which is required to participate on Operation Smile medical
                                                      The course material was taught using pediatric manikins, defibrillators and visual aids to
                                                      properly convey the pediatric life support skills, and two Operation Smile Honduras
                                                      volunteers translated. The small class size provided an opportunity for thorough and
                                                      comprehensive interaction between the teachers and participants.
                                                      Instructors use the PALS course to train healthcare providers to recognize and treat
                                                      childhood emergencies, including cardiac and respiratory arrest.

            Long-time Operation Smile volunteer       PALS certifiers, long-time volunteers Tom Calogrides, M.S., N.R.E.M.T.-P. and Tom
            Tom Mingin (left) preps students for      Mingin, B.S., N.R.E.M.T.-P. and first-time volunteer, Pete Meaney, M.D., M.P.H., earned
            their practical exam                      rave reviews from their students.

                                                                                                                           Operation Smile                 3
                                                                         Message from our Chief Medical Officer
                                                                           Most volunteer team members who participate on Operation Smile
                                                                         international medical missions describe the experience as “life changing.” All
                                                                         would agree that they’ll never forget the children they helped throughout the
                                                                         two-week mission. Every member of our mission teams plays a vital role in
                                                                         assuring that the team provides the highest level of care and safely operates on
                                                                         as many children as possible. In my on-going effort to familiarize you with the
Erin Mills

                                                                         various medical professionals that participate on every Operation Smile mission,
                                                                         I would like to explain the importance of having a dentist on all of our
                 (left to right) Operation Smile Chief Medical           international medical missions.
                   Officer Dr. Robert Rubin and Steve Block,
                 acting president for Datascope Corp.’s Patient          During the screening days of a mission, every patient receives a dental exam. At
                 Monitoring Division, at the American Society            this time, the dentist works closely with the mission team’s speech pathologist
                           of Anesthesiologists meeting                  and surgeons to identify potential dental work needed. The dentist identifies
                                                                         teeth that are decayed or infected or in the way of a cleft lip or palate surgical
             In October, Operation Smile attended three                  repair. For patients selected for surgery, teeth extractions are done by the
             key medical conferences, which helped                       dentist just before plastic surgeons begin operating. If patients are not selected
             recruit new medical volunteers and                          for cleft palate surgery, he or she determines if they are candidates for an
             identified potential corporate donors. At                   obturator, which is an artificial roof for a patient’s mouth. The dentist brings
             the American Society of Anesthesiologists                   with them the materials to make an impression of the patient’s mouth and then
             annual meeting in Las Vegas, Nev.,                          fabricates the obturator. An average of 15 obturators are made on every
             Datascope Corp. generously provided                         Operation Smile international mission. Since 1992, William Davidson, D.M.D.,
             Operation Smile with booth space within                     Ph.D., Co-chair of Operation Smile’s Dentistry Medical Council, has been a
             their exhibit. Operation Smile also attended                volunteer dentist on many Operation Smile missions and estimates that 100
             the American Academy of Pediatrics annual                   teeth extractions are done on each mission. Also serving as Co-chair on the
             meeting in San Francisco, Calif., and the                   Dentistry Medical Council is Fred Rosenblum, D.D.S.
             American Society of Plastic Surgeons                        In-country dentists work with the mission team’s dentist to share information.
             meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., where Stryker                 During the mission, the dentist also assesses the dental care available to the
             Leibinger Micro Implants donated booth                      patient after the mission team leaves and provides the patient and family with
             space to Operation Smile.                                   appropriate home care instructions and materials.
                                                                        Nearly half of all of our dental volunteers are from outside of the United States,
                     and we are proud to have such a diverse group. All Operation Smile dental volunteers must be licensed and board certified.
                     Openings always exist on our mission teams for dentists. The dentist’s role on an Operation Smile mission team is crucial to
                     providing patients on every mission with the highest level of care. I’d like to thank all of our volunteers for their amazing work
                     and dedication to help children throughout the world.
                                                                                                                            – Rob Rubin, M.D., M.P.H.

                                                                                                                                                              Tao Yuanming
                          On November 6,
                      representatives from
               Operation Smile's Medical
             Specialty Councils, Board of
               Directors and staff met at
             the headquarters in Norfolk,
                 Va., for a review of 2004
                 mission programs and to
                 plan for 2005 initiatives.
              The advisory role performed
                   by the councils helps to
                    ensure consistent high
              quality medical care for the
                     children and families
                    Operation Smile helps
                          around the world
             4      Operation Smile
                 International News
                 Local Filipino Community Members
                                                                                         Operation Smile
                                                                                         Australia Co-founder
                 Participate in Philippines Mission and                                  Receives Prestigious
                 Change a Child’s Life
                                                                                         Queensland Greats

                                                                                                                                  Irene Graham
                   Operation Smile is grateful for the generosity and kindness
                 of the Hampton Roads, Va., community for its continuing
                 support. Across the country, in communities like Hampton
                 Roads, businesses and politicians generously give their time            Dr. Richard Lewandowski, Co-founder of Operation Smile Australia,
                 and resources to not only help with Operation Smile                     was honored by the state of Queensland, Australia, with the
                 international missions, but with local missions conducted by            prestigious Queensland Greats Award. The Queensland Greats
                 in-country Operation Smile volunteers in its partner countries.         Awards honor five individuals each year “who share the vision and
                 After years of fund-raising and building awareness for                  ideals of Queensland and have played a significant role in the history
                 Operation Smile, Virginia Beach City Councilman Ron                     and development of the State.” Dr. Lewandowski’s achievement was
                 Villanueva and Roy Estaris, President and CEO of The Travel             commemorated with a brass plaque which was placed in the
                 Outlet of Virginia, participated on a local mission last                Celebration Lawn at Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane. “I thought it
                 December in Dagupan, Philippines. For nearly five years, The            might have been a practical joke initially. I couldn’t have done it on
                 Travel Outlet of Virginia has helped Operation Smile send its           my own, so I think this award is for our organization rather than just
                 mission teams across the world, saving the organization                 me – I’m just the front man,” says Lewandowski.
                 hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel costs.                       Dr. Lewandowski, one of Australia's most respected cranio-facial
                 During the mission, Roy discovered a shy boy with a severe              surgeons, became involved with Operation Smile while studying at
                 facial deformity. Roy introduced himself in hopes of finding            Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Va. Upon his return to
                 out more about the boy. After meeting Cesar Camerino and                Brisbane, he and his wife Sue established a World Care Program in
                 June David, the boy needing surgery, Roy soon learned that              1999, which has helped 19 children in the Asia region, complementing
                 Cesar was also from Hampton Roads. Cesar had seen June                  the U.S. World Care Program that has helped more than 100 children.
                 David during personal trips to the Philippines and was                  The program allows Operation Smile to care for children who have
                 encouraged by Operation Smile employee Ed Basilio to bring              more complicated needs than can be met during a mission. Through
                 June David to the Operation Smile local mission in Dagupan.             sponsorships, the patient and a guardian are brought to the U.S. or
                 Because June David needed such a complex surgery, he was                Australia and stay with a host family for the operation and recovery
                 taken to Manila, where Operation Smile Philippines surgeon              period.
                 Dr. Owen Loh performed the surgery. This would not have
                 been possible without a personal donation from Roy Estaris.
                 Roy and Ron continue their strong support of Operation                      September 2004 - November 2004
                 Smile. They are examples of how businesses and politicians
                 can help make a difference.                                                 International Mission Report
                 Operation Smile also recognizes the Philippine Medical                      Country             Patients Treated Patients Evaluated
                 Association of Southeastern Virginia (PMASEV) and its past
                 President Dr. Bibay for their donation to the Dagupan local                 China Sept 04
                 mission. As an example of ongoing support, the Tarlac                       Lanzhou                     107                     147
                 Association of Hampton Roads, will be funding the upcoming                  Zhongshan                   160                     236
                 Tarlac, Philippines, local mission in January 2005.                         India Oct 04
                   “It’s not just the medical team- it takes the business community,         Himachal Pradesh            129                     287
                      the political community as well as the medical associations            Venezuela Oct 04
                                        to make it all happen.”                              Valencia                    145                     163
                                                  – William P. Magee Jr., D.D.S., M.D.       Thailand Oct 04
                                                                                             Surin                       96                      164
Melanie Bariso

                                                                                             Kenya Oct 04
                                                                                             Nairobi                     96                      187
                                                                                             Kisumu                      150                     275
                                                                                             Eldoret                     147                     251
                                                      (left to right)                        China Nov 04
                                                       June David and Roy Estaris,           Wu Han City                 186                     295
                                                      The Travel Outlet of Virginia
                                                      President and CEO                      Totals                     1216                     2005

                                                                                                                               Operation Smile             5
                                                                                                                    Medical Mission Spotlight
                                                Sachi Osterloh

                                                                                        Marc Ascher
(left to right)Dmitry, Sachi & Slava                             Dmitry after surgery                               Novosibirsk, Russia
                                                                                                                    August 15 to August 29, 2004
 Volunteer Spotlight:                                                                                               Families throughout Russia traveled to the city of Novosibirsk, hoping
 Sachi Osterloh, Student Educator                                                                                   that their child would be chosen for surgery during the Operation Smile
 Going to Russia with Operation Smile is an event                                                                   mission. Volunteer team members from the United States, Morocco,
 that will influence my life forever. On the mission,                                                               Canada and the Philippines worked together with their Russian
 I was able to meet all different kinds of people
                                                                                                                    counterparts and other volunteers at Novosibirsk Children’s Municipal
                                                                                                                    Emergency Hospital #3. This marked Operation Smile’s 12th mission in
 from around the world. We had team members
                                                                                                                    Russia and the second mission conducted in Novosibirsk. One hundred
 come from Morocco, the Philippines, Canada, the
                                                                                                                    sixty-three children and young adults received free medical evaluations
 United States, and of course, Russia. All of these
                                                                                                                    and the medical team provided surgery to 92 patients whose lives will be
 people brought different qualities to the team, and                                                                forever changed.
 I loved getting to know them all. But of all the
 new friends I made, there were two little boys that
                                                                                                                                                     Svetlana Smirnova
                                                                                                      Marc Ascher

 hold a special place in my heart.
 Slava and Dmitry are two best friends that were                                                                                                     Svetlana Smirnova lives with her mother and
 literally dropped off on the front steps of the                                                                                                     six brothers and sisters in a small farming
 hospital. Seven-year-old Slava had come with a                                                                                                      village in South Pobedy, Russia. Cleft lips and
 cleft palate and eight-year-old Dmitry with a cleft                                                                                                 cleft palates are common in her family. Her
 lip. Although they had come alone, it wasn't long                                                                                                   mother and her uncle were both born with
 before they were adopted by the Operation Smile                                                                                                     cleft lips as well as one of Svetlana’s older
 family, picking up the nicknames, "Salsa and                                                                                                        cousins. When Svetlana’s mother was a child,
 Domingo." One of the times I will never forget is                                                                                                   she received surgery to repair her cleft lip, and
 when the three of us played monkey in the middle.                                                                                                   now she hoped that her daughter would get
 Although the game started out mellow, by the end                                                                                                    the surgery she needed. While watching the
                                                                                                                                                     news on television, her mother saw that
 all three of us were red faced and full of giggles. It
                                                                                                                                                     Operation Smile was conducting a mission in
 had to be the most fun I've ever had playing with
                                                                                                                                                     Novosibirsk, Russia, and she knew this was
 nothing else but a small yellow ball. I never
                                                                                                                                                     her daughter’s chance. Using money Svetlana’s
 imagined that a small toy could build such a
                                                                                                                                                     grandmother saved, two-year-old Svetlana and
 strong friendship. I am so grateful for the changes
                                                                                                                                                     her mother traveled 12 hours by bus and train
 Operation Smile has made in the lives of these two
                                                                                                                                                     to Operation Smile’s mission site. Now, this
 boys. They can now go through life just as any                                                                                                      little girl has a new smile and the chance at a
 other boys in Russia. Operation Smile really does                                                                                                   normal life.
 change lives one smile at a time. Slava and Dmitry
 now have beautiful smiles to show their parents
 and family. But most of all, this experience                                                                             Operation Smile Russia
 brought a smile to my face, changing my life
 forever.                                                                                                                 Highlights
 – Sachi Osterloh, Skyline High School
                                                                                                                           First Operation Smile international medical mission to Russia; 31 patients
   Sandy, Utah                                                                                                      1993   treated in Moscow
         Thousands of students throughout the world are involved in                                                        Russian students start Operation Smile Student Associations in
          Operation Smile’s Student Programs. After attending the
                                                                                                                    1998   their schools
        International Student Leadership Conference and the Mission
                                                                                                                           During World Journey of Hope ’99, 143 Russian children from Sakhalin,
         Training Workshop, students participate on Operation Smile                                                 1999   Kamchatka, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Murmansk, and other regions,
       international medical missions presenting healthcare lessons to
     patients and their families, as well as to schoolchildren and those                                                   receive surgery
      in orphanages. Each Operation Smile international mission team
            includes two student educators and a student sponsor.                                                   2004   Operation Smile has treated more than 1,400 patients in Russia to date

 6       Operation Smile
                                                                                     Marc Ascher
A Russian Fairy Tale
By Dr. Earl Bryant, Volunteer Pediatrician
  Alex Karpovich is not sure why he responded to the professor’s request for
volunteer translators at the first Operation Smile mission in Tomsk, central
Siberia. At the time, he was a student, with vague notions of his future, at the
local university. At least, the work opportunity might provide an interesting
interlude to his studies, and certainly would improve his English skills.
Willing to help in any capacity, Alex was assigned “crowd control.”
Meanwhile, several of his colleagues were jockeying competitively to land
assignments in the operating rooms, where communication between the
                                                                                                                                      Alex Karpovich (right)
international and Russian surgeons was supremely important.
Even in his non-prestige position, Alex stood out. He took his job seriously; he
solved problems before they escalated. He kept the entire patient care process                     his insatiable appetite to learn, his remarkable surgery
moving efficiently and sensitively. Alex possessed the right priorities, the right                 technique and potential, and his uncanny ability to
attitudes, and the right combination of temperament and people skills. Most                        know what to do before being told or asked (just like
importantly, he discovered in that first Operation Smile mission, a long dormant                   in crowd control!).
need to help others. Watching the transformation of broken, marred children
into happy, smiling ones was indeed a fairy tale he could hardly believe.                          Through Operation Smile, Alex has embarked on a
                                                                                                   noble journey of sharing, of giving completely of one’s
Through that chance encounter with Operation Smile years ago, Alex found his
                                                                                                   time and talents. He reflects on this early journey
goal, his life purpose. In between Operation Smile missions in Siberia, Belarus,
                                                                                                   with maturity, confidence: “I’ve gone beyond the
and Soviet Georgia, Alex finished medical school. These return missions to
                                                                                                   fairy tale…this is real…this is my life work. I’ve
Russia by Operation Smile found Alex working as a post-operative nurse, an
                                                                                                   found that I am needed.”
assistant in the recovery room, and then surgical assistant to some of the finest
facial reconstructive surgeons the world could offer.                                              For Alex, once upon a time is now.
Now, he is in his last year of surgical residency, pursuing his own place in the                   – Dr. Earl Bryant
fairy tale. His Operation Smile mentors over the years continue to comment on                        Camden, S.C.

Operation Smile Russia’s Annual Art
Auction an Outstanding Success
  Operation Smile Russia’s eighth annual art auction, held at Moscow’s
Noviy Manezh Exhibition Center on October 2, raised $440,000, more than
twice the amount raised last year. The evening, sponsored by United
Financial Group and General Motors, began with a cocktail party that gave
the 330 in attendance the chance to preview 38 paintings and three
sculptures, that had been generously donated by Russian artists. The
cocktail party was followed by dinner and the auction. Traveling from the
United Kingdom, auctioneer Hugh Edmeades, Chairman of Christies South
Kensington, donated his professional services for the event. Operation
Smile’s Chairman of the Board, Tom Kane, traveled from Ireland to speak
during the dinner.
One of the evening’s highlights included a bidding war between a bidder at                                   Max Birshstein’s “A Frozen Day”
the auction and a telephone bidder in London for a Dyukov painting, which
sold for $23,000. The raffle prize, a four-night stay for four at the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort in Ireland, raised $10,000. This prize
was generously donated by Tom and Judy Kane, owners of this magnificent resort.
Two weeks prior to the art auction, Canadian Ambassador Christopher Westdal and his wife Sheila Hayes hosted a preview party of the
artwork at their residence. Individuals who had purchased paintings the year prior and sponsors of the auction were invited.
Thanks to the months of hard work by Operation Smile Russia’s Art Auction Committee, the auction was a tremendous success.

                                                                                                                            Operation Smile                   7
    Fund–raising News

                                                                                                                                                         Zachary Tofias
    Donor Spotlight:                   Teamwork Changes a
    Regent Medical                     Boy’s Life in Venezuela
       Regent Medical, a                 For more than three years, Randy Green has
    manufacturer of powder-free        coordinated Rusch, Inc.’s donations to Operation
    surgical gloves and skin           Smile. Rusch, Inc. provides Operation Smile with
    antisepsis products, joins the     anesthesiology and respiratory supplies. In addition
                                       to working at Rusch, Randy is a founder of the
    list of medical companies
                                       Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance Foundation
    contributing supplies to
                                       (TOMA), which protects and preserves the health
    Operation Smile. The                                                                      Phyllis Gordon gives Moisés a hug before his surgery
                                       and survival of tribes in the jungles of the Amazon
    company has agreed to donate       Basin. TOMA was contacted by Brenda Barkman, a Canadian nurse and missionary working
    surgical gloves valued at a list   for New Tribes Mission of Venezuela, who had identified a five-year-old boy named Moisés
    price of $175,000, enough to       in need of Operation Smile’s help. In September, Randy sent Operation Smile an e-mail
    supply all of Operation Smile’s    about Moisés, in hopes that he could be helped during the next medical mission to Venezuela.
    2005 international medical
                                       Moisés is part of the Maco tribe, and his parents seldom leave the jungle. When Moisés was
    missions. These donated            born, his parents did not want him because of his cleft lip and cleft palate. Phyllis Gordon, a
    Regent Medical gloves will         missionary in the village, took him under her wing, and got his cleft lip repaired when he was
    alert the wearer with a dark       three months old. After his parents saw his repaired cleft lip, they took him back. Despite
    green spot if a puncture occurs    the lip repair, it took Phyllis more than three years to convince Moisés’s family to allow her
    in the presence of body fluids.    to take him to a doctor to receive treatment for his cleft palate.
    “Medical gloves are critical       In October, Operation Smile was conducting a mission in Valencia, Venezuela. Phyllis and
    because they protect both the      Moisés traveled one hour by plane and 14 hours by bus to the mission site. Operation Smile
    patient and doctor,” said Dr.      was expecting them, and though he was one of the last patients to arrive, Moisés was chosen
    Robert Rubin, Operation Smile      to have surgery to repair his lip, cleft palate and nose. Thanks to Operation Smile and TOMA
    Chief Medical Officer.             working together, Moisés has returned to his village where he will no longer suffer the shame
                                       and humiliation he once faced.
    “Operation Smile is extremely
    grateful for the opportunity to
                                            On behalf of all the children, we thank the following donors for their generosity and dedication.
    provide our medical volunteers
                                                Listings below reflect cash and in-kind donations of at least $10,000 received between
    with the option of wearing the
                                                                           August 1, 2004 and October 31, 2004.
    double-glove system.”
                                        $100,000 - $999,999                  The W. O'Neil Foundation, Inc.          Michael E. Marks Family
    In October, Milt Hinsch,                                                                                            Foundation
                                        The Atlantic Philanthropies          Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Reidy
    Regent Medical Technical               USA, Inc.                         Stephen M. Sander                       McNeil Consumer Products &
    Service Director, visited           B. Braun Medical Inc.*                  Foundation Inc.                         Specialty Pharmaceuticals*
                                        Ethicon, Inc.*                       Sephora Cosmetics                       NDC Health
    Operation Smile’s headquarters
                                        Johnson & Johnson*                   William Lyon Homes, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Pickering
    in Norfolk, Va. Hinsch said,                                                                                     Procter & Gamble
                                        Kainz Family Foundation              $10,000 - $24,999
    “I was first introduced to          Operation Kids Foundation                                                       Pharmaceuticals*
                                                                             Ms. Eloise C. Barnett                   Ms. Leslie C. Quick III
    Operation Smile at their Los
                                        $50,000 - $99,999                    Mr. David J. Bates                      Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rosenthal
    Angeles Gala held in                Mr. Joseph W. Gawthrop               The Briarcliff Trust                    Steve and Toni Sandler
    September. My trip to Norfolk       Mallinckrodt, Inc.*                  Chartwell Charitable Foundation            Foundation
    gave me the opportunity to          $25,000 - $49,999                    ECI Systems & Engineering               Starbright Solutions LLC
    learn more about the                Bristol-Myers Squibb Company         Mr. and Mrs. Brent Granger              Stryker Leibinger Micro
                                          Pharmaceutical Group               H to O, LLC                                Implants*
    organization and meet the                                                                                        The Jamie and Steve Tisch
                                        Mr. Mark Burnett                     Fred L. Hartley Family Foundation
    people who really make a            Delbarton School                     Conrad N. Hilton Foundation                Foundation
    mission happen. Regent              Handler Family Charitable            Hospira Worldwide*                      University of Southern California
                                          Foundation                         Estate of James P. Kenny                Volkswagen of America Inc.
    Medical is honored to be
    partnering with Operation           John and Cindy McCain Family         The Leibowitz and Greenway
                                          Foundation                           Family Charitable Foundation          *In-kind donation
                                           While every effort has been made to ensure that the listing of contributors is complete and accurate,
                                             please accept our apologies for any inadvertent errors or omissions. We would like to correct
8   Operation Smile                              any oversights as soon as possible. Please call (757) 321-7640 with your corrections.
                                                              New Jersey
                                                              The Cameron family from Califon, N.J., adopted two daughters from China.
                                                              Sherry Cameron said, “China holds a special place in our heart and we want
                                                              to be able to give something back to the country that gave us so much.” This
                                                              summer, her oldest adopted daughter, Emma-Leigh, and three of her cousins
                                                              raised money for Operation Smile’s November mission to Wu Han City, China.
                                                              The “Energizers” exceeded their initial goal, and raised nearly $1,300.
                                                            ¦ (left to right) Melissa Gutkind (12), Emma-Leigh Cameron (5), Ryleigh Cameron (2),
                                                               Erin Gutkind (10) and Michael Gutkind (7)

                             Ruth Wolf of Flemington, N.J., is known as the “Penny Lady.” About seven years ago, Ruth’s grandson said
                             that it wasn’t worth the effort to pick up a penny off the street. “But it all starts with a penny,” she told
                             him. Since then, Ruth and her friend, Eleanor Berkowitz, have been collecting pennies. In July 2000, they
                             reached the $1 million mark. This October, their One Million Pennies foundation donated $500 to
                             Operation Smile.

            Professional                                             GoSPARKLE Compact Brightens Up
            Photographers                                            the Holiday Season
            of America Charities                                     GoSMILE and Sephora have teamed up for
                                                                     their first co-branded product—the limited
            The Professional Photographers of America
                                                                     edition GoSPARKLE compact. Sold
            (PPA) is the largest not-for-profit
                                                                     exclusively at Sephora, 2% of the proceeds
            association for professional photographers,
                                                                     from the net sales of the compact will
            with more than 14,000 members in 64
                                                                     benefit Operation Smile. GoSPARKLE is a
            countries. The association organized PPA
                                                                     refillable red leather compact that houses
            Charities, a charitable, non-profit
                                                                     five GoSMILE Daily ampoules and one Sephora Think Pink Shimmer
            organization dedicated to reaching out and
                                                                     lip gloss, their #1 selling lip gloss. GoSMILE ( is a smile
            touching the lives of children in need. This
                                                                     care system developed by renowned dentist Dr. Jonathan Levine.
            year, PPA Charities has decided to make its
            major contribution to Operation Smile and                The inspirational phrase “share a smile” is laser engraved in red print
            will partner with Operation Smile for the                on the inside, reminding you that a smile really is the best gift of all. A
            next three years to raise funds and build                great stocking stuffer at $30, the limited-edition GoSPARKLE compact
            awareness.                                               can be purchased at Sephora stores nationwide and at

            Salt Lake City, Utah
            Jose Villegas, a former Operation Smile patient and coordinator of Operations Smile’s Speakers Bureau, spoke to a crowd of
            more than 3,500 XanGo distributors at the company’s annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, on November 13.
            Jose moved many listeners to tears with his personal story and presentation. XanGo, LLC, offers a patented dietary
                                                          supplement beverage, XanGo ™, that is marketed through a global network of
                                                          independent distributors. To read Jose’s remarkable story or schedule him to
                                                          speak to your group, visit

                                                           After Jose’s amazing presentation, he posed for a photo with XanGo’s founding members
                                                           (left to right) Kent Wood, XanGo Executive Vice President & CFO; Aaron Garrity, XanGo President
                                                           & COO; Jose Villegas, Operation Smile Speakers Bureau Coordinator; Joe Morton, XanGo Executive
                                                           Vice President of Operations; Gary Hollister, XanGo Chairman & CEO and Bryan Davis, XanGo
Dave Webb

                                                           Executive Vice President & Legal Counsel (not shown: Gordon Morton, XanGo Executive Vice President
                                                           of Sales & Marketing)

                                                                                                                                 Operation Smile                9
     Events Around the United States Raise
      Beverly Hills, California
      Operation Smile rolled out the red carpet
      at its third annual Los Angeles Gala, held
      September 22 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
      Celebrities Roma Downey, Jessica
      Simpson and Nick Lachey and Dikembe
      Mutombo were honored for their
      commitment and support of Operation
      Smile. The Corporate Humanitarian
      Award was presented to Kaiser                    (left to right) Kathy Magee, Dr. Bill Magee, and        (left to right) Actor Anthony Michael Hall and his
                                                       Universal Smiles Award recipients Nick Lachey and       date talk with Dr. John Williams Jr., Operation Smile
      Permanente for promoting volunteerism            Jessica Simpson                                         Board of Directors member
      and encouraging its physicians
      and nurses to volunteer on
      Operation Smile medical
      missions. Nicole Katz and Kay
      Malone served as the Gala’s Co-
      chairs. Special guests included
      Lily Tomlin, Tom Shadyac, Beau
      Bridges, Hector Elizondo, Wallis
      Annenberg, Dennis Quaid,
      Barbara Lewis, Nigel Parry and
      Melanie Dunea. The event’s title (left to right) Plastic Surgeon and Operation Smile           Wallis Annenberg presented          Dennis Quad and the Sharks
      sponsor was Operation Kids, a        volunteer Dr. Randy Sherman, actor Hector Elizondo        Roma Downey with the Wallis         entertained the crowd
      non-profit organization which        and Dr Jeffrey Weisz, Medical Director for the            Annenberg Public Service Award
                                           Southern California Permanente Medical Group
      supports a diverse group of

                                                                                                                                                                       Photos: Alex Berliner/Berliner Photography, LLC
      effective and deserving children’s charities with funds and other resources. Operation Kids President
      Rick Larsen addressed the crowd and announced his organization’s endorsement of Operation Smile.
      The event raised more than $1 million thanks to those in attendance and a matching gift from Wallis
      Annenberg. Through the generosity of those at the gala, Operation Smile will be able to provide surgery
      for thousands of children across the world.

                                                                                       Barbara Lewis, sister of the late Wilt Chamberlain,
                                                                                            presented Huston Rockets’ Dikembe Mutombo
                                                                                         with the second annual Wilt Chamberlain Award

      Seattle, Washington               On October 30, nearly 200 guests attended the Operation Smile Seattle chapter’s annual fund-
      raiser, “Evening of Smiles,” a dinner cruise and auction aboard the fabulous Royal Argosy. The Royal Argosy is the queen of the
      Argosy Cruises fleet, owned by longtime Operation Smile supporters, John and Mary Blackman, and their partner Kevin Clark.
      Argosy Cruises has now been the lead sponsor of this event for three consecutive years. Alaska Distributors again demonstrated
      their strong belief in Operation Smile’s work through their VIP level sponsorship. This year’s honoree was Operation Smile CEO
      and Co-founder Dr. Bill Magee. Immediately following Dr. Magee’s inspirational message to the crowd, “smiles” were auctioned.
      In a matter of minutes, bidders raised $33,250 buying “smiles.” The year’s live auction featured a golf trip to Fiji for eight,
      procured by Board member Dick Cook. Cook also participated as guest auctioneer, giving professional auctioneer Herb Schoenfeld
      a much needed rest. By all accounts, this was the chapter’s most successful event ever, raising more than $120,000. Board member,
      VIP level sponsor and this year’s Auction Chair, Vanna Novak, said, “More important than the funds that we raised is the number
      of friends that we made. Dr. Magee’s inspiring message was instrumental in forging relationships that will help us build our
      presence in the Northwest for years to come.”

10   Operation Smile
Funds and Awareness to Help Children

                                                                                                                                                                                    Mingxiang Lu
                Washington, D.C.
                On September 16, at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in
                Washington, D.C., Operation Smile celebrated its accomplishments over the years
                and raised funds for its future missions to China. The Honorary Co-chairs for the
                event were H.E. The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China and Ms. Aimei
                Le; Mrs. Chuan Sheng Liu, Minister-Counselor of Education of the People’s
                Republic of China; Mr. Zhong Hua Xia; and Operation Smile Co-founders Dr. Bill
                and Kathy Magee. The event was very successful, raising nearly $50,000.

                                                                                                                   (left to right) Madame Aimei Le, wife of the Ambassador of
                                                                                                                           the People’s Republic of China, receives a plaque from
                                                                                                                       Operation Smile Co-founders Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee

                                                                             New Brunswick, New Jersey
 Steve Landis

                                                                             The New Jersey chapter of Operation Smile held its “Share a Smile” benefit gala
                                                                             on November 5 at the Hilton Short Hills. Nearly 300 guests enjoyed cocktails, live
                                                                             and silent auctions, dinner and dancing. Operation Smile New Jersey presented its
                                                                             Community Humanitarian Award to the Delbarton School for its Operation Smile
                                                                             Student Association’s involvement and support. Delbarton’s Father Elias Lorenzo
                                                                             accepted the Individual Humanitarian Award for his continued support of
                                                                             Operation Smile. In addition, Datascope Corp. received the Corporate
                                                                             Humanitarian Award for its 10-year partnership with Operation Smile. Datascope
                                                                             Corp. representatives Sue Persechino and Steve Block accepted the award. Carol
                                                                             Martin, former CBS News anchor, hosted the gala and local stand-up comedian
                                                                             Vinnie Brand served as the evening’s auctioneer. Operation Smile supporters Amani
                (left to right) Tracey O’Brien, gala and chapter co-chair;
                                                                             Toomer, New York Giants wide receiver, and his wife Yola Dabrowski attended the
                Dr. Bill Magee; Father Elias Lorenzo, honoree and Norrie
                Oelkers, gala and chapter co-chair                           event. The New Jersey chapter is excited to announce that the gala raised nearly

                                                                                                                                                                                     Carla Joyner
                Cincinnati, Ohio
                On September 18, Operation Smile
                Ohio’s sixth annual gala “That ’70s
                Party,” had guests dressing in leisure
                suits, platform shoes and afro wigs and
                grooving to the sounds of disco.
                The chapter thanks Greg and Michele
                Young, who held the event at their
                home. The fun-filled night raised
                almost $30,000 to help children
                throughout the world receive life-
                changing surgery.

                     (left to right) Margo Jokovich; Mike Batchelor;
                     Dayna Foote; Dr. Lawrence Kurtzman, chapter
                   Medical Chair; Debbie Sebastian; Zola Makrauer;
                    Libby Allen and Ken Rinehart, chapter President

                                                                                                                                              Operation Smile                                       11
   World Care Program Update

                                                                                       Tao Yuanming
     Hajar Faiz from Morocco suffered from an
   encephalocele. Because of her deformity, Hajar’s mother
   abandoned her at birth. Hajar was later adopted, but
   sadly her adoptive mother recently died of breast cancer.
   Operation Smile medical volunteers evaluated Hajar in
   March 2003 at the mission in Marrakech, Morocco, and
   because of the severity of her deformity, Hajar became a
   World Care patient candidate. In May 2004, Hajar was
   among three World Care patients who received
   reconstructive surgery at the Children’s Hospital of The
   King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Va. During her visit to the
   U.S., Hajar celebrated her ninth birthday. Hajar’s surgery
   went well and Hajar and her chaperone returned to
                                                                                                      Hajar Faiz before surgery        Hajar Faiz four months
   Morocco in June.                                                                                                                        after surgery
   When Hajar’s father saw his daughter, he was stunned by
   her transformation. Hajar is now doing great and is much happier. She is back in school and for the first time is accepted by
   her classmates. The other children used to be scared of her because of her appearance, but now she’s got many friends. She is
   also proud of all the gifts she received when she was in the U.S. She loves all her clothes and sometimes will change her outfit
   several times a day just to show them off.

                                                                        Donate Your Miles for More Smiles
                                              Operation Smile is a partner of Northwest Airline’s AirCares program. To make a mileage donation, please call 800-327-2881.
                                                             The minimum donation is 5,000 miles; larger donations may be made in 1,000-mile increments.
                                               For more information about Northwest’s AirCares program, visit their Web site at

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                                                                                                                                                             U.S. Postage
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