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					           Windows 2K3 Setup Document – September 2006

Main Installation
     Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition – Green Disk 2429.3, June 2005
     Install WinXP drivers
          o Use driver from for wireless card (not one on
              resource cd)
     Activate Windows over internet
     Windows Update, install all updates
     Add Server Role to make Web Server
          o Add IIS (including FPSE)
     Baseline Security Analyzer from
          o Run and fix all items
     Add printer
     Install google toolbar from
     Install MSN Messenger from
     Office 2003
          o Full Installation – Blue Disk – Disk 2434.15, April 2006
          o Front Page 2003 – Blue Disk – Disk 2434.15, April 2006
          o One Note 2003 – Blue Disk – Disk 2434.15, April 2006
          o Project 2003 – Blue Disk – Disk 2434.15, April 2006
          o Visio 2003 – Blue Disk – Disk 2434.15, April 2006
          o Office 2003 Service 2 – Blue Disk – Disk 2434.15, April 2006
          o MapPoint 2004 North America – Blue Disk – Disk 2537.6, July 2004
          o Install additional updates from
          o Baseline Security Analyzer – Run and fix all items
     SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition – Orange Disk – Disk 2432.11, October
          o Core database engine and tools
          o SQL Server 2000 SP4 – Orange Disk – Disk 2432.11, October 2005
          o Baseline Security Analyzer – Run and fix all items
     VS.Net 2003 – Yellow Disk – Disk 2435.5, September 2005
          o Remove J# and Crystal Reports
     Install .Net Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 (Windows Update)
     Install .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 Security Update (Windows Update)
     Download and install VS.Net 2003, Service Pack 1 from
     Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2 March 2006 Edition – Gray Disk –
      Disk 2426.22, July 2006
     SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition – Orange Disk – Disk 3097.1, July 2006
          o Full Installation
          o SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 – Orange Disk – Disk 3097.1, July
     Visual Studio 2005 Developer – Yellow Disk – Disk 3073, December 2005
          o Full Installation
          o Most recent MSDN Library - August 2006
     [Optional] Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition –
      Yellow Disk – Disk 3538, May 2006
     SQL Server Books Online from

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            Windows 2K3 Setup Document – September 2006

      DotFuscator Professional from web site
      Subversion from
           o TortoiseSVN from
      Nero from disk
      FxCop from
      ActivePerl from
      CopySourceAsHtml 2003 and 2005 from
      TestDriven.Net from
      Nunit from
      Mozilla Firefox from
      Opera from
           o Will need to install as user that is going to use it
      Fiddler Tool from
      Rotor 2 from
      Mono for Windows from
      Reflector from
      SysInternals -
           o ProcExporer -
           o AutoRuns -
           o RegMon -
           o PsTools -
           o FileMon -
      Dile from -

Non Development Related Utilities that have to be installed
   ActiveSync from
   Adobe Acrobat from
   Ad-Aware from
   SlickRun from
         o Import MagicWords from backup
   Beyond Compare from
         o Setup FTP settings
         o Download HexView Plugin from
   Microsoft Windows Defender from
   Microsoft Money 2003
   Microsoft Media Player from
   ieSpell from
   Adobe Plugin from
   Omea Reader from
         o Make sure install for current user only is unchecked

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         Windows 2K3 Setup Document – September 2006

        o Import OPML file from backup
   Network Stumbler from
   TaskSwitchXP v1.0 -
   TextPad from
   The Regulator from
   VS.Net 2003 Command Prompt Here Power Toy from
   VS.Net 2005 Command Prompt Here from
   WinPcap from
   WinZip from

Post Installation
   Copy working directories from old installation (backup disk)
        o Change folder rights for non admin users
   Add following to path
        o _utilities
        o _utilities/DevelopAsNonAdmin
   Copy all DevelopAsNonAdmin tools from backup disk
        o Create non admin users, login and open programs as that user
        o Make registry changes for Install as … (from
                 Create the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Msi.Package\shell\runas\
                 Set the default value to Install &as...
                 Create the key
                 Set the default value to msiexec /i "%1"
   On taskbar, Toolbars -> Windows Media Player
   Start Menu Properties
       o Keep the taskbar on top of other windows
       o Group similar taskbar buttons
       o Show quick launch
       o Hide inactive icons
       o Small Icons
       o Number of programs on start menu 6
       o Open submenus with I pause on them with my mouse
       o Highlight newly installed programs
       o Control panel: display as menu
       o Enable dragging and dropping
       o Favorites Menu
       o Uncheck Help and support
       o My Computer: Display as menu
       o My Music: Don’t Show this item
       o My Network Places: Display as connect to menu
       o Printers and Faxes
       o Run command
       o Search
       o System Administrative Tools: Display on the All Programs Menu and
           the Start Menu
   Explorer Folder Options
       o Show common tasks in folders

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           Windows 2K3 Setup Document – September 2006

       o   Open each folder in the same window
       o   Double click to open
       o   Display file size information in folder tips
       o   Display simple folder view in Explorer’s Folders list
       o   Display the contents of system folders
       o   Display the full path in the address path
       o   Display the full path in the title bar
       o   Show hidden files and folders
       o   Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types
       o   Managing pairs of web pages and folders: Show both parts and
           manage them individually
        o Remember each folder’s view settings
        o Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color
        o Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items
   Local Security Policies (Local Policy/Security Options)
        o Allow system to be shut down without having to log on = Enabled
        o User rights assignment: Shutdown system – add main user
   Group Policies (Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System) –
    Gpedit.msc from command prompt
        o Display Shutdown Event Tracker = Disabled
        o Turn off AutoPlay = Enabled
   Tidy up program Icons in Start Menu, by dividing into the following
        o Developer Tools
        o Microsoft Office
        o Microsoft SQL Server
        o Utilities
        o Personal
   In Control Panel
        o Check Place volume icon in taskbar
        o Configure power management options for close lid / presentation mode
   Internet Explorer
        o Set Home page to use blank
        o Reduce Temporary Internet Files store to 20 MB
        o For Administrator: Set security to Default Level
   Configure VS.Net command prompt:
        o Set foreground color to 0,192,0 on 0,0,0
        o Set font to Lucida Console 16pt, 80x30
        o Copy batch file and edit to finish with cls / ver
   Set Office 2003 configuration options (through Tools/Options …)
        o Open all Office applications and make sure they are registered
   In Outlook set up:
        o Set up all mail accounts
   Run Ad-aware in case any bits of spy-ware got installed
   Use Disk Defragmenter to perform a full disk defragmentation
   Create Downloads folder on desktop
        o Add sub directory Actual Downloads
        o Add sub directory Extracted Downloads
   Ensure graphics is set to Full hardware acceleration.
        o Right click on desktop -> Settings tab -> Advanced button ->
           Troubleshoot tab

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