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									                                     Northeast News   Tarrant County - Precinct 3
                                                        “Working together for a better tomorrow”

August 2008                                                                                                      Volume No. 1 ~ Issue No. 2

      Welcome back to the second                     and time spent away from family and
edition of our Northeast News! Our                   friends. According to the North Cen-
first edition was very well received                 tral Texas Council of Governments,
and our thanks to all of you who                     this congestion costs our region over
emailed comments back to us. We                      $6 billion dollars a year. That’s about
enjoy putting this together because we               $1,000.00 for each man, woman and
feel we are creating a vehicle that pro-             child in the Metroplex per year. Traf-
vides useful information to the citizens             fic congestion is also the number one
of Precinct 3.                                       cause of poor air quality. For these
      This edition will focus on trans-              reasons alone, we must look at every
portation. As your Commissioner, I                   feasible mode of transportation for
feel we need to look at all types of                 moving people and goods. Our health,
alternatives available to reduce con-                economy, and sanity demand that we
gestion, improve mobility, and im-                   pursue this.
prove the quality of the air we breathe.                   Also in this edition, we’ll discuss
I believe that to ignore this issue and              Regional Rail for Tarrant County and
not look at all possibilities is a great             the DFW area, and High Speed Rail,
disservice to you, the taxpayer. We                  to connect major metropolitan areas in
must see what other communities have                 Texas. These two modes of rail trans-
done and what works and what doesn’t                 portation represent two very different
work. No shoe fits every foot and no                 types of mobility.
                                                                                                 Commissioner Gary Fickes
system will work for every commu-                          Our Economic Development                     and Rex
nity.                                                article will focus on the City of Keller,
      What I do know for sure is that                and our Historical Moment is written
the average commuter in the DFW                      by Joyce Gibson Roach, editor of The        Inside this issue:
area spends 57 hours a year stopped in               Pathfinder, the historical preservation     Employee Spotlight on Mary Ann Rike 2
congested traffic. That’s almost one                 journal of the Town of Westlake.            Trent Petty - JPS Board Appointee   2
and a half weeks away from your job                                                              14th Annual Texas Rangers Organ         2
                                                                                                 Donor Game
 Question of the Month: Name the three elected Presidents of The Republic of
 Texas (1836 - 1845). Email your answers to:                          Scott Bradley Retirement                2
                                                                                                 National Association of Student         2
                                                                                                 Councils Annual Conference
Age:                   5 years old
Where I Came From:     Rescued from the Animal Shelter in Springtown, TX.                        Economic Development - Keller           3
Gender:                Male (neutered, but he doesn’t know it)
Breed:                 Lab, Catahoula, Blue Heeler —some other stuff… who cares?                 Dedication of Gertrude Tarpley          3
Favorite Snack:        Puppy tenders from Chicken Express.                                       Community Health Clinic in Watauga
Least Favorite food:   Broccoli
Favorite Person:       The person who fed me last!                                        Rex    A Story: The Value of the JPS Clinics   3
Favorite Non-Person:   My pet frog that lets me carry him around and lays in the shade
                       with me, watching birds. He hops off when he gets bored.          Facts   Regional Rail                           4
Favorite Toy:          My stuffed bear, Muffy.                                                   Texas High Speed Rail                   4
                                                                                                 An Historical Moment in Time            5
                       Precinct 3 Fundraiser for United Way of Tarrant County                    Precinct 3 Maintenance News             5
                             Friday, October 10th, 11:30 - 1:30 at the                           Economic Stimulus Money                 5
                        NE Sub-Courthouse 645 Grapevine Highway in Hurst                         Tarrant County Veterans Services        5
                  >>> $5.00 for a Brat or Hot Dog, Chips, Soda and Cookie <<<                    Answer to Question of the Month         5
   Opportunity to win one of our gift baskets. Tickets 3 for $5 or 7 for $10 available between   Bulletin Board                          6
  Tuesday, September 30th and Friday, October 10th at the Commissioner’s offices in the NE
    Sub-Courthouse and Southlake Town Hall. Drawing is Friday, October 10 at 1:30 P.M.
                                                                                                 Transportation - Helpful Websites       6
                                       Need not be present to win                                Northeast County Contacts               6
    I was born and raised in a                                                       On a more personal note ~ 
sport-fishing community                                                              What do you like most about your job? “Interacting with people,
called Sheepshead Bay in                                                             both within Tarrant County and with the public.”
Brooklyn, New York. Gradu-                                                           What do you do for fun? “Travel with my grandson, ride recumbent
ated from James Madison                                                              trikes with my husband, crochet baby blankets.”
High School and hold an As-                                                          Favorite movie? “Lots, but probably ‘Gone With The Wind’ and
sociates Degree in Political                                                         ‘The Never-Ending Story’”
Science from Tarrant County                                                          Favorite Restaurant? “Steak and Ale (I love a good prime rib!)”
                                                                                     Vacation Spot?    “Anywhere along the ocean”
    My first job was with Pan
American World Airways in                                                            Last Book Read?    “Flashback” by Penny Coleman”
New York City followed by            Mary Ann Rike, Executive Secretary for          People would be surprised to know… “I was an avid skydiver in my
twelve years with British Air-       Commissioner Precinct 3.                        youth with over 77 freefall parachute jumps to my credit.”
ways where I met and married
my husband, Ted, in Los An-         After leaving the aviation         Meals On Wheels once a week,                 If you had the ability to save
geles, California.   Prior to    industry when our daughter,           and donating platelets at Carter             someone’s life...   would you?
marriage, I was never home—      Karen, was born, I owned and          BloodCare Center a couple of
wanted to see the world and I    operated a donut shop in Bel-         times a month, I volunteer as an                       Donate
did—from Australia and the       ton, Texas, for nine years prior      usher at the Bass Performance                               Life!
Fiji Islands to Viet Nam,        to moving to the Fort Worth           Hall where I get to see many
Bangladesh, South Africa and     area.                                 wonderful performances for
                                                                                                                    For organ donation information,
many places in between.             In addition to delivering          free!                                     please visit:

                                                         on this important board,” says
                         Precinct Three County Com-         He has served on the Baylor
                      missioner Gary Fickes has ap-      Regional Medical Center-
                      pointed Trent Petty, President     Grapevine Board of Trustees
                      of Petty & Associates, Inc. - a    since 1999, where he chaired the
                      consulting firm for economic       Economic Development Task
                      and municipal development - to     Force and Finance Committee
                      the Tarrant County Hospital        before being selected as Chair-
                      District Board which oversees      man of the Board in 2006. He
                      the JPS Health Network.            also     chaired the Northeast        It was another big win for the Transplant Recipient
                           Petty previously served as    Leadership Forum, the Metro-          Team, marking the 14th annual Texas Rangers
                      Westlake’s Town Manager and        port Cities Partnership and the       Organ Donor Game, held at the Dr Pepper Youth
                      Grapevine’s City Manager. He       Faith Christian School Board.         Ballpark. Liver transplant recipient and Tarrant
                      was co-founder of the Westlake     He has been a member of the           County Commissioner Gary Fickes coached the
                      Academy, serving as its Chief      GRACE Board of Trustees, the
                                                                                               Recipient Team to its big win over the Media
                      Executive Officer from 2002-       Metroport Rotary Club, the
                      2006.                              Grapevine Rotary Club and the         Team, and he also helped the Southwest Trans-
                         “Trent is well-qualified and    International City Management         plant Alliance thank the Texas Rangers for their
    Trent Petty       well-credentialed to serve         Association.                          continued support of organ donation.

                                      occasion of his retirement after serv-      Tarrant County Veterans Services Administration
                                      ing the Town for over 29 years, first                      Benefit Outreach
                                      as Chairman of the Town Planning                            Assistance free of charge.
                                      and Zoning Commission, and then as
                                                                                                         Every Tuesday
                                          Mayor Bradley was instrumental
                                      in bringing the Fidelity Investments                             12p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
                                      Corporate Campus to the Town of
                                      Westlake and in establishing the                             Call for an appointment:
Mayor Scott Bradley receives          state’s first and only municipally                                 817-531-5645
a plaq u e from Commi ssion ers       operated school, Westlake Academy.
Court on Ju ne 21st.                      Scott will continue residing at                            NE Sub-Courthouse
                                      Paigebrooke Farm in the Town of                               645 Grapevine Hwy.
   Tribute was paid to Mayor Scott    Westlake with his wife, Kelly, and
Bradley of the Town of Westlake by                                                                    Hurst TX 76054
                                      enjoying the pleasures of his family
his friends and colleagues on the     and the antics of his grandchildren.               
           Keller Town Center & Old Town Keller
                                                   tention of D Magazine, which ranked                 U.S. 377 and Keller Parkway, Old Town
                                                   Keller as one of the Top Ten best Dallas-           offers a convenient respite from everyday
                                                   area suburbs in its July 2008 issue, and            life. A public park will soon be added to
                                                   CNN’s Money Magazine, which rated                   the mix, which will enhance the regular
                                                   Keller as one of the 50 best places to live         events coordinated by the members of the
                                                   in the U.S.                                         Old Town Merchants Association.
                                                       Anchored by Keller Town Hall, Town                  Both districts are vital to Keller and
                                                   Center boasts more than 70 businesses,              demonstrate the diversity, vibrancy and
                                                   medical offices, town homes, single-                excitement of the city’s business commu-
                                                   family homes, senior housing and apart-             nity. They help make Keller a tremendous
                                                   ments. Recreation facilities include The            place to live, work, play and shop.
  Keller Town Center                               Keller Pointe, the city’s recreation center,
                                                   Keller ISD Natatorium and hike-and-bike

    K     eller boasts two distinct business
districts that help make the city a vital
                                                   trails. The growing residential component
                                                   is boosting the viability of all businesses
                                                   in Town Center.
part of northeast Tarrant County.                      The city’s other distinct business dis-
    The pieces of the 330-acre Keller              trict is Old Town Keller, fitting within the
Town Center are coming together: mu-               footprint of the original town site. Old
nicipal services, recreational amenities,          Town features historic storefront build-
established retail stores and offices min-         ings along Main Street and charming cot-
gle with new retail/residential develop-           tages along side streets. Antique and spe-
ments under construction. The denser               cialty boutiques, restaurants and other
construction similar to metropolitan areas         businesses call the district home.                        Old Town Keller
mixes with open space more in line with                Newly constructed structures are de-
suburban planning.                                 signed to blend with the classic architec-           For information on the City of Keller:
    The dynamic atmosphere got the at-             ture. Positioned near the intersection of           

                                                   exemplary service and dedication to the citi-
                                                   zens of northeast Tarrant County.
                                                      The health center houses 2 family practice
                                                   physicians, 1 internal medicine physician, 1
   Watauga Clinic Dedication                       obstetrics/gyn nurse practitioner, and support         The afternoon of July 22, a young lady came
                                                   staff. Some of the services offered are lab, full   into our Hurst office in the NE Sub-Courthouse
                                                   pharmacy, radiology, social work, and finan-        asking where she could get her baby immu-
                                                   cial screening. Tarrant County Public Health        nized. While our secretary fed her baby, we
                                                   WIC Clinic provides services as well.               drew a map on how to get to the Gertrude
                                                                                                       Tarpley Community Health Center in Watauga
                                                   The clinic hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM,            and then showed her the street that would take
                                                   Monday - Friday.                                    her straight there. The Commissioner gave her
                                                                                                       his card and asked her to have the Clinic call
                                                                                                       and let him know she had made it safely. She
                                                                                                       was concerned about gas and getting lost in the
                                                                                                       heat of the afternoon with her small child. We
 CLINIC DEDICATION Pictured above at                                                                   are happy to report she made it safely and she
 the Ribbon Cutting are Jessie Barrow, 101                                                             was extremely relieved to know there was a
 year old sister of Gertrude Tarpley, Mayor                                                            clinic close by.
 Harry Jeffries, Commissioner Fickes, Steve                                                               The JPS Community and School-based Clin-
 Montgomery, Judge Glen Whitley, and other                                                             ics make it possible for families to get the care
 distinguished guests.                                                                                 they need without the worry and expense of
                                                                                                       going downtown.
    A vision becomes a reality a year and a half
later with the dedication of the new Gertrude
Tarpley JPS Community Health Center located
at the corner of Rufe Snow and Watauga Road,       Family members of Gertrude Tarpley pictured         For more information on JPS Health Centers
(6601 Watauga Road) in Watauga.                    left to right: son-in-law W.L. Pete Peterson,       and Tarrant County Public Health, please visit
    The Commissioners Court of Tarrant County      M.D.; son, Jack Tarpley; daughter, Linda Kay        the following websites:
and the JPS Board of Managers named the new        Peterson; and sister, Jessie Barrow along with        
center the “Gertrude Tarpley JPS Community         Commissioner Gary Fickes.                             
Health Center” in honor of Mrs. Tarpley’s
   Regional Rail. . .What is it? Where does it go? Where does it stop? When will it start?
    The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (also known as “The T”) has been developing a regional rail plan for the Tarrant County area since 2006.
The planned Southwest-to-Northeast Rail Corridor is part of The T’s 2005 Strategic Plan to develop a new rapid regional rail service to provide addi-
tional transportation options for people living, working, and visiting in Tarrant
    The proposed system will transport passengers along a rail line from south-
west Fort Worth to northeast Tarrant County into D/FW International Airport.
This system would include numerous stations along this route. Proposed sta-
tions could include: D/FW International Airport, D/FW Airport North, Grape-
vine, Colleyville, North Richland Hills (2), Richland Hills (existing), Haltom
City, Beach Street, North Side Station, North Main, Seventh Street, Medical
Center, TCU/Berry, I-20 Granbury, and Sycamore School Road.
     The DFW Regional Rail plan would include The T Plan, the DART Plan,
along with the Denton County Transportation Authority Plan. The T’s type of
equipment would be on existing rail lines and would not be like the DART light
rail system. Proposed plans call for the Southwest-to-Northeast route to be in
service to D/FW International Airport as early as 2012, with a DART route to
D/FW in 2013.
     There are still a lot of options and questions, including “quiet zones”, addi-
tional stations, and overall cost.
               For more information concerning The T project, go to

High Speed Rail for Texans
    The Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Corporation (THSRTC) is a not-for-profit
corporation consisting of local transportation and elected officials from across the State in a
grassroots, collaborative effort to realize the first-ever high-speed rail passenger system in
   What is High Speed Rail? A transportation system that travels 180-200 mph with Steel-
Wheel technology and up to 300 mph with Mag-Levitation technology. Both systems are in
place and being used by millions of riders a day in Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain,
Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. This mode of transportation has a 40 year track record of
safety and on time travel.
   The THSRTC concept is to provide service from airport to airport along a system that
would connect DFW Airport to Temple, Austin and San Antonio, with a line from Temple to
College Station/Bryan and on to Houston’s Bush International Airport. This configuration
                                                                                 creates a “T”, which is the shortest distance between three points,
                                                                                 (DFW/Houston/San Antonio). This proposed route will serve 75-80%
                                                                                 of all Texans when built.
                                                                                     This project is proposed to be operational by 2020. The plan would
                                                                                 call for a 70’ - 80’ right-of-way on or near I-35. This plan is not part
                                                                                 of the Trans Texas Corridor which needs over 1,200’ of ROW.
                                                                                     After September 11, 2001, airline transportation changed for all of
                                                                                 us. The demand for short air trips of one hour or less has been greatly
                                                                                 reduced. Many people would rather drive than go through the time
                                                                                 required to pre-board an airplane. Because of this dramatic change in
                                                                                 flying habits, the time for High Speed Rail is right. For this reason two
                                                                                 of Texas largest airlines: American Airlines and Continental Airlines
                                                                                 are part of our ever-growing organization. They are joined with cities
                                                                                 and counties along the route. Also included as Resource Partners are
                                                                                 the Texas Southern University Barbara Jordan/Mickey Leland School
                                                                                 of Public Affairs, Texas A&M’s Texas Transportation Institute and
                                                                                 The George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas
                                                                                            For further information concerning High Speed Rail:
                                                         County History Corner
    Northeast Tarrant County along Denton and      northeast Tarrant County line and south Denton         Springs (Coppell) in what was known as the
Bear Creeks may rightly lay claim to being an      line on and between Denton and Bear creeks.            Halford Settlement. He and his mother, Rachel,
area of earliest settlement. Bird’s Fort (1841),   According to Pearl Foster O’Donnell writing in         and his sisters’ families: James and Nancy Gib-
Watson and Johnson Stations (possibly around       her book, “Trek To Texas: 1786-1886”, which            son, Ambrose and Susanah Foster, Andrew and
1843), were in evidence but several growing        is now out of print and considered rare primary        Sally Hallford, were charter members of the
communities developed in the northeast portion     source material; “These were not frontier drift-       Lonesome Dove Baptist church founded in
of the county with now-forgotten names such as     wood as tax lists reveal. They were not wealthy        1846 and which is still viable today.
Medlin Mound, Elizabeth, Bugtown (all of           nor did they crave wealth and power. They were             Hall was apparently living near Grapevine
which evolved into Roanoke), Halford Prairie,      church oriented people, and active in establish-       Springs (Coppell) in 1856. E.F. Bates in his
Dove, Double Springs, Zion (Smithfield), Jel-      ing law and order on the frontier as the first lists   book, “A History of Denton County” (date
lico, Athol (Keller), Dunnville (Grapevine),       of elected officials.” She adds; “Most of these        unknown, quoted in “Trek to Texas”) stated
White’s Chapel and others. All of these early      early settlers were either farmers of a kind or        that “the last buffalo was killed by Hall Medlin
settlements, some of which later became small      combination rancher and farmer.”                       in 1856 near Grapevine Springs. The buffalo
towns, were infused with immigrants from Mis-          One group of Medlins who settled near Roa-         almost killed Hall, however. It gored him to the
souri known as the Missouri Colony, some of        noke almost on the Denton/Tarrant county lines         extent that he was practically disemboweled
the pathfinders arriving as early as 1841. These   was Charles and Lewis Medlin along with Mary           and he had to crawl several miles for help hold-
settlements were in existence before 1849 when     Medlin, their mother. A cemetery was estab-            ing his intestines in with one hand.” Hall re-
Tarrant County came into existence and there-      lished on the land of Charles Medlin which still       covered and lived for nearly another thirty
fore were in places that became other counties     is known as Medlin cemetery. Thirty-eight              years.
such as Denton and Dallas.                         Medlins are identified with markers, although             The name of Freeman was among those
    No single surname name is better known in      others are buried in early cemeteries such as          related by blood or marriage to the Medlin clan.
the area than Medlin. Almost immediately after     Mount Gilead and Lonesome Dove. The Medlin             Because of research conducted by Jack Wies-
the Medlin families related by blood and mar-      Cemetery also contains the graves of many of           man, associate editor of “The Pathfinder”, his-
riage—names such as Foster, Gibson, Halford,       the Bob and Almeda Jones family, Negroes               torical journal of Westlake, something of the
Hood, Brown, Smith, Durham, Roberts,               who were people of substance and land owners           cabin and the techniques of early building is
Throop, Freeman, and others—arrived in earn-       important in the area.                                 known.
est around 1846, they began to settle along the        Hall Medlin settled close to Grapevine
                       Article submitted by Joyce Gibson Roach, editor of “The Pathfinder”, historical preservation journal for Town of Westlake.

                                                                                                               Question from previous issue was:
                                                                                                               There are 18 cities in Precinct 3. How
                                                                                                               many can you name? Some are partial
Did you get yours? Have your elderly neighbors, disabled family members, or oth-                               portions of a city denoted by *.
ers received theirs? Many retirees and veterans, people who have not needed to file
an IRS tax return for several years, remain unaware that they need only file a brief                           Answer: Arlington*, Bedford, Colley-
form in order to claim their economic stimulus monies.                                                         ville, Euless, Flower Mound*, Fort
                                                                                                               Worth*, Grand Prairie*, Grapevine,
                                  For additional information call: CALL 2-1-1                                  Haltom City*, Haslet, Hurst, Keller, N.
                                                                                                               Richland Hills, Richland Hills, South-
                       The form and instructions are also available on the IRS website:                        lake, Trophy Club, Watauga, West-

                                Precinct 3         temperatures make the asphalt easier to work           dirt. Since most of our roads carry a lot of
                         Maintenance News          with. The temperature of the asphalt when we           truck traffic, we add several inches of rock to
                             817-514-5000          place it on the roadbed is between 310 and 325         the road base for stability, followed by cement
                                                   degrees. Add the ambient temperatures in the           for a solid base under the new asphalt layer to
                                                   high nineties and low 100’s and you have a             provide a smooth riding surface.
                                                   pretty hot environment. We do the same road
                                                   work during the other seasons but the environ-
                                                   ment is not as conducive to road construction
                                                   as the summer months.

                                                       In addition to maintenance and reconstruc-
                                                   tion work on eleven roads in our area of unin-
                                                   corporated Tarrant County, we have com-
                                                   pleted an additional eleven projects performed
 Precinct 3 crew placing asphalt on Planta-        through Interlocal Agreements with various
 tion Road in Colleyville with the aid of the      cities in Precinct Three. These projects in-
 Texas heat.                                       cluded major road base repairs, asphalt over-
                                                   lays, and complete rehabilitation of roads.

                                                      To rehabilitate a road, we grind up the             Placing flex base on Wagley Robertson
      The summer months are the best time of       original asphalt surface and mix it in with the        Road in Fort Worth
 the year for constructing roads as high
   Veteran’s Benefit Fair
  Where: Resource Connection
        Conference Center
                                               BULLETIN BOARD                                                                  Tarrant County
      2300 Circle Dr. #2300                                                                                                        Court
      Fort Worth, TX 76119
                                                                                                                               Every Tuesday at
   Time: Saturday, Aug. 23rd
         10 am to 2 pm                                                                                                            10:00 a.m.
    Questions? 817-531-5645                                                                                                   100 E Weatherford
                                                  $$$$$                   LABOR DAY                                            Fort Worth, TX
                                           Tax Free Weekend                 Sept. 1st                Last day to
                                                                                                                             Unless otherwise stated
    *** ATTENTION ***                                                    County Holiday            Register to Vote!
  Tarrant County Prescription            Get your school supplies                                    October 6th
        Discount Card                      Aug. 15, 16 & 17th
                                                                        Grandparents Day!
 Save an average of 20% on your                                             Sept. 7th                 National                      August
 pharmacy drugs. There is no                                                                                                    5, 12, 19 & 26th
 enrollment form and no mem-         It’s Back to School Roundup                                      Boss’ Day
 bership fee. One card per fam-         Aug. 23rd 8am-4pm
 ily is all you need. You and your   Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall              Patriot Day           October 16th
 family members may use your                                                   Sept. 11
 discount card any time your                                                                                                     September
 prescription is not covered by                                                                 9, 16, 23, 30th
 insurance.                                                              First day                   October 31st
   Call toll free 1-877-321-2652                                               of Autumn
                or visit                                                    Sept. 22nd
                                                                                                                                7, 14, 21 & 28th

                                                                                        If you received a copy of the newsletter through a source
                            Transportation                                              other than our office (i.e. Chamber of Commerce) and
                                                                                        would like to receive a copy of the newsletter direct, please
                                                                                        send your email address to:
                                                                                        If you do not want to receive a copy of our newsletter,
                                                                                        please let us know and we’ll take you off our list.
Tarrant County Transportation Department ………...
Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition ………….                    Please feel free to email any comments, questions or con-
                                                                                        cerns you may have.
Fort Worth Transportation Authority ……………….
North Central Texas Council of Governments ……...                                       Thank you and have a great day!
North Texas Tollway Authority …………………….
Texas Department of Transportation ……………….
Texas High Speed Rail Transportation Corporation ..
 Helpful links to what’s going on with transportation in and around Precinct 3.

    Pct. 3 ~ Commissioner’s Office
         Gary Fickes, Commissioner
                  Staff                                                                NE Sub-Courthouse          Southlake Town Hall
   Carolyn Sims, Precinct Administrator              Constable                              817-581-3610                817-481-8059                     County Clerk                           817-581-3604                817-481-8179
      Mary Ann Rike, Exec. Secretary                 Passport Office                        —————–                      817-481-8190                      Justice of the Peace                   817-581-3625                817-481-8132
      Theresa Parsons, Exec. Secretary               Juvenile Services                      817-581-3645                —————–                   Travel - Public Health                 —————–                      817-321-4707
                                                     Tax Office                             817-581-3636                817-481-8141
        Northeast Sub-Courthouse
         645 Grapevine Highway #6
             Hurst TX 76054                          Precinct 3 Maintenance Center          817-514-5000
                                                                                   Public Health Centers
            Southlake Town Hall                           NE Public Health Ctr. 813 Brown Trail #6, Bedford, TX 76022 817-285-4155
             1400 Main St #410                       Watauga Public Health Ctr. 6601 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TX 76148    817-702-6600
             Southlake TX 76092
                817-481-8234                                          Tarrant County Website:

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