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High Performance Web Sites
   Lecture 1: Introduction

         Steve Souders
        Speed Matters
users notice
pride in our work
engineering best practices
Google: +500 ms  -20% traffic*
Amazon: +100 ms  -1% sales*

              the road here
1979-83 – University of Virginia, BS System Eng
1983-85 – SAIC
1985-91 – Advanced Decision Systems
1987-89 – Stanford University, MS EES
1991-95 – Helix Systems (co-founder)
1995-96 – General Magic
1996-98 – Dialog
1998-2000 – WhoWhere?, Lycos
1999-2000 – CoolSync (co-founder)
2000-07 – Yahoo!
2008 – Google
          14 Rules
1.    Make fewer HTTP requests
2.    Use a CDN
3.    Add an Expires header
4.    Gzip components
5.    Put stylesheets at the top
6.    Put scripts at the bottom
7.    Avoid CSS expressions
8.    Make JS and CSS external
9.    Reduce DNS lookups
10.   Minify JS
11.   Avoid redirects
12.   Remove duplicate scripts
13.   Configure ETags
14.   Make AJAX cacheable

High Performance Web Sites
http://conferences.oreilly.com/velocity/   June 22-24, 2009
Conferences             Conferences
  Web 2.0 Expo            WordCamp
  The Ajax Experience     Future of Web Apps
  OSCON                   Widget Summit
  Google/IO               Velocity
  SXSW                    Rich Web Experience
Companies               Companies
  Yahoo!                  Apple
  Amazon                  Netflix
  Zillow                  Twitter
  Microsoft               LinkedIn
              that leads us to CS193H
What this class is not:
  a programming class
  a backend performance class (C++, Java, MySQL, etc.)
  about search engine optimization (SEO)
  about business performance
What this class is:
  optimizing performance where it has the biggest
    impact: from the web server to the browser
  hands-on work with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, & HTTP
  applied research about the Web (including Web 2.0)
  a narrative about optimizing web pages at the end of
    which you'll understand how the Internet works
              CS193H Logistics
Most information is on the class web site:
Souders (\'sau-ders\) like "sour" or "ouch"
Blog: http://stevesouders.com/blog/
Guest lecturers next week (I'm out)
             Class Requirements
Edit HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Web hosting(?)
Web server configuration
Go to http://groups.google.com/group/cs193h-
 hpws and "Apply for group membership"
Read HPWS, Chapter A: The Importance of
  Frontend Performance
Bring your laptop

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