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					IEEE Staff & Operations

         Cecelia Jankowski
 Managing Director, Regional Activities

            Region 1 Meeting
             18 August 2006
IEEE Operations Center
                 IEEE Today
• World’s largest technical professional society
  dedicated to the advancement of technology
      • Over 365,000 members
      • More than 70,000 students
      • Live & work in over 150 countries
   – Holds more than 400 international
     conferences annually
   – Publishes over 30% of the world’s literature
     in electrical and electronics engineering and
   – Offers nearly 900 active industry standards
      More About the IEEE
• Grouped into geographic and technical areas
  reflecting where we live and work
   – 10 Regions (1-6 are in the US)
   – 315 local Sections
   – More than 1,400 Student Branches in 80
   – 10 Divisions
   – 44 Societies and Councils
   – 1,570 Chapters
           Top 10 Membership Countries
     IEEE has members in well over 150 countries.
             2005                               2005          % of All
             Rank             Country        Membership*    IEEE Mbrs
            1        UNITED STATES                219,125        59.6%
            2        INDIA                         22,134         6.0%
            3        CANADA                        15,517         4.2%
            4        JAPAN                         12,702         3.5%
            5        UNITED KINGDOM                 8,459         2.3%
            6        CHINA (including HONG          6,351         1.7%
                     KONG & MACAU)
            7        AUSTRALIA                      6,069         1.7%
            8        GERMANY                        5,941         1.6%
            9        KOREA                          4,072         1.1%
            10       MEXICO                         3,999         1.1%

* Data based on mailing addresses
Promoting Community Worldwide:
•   Institute level awards and medals
•   Society awards
•   Prize Paper awards
•   Service recognitions
•   Corporate recognition
•   Regional and local awards
•   Student competitions
     – Student Paper awards
     – IEEE Computer Society International Design
     – Local events (robotics competitions, etc)
                  IEEE Organization

                                       Board of            Assembly

Publication   IEEE-USA   Educational   Regional     Standards     Technical    Executive
Services &               Activities    Activities   Association   Activities   Committee

                                       Regions                    Societies      ED &
               IEEE Staff Organization

                                      Jeffry Raynes
                                    Executive Director

 Cecelia Jankowski       Barbara Stoler            Don Curtis        Sally Waselik
 Regional Activities   Educational Activities   Human Resources           CIO

   Chris Brantley       Mary Ward-Callan            Matt Loeb        Dick Schwartz
    IEEE-USA            Technical Activities    Corp Strat.& Comm   Business Admin.

   Tony Durniak           Judy Gorman
Pub Svce & Products      Standards Assn
IEEE Worldwide
                   IEEE Staff Locations

                       New York (2)

                         Piscataway, NJ

Los Alamitos, CA
                        Washington, DC (2)
  Fostering Technological Innovation:
A World Leader in Standards Development
  •   IEEE is the source for technical standards;
  •   Internationally recognized
  •   900 standards; 400 in development
  •   Newest areas: Wireless LAN/MAN, Broadband
      Over Power Lines, Nanotechnology and much
                                   IEEE expands
                                   standards reach
                                   through partnerships:
    Career & Educational Activities
        Enabling Careers through Life-long
•   Continuing education programs organized by
    Sections can be tailored for local membership

•   These activities are most important, since they
    are planned by members & cater directly to
    member needs.

•   Section Education Chair's Guide to Planning
    Successful Educational Programs provides
    guidelines for organizing continuing education
      IEEE Enables Members’ Careers
       Through Continuing Education
Expert Now IEEE
•    60 one- and two-hour
    interactive online courses
    based on IEEE’s best
    conference tutorials
    – Subscriptions for
    – Available individually to
      members later in 2006
IEEE Education Partners
• 6000 online courses offered
  from university and corporate
  institutions at a discount
    Building the Pipeline of Talented
Professionals to Enter Technology Fields
IEEE Pre-University Initiatives link
  engineers and educators
• Pre-University Teacher In-
  Service Program for Sections
          • 15 lesson plans aligned with
            education standards
          • Over 600 teachers have been
            trained impacting over 63,000
          • Goal is to reach another 2,000
            educators by the end of 2006
•   IEEE Pre-University Educator / Engineer
    Resource Site (PEERS)
     – Website that fosters collaborations to help
       improve the pre-university teaching of
       science, math, and technology
Scope of Technical Activities Operations
Operational Components                            Prime Focus of efforts

                                                  •Creation of, support of, and access to
                                                  Intellectual Property (IP)
                            Planning                    •High Quality
                   O ther
                                                        •Both Archival and Leading edge
                                                        •Electronically available
        Finances                    M embership         •Easy to create by authors
                                                  •Building of Technical Communities
                                                  •Supporting the Education and
A dministration                                   •Guarding the Future of Engineering
                                  Publications          •New technology coverage
                                                        •Awards and recognition
                                                        •Lifelong learning

 IEEE Fosters Technical Innovation
       Through its Societies
• 44 Societies and Councils.
• Bring members together with similar interests
• Sponsor conferences, workshops tutorials,
  seminars, etc
• Develop publications: Journals, Magazines,
• Recognize member accomplishments
   – Technical awards, prize papers,
     IEEE Fosters Technological
  Innovation Through Conferences
• 380+ international conferences
• 145,000+ attendees overall
• Searchable IEEE conference database at
• First-hand information on the latest
  developments from leaders in their fields
• More than 9,000 annual technical meetings,
  symposia, and other local events.
• Have opportunities to meet leaders in technical
  interest areas
          Strategic Goals Summary
1. Be the premiere place to present, discuss, and publish
   new results in all IEEE fields of interest
2. Improve overall management and performance of IEEE
3. Effectively manage conference finances
4. “Conference of the Future”: Anticipate technologies that will
   affect the conduct, delivery, and content of future
5. Develop a strategy for conference partnering, mergers, and
6. Maintain a focus on strategic directions for Conferences
7. Improve conference cooperation among IEEE OUs
8. Improve marketing and competitive positioning
       New Effort: Marketing at
• 2006 Initiative written and approved
• Consultant hired to gather existing marketing
  information that might be transformed into a
  conference marketing message
• Head start was funded by 2005 Conference
  Marketing Program
• Reorganized internal Conference marketing
  activities as of January 2006
• Attended Conferences in 2005
  Fostering Technological Innovation:
           IEEE Publications
• 130+ magazines, journals
  and transactions
• IEEE produces 18 of the 20
  top-cited publications in
  electrical and electronics
• Over 400 annual
  conference proceedings
• Documents delivered online
  through IEEE Xplore®       Average IEEE Xplore use:
  digital library            Over 5 million downloads a
                             More than 1.3 million
New Online
• Spectrum
• Webcasts
• RSS Feeds
• Blogs
New Services Make Research Easier
• IEEE Member Digital Library
   – Subscribers can download, save and print 25
• IEEE Enterprise for smaller businesses
• IEEE Power Engineering Library
• Google and Yahoo searches of IEEE Xplore
• CrossRef links to other journals
• Online tools make it easier and faster to submit, review
  and publish papers with IEEE
          IEEE’s Units Publish A Wide
          Variety Of Technical Material
 •   93 Society/Council Transactions & Journals
 •   34 S/C Specialized Magazines
 •   >600 Conference Proceedings Annually
 •   21- 35 Books each year
 •   >20 Newsletters
 •   Proceedings of the IEEE
 •   IEEE Spectrum Magazine
 •   Potentials Magazine
 •   The Institute
  IEEE articles published:
                         2005 Fc’st   2000        % change
  Periodicals            28,000       15,018      +66%
  Conference articles 82,000          55,235      +50%
Note: 2006 Title list
        Publications Are An Important Part
         Of How IEEE Meets It’s Mission
       It’s Behind The Top 2 Reasons                                                     It represents half of the
       For Joining The IEEE                                                                   IEEE’s revenue
                                                                                        (2004 Revenue = $264 M)

Remain technically current                                                      61%
                                                                                                         31%                   4%
  Obtain IEEE publications                                                53%

          Join IEEE Societies                                       43%
          Enhance my career
                                                                  40%                               48%
         Network with others                                31%
  Show my support for the
                                                         27%                             Membership                     Publications
                                                                                         Conferences                    Other Inc.
  For continuing education                           21%

Source: 2004 IEEE Member Segmentation Study                                 Source: 2004 IEEE Annual Report
Q25: Please indicate the major reasons you originally joined the IEEE.     Revenue from Operations, excluding Investment returns
IEEE Data Center
         Electronic Services
• Members can have a total electronic
  – New member application
  – Renewal, add services, update contact
  – On-line store
  – IEEE Xplore
  – Instant access to electronic services
• What’s new @ IEEE
• E-mail alias service
• IEEE job site
IT Operations
New User-Focused Web site
            Geographic & Technical Unit
                                                                              Geographic Unit

   Technical                              Regional Activities
Activities Board                                Board

IEEE Societies                               Regions                          Parents - WIE,
                                  Areas                                        GOLD, LMC


                             Chapters                  Affinity Groups

                   Sub-Sections       Student Branches             Councils

                             SB Chapters           SB Affinity Groups
   315 Local Sections Representing the IEEE
     Brand to 367,395 Members Worldwide

 R7 – 20 Sections                                 R10 – 49 Sections

R1 to 6 – 164 Sections

                         R8 – 50 Sections
     R9 – 32 Sections

                             Over 4,000 Geographic Units
                          More Than 9,100 Events Held in 2005
Helping Sections to Service Members
Providing Member              Enabling Member
Relationship Management       Communications
SAMIEEE – Volunteer access   e-Notice - Electronic
   to member data &            newsletter subscription
   demographics                service – 522 units enrolled
                               (Regions, Councils, Sections,
                               Subsections, Chapters,
                               Societies, Student Branches
                               and Conferences)

                             EWH – Web Hosting for over
                               1,150 units
      Evolving Member Value & Marketing
                            Pilot       Online Member
                 Pilot for IEEE
                 mentoring program                                       2007
Launch of


                                                               New, Membership

    Redesigned                               New, Annual
    Membership                               Benefits Update
                      Regional Activities –
                 Understanding Members’ Needs
                                 Member Segmentation Summary
         Group 1                         Group 2                        Group 3                        Group 4
         (Swing)                       (Active Base)                    (At Risk)                   (Content Base)
          N=775                           N=479                          N=1223                        N=1216
     21% of population               13% of population              33% of population              33% of population

 Oldest segment with            • All members in this           Second highest non-US       • Highest non-U.S.
  longest membership.              segment have made a            membership.                   membership.
                                   financial contribution to
• Largest US representation.       IEEE.                        • Shortest membership and     • Highest usage of IEEE
                                                                  youngest members.             products/services. All
• Most interested in practical   • Most satisfied segment.                                      have purchased IEEE
  benefits of membership.          Most likely to               • Least active members.         products in the past.
                                   recommend IEEE to              None have purchased an
• Highest awareness and            others and to remain a         IEEE product.               • Very active members.
  usage of IEEE financial          member in the next 5                                         Have engaged in many
  products and services.           years.                       • Least aware of and lowest     activities.
                                                                  usage of IEEE products
• Not very active members        • Places very high value         and services.               • Values IEEE printed
  but most likely to volunteer     on IEEE membership.                                          content very highly and
  and to remain a member.          Proud to be a member         • Place low value on            this is a large reason for
                                   and feel membership            membership except for         their membership.
• Most likely to have begun        adds value to their lives.     career development tools
  membership as students                                          or services offered.        • Most likely to belong to
  and to be electrical           • Committed to the                                             IEEE technical societies.
  engineers.                       profession and hence         • Least satisfied with          Half use IEEE Xplore.
                                   IEEE membership.               membership and least
• Highest salaried members.      • Most aware of IEEE             likely to remain a member   • Most likely to hold
                                   products and services.         of IEEE.                      doctorate degrees.
     IEEE Regional Activities Staff
                              Cecelia Jankowski
                                Managing Director

                           Administration - RAB,
                           Section/Chapter Support,
 Membership                Strategic Planning           Information Processing
     Mike Binder                 Dan Toland
                                                             Vera Sharoff
  Director, Membership             Manager

                                 Peggy Lefkin
    Cathy Downer                    Supervisor        Student Activities
GOLD/IRC Project Manager
                            Section Programs                Laura Durrett
                                       Open                     Manager
   Denise Maestri
 Supervisor, Admission &
                           Singapore                          Emily Smith
                                                          IEEE Potentials Editor
                                   Fanny Su
       John Day                        Manager
   Sr. Mgr – Business
for volunteering
your time to

IEEE is a better
because of your
individual &
team efforts

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