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									Low Fat Myth                                           Ear Wax: Leave it in your Ears
Here some quotes that make you think:                  Earwax is a self-cleaning agent, with lubricating,
Animal fats contain many nutrients that protect        protective and antibacterial properties, that’s why
against cancer and heart disease; elevated rates of    tiny glands in the outer one-third of the ear canal
cancer and heart disease are associated with           constantly produce it. It’s not coming from deep in
consumption of large amounts of vegetable oils.        the ear canal. Earwax continuously moves slowly
(Fed Proc July 1978 37:2215)                           out of the ear canal, carrying with it dirt, dust and
                                                       other small debris.
Children on low-fat diets suffer from growth           When you poke around in the ears with cotton
problems, failure to thrive & learning disabilities.   swabs, you can actually move the wax deeper
(Food Chem News 10/3/94)                               into the ear canal and closer to the ear drum. It
Low-fat diets are associated with increased rates      can accumulate and block the ear duct.
of depression, psychological problems, fatigue,        Excess wax build-up can happen due to an
violence and suicide.                                  essential fatty acid deficiency, which can be
(Lancet 3/21/92 v339)                                  remedied by supplementing your diet with high
                                                       quality omega-3 fats, like Salmon Oil.
Margarine eaters have twice the rate of heart          Simply leave your ears alone and do not poke
disease as butter eaters.                              into the ear canal with cotton swabs. If you
(Nutrition Week 3/22/91 21:12)                         remove earwax (which is a lubricant) your ears
A recent study found that women on very low-fat        might get dry and itchy. As earwax has got
diets (less than 20%) had the same rate of breast      antibacterial properties, removing this protective
cancer as women who consumed large amounts of          wax might make your ears more prone to
fat. (NEJM 2/8/96)                                     infections.
                                                       To keep ear wax moving outwards and not
Throughout the world, primitive peoples sought out     clogging up the canal, it is advisable to eat more
and consumed fat from fish and shellfish, water        cold water fish (Sardines, Pilchards, Salmon,
fowl, sea mammals, land birds, insects, reptiles,      Mackerel, Herring) or supplement your diet with
rodents, bears, dogs, pigs, cattle, sheep, goats,      Omega-3 capsules.
game, eggs and nuts                                    The ear duct is a self-cleansing system, so do not
(Abrams, Food & Evolution 1987)                        interfere with it by poking into your ear.
57,000 people live on a very high fat diet and
plenty of red meat. They hardly eat any                Xylitol, the friendly sugar
vegetables and never fruit. Carbohydrates, such        Extraction of Xylitol crystals was first derived from
as sugar, cereals, pasta, pies, cakes, biscuits,       Birch trees in Finland in the 20th century.
sweets, fruit juices and cool drinks are not           Today hardwood or maize sources are used.
present in their diet.                                 It is sweeter than sugar but contains less calories.
Their health is remarkable. Cancer, heart disease      One teaspoon (5 ml) of Xylitol contains 9.6 calories,
or any other malignant diseases are unknown.           one teaspoon of sugar contains 15 calories.
The secret is, whatever they eat is absolutely         It is absorbed more slowly than sugar and doesn't
natural unaltered food without any preservatives,      contribute to high blood sugar levels or the resulting
colourings, flavour enhancers and other food           hyperglycaemia caused by insufficient insulin response
chemicals. But the main reason is that they have       (insulin resistance).
a carbohydrate-low diet, as carbohydrates create       Xylitol prevents growth of bacteria in the eustachian
fermentation, which fats and proteins don’t do.        tubes (auditory tubes, which connect the ears with the
Fermentation is the breeding ground for                nose). It kills in particular Streptococcus bacteria,
anaerobes, such as cancer cells, parasites and         which is also responsible for tooth decay.
fungi.                                                 It appears to help with osteoporosis. Finnish
Who are these 57,000 people? They are the              researchers have found that Xylitol prevents
Eskimos.                                               weakening of bones and actually improves bone
Same applies to the Japanese, who eat                  density.
carbohydrates sparingly. Sugar and sweets are a        It has a laxative effect.
rarity. In Japan cancer and other malignant
diseases are rare.                                     Xylitol prevents yeast growth, it can therefore not be
                                                       used for baking yeast based breads or cakes.
Hearing the word ‘Fructose’, people tend to
associate it with fruit, which is not the case. Also
classified as HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) it
is made from maize and more consumed than
sugar in some countries. It does prevent ‘sugar
spikes’ in your blood stream and therefore it is            “Children have been diagnosed with ‘chemical
recommended to pre-diabetics.                               imbalances’, despite the fact that no test exists to
It has its down sides and can lead to serious health        support such a claim, and there is no real conception
                                                            of what a correct chemical balance would look like”
problems if taken continuously, even in small
                                                            David Kaiser - Psychiatrist
Sugar (sucrose) is glucose and is absorbed
straight into cells because each cell can                  Cervical Cancer Vaccine Gardasil is dangerous
metabolise glucose. This is not the case with              as well as unproven
fructose. Fructose must be converted in the liver          Merck's Gardasil vaccine is supposed to prevent
into a usable sugar, before it can be absorbed into        young women from getting cervical cancer. Now
the body’s cells. Being an isolated carbohydrate it        the FDA has approved a claim for two less
enters the liver first, therefore it has the same          common cancers as well. But whether it will
effect on the liver as alcohol. Continued use of           actually prevent any kind of cancer is actually
fructose can over strain the liver, clog it up and         unknown.
lead to a fatty liver or even cirrhosis of the liver.      Meanwhile, as of July the federal government's
It significantly elevates triglyceride levels, which       Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has
cause heart disease. Triglycerides are a storage           received over 9,700 reports of problems since the
version of carbohydrates not being used instantly.         vaccine's introduction in 2006. These include
An elevated triglyceride level may clog up your            paralysis, seizures, and miscarriages. Twenty
coronaries.                                                deaths have been reported, although the
Fructose does not contain any enzymes, vitamins            government has not acknowledged a link yet.
or minerals. So for assimilating itself in your            Vaccines were originally developed to protect the
metabolism, it has to draw these micronutrients            public from extremely contagious diseases
from your body. It can interfere with your heart’s         spread primarily by air. Now dangerous and
mineral supply and your heart’s performance.               unproven vaccines are being mandated in the
                                                           hope they will guard against diseases that require
Fructose is sweeter than sugar so people take              very intimate contact to transmit.
less, but it over-stresses the liver. An early             Where will it end?
symptom of regularly using fructose is in fact             Source: Health Freedom Foundation
tiredness, because the liver is clogged up with
fructose waiting to be converted into glucose.             P.S.  The manufacturer of Gardasil has applied
Therefore cells are deprived of glucose, which they        with the FDA to make this vaccination compulsory
need to create energy.                                     for all school girls in the US.
Almost all fructose is now mass produced in the
US, and almost all is made from genetically                       Statins (Cholesterol Lowering Drugs):
modified maize.
The answer is to avoid fructose and use as little
sugar as possible, or sweeten with honey.
Source: Recent research, reported at the 2007 National
Meeting of the American Chemical Society;
Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia;
Dr. Meira Field of USDA, Dr. William Douglass in ‘Second
Opinion’ and Linda Joyce Forristal in ‘Wise Traditions’.

Honey                                                       Statin drugs have been shown to be harmful to
                                                            muscles causing considerable damage.
Honey contains the real fructose (fruit sugar or
laevulose) as well as dextrose and glucose. Honey           Latest research has shown that ‘Statin’ drugs
contains valuable enzymes, minerals, vitamins and           may lower cholesterol to such an extent, that not
anti-biotics.                                               only muscle aches and pain occur as side
Present in honey are Vitamins B1 B2 B3 C, Calcium,          effects, but that muscle fibre may be destroyed,
Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Copper, Manganese,              releasing Myoglobin into the bloodstream. If this
Phosphate and the natural enzymes Diastase                  happens, Myoglobin blocks kidneys, leading to
(Amylase) and Invertase. Honey contains a                   major kidney problems as far as kidney failure.
powerful anti-biotic, that’s why honey never rots.          Statin drugs have been shown to cause nerve
HL                                                          damage and to greatly impair memory.

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