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					                               Northeast Newsletter
                                               Tarrant County - Precinct 3
                                               “Working together for a better tomorrow”

    Have you heard about our Senior Task            So, here’s where you can help! You
Force? In January we started the NETC           can join our monthly Task Force meeting
Senior Task Force. Our mission is to            and attend our Empowering Seniors ’09
identify issues that affect the lives of our    Conference on October 29, 2009, 8:30
senior population and look for ways to          a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This first annual con-
enrich their/our lives. We have been            ference will be held at the Richland Hills
meeting monthly since February. After           Church of Christ at 6300 NE Loop 820, in
our first meeting, we were able to identify     North Richland Hills. We will start the
three major areas to explore: health and        morning with a continental breakfast and
maintaining your health, transportation,        then have workshops and health screening
and employment.                                 available during the morning. The work-
                                                shops will include subjects such as ID
     Access to quality healthcare is para-      Theft/Scam Awareness, Elder Law, Fi-
mount to improving the lifestyle for all        nancial Management, Senior Isolation,
seniors. Transportation for mobility            Employment, Grandparents Raising
means having the ability to interact with       Grandchildren, Caring for the Caregiver,
your friends, health providers, and access      and many others. Lunch will be provided
to essential services for those who don’t       along with a great speaker, door prizes,
drive. The global financial crisis has          gifts and lots of fun. For information,
eroded lifetime savings and many seniors        please contact our office at 817-581-3600.   Inside this issue:
are wishing to re-enter the workforce.          We expect about 300 participants, so
These are trying times for many of our          please RSVP if you plan to attend.           Employee Spotlight - Carol Smith       2
seniors. We feel that identifying these                                                      United Way-Northeast                    2
areas of concern and focusing on how we            Gary Fickes                               Precinct 3 United Way Fundraiser       2
can make a difference will benefit and
enhance their lives.                                                                         Tarrant County Office of Emergency     3
                                                                                             New JPS School-Based Health Clinic     3
                                                                                               - The Value of a School-Based Clinic
                                Please join me for coffee and donuts:                        Economic Development - Colleyville     4
                              Thurs., August 13th~7:30 to 9:00 am                            Did you know…                           4
                                    Northeast Sub-Courthouse                                    - JPS Van Service to VA Hospital
                                                                                                - Tarrant Co. Medical Reserves Corp.
                                   645 Grapevine Highway, Ste.6
                                        Hurst, Texas 76054                                   Precinct 3 Maintenance News             4
                                                                                             An Historical Moment In Time -          5
                                                                                               Top O’ Hill Terrace
                                                                                                “From Casino to College”
                                                                                             Birdville ISD                           6
                                                                                             Top O’ Hill Terrace Continued           6
                                                                                             Answer to “Question of the Month”      6
                                                                                             Back to School Roundup                 7
                                                                                             Northeast Senior Task Force Expo        7
                                                                                               - Empowering Seniors ‘09
                                                                                             Bulletin Board                         8
               Who was the Father of American Transportation?                                Transportation -                       8
                                                                                                Helpful Websites
                              Answer found on page 6)                                        Contact Information                    8
                                               Grapevine and Southlake before returning      tively. Sam loves to play Frisbee.
                                               to the NE Sub. Carol has been with the          Carol enjoys all types of music, but when
                                               Tax Office for 26 years and 6 months.         Neil Diamond comes to town, you can be
                                               No matter what is going on, Carol starts      sure Carol will be first in line for tickets.
                                               her day at the office with: “Good morn-
                                               ing, family!” and that’s the way she feels     On a more personal note ~
                                               about her staff.                               What do you do for fun? “Ride a harley and
                                                 Carol is married to a Grapevine fire-
                                                                                              spend time with my grandkids ”
                                               fighter, Brian, and has a daughter Devin,
  Native Texan, born and raised in Grape-      a stepson, Shawn, and two phenomenal           Favorite Movie? “The Notebook”
vine, Carol left high school early to get      grandchildren, MaKayla who is 6, and           Favorite Restaurant? “Pappadeux”
married. Just after learning she was preg-     Charlie, 3, with two more grandchildren
nant with their first child, her husband was   due in February and March! What do they        Last Book Read? “Registration and Title
killed in a car accident. Carol returned to    like to do for fun? Carol says: “Anything      Manual”
graduate from Grapevine High School and        they want to when they’re with me!”
                                                                                              Vacation spot? “Maui” in the winter,
shortly thereafter came to work for Tarrant      There’s also plenty of room in the
                                                                                              “Colorado” in the summer.
County, where else, but in the Tax Office      Smith household for Sam, Kali, and
here at the Northeast Sub-courthouse. She      Lexus-a white lab, a blonde cocker span-       People would be surprised to know… “I am
has worked at Tax Office locations in          iel, and a sable cocker spaniel respec-        a 4 year breast cancer survivor”

                                               Transit has provided rides to work and to        Tarrant County is available at
    United Way of Tarrant County main-
                                               social service agencies for those with no Included
tains two regional offices, one in Arling-
                                               reliable transportation option. The Dolly    there are details about this year’s Report to
ton and one in Bedford. The latter serves
                                               Parton Imagination Library has put books     the Community luncheon on October 7. The
                                               into the hands of preschoolers in 76040,     event will feature “News You Can Use
                                               and Little Bites Big Steps has provided      About Northeast Tarrant County,” a look at
                                               nutrition education to families in Haltom    the 2009 United Way assessment of commu-
                                               City. Kids Fest in June emphasized the       nity needs and resources.
                                               importance of summer activity and                Also on the website is information about
                                               healthy eating to students newly out of      United Way’s 2-1-1 information and referral
                                               school.                                      service, which connects people in need to
the cities and school districts of Northeast
                                                                                            community resources, and its Area Agency
Tarrant County, partnering with individu-
                                                                                            on Aging of Tarrant County, which offers
als and organizations to advance the com-
                                                                                            unique solutions to issues faced by seniors
mon good in the community. Volunteers
                                                                                            and their caregivers.
are encouraged to give, advocate and vol-
                                                                                                The United Way Northeast office, located
unteer, concentrating their efforts on solu-
                                                                                            at 813 Brown Trail in Bedford, is open from
tions to issues in the areas of education,
                                                                                            8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday
income and health. A Steering Commit-
                                                                                            through Friday.
tee of community volunteers, with assis-
tance from local staff, oversees and par-
                                                                                     Regional Director Faye
ticipates in focused work in the region.
                                                                                     Beaulieu, (pictured) may be
    Recent projects have promoted school
readiness and reduced social isolation           Additional information about United reached at 817-282-1160 or
                                               Way-Northeast and United Way of
among older adults. In addition, HEB
                                                    awareness during emergencies and disasters.         ONLINE RESOURCES:
                                                    The office is also responsible for coordinating
                                                    safety plans for Tarrant County employees and       Weather Hazard Information
                                                    buildings. To that end, the OEM implemented
                                                    an emergency notification system called Send-       Local
                                                                                                        American Red Cross Chisholm Trail Chapter:
                                                    WordNow and acquired weather radios and
                                                    backpacks for the County Safety Wardens with
                                                                                                        North Central Texas Council of Governments
Bill Wessel, Specialist, Melissa Patterson, Co-     funds from the Homeland Security Grant Pro-         Emergency Preparedness:
ordinator, David Aaron, Intern                      gram.                                       
                                                      Emergency Management, as designee for the         State
                                                    County Judge, is responsible for timely and         State of Texas Division of Emergency Manage-
  The Tarrant County Office of Emergency            accurate information exchange between partner-
Management (TCOEM) led by Melissa Patter-                                                               ment:
                                                    ing agencies, state agencies, local leadership,
son, works daily on a multitude of public safety    and other decision makers during emergencies        index.htm
duties to include: disaster preparedness; emer-     and disasters. The duties of the department are     Texas Homeland Security
gency response and Homeland Security plan-          broad and multi-disciplinary. To ensure that
ning; and, facilitating partnerships to ensure      planning takes an all-encompassing approach,        Texas Department of Public Safety
county-wide readiness. The TCOEM staff              The Tarrant County Public Safety Steering   
plays a lead role in efforts to plan for and re-    Committee, comprised of department heads,           Department of State Health Services Public
spond to local and State-wide events that can       subject matter experts and elected officials,       Health Preparedness
range from large sheltering operations for hurri-   meets every other month to discuss current  
cane evacuations (Katrina and Ike), to severe       issues, recent events and the future needs of the   Federal
weather monitoring and response, to county-         OEM to adequately provide resources and ser-
                                                                                                        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
wide resource coordination.                                                                     
  The TCOEM staff maintains regular contact                                                             Federal Emergency Management Agency:
                                                      The Tarrant County Emergency Operations   
with Tarrant County Cities, private agencies        Center (EOC) is on the 4th floor of the County
and responders for the unincorporated areas of                                                          National Oceanagraphic & Atmospheric Admini-
                                                    Administration building, 100 East Weatherford       stration (NOAA)
Tarrant County to facilitate a rapid and appro-     in Fort Worth. The phone number is 817-884-
priate emergency response.         They utilize                                                 
                                                    1473 and general email messages can be sent to      US Department of Homeland Security:
“ETeam”, an interactive on-line incident re-                    
sponse system, to provide real-time situational

                                                    seen by nurse practitio-                            this year 569 children were seen. Because of the
                                                    ners. Nurse practitioners                           tremendous growth, plans have been underway
                                                    are registered nurses with                          to open a second HEB school-based health cen-
                                                    additional training that                            ter. The cooperative venture between JPS and
  More uninsured H-E-B students will be able        allows them to diagnose                             the HEB ISD will result in another facility to be
to receive health care for only $5 thanks to a      and treat illnesses. They                           open this fall. A modular building has been
new school-based health center. JPS and the H-      can write prescriptions if                          purchased by the school district. JPS will set it
E-B school district will open a second school-      medication is needed, and provide education on      up to serve as a medical clinic. We are very
based health center this fall. Approximately,       how to improve your child’s health.                 pleased that medical care will be available to
400-500 children are seen at the current school-                                                        more of the HEB students,” said Georgia
                                                    Birdville                   (817-547-3046)
based health center. Both school-based health                                                           Kidwell, Chairman of the JPS Northeast Advi-
                                                    8200 O’Brian Way
centers will be located at Keys High School.                                                            sory Board.
                                                    N. Richland Hills, TX 76180
  H-E-B students
and their siblings,                                 Grapevine/Colleyville         (817-251-5751)
who are 18 years old                                3050 Timberline Drive
and younger, can                                    Grapevine, TX 76051
receive care at                                     Birdville                     (817-759-2035)
school-based health                                 2807 Layton Avenue                                    Though most children seen at the school-
centers. CHIP and                                   Haltom City, TX 76117                               based health centers have common ailments, the
Medicaid are accepted, standard co-pays apply.                                                          health centers have treated some for far more
“School-based health centers allow children to      HEB                           (817- 399-3500)       serious illnesses. “We had a 17 year old boy
walk out of the classroom and into an exam          1100 Raider Drive                                   come in with his parents. They had no insurance
room,” JPS Director of School-Based Health          Euless, TX 76040                                    and didn’t know where else to go,” McClean
Centers Beth McClean, RN, FNP, said.                  In addition to the school-based clinics, JPS      said. “He was unable to use one side of his body
  Typical services include:                         has two health centers in the northeast section     – meaning he couldn’t lift his arm or leg,” she
     Treatment for sore throats, colds              of Tarrant County, JPS Health Center-               continued. “Our nurse practitioner referred the
     Immunizations                                  Northeast, 837 Brown Trail, Bedford, TX             family to the emergency department where a
     Assessment and treatment of minor              76022 (817-920-6400) and the Gertrude               large tumor was found in the patient’s brain,”
      injuries                                      Tarpley JPS Health Center at Watauga, 6601          she said. He eventually received surgery and is
     Physicals/checkups                             Watauga Rd., Watauga (817-702-6600)                 back to a normal life.
  JPS has 15 school-based health centers lo-          “When the JPS School-Based Health Center-
cated throughout Tarrant County, 5 of which         HEB opened in August 2006, we didn't know
are located in NE Tarrant County. Children are                                                          For a complete list of school-based health cen-
                                                    how many children would be served. In May of
                                                                                                        ter locations, log on to
  While the recession has halted development in many cities, Colley-
ville continues to attract new residential and commercial projects.
During the past year, the city also has continued to fill existing space
with new businesses. The hiring of veteran economic development
pro, Marty Wieder, to spearhead the city’s business efforts under-
scores a commitment to expanding and enhancing the city’s commer-
cial base.
  Colleyville’s list of new builds and business additions in the past
year is impressive, even more so considering the current economic
climate. Since July 15, 2008, the city has added 64 single family de-
tached homes, 28 townhomes, seven office finish-outs, 11 retail tenant
finish-outs, and one commercial building—with three more under
construction. The retail finish-outs include: Animal Crackers, Penny
Lane and Hobbytown USA, all located along Colleyville Boulevard.
The upscale Main Street Chop & Fish House and popular Milwaukee
Joe’s Gourmet Ice Cream recently opened in The Village at Colleyville. The German Deli on State Highway 121 and Glade Road re-
cently relocated from Southlake.
  New commercial buildings include a completed office building at 6508 Colleyville Blvd.; two more are under construction at 4603
Colleyville Blvd. A 57,000-s.f. “front door” mixed-use building at 5232 Colleyville Blvd., part of The Village at Colleyville, is cur-
rently under construction. The building includes 20,000 square feet of ground floor office/retail, with 30 residential spaces on the upper
                                                    levels. It will extend the presence of The Village at Colleyville to a “front and cen-
                                                    ter” position on Colleyville Boulevard, in the middle of the city’s busy commercial
                                                    area. And the city has issued a building permit for a new McDonald’s restaurant at
                                                    5609 Colleyville Blvd.
                                                      A mixed-use overlay zoning district along State Highway 26, between Hall John-
                                                    son Road and Little Bear Creek, is under consideration as a means to foster further
                                                    economic development. BGO Consultants has been retained to study the possible
                                                    overlay district, which would allow redevelopment of older and/or vacant proper-
                                                    ties into mixed-use developments, blending retail and office with townhomes—a
                                                    successful strategy in many suburban communities. The study will be presented at a
                                                    public input meeting tentatively scheduled this fall.
                                                               For more information please visit: or contact
                                                               Marty Wieder at or call 817-503-1060

      Taste of Northeast                                             JPS operates a van service for
    Aug 20th ~ 5:30-9:00pm             veterans needing transportation to and from the VA hospital
8851 Ice House Dr, N. Richland Hills   in Dallas? Please call 817-927-1124 or 817-927-1131 for                 more information or to schedule a pickup.
                                                                                                       Tarrant County Public health
Precinct 3                             The summer is our busiest time of the year since the hot       does have a response plan to help
Maintenance                           temperatures are better for the asphalt paving operation.       keep our community safe. But we
News                                  As warm as it’s been, our asphalt paver is in constant          cannot do it alone. More than
817-514-5000                          operation. The paver is a prototype loaned to us for our        5,000 volunteers per day would be
                                      input on the operation and maintenance of the machine.          needed in the event of a disaster
                                        We recently completed paving projects in Colleyville,         requiring mass medication of 1.6
                                      Hurst and Keller. Projects scheduled for July and Au-           million Tarrant county residents.
                                      gust include Interlocal Agreements with Fort Worth and            When you join TCMRC, you
                                      Haslet and road projects throughout Precinct Three.             become part of a network of volun-
                                        Our mowing season is in full swing and the storm wa-          teers who know how to support the
                                      ter drainage ditches that need cleaning are worked into         community in a coordinated re-
                                      the schedule as quickly as possible. Throughout the             sponse to meet public health needs.
                                      year, we continually replace lost, stolen or damaged             MRC Orientation & POD training:
                                      street and regulatory signs. Any information provided             Sat 8/22 from 10am-12:30 pm
                                      on missing signs is greatly appreciated. You can contact
Pictured is the asphalt paver on loan the Precinct 3 Maintenance Facility at 817-514-5000.            For more information, please visit:
to Precinct 3 from Kirby-Smith Ma-
chinery.                                               Neal Welch, Director of Field Operations       contact us at:
                                                    Tarrant County.                                      selves with converting the casino into a pool
                                                      Mrs. T.P. Marshall bought the land and built a     hall. The escape tunnel remains in place today
                                                    tea-room in the early 1920’s. Fred and Mary          and is open for tours along with a recently dis-
                                                    Browning purchased the property in 1926. Mr.         covered room from the original casino.
                                                    Browning was raised in Arlington was em-               The casino in full swing, had eight employees
                                                    ployed by his father as a plumber. In 1931,          and on many occasions drew 50 plus gamblers.
                                                    Fred Browning began construction of his ca-          According to Jack Poe, Fred Browning’s em-
                                                    sino. The home/                                      ployee, it was not at all uncommon for half of a
                                                    tea-room        was                                  million dollars to change hands in an average
                                                    temporarily moved                                    weekend on the Hill.
                                                    off it’s foundation                                    Fred Browning not only had an affinity for
                                                    to make way for a                                    gambling, but he
  Decorative wrought iron gates, flanked by         massive excava-                                      also operated a
native sand-stone guard towers, still lend an       tion. The hill was                                   brothel for many
aura of mystery and intrigue to the property at     dug out and forms                                    years. The dilapi-
3001 W. Division, which was, in the 1930’s          were put in place                                    dated building that
and 40’s, a gambling playground for the rich,       for the concrete foundation and walls. The wall      housed the call girls
adventurous, famous…and infamous! Known             thickness varied from fifteen to as much as          was removed long
as Top O’ Hill Terrace, it had the reputation of    twenty-four inches thick. Upon completion, the       ago. All that re-
being one of the most elaborate and exclusive       concrete structure measured approximately 50’        mains are a few
gambling establishments in the United States.       by 60’ with a ceiling height of 14-1/2’. A par-      artifacts and a cape left behind by the madam
When Bible Baptist Seminary, now Arlington          tially underground garage was constructed as         that ran the establishment.
Baptist College, purchased the property, they       well. This part of the building provided access        In addition to the casino and brothel, Mr.
added several buildings to the periphery, but       to the kitchen/restaurant upstairs or the casino/    Browning acquired and housed many race
the original feel of the property has been re-      bar downstairs. Between the garage and the           horses as well. Arlington Downs, a palatial
tained.                                             casino was a secret room designed to hide gam-       $2,000,000 racetrack built by W.T. Waggoner
  The Tea-Garden, with its sandstone walls          bling paraphernalia during a raid. From the          and his sons, Guy and E. Paul, was located on
and beautiful fish pond with the exception of a     casino side of the facility, the room was hidden     the Three D farm midway between Dallas and
                                  fountain that     by a pool-cue rack, yet pool was not the game        Fort Worth, just down the road from Top O’
                                  has been added    of choice for visitors to the Top O’ Hill. Never-    Hill on the Bankhead Highway. The track oper-
                                  remain virtu-     theless, a pool table was in place so that patrons   ated as a pari-mutual racetrack from 1934 to
                                 ally the same,     could appear to occupy themselves with a             1937. Participators from Arlington Downs also
                                 as does the        friendly game during the many failed raids of        contributed greatly to the success of Top O’
                                 terracing and      the casino.                                          Hill.
                                 long     curved      The primary reason the raids against the Top         One of Fred Browning’s biggest and most out
                                  driveway          O’ Hill failed is that the element of surprise was   spoken adversaries was Dr. J. Frank Norris,
                                  edged      with   never in favor of the officers. Unwelcome            founder of Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute/
                                  woodbine          Texas Rangers were allowed access, but the           Bible Baptist Seminary
sandstone. The sandstone horse barn is still        guard tower to the left of the gate contained an     which is now Arling-
intact, as is the smaller sandstone stable, which   electronic buzzer wired to the house so that the     ton Baptist College
was built for the famous racehorse, Royal           casino employees would have ample time to            located on the grounds
Ford, still has his name etched beside the sta-     hide all the gambling equipment before the           of Top O’ Hill Terrace.
ble door and his own personal watering trough       Rangers could reach the house. It was a flaw-        Dr. Norris was vehe-
remains in its original location. And last, but     less system that served the casino well for many     mently opposed to
not least, is the getaway “secret tunnel,” which    years.                                               alcohol, gambling, and
although closed for many years, has been re-          Another unique aspect was the escape tunnel.       prostitution.    At the
opened.                                             To the east of the casino                            height of Mr. Brown-
  The property was located on the Bankhead          a small room led to a set                            ing’s empire, Dr. Nor-
Highway, (now Division Street), a transconti-       of double doors which                                ris stated from the
nental highway which stretched from Wash-           hid a 50’ long 4’ wide,                              pulpit while holding a “tent-meeting” in Arling-
ington, D.C. to the                                 10’ high underground                                 ton, Texas, “Top O’ Hill Terrace is a blight on
Pacific Coast, a perfect                            concrete tunnel that                                 Tarrant County. One of these days we are go-
location for a tea-                                 opened to the densely                                ing to own the place.”
room. Because of the                                wooded country side.                                   Dr. Norris’ son, J. Frank Jr., spoke in chapel
spectacular view and                                During a raid, the patrons                           in the mid-seventies. He told of a raid that his
1,000 foot high eleva-                              could quickly exit the                               father conducted on Top O’ Hill in 1933. He
tion of the property, it                            casino and make their                                said, “My father had me bust through the front
became known as Top                                 way along well-groomed                               gates with my car.” A cassette recording of a
O’ Hill Terrace. Over-                              walkways to the Tea Garden or simply lose            “Sermon on Gambling” by Dr. Norris has re-
looking Fort Worth,                                 themselves in the underbrush. Once in the Tea-       cently been found. On the recording he re-
Texas, the Tea Garden                               Garden, they could be found by law enforce-          counts getting a search warrant to raid the Top
along with surrounding                              ment officers casually visiting and sipping some     O’ Hill Terrace.
property is believed to                             harmless beverage. While the patrons were              The beginning of the end for the Top O’ Hill
be the highest point in                             making their exit, the employees busied them-
                                                                                                                                 Continued on page 6
  These are exciting days in Birdville ISD.        projects near completion, the district is           district’s seven middle schools;
During the 2008-09 school year, BISD               excited as plans are finalized to dedicate        -Renovate and expand Haltom High
students continued to show improvements            these facilities. Dedications and open              School;
on the state’s TAKS test. The district an-         houses are planned for the Birdville Center       -Build replacement campus at Richland
ticipates having more exemplary and rec-           of Technology and Advanced Learning at              High School; and,
ognized campuses this year than any other          6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 18; Haltom High           -Build a new Career and Technology
time under the TAKS test. BISD saw a                                                                   Center.
record 31 students qualify for recognition                                                            All of this work has been done on time
in the National Merit Program. And, stu-                                                           and within budget.
dents who took the SAT had an average                                                                 BISD offers a special word of apprecia-
composite score of 1,020. This continues                                                           tion to the citizen’s oversight committee
to be higher than the state and national                                                           who met each month to review the pro-
averages. In addition to academic suc-                                                             gress of each project as well as the finan-
cesses, the district’s fine arts, athletics and                                                    cial reports. They are: Tom Lombard,
career and technology programs continue                                                            chair; Nelda Stroder, vice chair; Bette
to excel, receiving local, state and national                                                      Bronstad; Bill Fenimore; Bill Mapston;
recognition. These are great honors for our                                                        Angela McCants and Tom Harris. These
students as well as BISD.                                                                          dedicated individuals committed more than
                                                   School at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 20;          two years to the oversight of this bond pro-
                                                   and Richland High School at 2:30 p.m. on        gram.
                                                   Sunday, Aug. 23.
                                                     The public is invited to be a part of these
                                                   special events. The support of the BISD
                                                   community for our students made these
                                                   projects possible.
With school beginning on Monday, August              The dedication of these new facilities
24, BISD will celebrate the opening of a           complete each of the projects promised to
new Richland High School, a new Bird-              voters in the 2006 bond program. They           The work will soon be done and school
ville Center of Technology and Advanced            were:                                           bells ringing, signifying the beginning of
Learning and a major expansion/                     -Build replacement campuses at Stowe           another school year.
renovation at Haltom High School. Con-                 and Binion elementaries;
struction has been in full force at these           -Renovate and expand locker rooms and            For more info:
locations for more than a year. As these               add four-lane tracks at each of the

                                   Terrace was on August 11, 1947. Texas Ranger         Question: Who was the Father of American Trans-
                                 Captain M. T. Gonazullas, who was well aware of        portation?
                                the history and difficulties in raiding Top O’ Hills,
                                planned a bold nighttime raid. He along with three      Answer: President John Quincy Adams, Sixth
                                other Rangers, R. A. Crowder, R.L. Badgett, and         President of the U.S. (1825-1829).
                                Special Investigator Dub Naylor, crawled several            During Adams presidency, the Erie Canal opened,
                                hundred yards on their stomachs through the brush       as did 5 other major canals. The Erie Canal opened
                                covered hillside. Three of the Rangers hid near the
                                                                                        trade from the Great Lakes area to the harbor at New
                                rear entrance, until it opened to allow a customer to
                                enter; then, the Rangers rushed the door and caught
                                                                                        York City. The use of steamboats flourished during
                                the operation in “full swing.” The fourth Ranger        this time as did the beginning of the railroad indus-
                                waited at the end of the escape tunnel to catch those   try. Adams also extended the National Road from
                                making a quick exit. The accounts of the raid pub-      Wheeling to Zanesville and also from Charleston to
                                lished in the newspapers all agree that there was no    New Orleans. Adams also signed legislation for im-
                                 resistance, and no one put up a fight.                 provements of the nation's harbors from Maine to
                                   This property has gone from being a place to         Louisiana. It's to bad he didn't have time to work on I
                                 nourish the body…to one that nourished the soul.       -35 North!
With the prediction of J. Frank Norris coming true, “One of these days we are going
to own the place,” the Bible Baptist Seminary now Arlington Baptist College has
been turning out “servants for the Lord.” From “the Hill” have come over 1,700
                                                                                        If you had the ability to save
trained Christian workers: pastors, missionaries, teachers, etc.
                                                                                           someone’s life...   would you?       Donate
                                       For more information:
                                                                                        For organ donation information,              Life!
                                                                                        please visit:
Did you know: *11.3% of families with children under 18 are living in poverty
              *28.2% of families with a female single parent with children under 18 are living in poverty
              *Approximately 65,000 elementary school children are eligible for free or reduced cost meals
What: A countywide collaboration, called the Back to School Roundup, a 501(c) 3, is underway to dramatically reduce the number of
children who are in danger of starting the new school year without school supplies and other preparation critical to educational success.
When: 8 am – 2 pm August 20, 2009
Where: Will Roger Memorial Center, Amon Carter Exhibits Hall, 3401 W. Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Who: Eligible children living in and attending school in Tarrant County, entering K-5th grade when school starts in August and meet
income eligibility
What do the children receive? After receiving vital information from over 25 social service providers, the students will receive at no
cost backpacks filled with basic school supplies, new shoes, socks and haircuts.
What can I do? Become a sponsor … the cost to provide so much is about $25/child – a very reasonable investment in our future.
Every $25 dollars collected gears up one child for school.
Vision: To provide assistance to 8,000 Tarrant County children with plans to increase that number in the future. The number of chil-
dren served is only limited by the amount raised.
Desired Outcome: That all the children assisted will march off to school that first day filled with eagerness, not embarrassment; coming
home after that first day feeling apart of, not apart from the rest.
Pre- Registration is encouraged. For more information go to our website at or call 211.

WHAT CAN I DO?                 Sponsor a child’s backpack for $25.00… a very reasonable investment in our future.

               Honorary Chairs:
      Tarrant County Commissioners Court                                                                    Presenting Sponsors:
                                                      Please sponsor a child TODAY!
        B. Glen Whitley, County Judge
     Roy C. Brooks, Commissioner, Pct. 1
  Marti VanRavenswaay, Commissioner, Pct. 2
      Gary Fickes, Commissioner, Pct. 3      
     J. D. Johnson, Commissioner, Pct. 4

 Tarrant County Senior Task Force cares about YOU. We are here to bring awareness to services and opportunities avail-
 able to the senior citizens of Northeast Tarrant County.
 Please join us for a continental breakfast, educational workshops, health screenings, and lunch with a keynote speaker.
 We have limited seating, so get your registration in early.
           Contact Commissioner’s Office at 817-581-3600 or email:
  Texas Association of Counties
                                              BULLETIN BOARD                                                                  Tarrant County
 recently has a website focused spe-                                                                                              Court
 cifically on Texas County govern-                                                                                            Every Tuesday at
 ment and how to get county services.
                                                                                                                                  10:00 a.m.
 Check out
 to view a series of “how to” videos.                                                                                         100 E Weatherford
                                        TxDOT PUBLIC HEARING                                   Pct. 3 NE Sub-                  Fort Worth, TX
                                                                                               Courthouse serves             Unless otherwise stated
 Tarrant County Veterans Services          North Tarrant Express                               breakfast & lunch
  Administration Benefit Outreach       SH 121/183 “Airport Freeway”                           Oct 2nd… see page 2
    Assistance free of charge.           Tuesday, Aug. 25th at 7 pm
       Call for appointment             First Baptist Church Campus                                                               4, 11 & 18th
          817-531-5645                          West Facility
                                        1000 Airport Freeway, Euless
                                                                                                Oct. 29th... see pg 7
                                        For more information on North                                                             September
                                              Tarrant Express:                                                                1, 8, 15, 22, & 29th

                                                                                                                               6, 13, 20, & 27th

                          Transportation                                              If you received a copy of the newsletter through a source
                                                                                      other than our office (i.e. Chamber of Commerce) and would
                                                                                      like to receive a copy of the newsletter direct, please send
                                                                                      your email address to:
Tarrant County Transportation Department ………..             
Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition …………          If you do not want to receive a copy of our newsletter, please
Fort Worth Transportation Authority ……………….                    let us know and we’ll take you off our list.
North Central Texas Council of Governments ……..
                                                                                      Please feel free to email any comments, questions or con-
North Texas Tollway Authority …………………….       
                                                                                      cerns you may have.
Texas Department of Transportation ……………….    
Texas High Speed Rail Transportation Corporation...                              Thank you and have a great day!

  Helpful links to what’s going on with transportation in and around Precinct 3.                              

     Pct. 3 ~ Commissioner’s Office
          Gary Fickes, Commissioner
                                                   NE Sub-Courthouse          Southlake Town Hall
                                                       Constable Pct. 3                    817-581-3610                 817-481-8059
      Carolyn Sims, Precinct Administrator             County Clerk                        817-581-3604                 817-481-8179
                     Passport Office                     —————–                       817-481-8190
Rebecca Barksdale, Community Outreach Coord.           Justice of the Peace Pct. 3         817-581-3625                 817-481-8132                   Juvenile Services                   817-581-3645                 —————–
      Mary Ann Rike, Executive Secretary               Travel - Pub. Health                —————–                       817-321-4707
                      Tax Office                          817-581-3636                 817-481-8141
      Theresa Parsons, Executive Secretary             Maintenance Center                  817-514-5000
                                                                                                              Serve a section of Haltom City,
          Northeast Sub-Courthouse                     Constable Pct. 1                    817-884-1385       Hurst, Fort Worth, Richland Hills,
           645 Grapevine Highway #6                    Justice of the Peace Pct. 1         817-884-1395       North Richland Hills, and Watauga.
               Hurst TX 76054
                 817-581-3600                                                        Public Health Centers
             Southlake Town Hall                      NE Public Health Ctr. 813 Brown Trail #6, Bedford, TX 76022            817-285-4155
               1400 Main St #410                      Watauga Public Health Ctr. 6601 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TX 76148          817-702-6600
              Southlake TX 76092
                                                                        Tarrant County Website:

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