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									                                      Zone PTA Meeting
In attendance: Lynne Bruno, Terry Malik, Kendra Sturner, Lorraine Rossi, Kathy Judge, Lynette
Howard, Gayle Sardone, Carol Matlack, Susan Manser, Trish Markaski, Sherrie Cohen, Colleen
Harron Horiates, Kelly Bivins, Barbara Zieger, Rachel Fawley, Jerri Griffith, Robin Sigarman,
Gretchen Cusick, Jen Fleisher, Suzanne Abrams, Leslie Skolnik, Lisa Jacobs, Jane Silver, Cindy
Trubin, Barbara Sansone, Anne Einhorne, Sara Lipsett, Naomi Weiss, Mona Noyes.

Lynette Howard called the meeting to the order at 9:41 AM with the pledge of allegiance.

Minutes stand as read. No correspondence.

Kendra Sturner gave the treasurer’s report. Scholarship money has all been received.
Scholarships also go to middle school students so it is not just for seniors in High School.

Terry Malik gave the Hospitality VP Report: April 2 is the Candidates Forum at Rosa. Spring
Luncheon is May 20 at the First Baptist Church on corner of Pennsylvania and Connecticut Ave.
Please sign up to bring something. It is for current and new presidents as well as the Principals.

Welcome Anne Einhorn

Executive VP Report by Kathy Judge. We met w/ Dr. Campbell on the March 4th.

        1. Aramark concerns. Both contracts Food & Custodial are up on June 30. Aramark
           will be at this meeting today.

        2. Principal turnover is a concern

        3. May 5-9 is Teacher appreciation week

        4. Class rank we asked him to bring up this conversation he assured he will bring tjhis
           up after April 15.

        5. Why doesn’t BOE or District clear up mis information at the BOE meeting when it is
           being brought forth. Dr. C said he’d bring it up at the next meeting.

        6. Is there an increase in elem. School suspensions

Smart Boards at each high school and middle school we did get a response:

West 8 – 7 in Math classes (paid for by district funds) 1 in library
East 7 – 6 in Math classes (paid for by district funds & 1 grant) 1 in library
Rosa 1 – “Active Board” acquired through an Innovation Grant
Carusi 1 – acquired through Title I Funds
Beck 0
Woodcrest 1 – Principal Paid
Harte 2 – 1 in classroom and 1 in media center
Stockton 5 – Most in 5th grade classrooms paid for by PTA Funds

These two were mentioned by PTA Presidents but not on Dr. Campbell’s list:
       Paine has 1 from PTA
       Johnson has 1 from a grant

       7. Shop West. Rumblings that things have changed but Dr. Campbell hadn’t heard
          anything is wrong so he will look into it.
       8. Budget Dr. Campbell will talk about it
       9. Channel 19 – Dr. C sent letter to mayor and hasn’t heard anything

       10. School supplies Kendra and Kath met w/ Mrs. Rockhill, Mr. Sheckman, Mr.
           Gallagher, and Dr. Chapman Mrs. DeJesus Woodruff, and there are several
           recommendations for supplies. Next meeting is March 18th. SUGGESTIONS Take it
           to Pre-k thru 5 Pres. Meeting…will take out brand names, money for teacher to buy
           supplies tennis balls, sharpies or permanent markers, any items to be used by teacher
           not student and book sox, candy, Glue sticks, limit to 1 box of markers, gel pens Try
           to keep it to $20-$25 for child. Break down list to what is for student and what is for
           classroom. Doesn’t want teachers to be afraid to put something on the list that they
           really need because we don’t want teachers to spend money out of their pocket.
           Discussion about getting tennis balls from Cherry Hill Racquet Club.

       11. Following items are available via warehouse but have been on teachers request list:
           tissues, paper towels, dry erase markers, watercolor sets, post-its, rulers, clipboards,
           binders, glue, felt-tip markers, pocket folders, index cards, graph paper,

       12. School supplies list is not complete and they are still working on it.

       13. Colleen brought up our specs when asking for supplies…paper at lowest cost that
           won’t rip when erased; pencilsl that break when wrigint.

       14. Snow day make up…on June 24th we will bring it up again next month.

President Concerns:

   1. Copiers contracts on them but keep breaking on a regular basis –
              Dr. Campbell will get in touch w/ Don Bart
   2. Rosa one of 25 finalist of school of character April 18th there will be a walk thru requests
      administration to be at Rosa that day
   3. Back walkway at Kingston that is hidden by trees had a defecation problem.
   4. Colleen - Feedback from parents about summer SACC price is too high and doesn’t make
      sense. Would like info on why price is so high per day. Wants to see how they got the
      price. Cindy answered paying for administration, and babysitting is less than $5/her

   5. Kilmer update on use of recreation facilities
        Adjacent to school not really on school property but township doesn’t want to change it
   at this point. We could put signage for basketball court is not permitted to be used during
   school day and if we do this then Dr. Campbell is skeptical what we can do to monitor or
   enforce this change. The BOE has to approve any signs.

   6. Johnson district contact state that NJASK not follow Daylight savings next year
   7. Principal at Woodcrest
   8. Cindy Trubin what is being done to make sure new employees are up to date and on
      board with character ed.
Aramark –
1. Anne King field and office manager Dina Mitchell assistant directory

   Dana Golotto is the director –
            Her credentials:
            Grad of Johnson and Wales w/ associate of science in culinary arts
            Grad of Florida International Univ BA in dietary arts and nutrition
            Passed Dietary exam in 1999
            Graduate Studies in Diet (needs 6 more classes to graduate)
Taught at Johnson & Wales, Walnut Hill College & Drexel

Concern of Healthiness of double cheeseburgers…they are baked not fried and meet
guidelines and must have less than 30 calories from fat for the whole week and w/ the double
cheeseburgers on the menu it the guidelines are still met.

Aramark is headed in the direction of putting this info on the web/menu so oparents are
aware. Fried chicken is really baked. Burgers are baked not fried. Fries are baked not fried
in the elementary schools. In middle & high schools fries and mozzerrella sticks are fried.

Requests put the fact that items are baked on bottom of menu
Requests organic milk…but no plans but perhaps they will try it big link on aramark website.

Slushies are 100% fruit juice, blue raspberry, fruit punch

Spring time come in and do classes for elementary level at High School level work thru
health classes.

Can the Menu’s be available earlier? Aramark will try to get it to print shop earlier also
available on line.
Water should be available every day.

Can parents be part of menu planning and Aramark has an appointment with Christine when
Dana returns.

Survey posted on website please respond to the survery.

Lynette Howard presented Susan Bastnagel w/ Certificate of Appreciate from Zone.

Do’s & Don’t of Election by Susan Bastnagel

Question: Can candidate attend PTA meetings? Yes, but can’t participate in the meeting at
all. No speaking.

No free ice cream or other free enticements

Must pay for the ice cream even if 5cents; bring in canned goods; art show is fine.

Dr. Campbell – BUDGET:

Tweak to budget:
    1st learned of budget surplus of $7 million we felt we could accommodate all items needed for
    tax relief as long as 1 time non recurring expenses.

    Next year will be even more difficult than this year.

    Projected budget increases over 13 million dollars but capped by state requirements tax
    increase was only $118.

    Goal in budget process:
       1st next school year compared w/ current year seem seamless
       2nd enough money to take care of projected increase in enrollment

    Then this past weekend Lisa Palmer, Dr. Campbell have been working on the budget
    continuously and the numbers are now:

    $2,120,000 things to be cut
        1. Capitol Projects     $430,000
        2. Blueprint work traded for recommendations of KPMG
        3. Trade vacant language arts supervisor for Addition of Special Ed supervisor
        4. Emergency notification system.

    Principals were not happy with what district wanted to cut and have made recommendations
    to change them
    1. Beyond Title I efforts for students not in Ttitle I schools rather than eliminate that service
        in non Title I schools but increase class size to 20. Principals said no it is too valuable to
        have the class size at 15 so something else has to change. Principals suggest instrumental
        music instead of increased class size. There is no agreement on how to recoup those

Budget is changing daily including Saturday and Sunday please have designated rep come to
Budget meeting.

District is trying to find least negative way to come up with the 2million dollars.

Next Budget meeting is 7PM next Monday March 17th at 7PM Please try to attend.

As we move forward the numbers are on a firm background. Lisa Palmer explained last night
looks like we don’t compare favorably with other districts but there were positions in the wrong
category. So we have a firm foundation going forward. Although it is difficult to compare last
year to this year in the future things will be much easier. It is a building block.

Anne Einhorn getting 3 pages rather than 400 is very hard to handle as well as getting the 3 pages
changed very 48 hours. Mrs. Palmer has spent weeks going thru papers and we need a better
system, not paper and pencil. We need accurate information to be filtered through our

Silver linings: 1. Our numbers are more accurate and are clear about our status than we have
been in a long time. 2. Money is more equitable throughout district.
Lynette Howard: Talked about Budget – job as PTA President is more difficult make sure budget
rep is meeting w/ Allison and attending meetings if rep can’t make it send someone else or you
go. Vote is April 15th. April 8th is our next meeting. We will probably have our vote on April 2.
If can’t attend send vote in a sealed envelope and handed to Lynette.

Anne requests emails with any and all questions!

State of NJ is hosting a couple of open houses to fix budget woes of NJ. Anne will email dates to
March 26th at BCC Anne will speak at that budget meeting.

Lynette wants to go over a few things:

Overview by Mona Noyes of Washington NJ had one of the biggest delegations. All day
orientation about lobbying with your congress people. Thursday went up to the hill. NJ has 15
congress people 2 senators and 13 representatives. Really want to make relationships with chief
aides. Mona wants us to set aside a half a day to discuss lobbying. PTA lobbying is Public voice
speaking for issues that are important for children.

Three issues they lobbied on are:
   1. IDEA (reauthorization of Individual Disabilities E Act) never properly funded
   2. School Nutrition needs to be brought up to date NJ’s standard higher than Fed
   3. No Child Left Behind - change some of the structures of the program so that 1 student
        can not make the entire school fail.

    All work and no play at the Washington weekend. One congresswoman who got an award
    from Canada said by working on capitol hill she works with old white haired men who don’t
    get it. They are to far removed from school days. What she does is a bigger fight for her

    Remember we have some local people who are very powerful in the local legislature: Louis
    Greenwald; Joe Roberts.

    What can PTA’s buy for their schools:

    District Policy has been approved but Lynette doesn’t have a copy yet. Please reread the
    PTA Guidelines on Page 23-25 of your orange books.
        No Carpeting or Furniture can be purchased by PTA.
        PTA is an educational organization NOT A fundraising organization. PTA is a non-
    profit organization and if you do something wrong the PTA can lose the non profit standing.

    If funds you planned to raise are raised by December then stop fundraising…then events are
    free…no more fundraising.

    Remember the PTA has the 3 to 1 rule

    For those PTA’s that have more than $10,000 you must spend it. It must be spent before the
    end of the year. If you get a smart board with wheels it will benefit all kids. Remember it
    must benefit all kids. SCOPE is desperate for money; Sunshine Fund can use donations and
    SEPTA can also use some money to help them provide programs for the entire district.
Educational needs can be met but not items for 1 classroom. Services and assemblies are
what PTA’s should be spending money on not buying carpet and smart boards. Give
programs for parents, families and or other groups. (Parents of high schoolers, elementary
school etc)

A bill in Utah budget passed by 1 vote…and it would have been detrimental to entire district
the PTA got the referendum overturned.

State says only carry over $2,000 to $2,500 when fiscal year ends only suppose to have
working capitol to plan for the next year.

Anything over $500 has to be approved by BOE before the purchase. Under $500 has to be
approved by Superintendent or his designee (Dr. Chapman or Mr. Gallagher).

Items donated to the school become property of the district….and the district may move them

Spend money on: Education for parents, training seminars, sunshine fund, SCOPE but not

Code of Conduct per Mona timeline has changed. We started out ahead of the other 2
districts. Each level is meeting separately. There will always be school discretion.
Elementary level is meeting separately only reason to do out of school suspension is weapons
and/or drugs. Middle School and High School are having separate meetings. Mona wants to
have a meeting w/ Presidents prior to the Presidents Meeting w the PTA Pres. Should meet as
levels with Mona. Mona & Lynette will pick dates for this meeting to happen.

Certificates for Sharp, Paine, Knight, & Barton for Reflections.

PTA Do’s and Don’ts.

Guidelines for PTA Political Campaign Activities
    If you are using emails resources, through PTA Affiliations to recruit volunteers or send
info or plan campaign strategy as a representative please take a leave of absence from the
Zone table until after the election. Also as PTA Pres Lynette would ask you to think about
your role and your ethics. PTA must pay special attention to appearances, particularly since
the IRS will consider complaints of citizens (including candidates) and other groups
(including political parties) that an exempt organization is engaged in impermissible political
campaign activity.

We are trying to avoid the same problems that we had last year.
Leslie Karpiak has resigned because she is actively campaigning for some candidates.
Nancy Muldowney has stepped away from the Zone table because she is running for BOE.

Please know that you would be welcome back after the elections, if you choose to take a
leave of absence during this time. In good conscience evaluate where you stand if you are
openly going to support a specific candidate please step away from the table.
Woodcrest PTA uses Lifetouch for photos but they are much more than photos. Lifetouch
offers free planners to every school. They have a character ed piece in them, they have quick
hints for math, science etc in the planners plus everything that is currently in planner.

Susan Manser was emailed a link to Philadelphia Magazine by Jen DiStefano. It is a terrible
article and wants PTA to read it and respond to the magazine about how poorly it was done.
Article is titled Mystery deadly lessons.

Committee Reports:

We are not getting all the reports we needed. People are not doing or responding please
nominate a worker bee. If you are not going to do the work please don’t take up a seat. If
you are arts and ed stay in your lane of arts and ed don’t go into the budget lane. We want
Zone to continue as a reputable and productive entity.

Executive Board Slate presented by Gayle Sardone, committee was Gayle Sardone, Cindy
Trubin, Kelly Bivins, Carol Matlack and Sue Manser. Nominations have to be made 25 days
prior to the election and must be submitted to Lynne Bruno and Gayle Sardone.

All 3 middle schools – as you graduate get in touch with your new schools to get on the board
or active in your new school

National Convention is June 20-June 23 in San Diego.
    Dr. Maya Angelou and Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be there.

Standing Rules amendment in membership Lorriane Rossi, Kelly Bivins, and Robin
Sugarman presented

Section 2 and Section 3 have been added.

Section 2: The Objects of Zone are promoted in cooperation with the NJ Congress and the
National PTA, through the educational program directed through conferences, committees,
projects and programs, and are governed and qualified by the basic policies set forth in

Section 3: In addition, Zone was organized to promote fellowship, community spirit and
exchange of ideas by providing joint meetings among the local PTA units of Cherry Hill and
to facilitate communication with the Board of Education and School Administration.

The standing rules will be amended again before May of 2009.

There will be a book drive this year.
Be aware of what the district will try to cut from the budget….videographer, language arts

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM

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