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									                                                                        Security Server Ax1, Ax2, Ax4 and Ax10
                                                                        Technical Specifications

                                                                        SPECIFICATIONS MODEL AX1
The AppGate Ax-series of servers are robust servers with a
                                                                        Concurrent users:   Up to 500 concurrent users per unit
small physical footprint, yet powerful enough to handle and
encrypt both LAN and Internet traffic in wire speed. The                Throughput:         Up to 250 Mbps with AES-128 encryption
system is easy to use and rapid deployment is possible                  Processor:          Dual-core 64-bit processor
through its intuitive GUI-based administration interface.               Memory:             4 GByte RAM
Multiple servers can be clustered for higher performance and            Disk:               One SATA hard disk for database and log
higher availability.                                                    Network:            2 Ethernet ports 10/100/1000 Mbps
                                                                        Power:              Single power supply
The AppGate server controls access to protected resources based
on many parameters, such as the user’s identity, location,              Mounting:           19” rack, 1U
authentication method, day of week and type of unit and its
configuration. It contains a built-in firewall protecting application
servers and offers a unified access solution with the possibility to    SPECIFICATIONS MODEL AX2
be in complete control of all access. For more information, please      Concurrent users:   Up to 1,000 concurrent users per unit
see “AppGate Security Server, technical specifications”.                Throughput:         Up to 500 Mbps with AES-128 encryption
                                                                        Processor:          Quad-core 64-bit processor
                                                                        Memory:             8 GByte RAM
                                                                        Disk:               One SATA hard disk for database and log
                                                                        Network:            4 Ethernet ports 10/100/1000 Mbps
                                                                        Power:              Single power supply
                                                                        Mounting:           19” rack, 1U

The AppGate Ax-servers can be delivered in different                    SPECIFICATIONS MODEL AX4
configurations depending on customer requirements. Model Ax1            Concurrent users:   Up to 2,000 concurrent users per unit
is the entry-level system and models Ax2, Ax4 and Ax10 are more
                                                                        Throughput:         Up to 1 Gbps with AES-128 encryption
powerful units with more network interfaces, higher performance
and some offer redundant power supplies and mirrored disks for          Processor:          Two Quad-core 64-bit processors
higher reliability. The Ax10 server is designed for very large and      Memory:             16 GByte RAM
demanding environments and can be offered in other                      Network:            Six 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
configurations upon request, for example with carrier class             Disks:              Two mirrored disks for database and log
hardware. For almost all normal installations, the Ax2 and Ax4          Power:              Dual redundant power supplies
servers deliver the necessary performance.
                                                                        Mounting:           19” rack, 1U
     ·    Rack mountable servers occupying one unit (1U) of
          vertical space in a standard 19-inch rack (Ax10 model
          two units)                                                    SPECIFICATIONS MODEL AX10
     ·    Centralised security administration with different            Concurrent users: Up to 10,000 concurrent users per unit
          administrator roles                                           Throughput:       More than 1 Gbps with AES-128 encryption
     ·    Strong encryption with built-in firewall functionality        Processor:        Four Quad-core AMD Opteron 64-bit
          protecting the server and making it possible to place it                        processors
          directly in the most hostile environments                     Memory:           64 GByte RAM
     ·    Cluster technology makes it easy to build large               Network:          Four or more 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports.
          redundant systems with virtually unlimited                    Disks:            Two mirrored SAS disks for database and log
                                                                        Power:            Dual redundant hot-swappable
     ·    Built-in service processor monitoring disks, fans, power      Fans:             Dual, hot swappable
          supplies and temperature (LOM)
                                                                        Mounting:         19” rack mountable, 2 U
     ·    Mirrored disks and redundant power supplies available
          in Ax4 and Ax10 models.
                                                                                                 Specifications may change without notice.
The AppGate Security Server combines an application layer
firewall with device security and a VPN in one easy to use and cost     Number of users and performance depend highly on application
effective solution. It provides full control over corporate             protocols and usage patterns and may differ, both up and down,
information regardless of situation.                                    from numbers in this document.


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