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					Citrix Server Virtualization Assessment

                                                                                                               Citrix Consulting

Overview                                                               Key Activities
Server Virtualization Assessment is a set of specialized               The project will consist of the following phases:
technology consulting services that help businesses
understand how to consolidate server resources into a                   Phase                Action
virtualized server infrastructure. Server virtualization allows                                   Layout the work schedule
enterprises to run multiple different operating systems or                                        Review project expectations
multiple instances of the same operating system on a single                                       Logistics and planning
server. In this way, servers in a network or server farm can be                                   Interactive meetings with pre-selected project
configured to act as a single resource.                                 Review
                                                                                                   stake holders to gather required data to
The key objective of the Server Virtualization Assessment is to                                    complete the assessment
assess if the server infrastructure is ready for virtualization and                               Automated data collection process of
if the benefits can be fully realized. Achieving this objective         Data
                                                                                                   production environment servers
involves analyzing the existing infrastructure, reviewing the                                      (physical/virtual)
overall health of the IT assets, identifying which applications                                   Create a comprehensive summary of findings
and servers are candidates for virtualization and developing                                       and consolidation scenarios
the roadmap that outlines the transition of physical servers to a       Analyze and
                                                                                                  Identify virtualization candidates, readiness,
virtual infrastructure. This is not limited to a technical review of    document
                                                                                                   risk areas, high-level recommendations and
the physical environment against virtualization opportunities. A        findings
                                                                                                   next steps
review of current organizational processes is included, and                                       Presentation of initial findings
with this, a Server Virtualization Assessment is one of the most
                                                                                                  Complete assessment document offsite with
important steps towards ensuring a successful virtualization            Complete                   internal QA
project.                                                                documentation
                                                                                                  Publish final document
Through data collection process and interactive meetings,
documentation will be created on the assessed workloads,
server utilization, and virtualization candidates. Based on
these results recommended consolidation scenarios will be
provided that considers existing workloads to address                  Deliverables
business and technical requirements. By reviewing this                 The output of the Server Virtualization Assessment is a
information, customers are better able to minimize project risk        comprehensive document detailing virtualization candidates
and ensure a successful virtualization based on Citrix                 and consolidation scenarios that are crucial to the success of a
XenServer.                                                             Citrix XenServer deployment. Some of the document sections
                                                                        Section                  Description
                                                                                                 Project overview, business drivers, success
                                                                                                 criteria, project phase, and key findings, as well
                                                                                                 as short-term and long-term recommendations.
                                                                                                 The Server Inventory Summary section reviews
                                                                                                 the technical aspects and performance of the
                                                                        Server Inventory
                                                                                                 server inventory as revealed by the data
                                                                                                 collection process of the Server Virtualization
                                                                                                 The Server Utilization Assessment section
                                                                        Server Utilization       details the utilization metrics across all
                                                                        Assessment               monitored workloads during the monitoring
Benefits of the Server Virtualization                                                            period of the Server Virtualization Assessment.
                                                                                                 The Excluded Servers from Virtualization section
Assessment                                                              Excluded
                                                                                                 provides an overview of excluded servers that
                                                                        Servers from
 Outline candidates for virtualization on Citrix XenServer                                      do are not suitable for virtualization due to not
                                                                                                 meet the criteria for a successful virtualization.
 Estimate potential cost savings through server consolidation
                                                                                                 The Consolidation Scenarios section provides
 Estimate required server hardware and software                        Consolidation            recommended scenarios for a consolidation
                                                                        Scenarios                project based on the findings of the Server
                                                                                                 Virtualization Assessment.
 Determine need for server provisioning to extend workload
  management (Citrix XenServer Platinum Edition)
 Leverage automated tools for data collection, consolidation
  scenario creation, and optimization analysis
 Accelerate the assessment process with proven Citrix
  Consulting Solutions methodologies
     Citrix Server Virtualization Assessment

Scope                                                                              Delivery Assumptions
This service is generally scoped for up to 30 days of data                          The required customer technical functional stakeholders for
collection and being onsite for 2-3 days for project kick-off,                       the meetings are available for meetings with Citrix
assessment interviews, project close-down. The following
table provides an overview of a typical project scope for
conducting a Server Virtualization Assessment.                                      Appropriate workspace is available for conducting the
                                                                                     assessment meetings.
                                                                                    The work will involve access to production systems.
                       1         2         3         4        5
 Project Start
 Data Collection               Automated Process                                   Task Ownership
                                                                                    Citrix Consultants
                                                                                     Conducts the meetings, documents findings and presents
 Data Analysis /
 Report                                                                              the findings to the stakeholders
 Creation                                                                           Customer Project Manager
 Checkpoints                     ▲        ▲         ▲                                Plans and coordinates all requested functional stakeholders
                                                                                     to be available for the assessment process
Contact your Citrix sales representative for pricing information,                   Functional Stakeholders
resource and service offering availability.                                          Responsible for each part of the customers infrastructure
                                                                                     make themselves available for meetings

 Physical server with minimum Microsoft Windows 2000
   Server SP4 or higher machine with at least 1GB RAM and
   4GB free disk space
 Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0/6.0, Microsoft .NET
   Framework 2.0
 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3a or Microsoft SQL Server
 Local and domain administrator (root) credentials to existing
   servers to gather data for use in analysis
   Note: The data collection process does not require
   installation of any agent on the servers to be monitored.

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