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									                                                                                        Spring 2005

                              An Update for Members of the Professional Beauty Association

     Event Spotlight

                                                                        Be Heard in
  JULY 24-26, 2005
     LAS VEGAS                                                     Washington, DC
           see inside                                            Independent    salon   and   spa   owners,

                                                                 distribution sales personnel, manufacturers

                                                                 and industry leaders need a voice in
Inside this Issue
                                                                             Washington, D.C.

Your Governing Council                                                   Without a voice,
                                                                    there is no representation.
A Letter from the PBA Chair
                                                                 Without representation, there is no one

PBA Spotlight Event:                                             looking out for your best interest. But
Cosmoprof North America                                          rest assured, PBA is forging forward to

PBA Introduces the                                               be your advocate and representative on
National Industry Profile                                        Capitol Hill. From nail manufacturer issues
and Pocket Guide
                                                                 to Department of Labor regulations to the

PBA Bookstore                                                    Salon & Spa Section’s Small Business

                                                                 Tax Equalization & Compliance Act, PBA
Members for Marketing                                            is tracking, supporting and fighting key
                                                                 issues while furthering current initiatives.

PBA Advocacy &                                                    For more information, please see inside.
Government Affairs

PBA Leadership Councils

PBA Featured Benefit

PBA Events
Governing Council
                                              The Post-Merger PBA: Getting Down to Business
                                              The past year has been rife with change as the former Beauty & Barber Supply Institute (BBSI),
                                              American Beauty Association (ABA) and The Salon Association (TSA) became the Professional
                                              Beauty Association (PBA). I want to personally thank you, our members and industry partners, for
                                              your patience during recent months as we took some rather bold steps to shape and strengthen the
                                              organization. As a result of this merger, our collective association has many new opportunities.
  Melissa             William
 Yamaguchi            Ranney
     Chair           Chair-Elect              Ultimately, our mission remains the same: to provide resources, education, ideas and advocacy
                                              to enhance the power and performance of the professional beauty community. As a result of
                                              our new relationship, we believe we are better positioned to carry out that mission—to meet the
                                              diverse needs of our members and better serve the entire community as we confront current
                                              and future challenges.

                                              We will gain from greater support and emphasis on:

 Tom Clifford    Lee Rizzuto, Jr.                 •    Advocacy & Government Affairs. Take the time to examine the victories outlined in this
  Secretary-        Vice-Chair                         newsletter. If numbers is the name of the game in Washington, then we stand a greater
                                                       chance of being heard with clarity. Of the concerns that affect one of us, the end result
                                                       will benefit us all.
                                                  •    Public Relations & Image Building. Focusing on PR will surely enable us to aggressively
                                                       drive the message of our importance.
                                                  •    Research & Statistics. Our recently launched National Salon Industry Profile and Fact
                                                       Guide are welcome additions to our current offerings. And there are more to come!

                                              In addition to these gains, one of the most important gains is that of the administrative staff. For
   Bill Gray         George                   2/3 of the associations’ memberships and boards, the relationship is favorably strengthened. The
                    Schaeffer                 newest addition to our group gains from the vast knowledge and professionalism this staff brings.

                                              How do we as an association benefit from our members? We benefit from impassioned,
                                              involved people wanting to make a difference. Lip service doesn’t work. Opinions from the
                                              backseat don’t count. What does count is your voice. What does work is your involvement.
                                              What matters is what you think and what you do. This year will present us with an awesome
                                              task: to raise the bar and put our money where our mouths are. We can make this industry a
                                              better one. After all, it is OUR industry.

     Jon          Sasha Rash                  I challenge you to become engaged. I urge you to join a committee. I invite you to share your
   Shakour                                    ideas with your section’s leadership council or with the governing council members listed
                                              to the left. To find out how, contact Member Services at 800-468-2274 (480-281-0424). We
                                              represent YOU. We work for YOU. Arm us with the proper tools to make the best decisions for
                                              YOU and then hold us to it.

                                              PBA has gained a good deal of positive momentum during the past seven months since the
                                              inception and we are already building on that progress in 2005. We encourage you to continue to
                                              let us know what we are doing well and what we need to improve on moving forward. Please read
                                              on to see what you can expect in 2005 from PBA—and thank you for your continued support.
 Frank Zona
                                               I am greatly honored to serve for you,

Have something you’d like to see covered in
   upcoming issues of PBA Progress?
                                               Melissa Yamaguchi
         Call 800-468-2274 x134 or
                                               Chair, Professional Beauty Association (PBA)

                                                      Professional Beauty Association            The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is a non-
   PBA Progress                                       15825 North 71st Street, Suite 100
                                                          Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
                                                                                                 profit trade association that represents the interests of
                                                                                                 the professional beauty industry from manufacturers
             (Spring 2005)
          is a publication of                           800-468-2274 (480-281-0424)              and distributors to salons and spas. Created when
 the Professional Beauty Association.                        Fax: 480-905-0708                   BBSI, ABA and TSA joined forces in July 2004, PBA
                                                           serves the industry with education, government
                                                          advocacy, commerce opportunities, research/
                                                                                                 statistics and public relations/image building.
                                                          July 24-26, 2005
                                                          Mandalay Bay                                                               Keynote
                                                          Convention Center                                                           Speakers
                                                          Las Vegas
                                                          The international beauty community
                                                          converges at Cosmoprof North America!
                                                                                                                          Martin Lindstrom
                                                          Discover new products and companies                                  Brand Sense
                                                          Strengthen existing relationships
                                                          Educate yourself and your team
                                                          Develop your year-long strategy                                 Jane Buckingham
                                                          Brand your company                                              Youth Intelligence

                                                                                                                     Dr. Francesco Morace
                                                                                                                              Body Visions

The PBA/Cosmoprof North America Relationship
                                                                                                                               Tim Sanders
Cosmoprof North America is produced by North American Beauty Events (NABE). NABE is a joint venture                    The Likeability Factor
of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), the industry’s representative in North America, and IFI, the
producer of Cosmoprof events around the world, including in Italy, Russia, Hong Kong and Brazil. Cosmoprof
North America contributes extraordinarily valuable commerce and business education opportunities to PBA’s
membership of manufacturers, distributors and salon/spa owners. Thus, the show plays an important role in
                                                                                                                                Barry Maher
supporting two of PBA’s five core competencies, which are summarized as PACER: Public Relations/Image
                                                                                                                            Filling the Glass
Building, Advocacy/Government Affairs, Commerce Opportunities, Education and Research/Statistics.
                                                                                                                            for Salespeople
  L e a rn more at sm op ro f n or t h am e ri c a . c om

Exhibition Overview
Cosmoprof North America offers:
                                                                                                              Special Events
• Four separate business-to-business pavilions that allow distributors, buyers, OTC’s, importers/exporters,
                                                                                                              Get-Together Party
   international sales agents, salon/spa owners and wellness professionals to see the latest in hair care,
                                                                                                              The place to be seen as Cosmoprof North America
   skin care, cosmetics, nails, spa, product development and packaging:
                                                                                                              kicks off.
          Pavilion A – Cosmetics & Personal Care
          Pavilion B – Packaging, Contract Manufacturing & Private Label                                      Wellness Summit
                                                                                                              In-depth Wellness Summit hosted by Geno
          Pavilion C – Wellness & Spa
                                                                                                              Stampora presents Zone Diet creator Dr. Barry
          Pavilion D – Professional Hair, Nail & Tools                                                        Sears, star health advisor Oz Garcia and others

• Over 700 exhibitors from 30 countries occupying 19,000 square meters net of exhibition space
  in the luxurious Mandalay Bay Convention Center
• Over 25,000 domestic and international visitors
• An extensive marketing campaign designed to attract buyers through advertising, media
  partnerships, direct mail and unique pre-show marketing materials provided to all exhibitors
• World-class education and seminars for manufacturers, distributors and salon/spa owners                     Dr. Barry Sears      Oz Garcia        Geno Stampora
• Unrivaled domestic and international press coverage
                                                                                                              North American Hairstyling Awards
Did you know?                                                                                                 Honors top stylists and celebrates the artistry of our
PBA members receive two complimentary registrations to Cosmoprof North America plus 50% off additional        industry.
registrations! Register today at or call 877.557.5340 (972.349.5858). Use
your member ID number when you register. It is located on the mailing label.                                  PBA Business Breakfast
                                                                                                              Join your fellow PBA members for an association
Need to reserve your hotel rooms?                                                                             update and hear from keynote speaker Tim Sanders.
Reservations for the Cosmoprof North America headquarter hotel, Mandalay Bay, and other Las Vegas hotels
can be made by contacting our housing company at 800.826.8133 (310.590.4713).                                 City of Hope - Spirit of Life Award Dinner
                                                                                                              This year’s honorees are Emmet and Beth Hickey.
Interested in exhibiting at Cosmoprof North America?                                                          For more information, please contact Tracy Lucco at
Reserve exhibit space by contacting Tony Quist at or call 800.468.2274          847.583.8600 x13 or email
(480.281.0424) x125.
Introducing the
                                                                                                                                84% of salon-industry
National Salon/Spa                                                                                                              employees are women
Industry Profile
and Pocket Guide

PBA’s Salon & Spa Section (TSA) commissioned an                                                                 •    There are over 754,000 salon/spa professionals
economist to develop an economic profile, creating—                                                                  in the United States.
for the first time ever—a salon-specific description
of the industry’s impact on the nation’s economy.
                                                                                                                •    A diverse workforce is a hallmark of the salon
All data was sourced through the U.S. Department
                                                                                                                     industry. 14% of salon-industry employees
of Labor and the Census Bureau. Highlights of the
                                                                                                                     are African American, compared to a national
profile include the following findings:                  •    Non-supervisory employees in the salon industry
                                                                                                                     average of 11%. 11% of salon-industry
                                                              earned an average of $11.75 per hour in 2003,
                                                                                                                     employees are Asian, compared to just 4%
•    There are more than 655,000 salon-industry               excluding tips. In comparison, non-supervisory
                                                                                                                     of the overall U.S. workforce. 11% of salon-
     establishments in the United States.                     employees in the overall private sector earned
                                                                                                                     industry employees are of Hispanic origin,
                                                              an average of $15.35 per hour in 2003.
•    The    vast   majority    of   salon-industry                                                                   slightly below the national average of 13%.
     establishments are small businesses, in             •    Since 1990, average hourly earnings of
                                                                                                                •    84% of salon-industry employees are women,
     terms of annual sales volume. 51% of                     salon-industry employees have risen steadily.
                                                                                                                     compared to 47% of employees in the overall
     salon-industry establishments (with payroll              The average of $11.75 per hour earned by
                                                                                                                     U.S. workforce.
     employees) have annual sales of less than                non-supervisory employees in the salon
     $100,000, while 84% of establishments have               industry in 2003 represented a strong 67%         •    Average daily sales are $80 million.
     annual sales of less than $250,000.                      increase above the $7.03 earned in 1990.
                                                              In comparison, the average hourly earnings        To request your copy of the National Salon Industry
•    46% of all individuals in the salon industry             of non-supervisory employees in the overall       Profile or Fact Guide, call 800-468-2274 (480-281-
     are self-employed.                                       private sector increased at a lower 51% rate      0424) or email
                                                              between 1990 and 2003.

                                   Bookstore – Three Must-Reads
        Marketing                                                 Retail                                                Distributor
     Recommendation                                           Recommendation                                         Recommendation
                Free Prize Inside                            Trading Up: The New American Luxury                         Distribution Software Guide
                    By Seth Godin                                By Michael Silverstein and Neil Fiske               By Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group

Purple Cow was the #1 bestselling marketing              This is a fascinating look at why millions of          The Distributor Software
book on Amazon in 2003. Now Seth Godin is back           consumers are “trading up” to premium goods and        Guide assists distributors
with practical advice on how to “make something          how companies can profit from this phenomenon.         with software selection
happen.” Free Prize Inside is a fun guide to doing       Middle-market consumers have more discretionary        and technology
innovative marketing that works when the traditional     income than ever before. Consumers are looking for     evaluation projects. This
approaches have all stopped working. You don’t           emotional engagement—they look to products to          one-of-a-kind guide
have to spend a fortune to create something              help them manage the stresses of everyday life and     provides independently
cool                    that virtually sells itself.     to help them realize their aspirations. A new luxury   researched information
                         Free Prize Inside teaches       good may be as simple as shampoo ($9 from Aveda        about distribution-
                         you     how     to   create     versus $3 from Suave), which brings moments of         centric solutions
                          blockbuster      marketing     comfort and sensual pleasure. Or it may be as          that focus on the
                          at your own company            complex as a car ($26,000 for a bottom-of-the-line     operational issues
                           without a bunch of MBA-       Mercedes versus $20,000 for a Pontiac), which          that drive distribution
                           brainwashed marketers.        delivers feelings of safety and excitement.            companies today.
                            You don’t have to be a
                                                                                                                All PBA members get full access, at no cost, to
                            genius—you just need         Trading Up explores what’s driving this move to
                                                                                                                the information as part of their membership dues.
                             curiosity,     initiative   premium goods, tells the inside stories of many
                                                                                                                With more than 40 different trade associations
                             and a strategy for          “New Luxury” companies and their leaders, and
                                                                                                                endorsing and distributing it, the guide compares
                              overcoming resistance      offers insights and methods that can help the reader
                                                                                                                software solutions in a common format. The
                              when you champion          take advantage of this remarkable phenomenon.
                                                                                                                guide seeks to help eliminate six-figure software-
                               your idea.
                                                                                                                selection mistakes by following a proven software
                                                         To order, visit
                                                                                                                selection methodology.
      To order, visit      bookstore or call 800-468-2274 (480-281-0424).
bookstore or call 800-468-2274 (480-281-0424).           Email to request
                                                                                                                To request your complimentary copy,
Email to request a         a full sales list that can be faxed in.
                                                                                                                call PBA at 800-468-2274 (480-281-0424)
full sales list that can be faxed in.
                                                                                                                or email

ABBIES Honors                              Skin & Body                                         Distributors
PBA Members                                Care/Cosmetics
                                           (In-Salon Use or Retail)                            Best Distributor
for Marketing                                                                                  In-Salon Education Program
                                                                                               Pivot Point International, Inc.
Excellence                                 Best Product Marketing
                                           Depasquale / Avancé – Cares to Go
                                                                                               – Design Forum 275 – Retrospect
                                           – Sinus Relief and Bathing Rituals
                                                                                               Best Distributor Catalog
                                                                                               Columbia Beauty Supply
                                           Best Product Packaging
Recognizing innovation, creativity and                                                         – CBS Corporate Brochure
                                           Dermalogica – Daily Resurfacer

overall excellence in marketing for        Best Print Advertisement
                                           in Industry Publication                             Salons & Spas
the professional beauty industry, PBA      Depasquale / Avancé – Avancé Spa Asia Ad
                                                                                               Best Salon/Spa Corporate Image
honored its member companies at the        Best Merchandising Display                          Robert Andrew – The Salon & Spa
                                           Sebastian International –
                                           Trucco Best Sellers Display                         Best Salon/Spa Retail Promotion
9th annual ABBIES (America’s Best
                                                                                               Stuart Laurence Salon, Inc.

Beauty Industry Efforts for Salons) on     Nail Care                                           – Melissa, Get the Wagon!
                                           (In-Salon Use or Retail)
February 5, 2005 at the Renaissance                                                            Publications
                                           Best Product Marketing
                                           Creative Nail Design – Brisa Gels                   Best Editorial Feature
Hotel in Long Beach, CA.                                                                       in an Industry Publication
                                           Best Product Packaging                              Allured Publishing – “Starting from Scratch”
                                           Creative Nail Design – Brisa Gels                   Skin Inc. Series May/June/July/August 2004

                                           Best Print Advertisement                            Best Cover
                                           in Industry Publication                             Bobit Publishing – Nails Magazine January 2004
                                           Creative Nail Design – Brisa Gels Insert

                                           Best Merchandising Display                          All Entrants
                                           Creative Nail Design – Spring 2004 Dig
                                           Enamel Collection & Dig Enamel Pinkies Collection
                                                                                               Best Industry Website

  Congratulations to this                  Equipment & Tools                                   Best Professional
     year’s winners!                       (In-Salon Use or Retail)                            Public Relations Campaign
                                                                                               OPI Products, Inc. – OPI Van/Feel Good.
                                           Best Product Marketing                              Get a Manicure Autowrap Program
                                           The Extremely Useful Hair Co.
Hair Care                                  – Nicholas French Pin Ups                           Best Print Advertisement
                                                                                               in a Consumer Publication
(In-Salon Use or Retail)                                                                       OPI Products, Inc. – Whisper/Color Ad Series
                                           Best Product Packaging
Best Product Marketing                     Industrie (a division of NewellRubbermaid)
                                           – The Industrie Collection                          Best Sales Promotion
Sebastian International – Body Double
                                                                                               Clairol Professional, a division of P&G
                                           Best Print Advertisement                            – Clairol Professional School Partnership Program
Best Product Packaging
Goldwell Cosmetics USA – Color Glow        in Industry Publication
                                           Industrie (a division of NewellRubbermaid)
Best Print Advertisement                   – The Industrie Collection                          GOLD ABBIES
in Industry Publication                                                                        The best of the best! The Gold ABBIES award is
Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc.                   Best Merchandising Display                          presented to the winning entry that best represents
– Giovanni Organic Hair Care               Industrie (a division of NewellRubbermaid)          innovation, creativity, savvy marketing acumen and
                                           – The Industrie Collection                          professional advancement for the industry.
Best Merchandising Display
Kenra LLC
– Kenra Platinum Product Display “Caddy”
                                                                                               Industrie – The Industrie Collection
Advocacy &                                                 more salon employees to generate an annual sales
                                                           volume that would be considered ‘small’ in most
                                                                                                                    Overtime Rules
                                                           other industries.”
Government                                                                                                          New federal regulations went into effect on
                                                                                                                    August 23, 2004, spelling out which employees
                                                               The Salon Association, along with
Affairs                                                         other small business industries,
                                                                                                                    are entitled to receive overtime pay at time-and-
                                                                                                                    a-half rates under federal law after working 40
                                                                notified the SBA of their strong                    hours during a workweek. The changes may affect
                                                                                                                    your employees. The federal Fair Labor Standards
                                                                 concerns with the change and                       Act (FLSA) exempts “executive, administrative
                                                               urged that the rule be withdrawn.
Tip Tax Bill: Small                                                                                                 and professional employees” from overtime-pay
                                                                                                                    requirements under federal law. The updated
Business Tax                                               The SBA had set July 2, 2004 as the deadline for         overtime regulations provide clearer guidelines
                                                                                                                    for both employers and employees regarding the
Equalization &                                             comments to be filed. However, as a result of the
                                                           overwhelming opposition, including from TSA, the         overtime status of “white collar” employees. The
                                                                                                                    House of Representatives voted to repeal the new
Compliance Act                                             SBA issued a statement rescinding the proposed
                                                                                                                    overtime rules, which passed by a vote of 223-193.
                                                           rule change on June 30. For a copy of the letter,
                                                           please call PBA at 800-468-2274 (480-281-0424).          However, the provision is expected to remain in
For the first time, we have early introduction of our                                                               place. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Web site
tip tax bill in both the House (H.R.1345) and Senate                                                                ( offers full details on the regulations.
(S. 327). The bill permits salon employers to claim        Health Care Reform
the 45(b) tip tax credit currently offered solely to the
restaurant industry. The legislation also provides         Small businesses represent 60 percent of the             Washington, DC
needed assistance to the federal government by             uninsured Americans in this country. Double
                                                           digit increases in health care costs and concerns
                                                                                                                    Events in May
improving tip-reporting requirements for certain
sectors of the industry. Let’s make this the year we       over premiums and liability issues are prohibiting
return over $600 million back into the pockets of          more and more small businesses from providing            Join us in Washington, D.C. to show your support
salon and spa owners.                                      health care to their employees. Several legislative      for PBA’s government affairs initiatives! You’ll
                                                           initiatives have been pursued this Congress to help      experience two days filled with memories, activism
 • Highlight from 2004.                                    make health care more affordable:                        and education!
In July 2004, the House Ways and Means
Committee, which has jurisdiction over this                 • Medical Liability Reform.                             Hill Visits
legislation, held a hearing on tip-related issues.         Today, the country is facing a health-insurance          May 18-19, 2005
Frank Zona, TSA board member, testified before             premium crisis. Some in Congress believe that            8:00AM – 3:00PM
the committee’s Oversight subcommittee on the              large jury awards may have contributed to health
legislation. The hearing succeeded in educating            insurance premium increases, forcing specialists,        Join PBA as we take the Hill by
lawmakers on the unique issues facing businesses           such as OB-GYNs, to retire or move to neighboring        storm on Wednesday, May 18
with tipped employees. Most importantly,                   states. While the number of malpractice suits has        and Thursday, May 19! Make
committee members recognized the inequity                  been holding steady, the average jury award has          appointments to meet with your Congressional
that exists with regard to the tax credit, currently       increased 79 percent in the last ten years. Doctor       representatives or their staffs. You have two Senators
available only to restaurant tipped-employees.             shortages in the health-care system may lead to          representing your state and one Congressperson
(Please call PBA/TSA for a copy of the testimony           increased costs for small-business owners who are        representing your district. Congresspeople are
as well as additional information on the hearing.)         voluntarily providing health care for their employees.   generally easier to reach. Prepare yourself with
                                                           HR 5 and its Senate companion, S. 607, were              talking points about the issues that matter to you
                                                           introduced IN 2004 to try to limit lawsuit-damage        as a small-business owner. If you are unable to join
                                                           awards. Watch for more developments this year.           us in DC, consider making appointments with staff
SBA Victory                                                                                                         in the local district office. You can also simply make
                                                            • Association Health Plans (AHPs).                      a phone call or send a letter. If you would like help
Earlier this year, the Small Business Administration       In most states, a handful of insurance companies         preparing for your appointments, phone calls or
(SBA) announced their intent to change the definition      dominate the small-business market. Research             letter writing, call PBA at 800-468-2274 (480-281-
of a “small business,” making fewer businesses,            shows that small employers face fewer choices and        0424) or email
including salons, eligible for government programs.        higher prices for health plans than bigger businesses.
In fact, the salon industry was singled out by             In May 2004, the House of Representatives passed         Welcome to Our World
the SBA as an industry that would be negatively            legislation creating AHPs, which allow small             Thursday, May 19, 2005
impacted by the proposed change.                           business owners to band together, across state           4:00PM – 8:00PM
                                                           lines, to purchase health insurance as a group.
The proposal would establish “size” standards in           AHPs will allow small-business owners, through           Each year, the Professional
terms of the number of employees of a business,            their membership in a bona fide trade association        Beauty Federation invites
rather than receipts-based size standards. For the         such as PBA, to purchase health coverage for             Capitol Hill to share an
salon industry, the proposal would have changed            their families and employees. If AHPs became             evening with important members of the small
the current eligibility of salons with $6 million in       law, a small-business owner could purchase               business community—salon owners and licensed
annual sales or less to salons with 50 employees or        health benefits through any one of these entities        professionals. At Welcome to Our World, the
less—eliminating more than 400 salon businesses            that would, in turn, act as a “human resources           professional salon industry “makes over” Congress.
from eligibility for SBA assistance.                       department” similar to that of large companies.          And as the Congressional representatives and
                                                           Some are concerned that the AHPs legislation             their staffs experience haircuts, manicures and
In late June, the SBA formally withdrew the proposed       omits standard safeguards that protect consumers         massages, our members take the time to explain
rule. The Salon Association played a key role in           under current insurance programs. The U.S. House         the issues that are critical to their success as
having the rule withdrawn. The Salon Association,          of Representatives passed this legislation twice         small business owners. (The Professional Beauty
along with other small business industries, notified       during the 108th Congress, but the Senate did not        Federation is an organization of salon industry
the SBA of their strong concerns with the change           act before adjournment. Watch for more movement          associations, including PBA.)
and urged that the rule be withdrawn. In the letter to     on AHPs in the 109th session of Congress.
the SBA, the association wrote, “compared to the
vast majority of other industries, a larger number
of employees are needed in salons to generate a
certain amount a sales. As a result, it takes many

 PBA                                                    PBA                                                    PBA
 Distributor                                            Manufacturer                                           Salon & Spa
 Leadership Council                                     Leadership Council                                     Leadership Council

              Jon            Stan Klet, Sr.                        Myriam           Bruce Selan                        Sasha Rash          NeCole
            Shakour           Vice President                       Clifford         Vice President                       President       Cumberlander
            President                                              President                                                                  1st VP

                                                                                      photo not

             Jim                Barbara                            George              Tom                              E. Manuel        Serena Chreky
            Marshall           Ashworth                           Schaeffer          Crumpton                           Benevich        VP Communication
          Vice President       Secretary-                          Secretary-                                           VP Education
                               Treasurer                           Treasurer

                                photo not

            Bill Gray        Bob Peel, Jr.                        Bill Decker      John Heffner                          Richard             Eveline
                                                                                                                        Calcasola            Charles

                                                                   photo not

          Beth Pence            William                           Raymond               Lee                                John               Cary
                                Ranney                             Mager            Rizzuto, Jr.                          Galietti           O’Brien

             Mike                                                   Lydia                                                Melissa
            Renzulli                                                Sarfati                                             Yamaguchi

                                                                                    For more information on PBA member benefits, call 800.468.2274
 Featured Benefit Providers                                                         (480.281.0424) or email

Capitol Marketing Concepts                             National Association                                    Roadway Express
800.238.5659                                           of Wholesaler Distributors                              800.368.6745                               202.872.0885                                  
Incentive Programs                                                                                             Freight Discount
Capitol Marketing Concepts                             Health Insurance                                        Roadway Express, a PBA “freight partner,” has
offers you the ability to participate in a flexible    Through PBA’s membership in the National                been recognized for outstanding performance by
discount travel incentive program that is affordable   Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), all       the Logistics Management & Distribution Report
for both large and small companies. Whether you        PBA/TSA members have access to a varied menu            as one of the top “Quest for Quality” less-than-
are a manufacturer, distributor or retail firm, CMC    of business and career services, including health       truckload (LTL) carriers. Roadway meets the ever-
will develop, design and implement a revenue-          insurance. This is of particular import to our Salon    changing challenges of moving freight faster and
generating promotional travel program to help          & Spa Section members, who have long requested          more efficiently and providing solutions to today’s
you attain your goals. Programs can include hotel,     health coverage options for their staffs. Insurance     supply chain requirements. For PBA members,
meals, airline tickets, cruises, spa packages, golf    benefits include medical, dental, disability and life   Roadway offers a 58% discount off current
and many other travel-related activities.              coverage with an emphasis on the PPO option,            Roadway E-Z Rates. Call for an enrollment.
This benefit is open to PBA manufacturer and           allowing employees and dependents to access a           This benefit is open to PBA distributor and
distributor members only.                              larger network of physicians and hospitals directly.    manufacturer members only.
                                                       This benefit is open to all PBA members.

        Watch your email for regular updates regarding PBA member benefits!
Mark your calendar with these upcoming PBA events.

PBA Capitol Hill Visits              Cosmoprof North America          ABBIES
May 18-19, 2005                      (North American Beauty Events)   February 4, 2006
Washington, DC                       July 24-26, 2005                 Renaissance Long Beach         Mandalay Bay Convention Center   Long Beach, CA
                                     Las Vegas, NV          

Welcome to Our World                                                  International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE)
(Professional Beauty Federation)     Symposium 10                     February 4-6, 2006
May 19, 2005                         (PBA’s Salon & Spa Section       Long Beach Convention Center
Washington, DC                       – The Salon Association)         Long Beach, CA          January 14-17, 2006    
                                     Manchester Grand Hyatt
                                     San Diego, CA

North American Hairstyling Awards
July 24, 2005                                                         For additional information on
Mandalay Bay Convention Center                                        the events above, please call
Las Vegas, NV                                                         800-468-2274 (480-281-0424) or email

Professional Beauty Association
15825 North 71st Street, Suite 100
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

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