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									                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                         Helio Therapy And Your Mental Well Being
                                                             By Jesse Taylor

   Since ancient times, natural light was known to have positive physiological effects on the human
body. It dates back to a time when the famous Greek philosopher and the Father of Medicine,
Hippocrates, used the sun's rays in his naturopathic treatments for diseases. Heliotherapy is the
practice of using sunlight to fight ailments and restore health.

In the early 20th century, heliotherapy was extensively used to treat diseases like tuberculosis, rickets
in children and war-wounds. Its importance was formally recognized when Dr. Niels Finson got the
Nobel Prize in 1903 for devising a method of ultraviolet therapy in tuberculosis-cure.

Heliotherapy involves using sun’s ultraviolet rays to initiate Vitamin D production in our skin and
thereby prevents breast cancer, osteoporosis, prostate cancer, psoriasis, acne, etc. The increased
metabolism in the body due to vitamin D production also multiplies enzyme reaction rate, cell
regeneration, tissue repair, blood flow speed and increased oxygen supply.

Some significant beneficiaries of Heliotherapy

Spinal Cord Injury patients – Paralytic people suffer from severe loss of lower-extremity bone mass.
Vitamin D causes Calcium (which is the most vital component of bone-growth) to be absorbed from the
intestinal tracts. Vitamin D deficiency causes deformed bone-growth, increasing the probability of

Multiple Sclerosis patients - Studies reveal that people located in lesser sunlight-exposed areas are
more prone to multiple sclerosis. For example, Norwegians living near the ocean and consuming
vitamin D enriched seafood, report lesser cases of multiple sclerosis than those living inland.

Old Age patients - Vitamin D production in a body decreases with age. Studies say that this vitamin
acts as a preventive agent against prostate cancer, which is the second most common cause of
cancerous death in people over 75.

Athletes - Repeated researches in sports medicine have shown that routine exposure of athletes to the
sun not only optimized their performance capabilities, but also significantly reduced the incidence and
recovery time from minor injuries.

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                                        Presented by Daniel Toriola

Apart from its medicinal virtues, heliotherapy signifies that Helios, or the sun, has always been a
buoyant factor for perking up people's moods. This has been reflected over the ages in several poems,
songs and movies. Interestingly, researchers have also found that exposure to sunlight increases the
production of serotonin, a chemical that stimulates the human brain's pleasure centers, thereby
uplifting our moods in moments of depression and anxiety. Herein remains the connection between
heliotherapy and our mental well-being.

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                                            My Space Is Having A Helio Of A Time
                                                            By Russ Snapper

 Myspace has caused a phenomenon on the Internet proving particularly popular with teenagers and
those in their early twenties. It comes as little surprise, especially when you consider how long they’ve
been threatening it, that myspace have teamed up with Helio in order to offer mobile myspace.

With 55 million users it is easy to see the attraction that persuaded myspace and Helio to form this
partnership but what’s in it for the customers? Well, quite a lot actually. The main ambition of the
service is to allow users to read and post to their myspace site or blog.

Obviously, there have had to be some modifications to the original online myspace, in order to optimize
the service to the mobile market but nonetheless the service will be geared to the same people with a
similar look and feel. A mail box, bulletin, blog posting and photo profiles are among some of the

In line with this news, Helio have released details of two cell phones that will be shipped solely as
myspace cell phones. Both the phones use EVDO technology to deliver an exceptional wireless
broadband connection. They also display clear, crisp pictures and video playback scenes. Both
handsets also feature 70MB of internal memory, MP3 player, 2.0 mega-pixel camera and expansion
card slots. Both are easily capable of coping with just about any myspace work you happen to need

In return myspace are updating many of the features already available to users, but especially for
those who intend to subscribe to the Helio mobile myspace service. These changes include the
capability to upload photos from your Helio device to an increased storage allotment for photos. Only
Helio users will get this photo storage increase though. Other users will even be able to see when you
are logged on using a Helio handset or device.

With news that the service will go live during spring in the U.S tongues are already wagging and
myspacers are getting excited at the prospect. Mobile Myspace has been promised for some time now
but this is the first true sign that it will finally go ahead. The Helio partnership is likely to be a test of
how the service performs on the mobile market and things go well don’t be too surprised if
myspace.com phones start popping up all over the place. As mentioned, myspace has more than 50
million devoted members, so it is difficult to see the service not taking off.

Russ Snapper works in marketing for http://www.cheapphonecards.com and http://www.dealking.com

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