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					LHC@FNAL Software for the LHC

            Types of Software
            Current Prototyping
            Architecture Ideas
            Requirements Revisited
            WBS considerations

12-01-2005                      Suzanne Gysin   1
         Types of Software
   Console Software                                                 Development Environment:
          System software                                                  Coding
                 Operating System - Windows
                                                                            Object relational mapping –
                Networking Tools
                                                                                      Hibernate
                Security tools                                                       Oracle Toplink
                Backup/Archives                                            Build (maybe)
          Business Applications                                                      Common build
                Email                                                                Ant
                MS Office                                                  JDK - Recommended JDK
                Web browser                                                Object oriented analysis & design –
                WebEx                                                                Rational rose
                Polycom                                                              Together J
                Java – JVM & Java WebStart                                 Version control
           LHC specific Applications                                             
                                                                                      Visible Systems RAZOR
                Electronic Logbook                                         XML
                Common Console Manager (CCM)                                         XMLSPY
                Data Logging                                               Testing
                        Timber                                                       Webgain quality analyser
                        Open Analogue Signals Information                            JStyle/checkstyle
                         System (OASIS)                              Analysis tools
                 LSA (LHC Software Applications)
                                                                             Root (maybe)
                       Knobs
                                                                            Scripting language for quick application
                                                                             development for Physicist (not available

                LHC Alarm SERvice (LASER)                                   at LHC yet)
                Synoptic Display

         12-01-2005                                          Suzanne Gysin                                              2
Types of Software
   Server
        Apache
                Website for LHC@FNAL: (requirement 3-8)
                     LHC@FNAL operational status
                     LHC@FNAL shift schedule
                     LHC@FNAL directory
        Tomcat
                Java Server Pages and servlet container
        Voice over IP
        Teleconferencing SW
        Backup and Archives

12-01-2005                          Suzanne Gysin          3
Current Prototyping
   Running Timber – no problems
   Running LSA’s with Remote Desktop.
          Good news about LSA’s
                  Was able to run the applications with Mike Lamont in real time over WebEx’s application sharing.
                  Java Webstart works very well for deployment
                  Easy to keep current (basically automatic)
                  Looks like a very good solid SW architecture – no hacking
                  Consistency in GUI pays off in reducing learning curve
          Issues with LSA’s
                  No Safeguards*:
                            Some devices such as power supplies have permission management on user name basis, but the permissions are not managed in
                             the Java Applications.
                            CERN is not likely to add this in the near future for us. Options need to be researched. Some ideas are:
                                      We help develop the permission scheme and modify the applications
                                      We replicate the data base in real time, all our applications will operate on our local data base only.
                  Minimal documentation
                            As we learn we may be able to help write documentation
                  Speed is OK now, will decline with traffic. We need to have a fall back plan if it does.
          Issues with Remote Desktop:
                  locks up every once in while
                  screen size does not adjust well
                  font size is very small
                  mounting local drives is unsafe
                  painfully slow to copy on local drives

     * Safeguards: the LHC applications at LHC@FNAL should not be able to change the LHC settings in any way. They should only have the monitoring
           capabilities. The permissions should be based on a user name.
   Console Manager
          Able to run it, but don’t understand the details yet

12-01-2005                                                      Suzanne Gysin                                                                            4
Architecture Ideas
   Two PC’s per console
        Business applications
        LHC applications
   Pre-built SW images for both PC’s, easy to swap on failure
   Networking
        Latency 125 ms – affects GUI operations. Minimum response time is round trip 250 ms. Ok for now,
         but difficult to predict once traffic increases.
        Current link from FNAL to CERN is 622 Mb/s. Have alternatives if this becomes the bottle neck.
        Link from FNAL to office/LHC@FNAL is 100 Mb/s.
        Limitations and parameters:
                Speed of CERN’s Terminal Server
                Number of users
                Number of applications running
   Security (needs lots more work)
        Become domain
                Security is managed by CERN
                Involves cooperation and some work by CERN
                Done by Minos (FNAL knows how to do this)
        Remote Desktop

12-01-2005                                         Suzanne Gysin                                            5
Architecture Ideas - Security

                          10-15 Mb/s                Wireless
                                  100 Mb/s

   622 Mb/s                                         LHC@FNAL
                    LHC@FNAL is in domain


12-01-2005                         Suzanne Gysin               6
Software Requirements
        2-13 CCC Software:
            LHC@FNAL shall have the same LHC accelerator software installed as the CCC.
        2-14 CCC Software Maintenance:
            LHC@FNAL shall be administered such that LHC accelerator software is current and maintained at
             the same version as the CCC.
        2-16 LHC Development Environment:
            LHC@FNAL shall have the software development environment that is needed to develop LHC
             accelerator software.
        3-1 LHC@FNAL Safeguards:
            LHC@FNAL shall have safeguards such that actions do not jeopardize or interfere with the quality
             of data recorded by CMS, and do not jeopardize or interfere with LHC operations.
        3-2 LHC@FNAL Hardware and Software Consistency:
            To minimize the impact on CERN resources, LHC@FNAL shall maximize consistency in hardware
             and software with CERN and obtain software licenses as needed.
        4-3 Software repository
            LHC@FNAL software shall reside in a software repository that must be used to keep track of
             different versions of the software during development.
        4-4 Software compliance:
            Software developed at the LHC@FNAL for CMS and LHC shall conform to rules and coding
             standards established by the CMS Collaboration and LHC Project, respectively

12-01-2005                                    Suzanne Gysin                                                7
WBS considerations
   Safeguard strategy
        Write safeguard scheme
        Replicate DB
   Compile a list of licenses:
        Oracle
        Development tools
        Communication tools
   Refine Networking and Security Strategy
   Startup cost
   Maintenance cost (small)

12-01-2005                Suzanne Gysin       8