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					                   Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization

        with the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine’s fellowship in Anti-aging Medicine


The Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization (AAMS) is a fellowship organised by the World Society of Anti-aging Medicine
(WOSAAM, 6500 physicians) . The AAMS is a continuous course, repeated every two years that you can join at any
of the six seminars (modules) of 6 days. It provides an international diploma in Anti-aging Medicine to those who
completed the AAMS program. As each seminar/module is separate, participants can obtain, next to the global
diploma for the whole AAMS, a separate certificate of attendance for each seminar (module) they attend, and if they
pass a separate exam for it, a certificate in competence.


All the important topics of anti-aging medicine are discussed and thoroughly presented with many practical tips for
 your practice and the necessary scientific evidence. For more information on the different modules in this program,
please consult the detailed program attached.

 Examples of topics are:

 • Senescence                         • Positive psychological attitudes    • Diet improvement
 • The longest life spans             • Lifestyle improvement               • Efficient nutritional therapies
 • Genetic typing testing             • Sleep optimization                  • Safe hormone therapies
 • Exercise                           • Daylight/darkness optimization      • Stem cell therapies
 • Environmental health medicine      • Digestion improvement               • and many other crucial topics

 Aims of the Anti-aging medicine specialization:
 - provide practical information to physicians on how to efficiently and safely practice anti-aging medicine
 - provide university level courses with complete theoretical and practical information on each important topic
    of anti-aging medicine
 - provide certificates and a diploma that attest the attendance of a physician to the courses and his competence.

 The fellowship consists of six 6-day seminars (3 days taught courses and 3 days self-learning by DVD). On
 request, a larger part of the courses can be followed at home or in the office through self-learning with DVD as
 the whole course is videotaped.

 Licensed physicians may attend the full 2-year program. Other health-professionals may attend after request and
 acceptance by the scientific committee.

 NEXT SEMINAR (Module): Nutritional Therapies & Lifespan Therapies – Brussels, November 19-21, 2009.

 Hertoghe Medical School - Phone : +32-2-379-34-49 - Fax: +32-2-732-57-43
 E-mail : – Website :
     Full program of the courses of Anti-aging Medicine Specialization (AAMS)
                                 6 modules of 6 days (3 days taught courses, 3 days self-learning DVD’s)

                     Day 1                  Day 2                 Day 3
 Seminar            Taught                 Taught                Taught                   Day 4                 Day 5                Day 6
                    courses                courses               courses             Self-learning -        Self-learning        Self-learning
 (module)                                                                                 DVD                   - DVD               – DVD
                   (also DVD               (also DVD             (also DVD
                   available)              available)            available)
                                        Physical exercise:
                                                                                    Effects of Hormone
                The ABC of              • Impact of
                                                                                      Therapies on
                  lifespan                exercise on                                                       Senescence
                                                                                      sleep and sleep
                  medicine                diseases and                                                      (pathological
                  (adapted to the         lifespan                                                          aging) & Lifespan
                  module)               • Right exercises                                                   medicine:
                                                                                    dysfunctions in
                                          (dosing) for         Introduction                                 • Lifespan
                                                                                    chronic fatigue
                Juvenile anti-            improving health,    The endocrine                                  epidemiology,
                  aging medicine:         Tips from an           system: a                                    basic
                • Prenatal anti-          experienced            review                                       mechanisms
                                                                                    The endocrine
                  aging medicine          sportsman            Hormone                                        (including free    Pollution and
                • Childhood anti-       • The exercise           actions: an                                  radicals)            health:
                                                                                    • Hormone lab tests
Seminar           aging medicine          programs of top        overview                                   • Free radical
                                                                                      and treatment:
                                          athletes             Factors that                                   theory of aging
                                                                                      overview,                                  • Indoor and
   1            Environmental           • Best body              impact on the
                                                                                    • Hormone
                                                                                                            • Senescence of
                  health disease          postures to avoid      endocrine                                    the senses and
                                                                                      deficiencies with                            pollution
                • Toxic world             neck and back          System :                                     of the nervous,
 Senescence,                                                                          tests borderline                           • Effects on health
                • Toxic world video       problems             • Aging                                        muscular,
  exercise,                                                                           low within the                             • Toxic world
                • Strategies to         • Exercise to          • physical                                     cardiovascular,
                                                                                      reference range                            • Strategies to
 environment      avoid and               reduce insulin         exercise                                     pulmonary,
                                                                                    • Balancing the                                avoid and
     and          eliminate               resistance           • daylight and                                 immune and
                                                                                      endocrine system:                            eliminate
endocrinology     pollutants            • Sports medicine        darkness                                     osteoarticular
                                                                                      How to balance                               pollutants
                                          and exercise to      • pollutants,                                  systems:
                                                                                      one hormone with                           • Dental
                Lifespan                  reduce age-            toxics                                       physiology and
                                                                                      the other                                    amalgams
                • Epidemiology            related diseases                                                    impact on
September       • Major aging           Chronic Fatigue          Effects of                                   organs and         • Detoxification
                                                                                    Thyroid Deficiency                           • Lab tests
  2010            theories
                • Premature aging
                                        • diagnosis and
                                                                 Therapies on
                                                                                    • Physiology
                                                                                                              possibilities of   • Practical case
                                                                                    • Diagnosis
 & 2012           syndromes               treatment
                                                                                    • Effect of thyroid
                                                                                                              partial              studies
                                                                                                                                 • Interactive
                • Statistics on the     • Infections (yeast,   • Free radicals:                               senescence
                                                                                      hormones on age                              sessions
                  longest living          mycoplasma,             the antioxidant                             reversal
                                                                                      related diseases
                  humans                  toxoplasmosis,          hormone                                   • Biological age
                                                                                    • Associations TSH?
                                          that cause CFS       • Lifespan                                     measurement:
                                                                                      T3 and T4 levels
                Lifespan                  and their            Interactive                                    how young is
                                                                                      within the
                medicine:                 treatment               session                                     your body?
                                                                                      reference range
                techniques that         • Nutritional                                                       • Reports of
                                                                                      with disease
                may extend lifespan       deficiencies that                                                   measurement of
                                                                                    • T3 + T4 treatment
                from basic methods        cause CFS                                                           biologic age in
                                                                                      versus T4
                to the most             • Other treatments                                                    patients
                                                                                    Follow-up problems :
                forefront ones            for chronic
                                                                                      how to solve them
                                          fatigue syndrome

                                        Digestive system:
                The ABC of              • Pancreatic and       Factors that
                lifespan medicine         plant enzymes        impact on the
                (module adapted)                                                    Adrenal hormones:
                                        Diets of longer life   System:              • Safe cortisol
                Macronutrients’         Toxic drinks                                  treatment                                  Obesity
                                                               • Diet                                       Macronutrients
                effects on health                                                   • DHEA treatment                               management:
                                                                                                              and health and
                and lifespan:           Electrolyte and pH                          • DHEA                                       • Statistics on
                                                               Hormone,                                       lifespan:
                • Healthy proteins:       balance:                                    Controversies                                leanness and
 Seminar                                                       appetite and                                 • The milk
                  fish, meat, poultry   • Acid-base                                 • 7-keto-DHEA                                  overweight
                                                               overweight                                     paradox
                • Controversial                                                                                                  • Diets to lose
   2              proteins (milk, ..,
                                          balancing in diet,   • Leptin             • Androstenedione       • Grains, cereals:
                                                                                                                                   weight (Atkins,
                                          drink water and      • GHrelin            • Aldosterone             the controversy
                  plant, burned           lifestyle:                                and how to manage                              Paleolithic Diet,
Diet, obesity                                                  • Other appetite                               (bread, pastas,
                  animal protein)         Introduction                                treatment                                    South beach
                                                                 hormones                                     muesli)
management      • Healthy               • Acid-base                                   problems                                     diet, Zone diet,
                                                                 (Cholecystokin                             • Sprouted grains:
 and major        carbohydrates:          balancing                                                                                Montignac diet,
                                                                 , …)                                         the only edible
anti-ageing       vegetables and          workshop                                                                                 Pritikin, Shelton,
                                                               • Treatment of       Pineal hormone:           grains?
                  fruits                                                                                                           etc.)
 therapies                                                       obese persons      • Melatonin             • Fibre and health
                • Sweet cravings        Obesity and                                                                              • Water: longevity
                                                                 with hormone         deficiency and        • Sugar, sweets,
                                          health                                                                                   and preventive
                                                                 treatments                                   soft drinks and
  January       Dysbiosis                 management:          • Bulimia and
                                                                                    • Treating melatonin      other carbs
                                                                                                                                   effects on age-
                • Intestinal yeast      • How to reduce                                                                            related disease
(end) 2011        infection               insulin
                                                                 anorexia             deficiency in         • Healthy and
                                                                                                              unhealthy fats
                                                                                                                                 • The psychology
                • Parasitic                                                           patients with lab                            of obesity
  & 2013          infections
                                        • Toxic foods
                                        • Treatment of too
                                                               Famous people:         tests within          • The cholesterol
                                                                                                                                 • Healthy foods to
                                                               • Famous               reference ranges        paradox
                • Leaky gut               thin patients                                                                            eat
                                                                 endocrinologists   • Critical studies on   False claims in
                  syndrome              • Diets that provide                                                                     • Healthy food
                                                                 and anti-aging       cancer and sleep        food industry
                                          you with quick or                                                                        habits
                                                                 therapists         • Melatonin
                Digestive system          full-day energy      • The hormone          controversies
                • Probiotics
                                                                 deficiencies of
                • Aids for digestion:
                                        Intermittent             famous people
                  hydrochloric acid

AAMS speakers:                          Dr Mario KRAUSE (Netherlands)                       Dr Michel PERRING (UK)
Dr Bill ANTON (Australia)               Dr Bruno LACROIX (France)                           Dr Steve RAY (USA)
Dr Benoit CLAEYS (Belgium)              Dr Hansjoerg LAMMERS (Germany)                      Dr Stéphane RÉSIMONT (Belgium)
Dr Claude DALLE (France)                Dr M. Christine LHERMITTE (Belgium)                 Dr Erik-Alexander RICHTER (Netherlands)
                      Day 1                      Day 2                  Day 3                   Day 4                                           Day 6
                     Taught                     Taught                 Taught                                           Day 5
Seminar                                                                                          Self-                                           Self-
                     courses                    courses                courses                                      Self-learning
(module)                                                                                      learning -                                      learning -
                     (also DVD                  (also DVD             (also DVD                                         - DVD
                                                                                                 DVD                                             DVD
                     available)                 available)            available)
                                                                  Psychic and sexual
                                                                  factors that impact                               Anti-aging
                                                                                            deficiencies in
                                                                  on the endocrine                                  neurology:
                                           Sexology:                                          men: diagnosis
                                                                  system:                                           • Memory                 Psychological
                                           • Erectile             • Psychological
                                                                                              and treatment
                                                                                            • Testosterone          • Neurodegenera-           attitudes:
                                             dysfunction            attitudes                                                                • Negative
                                                                                              therapy in men:         tive diseases
                                           • Hormone              • Stress                                                                     emotion and
                The ABC of lifespan
                                                                                              physiology, age-        (Alzheimer’s
Seminar           medicine (adapted          treatments of        • Sexual activities                                                          attitudes -
                                                                                              related illnesses,      disease,
                  to the module):            patients with                                                                                     adverse
   3                                         sexual problems      Female hormones in
                                                                                                                      disease, macular         effects on
                                           • Nonhormonal                                      treatment, lab
                Psychological                                     women: diagnosis                                    degeneration,            health
                                             treatment of                                     test weaknesses
                  attitudes:                                      and treatment                                       amyotrophy             • Positive
Psychology,                                  sexual aging in                                • Testosterone to
                • Stress and health                               • Safe female                                       sclerosis lateralis)     feelings and
  sexology                                         • men                                      boost sexual
                • Burnout syndrome                                   hormone therapy in                             • Paralysis and            behavior that
 and sexual                                        • women                                    potency in men
                • Stress management        • Extramedicinal          pre- and                                         paresia: causes,         make you live
 endocrino-     • Humor and                  aids for sexual         postmenopausal                                   conventional and         longer and
   logy in        medicine                   activity                women                                            adjuvant                 better.
                                                                                            deficiencies in
  lifespan      • Meditation,                                     • Controversies in                                  treatment              • Sleep and
  medicine        relaxation and           Micronutrient             female hormone                                 • Paresthesias:            health
                                                                                            diagnosis and
                  health: the scientific   supplementation           therapy                                          causes,
                  evidence                                        • Bio-identical female                              conventional and       Practical cases
                                           for sexual                                       • Testosterone
  April         • Psychology of            dysfunction:              hormones for birth-
                                                                                               therapy in             adjuvant                 of
                  active centenarians                                control                                          treatment              • Patients with
  (end)                                    • Male sexuality and
                                             micronutrients       • Talking about the
                                                                                               physiology, age-
 2011 &         Interactive
                discussion sessions
                                           • Female sexuality        fear for cancer from
                                                                     HRT to patients and
                                                                                               related illnesses,
                                                                                                                                             • Patients with
                                             and micronutrients                                diagnosis,
  2013          on improving                                         colleagues
                                                                                               treatment, lab
                                                                                                                    for psychiatric and        memory loss
                communication in the                              • Women with bio-                                 neurological             • Patients with
                                           The psychology of                                   test weaknesses
                physician office                                     identical female                               disorders:                 mood
                                           sexuality:                                       • Testosterone to       • Schizophrenia
                                           Differences between       hormones in the                                                           disorders or
                                                                                               boost sexual         • Neurodegenerative
                                           male and female           pre- & post-                                                              psychiatric
                                                                                               potency in             diseases (MS,
                                           perceptions               menopause                                                                 diseases
                                                                                               women                  ALS, Alzheimer’s,
                                                                  Avoiding hirsutism
                                                                  in women taking                                     Parkinson’s)
                                                                                            Practical cases
                                                                  androgens therapy

                Micronutrients’                                   Nutritional
                impact on the              The ABC of             therapies and
                endocrine system:          lifespan medicine      somatic                                                                    • Recap on
                • Minerals                 (adapted to the        disorders :                                                                  nutritional
                • Trace elements           module)                • Arterial                                                                   therapies
                • Vitamins                                          hypertension                                                             • Oxidative
                • Fatty acids, etc.                                                         Diabetes
                                                                  • Hyperlipidemia                                                             stress and its
                                           Nutritional                                      treatment:
                • Silicium                                        • Coronary heart                                                             markers
                • Iodine: Inorganic,       therapies for                                    • Type 1 diabetes:      Nutritional
                                                                    disease                                                                    profile: lab
                   auto-immune             mood, memory                                        Pathogenesis,          therapies:
                                                                  • Diabetes                                                                   tests
                   diseases, etc.          and sleep                                           diagnosis,             theoretical
                                                                  • Infections and                                                           • Aging, age-
Seminar         Herbal                     disorders                Inflammation
                                                                                               clinical course,     • Mineral
                                           (extensive reviews)                                 insulin therapy        supplements
   4            treatments of
                                           • Fatigue and
                                                                  • Cancer: the
                                                                                               treatment              (magnesium,
                                                                                                                                               diseases and
                endocrine                                           randomized                                                                 oxidative
                                             Energy                                         • Type 2 diabetes:        calcium,
                deficiencies                                        placebo-controlled                                                         stress: the
 Nutritional                               • Depression                                        Pathogenesis,          potassium,
                                                                    studies                                                                    studies that
                                           • Anxiety                                           diagnosis,             sodium)
  therapies     Micronutrient                                     • Micronutrient                                                              show a
                                           • Memory loss                                       clinical course,     • Fat-soluble
     and        therapy of breast,                                  treatments to                                                              relationship
                                           • Macular                                           metformin              vitamins (vitamin
 metabolic      prostate, ovarian                                   increase muscle                                                          • Prostate
                                             degeneration                                      treatment              A, D, E , K and Co
                and cervical                                        mass and reduce fat                                                        Cancer and
 endocrine                                 • Sleep                                          • Foods that may          Q10)
                cancer: review                                      mass                                                                       micronutrients:
approaches                                                                                     reduce diabetes      • Water-soluble
 in lifespan    Nutritional and            Interactive                                         Clinical case          vitamins (vitamins
                                                                  Plant extracts,                                                              review
                endocrine                  discussion                                          studies                B’s,C, H)
 medicine                                                         therapies that may                                                         • Breast cancer
                treatments in                session:                                                               • Trace elements
                                                                  help fight disease                                                           and
                sport:                                                                                                (zinc, iron, iodine,
                                                                  and improve health        • Insulin                                          micronutrients:
                • Micronutrients for       Micronutrient                                                              copper, selenium,
                                                                                              treatment of                                     extensive
November           sports performance      Prevention &           Interactive                 nondiabetics
                                                                                                                      manganese, etc.
                   and injuries                                                                                     • Amino-acids
   2009                                      therapy              session:                    (cachexia,
                                                                                                                                             • Anti-cancer
                • Hormone doping in        (short info) of                                    excessive                                        effects of
September          sports:
                                                                  prevention and              thinness, sports
                                                                                                                                               vitamin A
 /October          controversies,          •   Acne                                                                   creatine, tyrosine,
                                                                  treatment                   abuse)                                         • Rheumatoid
                   treatments, risks       •   Allergies                                                              etc.)
   2011                                    •   Cataract,
                                                                  (short info) of
                                                                                                                    • Healthy fatty acids
                                                                                                                                               disorders and
                Micronutrient                                     • Herpes simplex                                                             micronutrients
                                           •   Carpal tunnel                                Fat-influencing           (omega 3-6-9)
                Prevention & therapy                              • Infection                                                                • Osteoporosis
                                               syndrome                                       hormones:             • Trans fatty acids
                (short info) of                                   • Immune depression                                                          and
                                           •   Constipation                                 • Adrenaline and        New functional foods
                • Benign breast                                   • Infertility                                                                micronutrients
                                           •   Diarrhea,                                      fat                     from the Industry
                  disease                                         • Kidney stones                                                            • Stroke and
                                           •   Ecchymoses                                   • Prolactin and fat
                • PMS                                             • Muscle cramps                                                              micronutrients
                                           •   Edema                                        • Opoids and fat
                • Dysmenorrhea                                    • Osteoarthritis                                                           • Peripheral
                • Hyperestrogenism
                                           •   Epilepsy           • Pain                                                                       artery disease
                • Hypoglycemia             •   Gingivitis         • Ulcers (duodenal                                                           and
                  Infertility              •   Glaucoma,             and gastric)                                                              micronutrients
                • Menorrhagia              •   Headache           • Urticaria
                • Obesity                                         • Wound healing

               Additional training & passive assistance: in the office of experienced physicians
                                        □ 1 day 350 € □ 3 days 900 €
                                                                                            Day 4                                         Day 6
                      Day 1                     Day 2                  Day 3                                       Day 5
 Seminar                                                                                     Self-                                         Self-
                     Taught                    Taught                 Taught                                  Self-learning -
 (module)                                                                                 learning -                                    learning -
                     courses                   courses                courses                                      DVD
                                                                                             DVD                                           DVD
                                         Nutrigenomics: how
                 Genetic typing:                                    Brain
                                         genetic typing tests
                 • Basics                                             hormones:
                                         help set up nutritional                         Review course:
                 Genetic typing                                     • Pregnenolone                                                     Stem cells and
                                         supplementation                                 Hormone
                 tests                                              • Growth                                                           stem cell
                 • Unraveling genetic                                 hormone                                                          therapies:
                                         Gene therapy: from                              • Basic lab tests
                   predispositions to                                 treatment in                                                     • Can stem cells
                                         worms to humans                                 • Safe cortisol
 Seminar           diseases                                           adults               treatment          Genetic typing:
                 • Strategies for                                   • Growth                                                             malignant?
                                                                                         • Testosterone
    5              improving the
                                         Stem cell therapy:
                                         • Introduction: What         hormone              therapy in men
                                                                                                                practical cases
                                                                                                              • Newest studies on
                                                                                                                                       • Are the effect
                   prognosis                                          secretagogues                                                      of stem cells
                                           are stem cells: the                           • Testosterone         genetic
                                                                    • Growth                                                             endocrine-
  Genetics,                                difference between                              therapy in           polymorphism
                 Genetic typing                                       hormone:                                                           related: some
  stem cell                                stem cells and                                  women              • Intensive Practical
                   tests for:                                         risks, benefits,                                                   scientific data
  therapies                                embryonic cells                               • Safe treatment       session on genetic
                 • Cardiovascular                                     controversies                                                    • Effect of stem
                                         • Practical guidelines                            with female          typing: part 1
      and          diseases                                         • Somatostatin                                                       cells on the
                                           for using authorized                            hormones           • Intensive Practical
 progressive     • Obesity                                          • Opioids and                                                        quality of life,
                                           stem cell therapy                             • Adult growth         session on genetic
   lifespan      • Diabetes                                           the brain                                                          haematological
                                         • Boosting                                        hormone              typing: part 2
                 • Alzheimer ‘s and                                                                                                      diseases, skin,
  medicine                                 endogenous stem                                 treatment          • Intensive Practical
                   other                                                                                                                 diabetes,
                                           cells proliferation by   Genetic typing       • DHEA                 session on genetic
                   neurodegenerativ                                                                                                      neurodegene-
                                           optimizing the                                  treatment
 January           e diseases
                                           person’s health
                                                                      and hormone
                                                                      therapy:           • Thyroid all the    Practical cases of ill
                 • Osteoporosis                                                                                                          disorders
  (end)          • Rheumatic
                                         • Heart regeneration
                                           with stem cells after
                                                                    • Endocrine-           basics and
                                                                                           selection of
                                                                                                              patients co-treated
                                                                                                              with anti-aging
                                                                                                                                       o osteoporosis
                   diseases                                           related
 2010 &          • Breast cancer
                                           myocardial infarct         polymorphisms        optimal              therapies
                                                                                                                                       Practical cases
                                         • Experiences in           • How genetic          treatment is
  2012           • Prostate cancer
                 • Colon and other
                                           animals with new           typing tests         best
                                                                                                                                       of ill patients
                                                                                                                                       co-treated with
                                           teeth formation,           may help to        • Session with on
                   cancers                                                                                                             anti-aging
                                           blindness reversal         set up safer         stage
                 • Genetic                                                                                                                therapies
                                           with stem cells            hormone              consultation
                   polymorphism of
                                         • Practice: how stem         therapies
                                           cell experts do it

                 The ABC of
                 lifespan medicine
                    (module adapted)
                 How to build up an
                 anti-aging clinic
                 • Acquiring new                                    The ABC of                                Anti-ageing and
                   knowledge                                                                                  hormone therapies:
                 • Securing the          Problem solving            hormone
                                           workshop                                                           Practical cases of
                   practice with                                    therapy
                                         • Unexpected changes                            The practical        patients with
                   scientific data,,                                (adapted to the                           disease
                                           that may occur in                             hormone                                       Anti-ageing and
                   certificates, data                               module)
 Seminar           Internet search,        dietetic, nutritional                         therapy              • Cardiovascular         hormone
                                           and hormone                                                          disease                therapies:
    6              society guidelines                                                    workshop with
                                           therapies                The practical                             • Depression and         Practical cases
                                                                                         diagnosis, lab         anxiety disorders      of patients with
                 The anti-aging          • Exchange of              hormone
   Practical                               information on anti-                          tests, treatment,    • Rheumatoid             disease
                   consultation                                     therapy
  approaches     • Fixing an               ageing therapies                              follow-up + on         diseases               • Obesity
                                                                    workshop with                             • Osteoporosis           • Neurodege-
 in anti-aging     appointment           • Patient cases from                            stage consults of
                 • Patient’s medical       the practice of          diagnosis, lab                              treated with              nerative
      and                                                                                deficiencies
                   history and actual      physicians from the      tests, treatment,                           corrective hormone        disorders
   hormone                                                                               in:                    therapies              • Skin diseases
                   symptoms                audience                 follow-up + on
   therapies                                                                             • Pregnenolone       • Reports of female      • Hair diseases
                 • Physical              • Interactive thinking     stage consults of
                   examination             and discussion                                • Female               patients treated       • Cancer
                                                                    deficiencies            hormone             with transdermal       treated with
    April        • Principal
                   laboratory and
                                           groups about what
                                           best helps to            in:                     Testosterone in     estradiol and          corrective
   (end)           paramedical tests       overcome treatment       • Thyroid               men                 progesterone
                                                                                                              • Interesting cases of
                 • Cancer screening        problems                 • Cortisol           • Testosterone in
  2010 &         • Test interpretation   • Practical session with   • DHEA                  women               patients treated
                                           patients from the                                                    with multiple
   2012          • Treatment:
                   individualized,         audience
                                                                    • Aldosterone        • Growth
                                         The best tips of           • Vasopressin                               replacement,
                   which may                                                             • Melatonin
                   combine various         masters of hormone       • MSH                                       including GH
                   relevant                therapy                  • Oxytocin
                 • Financial
                   considerations for
                   a clinic
                 • Legal and ethical
                   issues (medical
                   councils, ..)

AAMS speakers:                                          Dr Thérèse HERTOGHE (Belgium)                     Dr Ascanio POLIMENI (Italy)
Dr John DUNPHY (Ireland)                                Dr Thierry HERTOGHE (Belgium                      Mr Thierry SOUCCAR (France)
Dr Murphy DUNHILL (Ireland)                             Dr John Van LIMBURG (Belgium)                     Dr Suzie SCHRUDER (U.S.A)
Dr Pascal GERARD (France)                               Dr Maciej MALECKI (Poland)                        Prof. Emar VOGELAAR (Netherlands)
Dr Monica GOLKOVA (Czech Republic)                      Dr Jean MONRO (UK)                                Dr Adrian ZENTNER (Australia)
Dr Malgorzata GODZIEJEWSKA Z. (Poland)                  Prof. Kenny de MEIRLEIR (Belgium)                 Dr Christophe de JAEGER (France)
Dr Anna MODELSKAZIOLKIEWICZ (Poland)                    Prof. Imre Zs. NAGY (Hungary)                     And many others prominent speakers...
                The Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization that makes the difference …
                                                              Other society
                         Wosaam Board                                                      Anti-aging medicine                    Other Fellowships
Difference                                                       Board
                         Certifications                                                   specialization (AAMS)                 in anti-aging medicine
                                                                                     • Physician diploma; Other health       • Physician diploma; Other
                                                          • Physician diploma
                                                                                       professionals may attend on             health professionals may
                • Physician diploma                       • Currently valid
                                                                                       authorization, but not pass the         attend on authorization, but not
Conditions      • Currently valid medical license           medical license
                                                                                       exam.                                   pass the exam.
                • 3 years of medical practice             • 5 years of medical
                                                                                     • No need of medical practice prior     • No need of prior medical
                                                                                       to the formation.                       practice

Time            3 hours + review                          3 hours + review           240 hours of lectures                   80 to168 hours lectures

                                                                                     • 50% taught (direct) courses
                            Self-learning                       Self-learning                                                Taught (direct contact)
Learning                                                                             • 50% self-learning DVD courses
                         (distance learning)                 (distance learning)                                             courses

                Board certifications in                   Mainly Board                                                       Fellowship in
                                                                                     Fellowship in Anti-aging medicine
Types           • Anti-aging medicine                     certifcation in                                                    Anti-aging medicine and
                                                                                     (with ample nutritional information)
                • Nutritional Medicine                    • Anti-aging medicine                                              functional (nutritional) medicine

                Basic board certifiicaiton
                                                                                     Postgraduate formation
Levels          + possibility of 2 additional levels of   2 levels                                                           Postgraduate formation
                                                                                     + possibility of masters
                higher excellence possible

                                                                                     6 modules of 6 days: ½ taught           5 to 8 modules of 2 to 3 days:
                                                                                     courses & ½ self-learning with DVD      taught courses.
                                                          One review session +
Organization    One review session + exam                                            Each module is separate with a          Each module can be separate
                                                                                     basic different theme and can lead to   with a basic different theme and
                                                                                     a separate certification.               lead to an isolated certification.

                                                          Infobook / handout         • Lectures (taught courses)
                • Textbook                                with DVD of lectures       • Self-learning (DVD)
                                                                                                                             • Lectures (taught courses)
Learning        • CD powerpoint lectures                  • Heterogenous info on     • Handout on CD (with all
                                                                                                                             • Handout on CD (with
material        • Practical information on medical          theory                     powerpoint lectures)
                                                                                                                               powerpoint lectures)
                  practice                                • Poor or no info on       • DVD’s of all lectures (taught
                                                            practice                   courses + self-learning)

                             Speaker(s)                     Speaker(s) solely in
Speakers                                                                                   International speakers                    National speakers
                      solely in review session                review session

Language                       English                               English                        English                      English or local language

Quality                           +±                                 + to ±                           ++±                                    +±

                                   +                                   ±                              ++±                                    +±
to practice
                Basic formation: the ABC, & D’s                                      Most complete, extensive
                                                                                                                             Training from A, B, C to M, N
                • The leading board certification         • Includes heteroclite     training from A, B, C to Z
                                                                                                                             • Various topics of interesting
                • Basic information, with frequent          information on anti-     • Often considered as the best
                  insights into to cutting-edge of all      aging medicine, not        international formation
                                                                                                                             • Basic and advanced
                  major disciplines of anti-aging           complete and not or      • Basic and advanced information
                                                                                                                               information on disciplines of
                  medicine (or nutritional                  poorly related to          on all disciplines of anti-aging
                                                                                                                               anti-aging medicine: from
                  medicine)                                 practice                   medicine: from theoretical to
                                                                                                                               theoretical to practical aspects
                • Useful information you need to          • No textbook, but           practical aspects
                                                                                                                             • Information with info towards
                  know for diagnosis and basic              compilation of diverse   • Complete information oriented
Content           treatment in anti-aging medicine:         often theoretical          towards practice
                                                                                                                             • Handout of powerpoint
                  from diet, sleep, senescence              articles.                • Handout of all powerpoint
                                                                                                                               presentations on CD
                  physiology to age measurement,          • Infobook has scarce        presentations on CD
                                                                                                                             • Evidence-based info presented
                  psychology, sexlology, hormone            or no info for:          • DVD access to all lectures
                                                                                                                             • Opportunities to meet other
                  and nutritional therapies, stem         • for physician’s          • Abundantly evidence-based, with
                                                                                                                               physicians working in anti-
                  cell therapy, etc.                        practice                   scientific references on the slides
                                                                                                                               aging medicine and speakers,
                • Textbooks with information              • for the exam             • Opportunities to meet other anti-
                                                                                                                               who are working in one or
                        • for physician’s practice        • Irregular scientific       aging physicians and speakers,
                                                                                                                               more subdisciplines of anti-
                        • for the exam                      evidence                   leading authorities in a sub-
                                                                                                                               aging medicine
                • Strong scientific references                                         disciplines of anti-aging medicine

                                                                                     WOSAAM (World Society of Anti-          National society
                WOSAAM (World Society of Anti-            National society
                                                                                     Aging Medicine; > 6000 physicians,      (generally lower membership
Supporting      Aging Medicine; > 6000 physicians         (all smaller in real
                                                                                     the main international society)         number)
society         (real membership), the main               actualized physician
                                                                                     In process of accreditation from        Some have partial integration in
                international society)                    membership)
                                                                                     European university)                    a national university

                                                                                     International certification for
                                                                                     completing the whole program
Board                                                     National board
                International board certification                                    or: separate certification for each     National certification
certification                                             certification
                                                                                     module for the physician who does
                                                                                     not participate in all 6 modules

                                                          • Poorly related to the    • Separate exams for each module
                • Based on the info of the textbook         handout                    leading to a separate certification   • None existing exam or exam
                • Review session: presents                • Review session:          • Based on hte lectures, self-            for final formation (all modules
                      o the sections of the                     o presumed                                                     together)
Exam                    textbook that are more                     answers for         learning DVD, & handouts              • Based on the handouts
                        important for the exam                     questions         • Review sessions: presents               (contains the copy of all
                      o examples of questions                   o examples of               o what matters for the exam        powerpoint presentations)
                                                                   questions                o examples of questions

                                                          ±1300-1600 €+ 350          2000€ for one 6-day module              ±1750€ for 3-day module (±
Fee             1550€ + 400 learning material
                                                          learning material          (9.500 € for all 6 modules – 36 days)   15 000 for 8 modules – 24 days)

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