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					                                                                           Web Hosting Order Form
                                                                                         (Revised August 31, 2006)
                                                                                                                                                                     New Ideas Web Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                     Merrill Lynch Plaza
                                                                                                                                                                     130 W Main Street
                                                                                                                                                                     Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Required questions are in bold.
Please print clearly.
Account Number
  I have a current Account with New Ideas Web Services, Inc. which I would like to use.
    Account Number, if known ____________________________
    Enter a Domain Name that is currently listed with this Account. http://www._____________________________________________________
    I am a new client.
    (In addition to this form, please complete the “New Client Account Form.”)
    I am a current client and the Account and/or Billing Information will be different on this service.
    (In addition to this form, please complete the “New Client Account Form.”)
Domain Name
  I would like New Ideas Web Services, Inc. to register a new Domain Name.
  I would like New Ideas Web Services, Inc. to host an existing Domain Name.
Domain Name

Package Information (check only one box) (See pages 2 and 3 for more information.)
Account Packages        Monthly Fee              Account Packages           Monthly Fee
  Basic                    $2.99                    True Blue                  $24.99
  Starter                  $7.99                    Royal Blue                 $34.99
  Standard                 $9.99                    Crystal Blue               $45.99
  Plus                     $14.99                   Blue Diamond               $89.99
A 5% quarterly discount will be applied if your Account billing cycle is setup for quarterly billing.
A 10% annual discount will be applied if your Account billing cycle is setup for annual billing.

Additional Details
Service Start Date                                                        Do you require FrontPage Extensions?                                Any Special Instructions

  ASAP               ____/____/_________                                       Yes                 No            Not sure                     ____________________________________
How did you hear about us? (check only one box)
  I am a current client                                                        Friend (First and Last Name)                                   ____________________________________
  I was a former client (coming back)                                          Newspaper (Name of Newspaper)
  Search Engine (Name of Search Engine)                                        Magazine (Ad or Article)                                       ____________________________________
  Web Hosting Directory (Which one)                                            Radio Ad (Station’s Call Letters)
  TheBestWebHostingCompany.com                                                 Television Ad (Station’s Call Letters)                         ____________________________________
  Web Site (URL - Domain Name)                                                 Banner Ad
  Affiliate (Affiliate Number)                                                 Web Hosting Forum                                              ____________________________________
  Business Card (Name on Card)                                                 Other (Please Describe)
Specifically how you heard about us, if applicable? ___________________________________

                                                                          Promo Code, if applicable

                                                                                          Account Package Price:
                                                                  (See section titled “Package Information” above)
                                                                                                       Setup Fee:                                     $19.95
                                                                                         Domain Extension Price:
                                         (If New Ideas Web Services, Inc. will register a new Domain Name, then                                       $
                                      see section titled “Domain Extension Prices” on page 2. Otherwise, enter 0)
                                             (Add Account Package Price + Setup Fee + Domain Extension Price)
                                                                                        Promo Discount Amount:
                                                                                              (Otherwise, enter 0)
                                                                                              Total Amount Due:
                                                                (Subtract Promo Discount Amount From Subtotal)
This printable form can be used for Personal Check, Business Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, and Cash. Please make check or money order payable to: New Ideas Web Services, Inc. For security,
Credit Card and PayPal payments must be processed online. All prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD) and must be paid in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Domain Name choice is subject to availability and registry restrictions. Domain Name registration costs is non-refundable, once registered. Other services sold separately. All rates, services, plans, prices,
and fees are subject to change at any time, without notice.

By signing below, you agree to the Terms of Service policies located at:

                                       Signature                                                                                           Date
New Ideas Web Services, Inc. - Web Hosting Order Form (Revised August 31, 2006)                                                       Page 2 of 3

                                                            Domain Extension Prices

                              Extension      Term            Price               Extension      Term          Price
                              .com           1 Year         $10.01               .dj           1 Year        $135.01
                              .net           1 Year         $10.01               .fm           1 Year        $135.01
                              .org           1 Year         $10.01               .am           1 Year        $100.01
                              .biz           1 Year         $10.01               .co.uk        2 Years       $35.01
                              .info          1 Year         $10.01               .pro          1 Year        $210.01
                              .us            1 Year         $10.01               .law.pro      1 Year        $410.01
                              .ws            1 Year         $27.01               .med.pro      1 Year        $410.01
                              .tv            1 Year         $40.01               .cpa.pro      1 Year        $410.01
                              .cd            1 Year         $50.01               .cc           1 Year        $30.01
                                                Prices above include a $14.99 promo discount.

                                                               Account Packages

          Plan Contents                            Basic                   Starter               Standard                  Plus
          Disk Space                              100 MB                   300 MB                 500 MB                  700 MB
          Monthly Bandwidth                       500 MB                    1 GB                  1.5 GB                   2 GB
          Web Site Hits                          Unlimited                Unlimited              Unlimited               Unlimited
          Your Own Domain Name                      Yes                      Yes                    Yes                     Yes
          SubDomains                                 1                        3                      5                       7
          FTP (user) Account(s)                      1                        3                      5                       7
          Email Address(es)                          1                       30                     50                      70
          Mailing List(s)                            1                       30                     50                      70
          MySQL Database(s)                          1                        3                      5                       7
          Optional Program Installations
                                                      Yes                    Yes                    Yes                    Yes
          (uses MySQL Databases)

          Plan Contents                          True Blue               Royal Blue            Crystal Blue            Blue Diamond
          Disk Space                               1 GB                    1.5 GB                2.5 GB                    4 GB
          Monthly Bandwidth                        10 GB                   15 GB                  25 GB                    40 GB
          Web Site Hits                          Unlimited                Unlimited             Unlimited                Unlimited
          Your Own Domain Name                      Yes                      Yes                   Yes                      Yes
          SubDomains                                100                      150                   250                      400
          FTP (user) Account(s)                     100                      150                   250                      400
          Email Address(es)                        1,000                    1,500                 2,500                    4,000
          Mailing List(s)                          1,000                    1,500                 2,500                    4,000
          MySQL Database(s)                         100                      150                   250                      400
          Optional Program Installations
                                                      Yes                    Yes                    Yes                    Yes
          (uses MySQL Databases)

                                                              All plans also include:

                          •   Catch-All Email Account                       •   Webalizer Web Site Statistics
                          •   Unlimited Email Aliases                       •   AWStats Web Site Statistics
                          •   Unlimited Email Forwarding                    •   Referrer Logs
                          •   Spam Assassin Email Blocking                  •   Statistics Logs
                          •   WebMail (Read Email Online)                   •   Error Logs
                          •   WebMail Email Filters                         •   Your own CGI-BIN
                          •   Email Auto Responders                         •   PERL
                          •   Mailing Lists                                 •   PHP
                          •   SMTP                                          •   Python
                          •   POP3                                          •   Curl
                          •   Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)       •   GD
                          •   cPanel Control Panel                          •   phpMyAdmin
                          •   Multi-Language Control Panel                  •   Sendmail
                          •   Web Based File Manager                        •   SSI (Server Side Includes)
                          •   Password Protected Directories                •   Cron Jobs
                          •   Hotlink Protection                            •   .htaccess
                          •   IP Deny Manager                               •   Access to Client Discounts
                          •   Custom Error Pages                            •   Fantastico De Luxe
                          •   Microsoft® FrontPage Extensions               •   FAQ Support Database
                          •   Secure Encrypted SSL Directory                •   Support Ticket System (Support Desk)
                          •   Streaming Audio and Video Compatible          •   Email Support
                          •   Flash and Shockwave Compatible                •   45-Day Money Back Guarantee
New Ideas Web Services, Inc. - Web Hosting Order Form (Revised August 31, 2006)                                                         Page 3 of 3

                                                         Optional Program Installations
                                                              (as noted on page 2)

                    Blogs                                       FAQ                               Polls and Surveys
                    • b2evolution                               • FAQMasterFlex                   • Advanced Poll
                    • Nucleaus                                                                    • phpESP
                    • pMachine Free                             Forums                            • PHPSurveyor
                    • WordPress                                 • phpBB2
                                                                • SMF                             Support Desk
                    CMS (Content Management System)                                               • osTicket
                    • Drupal                                    Guestbook                         • PerlDesk
                    • Geeklog                                   • ViPER Guestbook                 • PHP Support Tickets
                    • Joomla!                                                                     • Support-Logic Helpdesk
                    • Mambo                                     Image Galleries                   • Support Services Manager
                    • PHP-Nuke                                  • 4images Gallery
                    • phpWCMS                                   • Coppermine Photo Gallery        Wiki
                    • phpWebSite                                • Gallery                         • PhpWiki
                    • Post-Nuke                                                                   • TikiWiki
                    • Siteframe                                 Live Help
                    • TYPO3                                     • Crafty Syntax Live Help         Other
                    • Xoops                                     • Help Center Live                • Dew-NewPHPLinks
                                                                                                  • Moodle
                    E-Commerce                                  Mailing List                      • Noah’s Classifieds
                    • CubeCart                                  • PHPlist                         • Open-Realty
                    • osCommerce                                                                  • phpAdsNew
                    • Zen Cart                                                                    • PHPauction
                                                                                                  • phpFormGenerator
                                                                                                  • WebCalendar

                                                  Optional Program Installation Descriptions

A Blog (short for web log) is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (normally in reverse chronological order). Blogs
often focus on a particular subject. Many people use blogs as an online personal diary. Many businesses use blogs to keep their customers
informed of the latest happenings of the company. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web sites.

Content Management System (CMS) is a portal system used to easily publish, manage, and organize web site content. It is generally used as
a news-based application. CMS allows “authors” (end-users) to put new articles onto your web site.

E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) consists primarily of the buying, selling, marketing, and distributing of products or services over the
Internet. It is basically an online store (often called a “web store”). Generally, payment is processed online as you finish your order (“checkout”).

FAQ is an abbreviation for “Frequently Asked Questions.” Web sites often contain a FAQ section with a list of common questions and their

A Forum is an interactive discussion place that allows your web site visitors to leave messages, questions, and comments - for each other and
for you. They can also reply to anyone else. A sense of virtual community often develops around forums that have regular users. Some
businesses use a Forum to allow their customers to interact with other customers to answer questions or teach them how to use a product or
service. Forums are also commonly referred to as discussion boards, discussion groups, message boards, and bulletin boards.

A Guestbook is a type of logging system that allows visitors to your web site to leave a quick message saying that they were there. The visitor
can usually also leave their name, location, Email address, and a simple comment.

An Image Gallery lets you manage your photos on you web site. Image Galleries often include automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing,
rotation, captioning, searching, and more.

Live Help is a real time support system for your web site visitors. Your web site visitor clicks a button on your web page to open a separate chat
window. A representative (sales person, support person, etc.) of the web site can answer your visitors questions as your visitor is still on your
web site.

A Mailing List is a collection of names and Email addresses used to send material to multiple recipients. Mailing Lists are often used to send out
newsletters, online magazines, and advertising. With a Mailing List, a user can subscribe or unsubscribe them self. The term Mailing List can
include the people subscribed to such a list, so the groups of subscribers are referred to as the “mailing list.” Mailing Lists are sometimes
referred to as “Distribution Lists.”

A Poll (or Survey) is used to ask the visitors to your web site one or more questions. This is usually done in order to discover the majority

A Support Desk is a system that allows customers and/or visitors to submit a “support ticket” to your web site. A Support Desk is often used
where a customer may have repeat business with the same company (such as a web site host).

Wiki Software typically allows web pages to be created and edited using a common web browser (such as Internet Explorer).