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18-19 May 2006                    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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     Healthy & Nutritional Bars Conference

      Who will attend?
      This conference is designed for senior managers            Food and retail industries that can benefit from
      involved in or interested in gaining entry to the          this conference include:
      snack bars market, notably healthy and nutritional
      bars, including professionals involved with:                  Retailers

         Retail category management                                 Bar manufacturers and brand owners

         Marketing                                                  Confectionery manufacturers

         Brand management                                           Bakery manufacturers

         Business management                                        Health food companies

         New product development

         Research & development

         Food enineering



         Conference organisers
      PROSOY aims to be a highly valuable source of
      information for health foods, such as vegetable
      protein-based foods in Europe. Translating
      consumer understanding to food manufacturers,
      offering novel concepts to their customers in retail
      and food service, and to food ingredients suppliers
      who wish to offer pro-actively new products to
      their partners. A value chain approach!

      PROSOY is offering various research opportunities
      to clients, who are active in consumer and food
      service markets as well as in ingredient and raw
                                                                   Clients update PROSOY
      material markets.

      PROSOY is offering various strategic consultancy
      services with regard to development or validation
      of sales & marketing and innovation strategies.
      Category and portfolio management reviews
      including partner selections are also offered. These
      services can be rendered on an ad-hoc basis or on
      the basis of a well-defined project.


Amsterdam (Netherlands) 18-19 May 2006

  Healthy Snack Bars Conference: 10 reasons to visit!
    1st Healthy & Nutritional Bars Conference in Europe

    17 speakers from 11 countries will bring their international field experience

    14% growth globally of snack bars (ACNielsen, 2005)

    Over 100 new products introduced in Europe in 2005 (Mintel, 2005)

    Learn from key category definitions in European countries

    Update on category drivers for growth

    Overview of consumer attitudes and perceptions related to health, nutrition and bars

    US and European healthy snack bar markets: differences and similarities?

    New innovative ideas for product differentation & diversification

    Proven strategies and tactics for marketing bars

  International speakers from:






    The Netherlands



    United Kingdom

    United States


         DAY 1 Thursday, 18 May 2006
         08.15     Registration
         09.00     Welcome address                                                        ManagerBusinessDevelopment

         Consumers & Markets                                                 10.30     Coffee and refreshment break
     	   (09.15 - 17.15 hours)
                                                                             11.00    Marketing and positioning of high protein
                                                                                      bars in Italy
         09.15     Trends in the European confectionary and              The demand for nutritious low GI and low GL concepts in Italy
                   (healthy) snack bar market and consumer               has grown substantially as a result of a targeted marketing
                   perceptions of health foods                           campaign of the branded Enervit concept.
     The snack bars category is gaining a lot of attention from
     consumers worldwide. What are the real developments of              In this presentation you will learn more about:
     these products and what is the importance in a broader                  Development of the high protein snack bar category in Italy
     perspective? And how does the European market compare to                How the Enervit concept fits into this trend and into the
     the US market?                                                          Zone diet
                                                                             Enervit marketing efforts in growing the market
     In this presentation you will get an update on:                         What is behind the bars concept ingredients-wise and
         Category definitions of bars in Europe                              technologically
         Market size and dynamics in various European markets
         Innovation, consumption patterns, health perception;
         what drives new categories?
         Consumer attitudes and perceptions related to health and
         functional food                                                                  Mr.PauloPetroni,R&DManager

                                                                             11.45     Presentation of a European Bars
                      Mr.MarcNieman,SeniorSalesExecutive                         Manufacturers - speaker to be confirmed

         09.45      European market demand for health and
                    nutritional bars
     The demand for healthy bars is growing substantially in
     Europe. Following the introduction on the retail market of
     brands formerly only present in other distribution channels,
     more and more retailers are looking into developing their own
     range of products for this piece of the market. What are the
     challenges for a manufacturer of private label bars in the
     European context? What’s hot in the European market and
     which future trends in health and nutrition bars can be
     expected? What aspects are important for Health Brands
     entering the retail market?

     This session will cover the following aspects:
         How health and nutrition bars became the growing trend
         in European Retail Market
         Future trends in health and nutrition bars
         Challenges for health brands expanding their distribution
         channel to the retail market
         Aspects to be taken into account when developing a bar
         that can be successfully marketed


    DAY 1 Thursday, 18 May 2006

    12.30     Lunch for delegates and speakers                          16.00       Category growth in healthy fruit bars in the
                                                                                   Danish market
   14.00       Global new product trends & developments            In the past 3 years the fruit bar category has grown
                in healthy & nutritional bars                       substantially in Denmark. These bars appeal to many
An overview of global trends and developments in the new            consumers as result of the healthy image of fruit in particular.
product introductions of health & nutrition snack bars in the       Which successful positioning and distribution strategies lie
past years will be presented.                                       behind the Castus strategy? Which lessons can be learned from
                                                                    this experience for other markets?
You will get an update on:
   Key product claims and attributes of new products                In this presentation you will be updated on:
   Positioning of healthy snack bars                                    Health trends in Denmark and consumer expectation
   Importance of other food categories for snack bar product            towards bars
   innovation                                                           Category and market segmentation
   Trends and developments in the European and American                 Drivers for success in the fruit bars segment
   market                                                               Outlook for fruit bars in European context


               GNPDCONSULTINGMINTEL                                            Mrs.GretheKjølby,ExportManager
               (UnitedKingdom)                                                   CASTUSA/S(Denmark)

    14.30      The developments in the US healthy &                     16.30      Trends and developments in foods from
               nutritional bars market                                             scientific health & nutritional point of view
The US market is a quite well developed stage. Many healthy         To be successfull, food bars should not only be nutritionous
snack bars are available and the market is dominated by large       but should also fit consumer trends in which, apart from
companies. How about the future? What trends lie ahead and          health in particular great taste, indulgence, desire,
which trends could be relevant for the European markets?            convenience for on the go, extreme and wellness are
In this presentation you will get information on:
    Key health trends and relevance for the snack bar category      The development of nutritional bars will be discussed in the
    Snack Bar Category developments                                 light of:
    Market size, growth and distribution channels                       Health and wellness concerns
    Outlook for future developments                                     Nutritional Science developments
                                                                        Consumer benefit claims
Mr.KipUnderwood,GlobalStrategyDirector                             Hurdles in going to market
    15.00      Marketing healthy and nutritional bars in the
               Nordic countries                                                      Mr.FredBrouns,ManagerNutritional
The Swedish market for health bars is showing good growth                            SciencesEurope
potential. Health is an important category driver. Consumers                         CERESTAR-CARGILLR&DCENTRE(Belgium)
are more and more aware of the concepts such as low GI, “oats”
and sterols.                                                            17.00     Closure

This presentation will focus on:
    Consumer drivers and segmentation for the bars market
    in Sweden
    Positioning of health and nutrition bars in Sweden
    Vitamex marketing efforts in growing the market
    Future opportunities in the Nordic countries


15.50         Tea and refreshment break


         DAY 2 Friday, 19 May 2006
         High protein energy bars section                                    Low GI bars section
         (09.00 - 10.30 hours)                                               (11.00 - 13.00 hours)

         09.00      Advances in high protein bar formulation                 11.00      New development opportunities for low GI
                    technology with soya proteins                                       bars with isolmaltulose and resistant starch
     It is well understood that consumer acceptance is closely           Reduction of sugar in bars is a clear objective for many bar
     linked with the rheological properties of bars and that these       manufacturers. Isomaltulose was developed more than 10
     properties can change over shelf-life. The ultimate goal for        years ago. There is a lot of new interest in the properties of
     the bar manufacturer is to achieve ‘first day freshness’ over       isomaltulose in balancing the diet as a result of the low
     the entire shelf-life of the bar and to extend this shelf-life      increase in blood glucose and insulin level after consumption.
     for as long as possible. It is also important not to overlook       Resistant starch is another new ingredient, which contributes
     the manufacturing properties of the bar and not produce             to an increased fibre intake, promotes healthy blood sugar
     excessive softness or stickiness. This presentation will discuss    levels and which can deliver prebiotic propeties.
     how bar texture can be modified with protein ingredients to
     achieve these goals.                                                In this presentation an update will be given :
                                                                             Status of scientific research on the dietary benefits of
     Sections of the talk will cover are :                                   isomaltulose and resistant starch
        Analytical methods for measurement of texture and                    Consumer communication concepts for resistant starch
        shelf-life                                                           Benefits of both ingredients in healthy snack bars
        Novel soya protein ingredients for bars                              Technologic aspects of incorporating isomaltulose and
        Protein - protein interactions in bars                               resistant starch
        Differences in protein performance between polyol and
        syrup containing bars                                                      
                      Mr.JørnGravgaard,AppliedTechnology                         SOLUTIONS(Germany)
                                                                             11.45      Low-GI and pre-biotics: a healthy combination
                                                                                        based on inulin and fructo-oligosaccharide
      09.45       Optimising the Texture of Nutritional Bars                          syrups for snack bars
     Creating the right texture of high protein bars is a real           In the past years inulin has gained a wide usage in the global
     challenge for many manufacturers. New ingredient                    food industry. Bars is an ideal application for inulin as it is
     developments in the area of dairy and soya protein offer good       also possible to include the usage of fructo-oligosaccharide
     opportunities to create a more light and crispy texture.            syrups (FOS). The fibre inulin has proven to be beneficial in
                                                                         stimulating gut-friendly bacteria growth. FOS are known as
     This presentation will overview:                                    an effective softener, humectant and shelf-life extender in bar
         Background to different types of Kerry proteins and their       formulations. In this session an update will be given on the
         characteristics.                                                health benefits of inulin based on scientific research, the
         The influence of protein type on the process ability of bar     various ways to incorporate inulin and FOS in bars and
         dough’s including controlling viscosity and forming direct      technologic issues and achieve such benefits and the market
         versus ageing.                                                  developments in this category.
         The influence of protein type on bar texture and shelf-life.
         Technology developments with soya protein crisps and how        This session will cover the following aspects:
         this can be applied to producing a healthy nutritious bar          Fibre enriched and prebiotic cereal bar concept
                                                                            Consumer awareness of fibre and communication
                                                                            Low GI cereal bar concept
                      Dr.JohnO’Connell,Research&Development        Texture fine-tuning and shelf life improvement by using
                      Manger                                               the combination of FOS and inulin

     10.30         Coffee and refreshment break

    DAY 2 Friday, 19 May 2006

    12.15        Sugar replacement: new options for reducing             15.00      Advanced heart nutrition with oat β-glucans
                 energy and providing health benefits with           Significant positive health effects have been attributed to oat
                 lactitol and polydextrose                           products including cholesterol control, modulation of glucose
As well as providing sweetness, sugar provides bulk,                 and insulin responses, weight management and improved
crystallinity, texture, preservation, humectancy and a               gastrointestinal function. β-glucan, a soluble fibre, is
precursor for colour and flavour development in food                 probably the most well-recognised health-promoting
products. There are few replacement ingredients able to              ingredient from oats. The approvals in Finland, the
provide all of these functions simultaneously in the same            Netherlands, Sweden and the UK of health claims for oat is
ways as sugar. However the use of sugar alternatives such as         expected to stimulate new product development activity and
lactitol and polydextrose permit the formulator to effectively       lever the door open to an European-wide health claim.
balance the product, not only in terms of its sensory
characteristics, but also in terms of energy and other               This session will detail:
physiological effects including calorie reduction, reduction of         The health promoting benefits of oat fibre
glycaemic impact, fibre enrichment and prebiotic digestive              Status of health claims in Europe
health.                                                                 Consumer communication of health benefits of oat fibre
                                                                        Properties of oat fibre in bar processing
This presentation will discuss:                                         Application of oat fibre in healthy snack bars in various
   Technical attributes of lactitol and polydextrose                    markets around the world
   Physiological attributes of lactitol and polydextrose
   How to use lactitol and polydextrose in healthy snack bars        Mr.GuidoEvers,DirectorWellnessIngredients
   to obtain: reduced calories, reduced glycaemic impact and         CREANUTRITION(Switzerland)
   improved digestive health
                                                                         15.45       New applications of omega-3 in health bars
Dr.HelenMitchell,DirectorofApplications                         The scientific evidence for improved heart health with omega-3
DANISCOSWEETENERSLTD.(UnitedKingdom)                            is growing fast. More an more research is published confirming
                                                                     the positive results of previous studies. The market interest in
                                                                     omega-3 as a functional ingredient in various foods is
    12.45     Lunch for delegates and speakers                       increasing. The taste stability of omega-3 enriched foods is one
                                                                     of the key technical issues of products.
    Heart Health bars section
    (14.15 - 16.30 hours)                                            In this presentation you will learn:
                                                                         Challenges in making stable omega-3 products
    14.15       Plant sterols for bars: background and                   Trends and developments with omega-3 introductions
                opportunities                                            world-wide
The statistics about cardiovascular diseases (CVD) among                 Consumer awareness of omega-3 and communication
the global population are staggering. Despite the medical                concepts
advances made during the past several decades, coronary                  Applications of omega-3 in healthy snack bars
heart disease continues as the leading cause of death around
the world. Among the various risk factors that predispose one                      
to CVD, the link between total- and LDL-cholesterol levels and
the development of heart disease remains strong. The need                              Mr.MichaelHodgett
for cholesterol reduction is clear. Phytosterols can assist in                         Vice-PresidentofEuropeanSales
inhibiting the uptake of cholesterol.                                                  OCEANNUTRITION(Canada)

This session will cover the :                                            16.30     Review & closure
   Properties and scientific evidence of plant sterols
   Legal status in Europe
   Consumer awareness of plantsterols and communication
   Category growth of new products with plant sterols
   Opportunities in health bars and technologic challenges


         Conference Associate Companies
                As a global leader in nourishing people, Cargill provides differentiated sweetness and texturizing solutions
                with the right nutritional and sensorial profile to create distinctive value. From design through development to
                manufacturing, we are committed to creating with our customers innovative new products for consumers to
                enjoy. Cargill provides specialty ingredients and ingredient systems to help global food and beverage companies
                to develop tasty, healthy and convenient products. Cargill is an international provider of food, agricultural and
                risk management products and services. With 124.000 employees in 60 countries , the company is committed to
                using its knowledge and experience to collaborate with customers to help them succeed.

                Cognis ( is a worldwide supplier of innovative specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients.
                It employs about 8,100 people, and has production sites and service centers in 30 countries. The company has
                dedicated its activities to a high level of sustainability and delivers natural source raw materials and ingredients
                for food, nutrition and healthcare markets, and the cosmetics, detergents and cleaners industries. In 2004,
                Cognis recorded sales of 3.07 billion Euros and an EBITDA adjusted of 362 million Euros. The Business-unit
                Nutrition&Health offers a large portfolio of natural-source, health-enhancing ingredients, including
                science-backed products with demonstrated safety and efficacy.

                Danisco – first you add knowlegde
                Danisco develops and produces functional ingredients primarily for the food and beverage industry and, to a lesser
                extent, for the non-food industry. Some 9,000 people are employed within the group’s sales and
                production companies and innovation centres in 40 countries. Net sales of EUR 2.4 billion were reported in
                2004/05. Produced mainly from natural raw materials, the broad product range is backed by top technical
                services, creating innovative, high quality solutions for food and beverage products. The range includes
                antimicrobials, antioxidants, emulsifiers, enzymes, flavours, functional systems, hydrocolloids, speciality fats,
                speciality sweeteners, and starter cultures and media. Danisco is also one of the largest and most efficient sugar
                producers in Europe.

                Kerry Group develops, produces and markets lifestyle and nutritional foods, flavours and ingredients meeting today’s
                consumer demands for healthy, convenient and tasteful food and beverages. Headquartered in Tralee, Ireland,
                the Group employs some 20,000 people throughout its manufacturing, sales and technical centres around the world.
                Kerry supplies over 10,000 products to customers in more than 140 countries worldwide. The Group has
                manufacturing facilities in 20 different countries. In ingredient markets Kerry has grown to become one of the
                largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers of speciality ingredients in the world. Spanning all major
                food categories, Kerry Ingredients’ core technologies and global resources in specialty ingredients, nutritional
                systems, speciality proteins, sweet ingredients, and coating systems provides innovative, practical product solutions
                to food manufacturers and foodservice companies.

                The Solae Company
                A global leader in the research and application of soya protein, The Solae Company serves food and beverage
                manufacturers, dietary supplement developers, retailers and consumers in 100 countries worldwide including
                the United States and Canada, Europe and the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia/Pacific region. The
                company was formed through an alliance between Bunge Limited and DuPont. For more than 30 years, The
                Solae Company has invested in fundamental research to understand the health benefits of soya protein to
                provide better ingredients for better living. Researchers at more than 180 leading universities and research


    Conference Associate Companies

                    institutions have used soya protein products produced by The Solae Company in hundreds of completed and
                    ongoing soya studies. With the Solae co-brand on mainstream food products, the Company takes its promise of
                    “great tasting”nutrition directly to end consumers. Please visit

                    Sensus is a leading supplier of food ingredients to food and beverage makers in over 45 countries. The Frutafit®
                    and Frutalose® inulin/FOS marketed by Sensus can be used for many functional and health reasons in a wide
                    variety of foods and beverages. Many applications of inulin as a healthingredient are related to its properties as
                    a soluble, prebiotic fibre: in developing fibre-en riched and low GI foods, improving Ca-uptake in the body and in
                    promoting a healthy micro-flora and immune function in the colon. Besides physiological benefits Frutafit®
                    and Frutalose® inulin/FOS also enhance mouthfeel and taste through the unique texturising properties. As a
                    partner in health nutrition Sensus develops smart product concepts that contain inulin as an active ingredient.

                    Ocean Nutrition
                    Ocean Nutrition Canada Limited (ONC) was founded in 1997 and has become a leading supplier of quality,
                    marine-based, natural health and nutrition ingredients . ONC’s primary focus is MEG-3® brand Omega-3
                    EPA/DHA purified fish oil ingredients for the global dietary supplement and health food ingredient markets.
                    ONC produces highly concentrated Omega-3 powders that have been successfully incorporated through a
                    patented micro-encapsulation technology into a wide range of food products including, but not limited to; milk,
                    yogurt, nutrition bars, dry mix drink products and bakery items.

                    Media Partners
                    ACNielsen offers an integrated suite of market information gathered from a wide range of sources, advanced
                    information management tools, sophisticated analytical systems and methodologies, and dedicated
                    professional client service to help our clients find the best paths to growth. ACNielsen’s operations span more
                    than 100 countries. ACNielsen clients work with services to: measure their market performance, analyze market
                    dynamics, diagnose and solve marketing and sales problems, and identify and capture growth opportunities.

                    Decision News Media
                    Decision News Media is an international online business-to-business news publisher. The company runs market
                    leading science and business news services in the food, pharmaceuticals, science and cosmetics industries. From
                    its newsrooms in Europe, the USA, Russia and Asia Pacific, Decision News Media serves decision makers in large
                    international companies worldwide. Decision News Media has its head office in Montpellier - France and offices
                    in London and Hoboken - New Jersey.

                    Nutraceuticals World
                    Nutraceuticals World is the premiere industry trade magazine serving the dietary supplement, functional food
                    and nutritional beverage industries. The magazine, which was launched in 1998, has achieved widespread
                    industry recognition and acceptance and covers marketing and technology trends, regulatory developments,
                    breaking research and new product news throughout the global nutraceuticals industry. It is published 10 times
                    a year, including a corporate profiles issue.


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     Conference Venue                                                     Rembrandt 400 years”
                                                                          In 2006 it will have been 400 years ago that Rembrandt,
                                                                          Holland’s greatest 17th-century painter,
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                                                                          throughout the year. Like no other
                                                                          artist, Rembrandt managed to capture
                                    CrownePlazaAmsterdamCity          light and shadows in paint. In addition,
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     Conference Hotel
     The Conference venue for the Healthy Snack Bar Conference            Amsterdam Historical Museum,
     is the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre hotel. There are           May 12 through August 13, 2006
     special conference room rates for the period 17 - 20 May. The        The Amsterdam Historical Museum boasts a small, yet sur-
     Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre is offering a price of €195       prising, Rembrandt collection. It includes drawings, etchings
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     an extremely busy period in Amsterdam. Hotel accommodation           man’ from 1656. To mark the ‘Rembrandt 400’ year, the Am-
     all over Amsterdam is limited. The Crown Plaza has reserved a        sterdam Historical Museum presents this unique collection.
     limited number of rooms for conference delegates. Make your          The topics of the drawings and etchings show what a versatile
     reservation soonest! The Crown Plaza Hotel is a 4 star hotel,        artist Rembrandt was. His work ranges from landscapes and
     which is part of the Intercontinental Hotels Group. You can use      portraits to Biblical and mythological scenes. He used a wide
     your Priority Club Rewards card.                                     range of techniques, including charcoal, pen and pencil, burin
                                                                          and drypoint.
     The Crowne Plaza Amsterdam City Centre
     enjoys a prime location in the city center
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     of Amsterdam, near the Central Station
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     Healthy & Nutritional Bars Conference
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