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					        Communicative English                                   WRITING COURSE
            Language Training for Professionals                  PROJECT SHEET
Name:                                                     Number of Tasks: 3
Course Code: AI0903A                                      Project: 4 of 4
Teacher: Marvin DuBois and Arthur Rubinstein              Sent: 16/03/09           Due: 23/03/09


        Please complete the exercises in the places provided on this project sheet (except where
         this cannot be done, as in the case of quizzes posted on the web).
        Please note the due date given above.
        When you have completed the project, return it to your writing course tutor, Arthur
         Rubinstein (
        When you return the project, please add your surname to the name of the file (but leave the
         file name otherwise unchanged): e.g. AI0903A Project 3 Jones.
        Bring a print-out of the corrected project sheet to the third lesson.


   A web page has been created on the internet for your course. Information on how to view and
   print out the comments you will receive when this project has been corrected, and on still other
   items, is available on this page.

   To access your course page:
            go to the Communicative English website (;
            on the start page, log on as a course participant;
            enter the following information: username = Pantes, password = CE0409; and
            select your course code (see above).


   This is the second exercise on report writing. We will write a progress report. It will give you
   practice in numerous areas, including ** verbs.

TASK 1                                                    TASK ID
   Please do the quiz on using the present simple and continuous for the future that has been
   posted on your course page.


TASK 2                                                    TASK ID
  Please do the quiz on the present perfect simple and continuous that has been posted on your
  course page.


TASK 3                                                  TASK ID
  Please do the quiz on the present perfect simple and continuous that has been posted on your
  course page.


TASK 4                                                  TASK ID

 Writing a Progress Report

       Communication Skills

       One can identity communication skills of
       central importance, that is, abilities to work
       with the forms that communication takes in
       specific situations. For example, in
       speaking or writing, one is often called
       upon to state one’s opinion or to agree (or
       disagree) with the opinions of others. It is
       important to master such skills; and central
       here is that one should try to increase the
       range of relevant expressions for a given
       form one has at one’s disposal.

       This exercise focuses on:
                 stating one’s opinion, and
                 giving reasons.

       The exercise below contains links to lists of
       expressions for the communication skill
       needed for specific parts of the exercise.
       Click on these links as you encounter
 We will say that you have been asked to write a brief progress report on a current assignment.
        Use the assignment description that we talked about at the lesson on Friday (remember
         the “Outline of an Assignment” form you received then). This description is to describe
         your own assignment, the one on which you will write the report. As mentioned at the
         lesson, you should try to come up with an idea for an assignment that is typical of the
         assignments you actually do at work, since it this way you will be able to use terminology
         pertinent to your job.
        Imagine that at the time of writing, it is Monday morning, Week 9.
        Use the “double” schedule that has been inserted in this project sheet (click on the icon
         below). The original schedule, which depicts the way the assignment should have gone,
         is at the top. The actual schedule, which shows how things have really gone, is at the
         bottom. Note that, for the actual schedule, what belongs after the beginning of Week 9 is
         indicated with dotted lines. This is to show that this lies in the future (relative to the time
         of writing): this is what is planned or hoped for, but one cannot be sure that things will
         actually turn out this way.

                                                Progress Report

 Structure your report as follows:
     1. Introduction
             State the purpose of your report.
             Describe the assignment (this should include a brief description of each of the
     2. Body of the report
             Here you will write the progress report as such.
             Give the current status of each phase of the assignment.
     3. Conclusion
             State how, in your opinion, the project as a whole will turn out (especially as regards
              meeting the deadline).
 Other things to note:
        Use appropriate terminology for speaking about schedules and problems: see the
         “Schedule” document inserted below.
        Be sure to use the correct verb forms. For help with this, see the file “Verb Forms”
         inserted below.
        Provide explanations for any deviations from the original schedule, e.g. any delays.
        Keep the report brief.

                                     Progress Report -       Schedule
                                       Verb Forms 1        terminology1

(Complete Task 4 here.)