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GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2                                               V
                            LIST OF ENTRIES

                             Apis                                   Bates method
      A                      Apitherapy                             Bayberry
Abscess                      Appendicitis                           Bedsores
Acidophilus                  Applied kinesiology                    Bedwetting
Acne                         Apricot seed                           Bee pollen
Aconite                      Arginine                               Behavioral optometry
Acupressure                  Arnica                                 Behavioral therapy
Acupuncture                  Aromatherapy                           Belladonna
Ademetionine                 Arrowroot                              Beta-hydroxy
Adie’s pupil                 Arsenicum album                        Beta-methylbutyric acid
African pygeum               Art therapy                            Beta carotene
Agastache                    Ashwaganda                             Betaine hydrochloride
Aging                        Asthma                                 Bhakti yoga
AIDS                         Astigmatism                            Bilberry
Alcoholism                   Aston-Patterning                       Binge eating disorder
Alexander technique          Astragalus                             Biofeedback
Alfalfa                      Atherosclerosis                        Bioflavonoids
Alisma                       Athlete’s foot                         Biota
Allergies                    Atkins diet                            Biotin
Allium cepa                  Atractylodes (white)                   Bipolar disorder
Aloe                         Attention-deficit hyperactivity dis-   Bird flu
                                order                               Bites and stings
                             Aucklandia                             Bitter melon
Alzheimer’s disease
                             Auditory integration training          Bitters
Amino acids
                             Aura therapy                           Black cohosh
                             Auriculotherapy                        Black currant seed oil
                             Autism                                 Black haw
                             Ayurvedic medicine                     Black walnut
Angelica root                                                       Black cumin seed extract
Angina                                                              Bladder cancer
Anise                                                               Bladder infection
Ankylosing spondylitis               B                              Blessed thistle
Anorexia nervosa             Bad breath                             Blisters
Anthroposophical medicine    Balm of Gilead                         Blood poisoning
Antioxidants                 Barberry                               Blood clots
Anxiety                      Barley grass                           Bloodroot

GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2                                                    VII
List of Entries

                  Blue cohosh                     Cartilage supplements             Coenzyme Q10
                  Body odor                       Castor oil                        Coix
                  Boils                           Cat’s claw                        Cold sores
                  Bone spurs                      Cataracts                         Coleus
                  Bonemeal                        Catnip                            Colic
                  Boneset                         Cayce systems                     Colloidal silver
                  Borage oil                      Cayenne                           Colonic irrigation
                  Boron                           Celiac disease                    Color therapy
                  Boswellia                       Cell therapy                      Colorectal cancer
                  Botanical medicine              Cell salt therapy                 Colostrum
                  Breast cancer                   Cellulite                         Coltsfoot
                  Breastfeeding problems          Cerebral vascular insufficiency   Comfrey
                  Breath therapy                  Cerebral palsy                    Common cold
                  Breema                          Cervical dysplasia                Conjunctivitis
                  Brewer’s yeast                  Chakra balancing                  Constipation
                  Bromelain                       Chamomile                         Contact dermatitis
                  Bronchitis                      Charcoal, activated               Copper
                  Bruises                         Chasteberry tree                  Coptis
                  Bruxism                         Chelated minerals                 Cordyceps
                  Bryonia                         Chelation therapy                 Corns and calluses
                  Buchu                           Chemical poisoning                Cornsilk
                  Buckthorn                       Cherry bark                       Cornus
                  Bugleweed                       Chickenpox                        Corydalis
                  Bulimia nervosa                 Chickweed                         Cotton root bark
                  Bunions                         Chicory                           Cough
                  Burdock root                    Childbirth                        Cradle cap
                  Burns                           Childhood nutrition               Cramp bark
                  Bursitis                        Chills                            Cranberry
                  Butcher’s broom                 Chinese massage                   Craniosacral therapy
                  Buteyko                         Chinese system of food cures      Creatine
                                                  Chinese thoroughwax               Crohn’s disease
                                                  Chinese yam                       Croup
                                                  Chinese foxglove root
                                                                                    Crystal healing
                         C                        Chlamydia
                  Cadmium poisoning               Chlorella
                  Caffeine                        Cholesterol
                                                                                    Cuts and scratches
                  Calcarea carbonica              Chondroitin
                                                                                    Cymatic therapy
                  Calcium                         Christian Science healing
                  Calendula                       Chromium
                  Cancer                          Chronic fatigue syndrome
                  Cancer treatments, biological   Chrysanthemum flower
                  Candidiasis                     Chymotrypsin
                  Canker sores                    Cicada                                   D
                  Cantharis                       Cinnamon bark                     Damiana
                  Carnitine                       Cirrhosis                         Dance therapy
                  Carotenoids                     Cnidium seeds                     Dandelion
                  Carpal tunnel syndrome          Codonopsis root                   Dandruff

                  VIII                                             GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2
Deglycyrrhizanated licorice   Evening primrose oil         Gelsemium

                                                                                           List of Entries
Dementia                      Evodia fruit                 Genital herpes
Depression                    Exercise                     Genital warts
Dermatitis                    Eyebright                    Gentiana
Detoxification                                             Geriatric massage
Devil’s claw                                               Gerson therapy
DHEA                                                       Ginger
Diabetes mellitus                    F                     Ginkgo biloba
Diamond diet                  Facial massage               Ginseng, American
Diaper rash                   Fasting                      Ginseng, Korean
Diarrhea                      Fatigue                      Ginseng, Siberian
Diathermy                     Feldenkrais                  Glaucoma
Diets                         Feng shui                    Glucosamine
Digestive enzymes             Fennel                       Glutamine
Diverticulitis                Fenugreek                    Glutathione
Dizziness                     Ferrum phosphoricum          Goldenrod
Dolomite                      Fever                        Goldenseal
Dong quai                     Feverfew                     Gonorrhea
Dry mouth                     Fibrocystic breast disease   Gotu kola
Dyslexia                      Fibromyalgia                 Gout
Dysmenorrhea                  Fish oil                     Grains-of-paradise fruit
                              5-HTP                        Grape skin
                              Flaxseed                     Grape seed extract
                              Flower remedies              Grapefruit seed extract
       E                      Fo ti                        Green tea
                              Folic acid                   Guggul
Ear infection
                              Food poisoning               Guided imagery
                              Foxglove                     Gulf War syndrome
                              Fractures                    Gum disease
                              French green clay            Gymnema
Elder                         Fritillaria
Electroacupuncture            Frostbite and frostnip
Elimination diet              Fungal infections
Emphysema                                                         H
Endometriosis                                              Hair loss
Energy medicine                                            Hangover
Environmental therapy                G                     Hatha yoga
Enzyme therapy                Gallstones                   Hawthorn
Ephedra                       Gamma-linoleic acid          Hay fever
Epididymitis                  Gangrene                     Headache
Epilepsy                      Ganoderma                    Hearing loss
Epimedium                     Gardenia                     Heart disease
Essential fatty acids         Garlic                       Heart attack
Essential oils                Gas                          Heartburn
Essiac tea                    Gastritis                    Heavy metal poisoning
Eucalyptus                    Gastrodia                    Heel spurs
Eucommia bark                 Gastroenteritis              Hellerwork

GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2                                           IX
List of Entries

                  Hemorrhoids                           Infant massage
                  Hepar sulphuris                       Infections                               L
                  Hepatitis                             Infertility                       Labyrinth walking
                  Herbalism, Western                    Inflammatory bowel disease        Lachesis
                  Herbalism, traditional Chinese        Influenza                         Lacto-ovo vegetarianism
                  Herniated disk                        Ingrown nail                      Laryngitis
                  Hiatal hernia                         Insomnia
                  Hibiscus                                                                Lavender
                                                        Insulin resistance                Lazy eye
                  Hiccups                               Iodine
                  High sensitivity C reactive protein                                     Lead poisoning
                                                        Ipecac                            Learning disorders
                                                        Ipriflavone                       Lecithin
                  High-fiber diet
                  Hives                                 Iridology                         Ledum
                  Hodgkin’s disease                     Iron                              Lemon balm
                  Holistic dentistry                    Irritable bowel syndrome          Lemongrass
                  Holistic medicine                     Ischemia                          Leukemia
                  Homeopathy                            Itching                           Lice infestation
                  Homeopathy, acute prescribing                                           Licorice
                  Homeopathy, constitutional pre-                                         Light therapy
                                                                                          Linoleic acid
                  Honeysuckle                                  J                          Livingston-Wheeler therapy
                                                        Jaundice                          Lobelia
                                                        Jet lag                           Lomatium
                  Horse chestnut
                  Horsetail                             Jock itch                         Lomilomi
                  Hot flashes                           Jojoba oil                        Lou Gehrig’s disease
                  Humor therapy                         Journal therapy                   Low back pain
                  Huna                                  Juice therapies                   Lung cancer
                  Hydrotherapy                          Juniper                           Lutein
                  Hypercortisolemia                     Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis     Lycium fruit
                  Hyperopia                                                               Lycopene
                  Hyperparathyroidism                                                     Lycopodium
                  Hypertension                                                            Lyme disease
                  Hyperthermia                                 K                          Lymphatic drainage
                  Hyperthyroidism                                                         Lysimachia
                                                        Kali bichromicum
                  Hypnotherapy                                                            Lysine
                                                        Kampo medicine
                  Hypoglycemia                          Kaposi’s sarcoma
                  Hypothyroidism                        Kava kava
                  Hyssop                                Kegel exercises
                                                        Kelley-Gonzalez diet                     M
                                                        Kelp                              Macrobiotic diet
                                                        Kidney stones                     Macular degeneration
                         I                              Kidney infections                 Magnesium
                  Iceland moss                          Kirlian photography               Magnetic therapy
                  Ignatia                               Knee pain                         Magnolia
                  Immuno-augmentation therapy           Kneipp wellness                   Maitake
                  Impetigo                              Kola nut                          Malaria
                  Impotence                             Kombucha                          Malignant lymphoma
                  Indigestion                           Kudzu                             Manganese

                  X                                                      GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2
Marijuana                       Natrum muriaticum                   Panchakarma

                                                                                                          List of Entries
Marsh mallow                    Natural hygiene diet                Pancreatitis
Martial arts                    Natural hormone replacement ther-   Panic disorder
Massage therapy                   apy                               Pantothenic acid
McDougall diet                  Naturopathic medicine               Parasitic infections
Measles                         Nausea                              Parkinson’s disease
Meditation                      Neck pain                           Parsley
Mediterranean diet              Neem                                Passionflower
Medium-chain triglycerides      Nettle                              Past-life therapy
Melatonin                       Neural therapy                      Pau d’arco
Memory loss                     Neuralgia                           Pelvic inflammatory disease
Meniere’s disease               Neurolinguistic programming         Pennyroyal
Meningitis                      Niacin                              Peppermint
Menopause                       Night blindness                     Peripheral neuropathy
Menstruation                    Noni                                Periwinkle
Mercurius vivus                 Nosebleeds                          Pet therapy
Mesoglycan                      Notoginseng root                    Phlebitis
Metabolic therapies             Nutmeg                              Phobias
Methionine                      Nutrition                           Phosphorus
Mexican yam                     Nux vomica                          Pilates
Migraine headache                                                   Pinched nerve
Milk thistle                                                        Pine bark extract
Mind/Body medicine                                                  Pinellia
Mistletoe                               O                           Pityriasis rosea
Mononucleosis                                                       Placebo effect
Morning sickness                                                    Plantain
Motherwort                                                          Pleurisy
                                Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Motion sickness                                                     Pneumonia
                                Omega-3 fatty acids
Movement therapy                                                    Polarity therapy
                                Omega-6 fatty acids
Moxibustion                                                         Postpartum depression
MSM                                                                 Post-traumatic stress disorder
                                Oregano essential oil
Mugwort leaf                                                        Potassium
                                Ornish diet
                                                                    Pranic healing
Mullein                         Ortho-bionomy
                                                                    Prayer and spirituality
Multiple chemical sensitivity   Orthomolecular medicine
Multiple sclerosis              Osha
                                                                    Pregnancy massage
Mumps                           Osteoarthritis
                                                                    Premenstrual syndrome
Muscle spasms and cramps        Osteopathy
                                                                    Prickly heat
Music therapy                   Osteoporosis
                                                                    Prickly pear cactus
Myopia                          Ovarian cancer
                                                                    Pritikin diet
Myotherapy                      Ovarian cysts
Myrrh                           Oxygen/Ozone therapy
                                                                    Prostate enlargement
                                                                    Prostate cancer
       N                                P                           Psychoneuroimmunology
Narcolepsy                      Pain                                Psychophysiology
Native American medicine        Paleolithic diet                    Psychosomatic medicine

GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2                                                          XI
List of Entries

                  Psychotherapy            Russian massage                    Sneezing
                  Psyllium                 Ruta                               Snoring
                  Pulsatilla                                                  Sodium
                  Pulse diagnosis                                             Somatics
                  Pyridoxine                                                  Sore throat
                                                  S                           Sound therapy
                                                                              South Beach diet
                                           Safflower flower
                                                                              Soy protein
                         Q                 Sage
                                                                              Spinal manipulative therapy
                  Qigong                   Saliva sample testing
                  Quan yin                 Sargassum seaweed
                                                                              Sports massage
                                           Sassafras                          Sprains and strains
                                           Saw palmetto                       Squawvine
                                           Scabies                            St. John’s wort
                         R                 Scallion                           Staphylococcal infections
                  Rabies                   Scarlet fever                      Sties
                  Radiation injuries       Schisandra                         Stomachaches
                  Radiesthesia             Schizophrenia                      Stone massage
                  Radionics                Sciatica                           Strep throat
                  Rashes                   Scoliosis                          Stress
                  Raspberry                Seasonal affective disorder        Stroke
                  Raynaud’s syndrome       Selenium                           Substance abuse and dependence
                  Red cedar                Senior nutrition                   Sulfur
                  Red clover               Senna                              Suma
                  Red yeast rice extract   Sensory deprivation                Sun’s soup
                  Reflexology              Sensory integration disorder       Sunburn
                  Reiki                    Sepia                              Swedish massage
                  Reishi mushroom          Sesame oil                         Sweet clover
                  Relaxation               Sexual dysfunction                 Swimmer’s ear
                  Rescue Remedy            Shamanism                          Syntonic optometry
                  Restless leg syndrome    Sheep sorrel                       Syphilis
                  Retinal detachment       Shiatsu                            Systemic lupus erythematoses
                  Retinopathy              Shiitake mushroom
                  Rheumatic fever          Shin splints
                  Rheumatoid arthritis     Shingles
                  Rhinitis                 Shintaido                                 T
                  Rhubarb root             Sick building syndrome             T’ai chi
                  Rhus toxicodendron       Sickle cell anemia                 Tangerine peel
                  Riboflavin               Silica                             Tea tree oil
                  Rolfing                  Sinus infection                    Teenage nutrition
                  Rosacea                  Sjögren’s syndrome                 Teething problems
                  Rose hip                 Skin cancer                        Temporomandibular joint syn-
                  Rosemary                 Skullcap                              drome
                  Rosen method             Sleep apnea                        Tendinitis
                  Royal jelly              Sleep disorders                    Tennis elbow
                  Rubella                  Slippery elm                       Tetanus
                  Rubenfeld synergy        Smoking                            Thai massage

                  XII                                        GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2
Therapeutic touch                   Uterine cancer        Wheezing

                                                                                    List of Entries
Thiamine                            Uterine fibroids      White peony root
Thuja                               Uva ursi              White willow
Thunder God vine                                          Whooping cough
Thyme                                                     Wigmore diet
Tibetan medicine                                          Wild cherry
Tinnitus                                   V              Wild oat
Tonsillitis                                               Wild yam
Toothache                                                 Wintergreen
Tourette syndrome                                         Witch hazel
Toxic shock syndrome                                      Worms
                                    Varicose veins
Traditional African medicine                              Wormwood
Traditional Chinese medicine                              Wounds
Trager psychophysical integration   Venom immunotherapy
Tremors                             Vitamin A
Trepanation                         Vitamin B complex
Trichomoniasis                      Vitamin B12                  Y
Trigger point therapy               Vitamin C             Yarrow
Triphala                            Vitamin D             Yeast infection
Tuberculosis                        Vitamin E             Yellow dock
Turmeric                            Vitamin K             Yerba santa
                                    Vomiting              Yoga
Ulcers, digestive                          W
Unani-tibbi                         Warts
Urinary incontinence                Wasabi                       Z
Urine therapy                       Wheat grass therapy   Zinc
Usnea                               Wheat germ            Zone diet