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									Novell ZENworks 6.5
Desktop Management

   COURSE 3041
Course Overview

 Section 1: Brief Overview of Course Material
     How Novell Clustering Services work
     How to manage your disk with the new system
     Pandemic Planning
     ZENWorks Overview
     ZENWorks Desktop Management Agent
     Install the ZEN Desktop Agent

          Module                                       Duration
Day 1     Intro Classroom Setup                        0:30
          Section 1 Novell Services                    1:00
          Section 2 Policy Management                  2:00
          Section 3 Server Policies                    0:30
          Section 4 Implement User Policies            2:30

          Module                                       Duration
Day 2     Section 5 Personality Migration Services     1:00
          Section 6 Workstation Imaging                1:30
          Section 7 Workstation Import                 1:30
          Section 8 Implement Workstation Policies     0:30
          Section 9 Service Location Policies          0:30
          Section 10 Intro to Application Management   1:30

        Module                                        Duration
Day 3   Section 11 Distribute Applications to Users   2:00
        Section 12 Location Independence              0:15
        Section 13 Managing Applications              1:00
        Section 14 ZPMS Patch Management              0:30
        Section 15 Configuring Remote Management      1:00
        Section 16 Workstation Inventory              0:30
        Section 17 Middle Tier Server                 0:30
Classroom Configuration

    One central server called DA1
    All other servers have been replaced by containers, so each person will
   manage their own containers
    Two userids per container, one admin, one general user
    All user contexts are .userid.IS.containername.da (eg. Syd container admin
   account would be
    The data volume has been mapped to your K: drive
Netware 5.X Servers

    Several volumes mounted on each server
    Each volume containing multiple departments
    One problem on one volume or department usually meant all users on that
   server would receive notification
    No fail over of resources
    Each server had to be administered from its’ own location (console, or
    Disk storage was becoming a problem
    One server outage took down multiple departments
Home 01    Home 07    Home 02
 Ancill     Nursing    Arts
 PPEM       Science    Education
Home 03               Home 04
 Finserv               Dentistry
 HR                    NRI
Home 05               Home 06
 IST                   Agriculture
Novell Cluster Services

    Novell Cluster Services is a server clustering system that ensures high
   availability and manageability of critical network resources including data,
   applications and services.
    Up to 32 server nodes are supported. Any server within the cluster can
   restart resources from a failed server within the cluster.
    Single point of administration through a browser based Netware remote
   manager or a java based ConsoleOne cluster configuration and monitoring
    Dynamic assignment and reassignment of server storage on as needed
IST         Physed      Law           Nursing
Education   Ancillary   Agriculture   Science
Arts        Libraries   Management    Psychology

Nursing     Science     Psychology
Disk Management

 All disk management on the cluster can be performed through either Windows
Explorer, iManager, or ConsoleOne
 Disk trending can be done through Netware Remote Manager
 Disk allocations are placed on the resource
 Compression is not turned on with the new disk system
 All cluster resources can be accessed by clicking Start -> Run and entering the
resource location (ie. \\ist-nw\ist)
 Folders can be salvaged through Windows Explorer
 UMQuota will not work on root folders (ie. home, shared, loclapps)
Pandemic Planning

Access to Novell resources can be done remotely by many means
     FTP
     NetDrive
     NetStorage
 FTP: Connect to, this will place you in your home drive
where you can download or upload files
 NetDrive: Workstation client that once configured will do either an FTP,
WebDAV, or iFolder transfer of files. NetDrive can be configured to connect to
home and shared drives
 NetStorage: Web based utility that requires no user configuration and provides
access to all mapped drives that users would see if they were logged in on campus.
All access is provided through a web browser
ZENWorks Overview

 Applications can be deployed by creating one install package and rolling it out to all,
or only selected users
 Applications can be set to self repair in case they are removed, or corrupted on the
users workstation
 Policy management allows you to lock machines down so certain administrative areas
are not available to users
 ZEN Imaging lets you quickly backup and reimage workstations
 Diagnostics can be run remotely to see which software versions specific machines are
 Remote management can be performed through the workstation or user objects within
ZENWorks Desktop Management Agent

 You must install the workstation agent whether you use the Novell client or not
 The agent allows the workstation to communicate with the back-end or mid-tier
 The ZENWorks desktop agent allows you to manage all your resources through

To deploy the ZENWorks agent, you should do the following:
           Identify Workstation Agents
           Identify Installation Prerequisites
           Install the Desktop Management agents
Identify Workstation Agents

The workstation agents that are installed with ZENWorks 6.5 are as follows:

 Novell Application Launcher (NAL)
 Novell Workstation Manager
 Workstation Inventory
 Remote Management
 Workstation Imaging
Workstation Agents

Novell Application Launcher (NAL) – a service through which applications are
distributed to users. NAL performs the following functions:
          Distributing an application – apps can be distributed and managed to associated
         users or workstations through NAL
          Uninstalling an application – any application including MSI-based applications
         can be uninstalled through NAL
Novell Workstation Manager – uniquely identifies workstations on the network and
allows you to manage the workstation much like you manage a user
Workstation Inventory – enables workstation inventory management to collect hardware
and software information from scanned workstations
Remote Management – allows you to carry out remote actions on workstations. The
remote management agent starts when the workstation boots.
Workstation Imaging – allows workstations to track unique workstation information
Installation Prerequisites

Criteria                Prerequisite
Hardware                 Pentium compatible CPU (32 bit only) with 64
                        MB of RAM
Disk Space               20 MB free space

Operating System         Windows 98 SE
                         Windows 2000 Professional with SP2
                         Windows XP Professional
Browser                  Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
                         For Internet Explorer 6 or later, make sure it is
                        configured to accept cookies

 Windows XP Home and Windows ME are not supported
   Installing the ZENWorks Desktop Management Agent

                         Exercise 1-2 Pg. 1-54
 ZEN Agent can be found at \\da1\sys\public\zenworks\zfdagent\english

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