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Theme/issue              Nature of Problem               Good Examples of                   Solutions recently                Potential new solutions
                                                         Work Carried out in                     applied
                                                           the Borough
1. Anti-social      Kettering attracts large numbers     i) Pubwatch – 8 exclusions      New police anti-social            a)Licensing policy to be drafted which
behaviour in        of people into town at night and         over 2-3 years              behaviour strategy now a             seeks to reduce incidence of long
town centres at     binge and heavy drinking leads to    ii) Move towards door staff     priority and focus for the           hours opening wherever possible
night, related to   unruly and criminal behaviour. We        accreditation scheme,       police.                           b) County wide contingency fund to
licensed            have one of the worse records for        with strong relationships                                        be developed to contest challenges
premises            violence compared to areas with          between door staff,         Positive action zone status for      by breweries to licensing decisions
                    a similar demography. The                police and licensing        town centre beat.                 c) Local Strategic Partnership Task
                    impact of the new licensing              officers.                                                        Force to consider how collective
                    regime in 2005 will potentially      iii) CCTV and radio link –      Core Licensing Group re-             approaches to the problem can be
                    worsen the situation since it will       CCTV generating about       established, with KBC EHO in         implemented (between now and
                    become more difficult to limit pub       200 detections per          chair.                               January)
                    opening hours and there will more        month and 60-80                                               d) Agreement with licencees to be
                    opportunity for people to drink          arrests.                    Taxi rank improved in                sought to help manage night time
                    into the early hours.                                                Horsemarket with additional          environment of the town – Core
                                                                                         CCTV camera.                         Licensing Group to be engaged in
                    Staff at Kettering General                                                                                process.
                    Hospital also experience high                                        In-taxi cameras being             e) Planning policies for town centre to
                    levels of violence, partly caused                                    encouraged and supported             be developed to improve the quality
                    by alcohol abuse.                                                    with police funding.                 of life for town centre residents, to
                                                                                                                              combat anti-social behaviour and to
                                                                                         Enforcement against                  encourage a night time economy
                                                                                         unauthorised or unlicensed           that brings positive benefits.
                                                                                         taxis taking place – recent       f) Introduce byelaw regarding on-
                                                                                         prosecution.                         street drinking ban, consistent with
                                                                                                                              allowing on street café facilities
                                                                                         PCSOs deployed at night in           outside pubs.
                                                                                         the town centre as part of         Develop an Alcohol Harm Reduction
                                                                                         their duties and dedicated        Strategy in conjunction with PCT and
                                                                                         PCSO resource at hospital.        Healthy Living Centre
2. Anti-social      Inappropriate behaviour by                                          Secondary schools now            Encourage individual school-parent
behaviour in        primary school children in some                                     capture and pass on incidents    contracts, establishing acceptable
schools             areas is the consequence of poor                                    of violent and unacceptable      levels of behaviour by parents and
                    family structures, inadequate                                       behaviour so as to help build    children.
                    parenting, diet, TV and poor                                        a picture for police/local
                    examples from peer and older                                        authorities to pursue
                    groups. The support given to                                        ASBOs/ABCs.
                    families with older children by the
                    Child and Adult family Services                                     KBC staff will advise
                    was less available to families with   Truancy sweeps carried out    education welfare of any
                    younger children.                     by police and education       families not apparently
                                                          welfare.                      ensuring school attendance
                    Absence from school is also a                                       by their children.
                    function of the above.
                                                          Social education
                    The Borough has a high rate of        programme provided by
                    exclusion compared to other           Lifelong Learning, aimed at
                    districts in the County.              young men experiencing
                    Violent and unacceptable
                    behaviour by secondary school
                    students towards each other and
                    towards teachers has increased
                    and appears to be a function of
                    the loss of pastoral support in the
                    transition from primary school,
                    social pressures, poor parenting
                    and low expectations. Some
                    parents’ behaviour towards and in
                    school also made matters worse.

3. Anti-social      Unruly behaviour including            i) BLAST and Broughton for    During June 2004 a CRASBO           a) Support the extension/
behaviour in        intimidation, misuse of local         Youth were excellent          for 2 years was obtained               numbers of schemes similar
residential areas   facilities, vandalism and criminal    examples of local             against a 17 year old youth in         to BLAST and Broughton for
                    damage blights some areas of the      communities organising        Kettering. During the same             Youth, throughout the
                    Borough. Older people are             events for young people       month an ASBO for 5 years              Borough
                    frightened to leave their homes in    which have had a              was obtained against a 31           b) Encourage leisure and sports
                    some cases. However, various          significant effect on anti-   year old female in                     activities to divert young
agencies stressed that the overall         social behaviour.              Desborough. During August       people from anti-social
behaviour by young people in the           ii) Anti-social behaviour      2004 CRASBOS for 2 years        behaviour. *
Borough was no worse and in                orders and acceptable          were obtained against 3      c) Develop a comprehensive,
some cases much better than                behaviour contracts, part of   youths aged, 17, 14 and 14      website based and regularly
neighbouring areas.                        the work of the anti-social    years in Rothwell.              updated directory aimed at 0-
                                           behaviour unit to gather                                       18 year olds, showing events,
Some young people are unaware              and disseminate                                                venues, and opportunities for
of or unable to access sports,             information and agree                                          sport, leisure and
leisure and other provision, and           measures to tackle                                             entertainment in the Borough.
transport to get young people to           individuals causing                                         d) Ensure best use of school
venues, events etc was very poor.          problems to others.                                            premises for sports and
The most effective way to engage           iii) Estate focused work by                                    leisure opportunities at times
some of the less clubbable young           youth workers and KBC                                          when schools not using
people was through sport.                  staff in partnership (eg on                                    facilities.
                                           Highfields and Grange with                                  e) Improve community transport
Some children are effectively              projects such as the cycle                                     to enable young people to
neglected by their parents, who            recycling scheme)                                              access services, events and
are unaware of or do not care              iv) U-turn was contributing                                    venues.*, including
about what they are doing.                 positively to dealing with                                     encouraging better use of the
                                           families whose problems                                        existing stock of minibuses
In extreme cases, there is a               were contributing to poor                                      etc, by assisting more
breakdown in relations between             behaviours.                                                    volunteers to be qualified to
communities or between younger             v) KBC Play schemes,                                           MIDAS standard
and older people in an area.               museum activities and the
                                           summer sports programme
There seems to be a gap in                 for older children.
provision for pre-teen children in         vi) Skateparks
terms of agencies working to deal          vii) Youth Music Action
with family problems.                      Zone and the Zone
                                           viii) Personal safety
It is difficult to attract volunteers to   workshops for young
provide events for young people            people provided by Lifelong
because of perceived risks and             learning
additional costs, such as
4. Support for    Neighbourhood watch (NW)             During the last year NW                                          a) KBC and police to establish a
neighbourhood     schemes do not receive adequate      have increased their                                                joint plan to maximise take up
watch schemes     support from the police and this     surveillance and evidence                                           of neighbourhood watch
                  means that the police miss the       gathering capability                                                schemes across the Borough,
                  opportunity to gather intelligence   considerably with support                                           and to increase membership
                  and that schemes do not endure.      from KBC. 50% of the 19                                             of schemes once
                  The opportunity for crime can be     deployments have proved                                             established.*
                  reduced by watch schemes.            successful. One                                                  b) Advertise NW at the
                  There are spins offs from            deployment in Kettering                                             community safety public
                  successful watch schemes,            Borough led to 16 offences,                                         meetings.
                  including improving community        including anti-social
                  spirit in neighbourhoods,            behaviour and vehicle
                  increasing goodwill towards the      crime, being cleared up.
                  police, improving the profile and    Another deployment
                  experience of volunteering and       contributed to an ASBO
                  reducing crime and anti-social       being obtained.

                                                       KBC pay for NW signage
                                                       on lamp-posts etc.

5. High profile   The perceived absence of police      i) Neighbourhood wardens       a)PCSOs – 8 in Kettering          a) Housing to explore possibility
policing and      officers from beat patrols and the   ii) PCSOs                         Borough by Nov 04.                of funding neighbourhood
enforcement to    perceived absence of                 iii) accreditation of KBC         (includes 2 at hospital and       wardens for KBC housing
give public       enforcement against low level        staff by Police Authority         two to come)                      estates from central
reassurance       crime and anti-social behaviour      iv) Litter enforcement         b)Litter warden – started Dec        government funding streams *
                  has reduced trust and a sense of     v) Dealing with fly-tipping,      03 – 100 prosecutions to       b) More PCSOs to be sought
                  safety in some localities and        abandoned cars and graffiti.      date                              also from central government
                  amongst some groups. Higher                                         c) Two KBC staff accredited          funding streams, subject to
                  profile policing would restore                                         July 04 – slight increase in      year end review of their
                  some of the trust in the                                               powers to tackle anti-social      effectiveness. *
                  authorities, improve the                                               behaviour.                     c) Asking the police to re-open
                  appearance of areas and reduce                                      d)Abandoned cars initiative          the public reception facility at
                  the likelihood of a spiral of                                          launched in 2002; Little          the police station in the
                  progressive neglect and misuse                                         GEM launched July 04 and          evening, or agreeing a
                  of the local environment which                                         ongoing work to respond           suitable replacement facility,
                  create conditions for crime and                                        to fly-tipping incidence          provided in partnership with
                   anti-social behaviour.                                                                                         the Borough Council. *
                                                                                                                               d) Examining the options for an
                                                                                                                                  extension of the Council’s out
                                                                                                                                  of hours noise nuisance
                                                                                                                                  response service*

6. Need for        Related to points 2 and 3 above.       i) U-turn                       Anti-social behaviour unit has       a) Enhance resources available
adequate           Poor parenting means lack of           ii) Sure Start was creating     made great strides in co-               to U-turn to extend their ability
parenting or       immediate sanctions for anti-          the conditions for better       ordinating agencies’ work on            to support families. This may
family support     social behaviour.                      parenting and family            tackling anti-social behaviour.         be possible if Supporting
                                                          support within its defined      KBC has been a significant              People can take on the costs
                   There are a multiplicity of services   area.                           partner in this.                        of the tenancy support worker
                   being provided in “penny packets”      iii) Sunflower centre in                                                currently supported from BSC
                   to families and young people, and      Corby provides aid and                                                  funds.
                   this seems to consume a                support to victims of                                                b) Joint health/KBC worker can
                   considerable amount of                 domestic abuse.                                                         assess range of support
                   resources, without effectively                                                                                 services for young people and
                   tackling problems on a significant                                                                             families and establish how
                   scale.                                                                                                         better use of resources can
                                                                                                                                  be made.
                                                                                                                               c) Connexions service should be
                   Binge drinking contributes to                                                                                  more firmly linked into the
                   domestic abuse                                                                                                 anti-social behaviour team.
                                                                                                                               d) Develop an Alcohol Harm
                                                                                                                                  Reduction Strategy in
                                                                                                                                  conjunction with PCT and
                                                                                                                                  Healthy Living Centre

7. Providing       Victim Support’s services are          Burglary reduction initiative   KBC has enhanced flows of
support to         necessarily limited to certain                                         information between housing
victims of crime   categories of victim, and by the                                       services and victim support.
                   availability of volunteers, as well
                   as finance.

                   Distraction burglary affects more                                      A Domestic Abuse
                   vulnerable people, although it         The Sunflower Centre in         Programme to tackle               The Domestic Abuse Perpetrator
tends to occur infrequently.          Corby provides support to     perpetrators of domestic         programme could be funded from
                                      victims of domestic abuse .   abuse in the county has been     BSC funds provided existing funded
Domestic abuse is widespread                                        set up but is not fully funded   schemes end or are transferred. (see
but difficult to deal with in a way                                 yet.                             6a above)
which helps the victim.