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					                  DART REPS BY BUILDING LOCATION
   Buildings          Contacts                 Address                      Phone #
Administration   Paquela Holt                                            214-653-6067
Decker           Lilia Dyess     509 Main St., Ste, 101                  214-653-7931
George Allen     Julia McDuff                                            214-653-6161
Frank Crowley    Susy Martinez   133 N. Industrial (Riverfront) Blvd,    214-653-2764
Lew Sterrett     Dorthea Simon    1st Floor, Rm B1                       214-653-2763
HHS              Linda Helsley   2377 Stemmons Frwy, 6th Flr, Rm 648     214-819-6040
IFS              Melinda High    5230 Medical Ctr Dr., 1st Flr, Rm 116   214-920-5913
Henry Wade       Lidia Baeza     2600 Lone Star Dr., 2nd Flr, Rm 209A    214-698-5568

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