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					                             Corporate HRD Group

       Post Graduation in Business Management Programme with MDI

 The Scheme:

NTPC has been promoting schemes for up gradation of competencies and
potential of executives to effectively discharge their existing responsibilities
and also to prepare them to take up higher responsibilities.

In order to systematically enhance the Managerial Competence of selected
executives by exposing them to Business Management Education, the company
has introduced a scheme for acquiring Post Graduation in Business Management
(PGDBM) in collaboration with Management Development Institute, Gurgaon – a
leading business school in the country. The collaboration is initially for three
batches and the first batch started from the academic year 2004-05. A scheme
for acquiring Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management was circulated
vide CHRC No. 516 / 2004, Dated 05.01.2004.

Executive is eligible if –

 Executive in the level of E6 or E7.
 Executive has not exceeded 45 years of age as on 1st April in the
  respective year in which the course is schedule to start.
 Executive is having minimum 10 years experience in NTPC.
 Executive is Graduate in Engineering / other discipline, or Post Graduation
  in any discipline with 60% marks or passed in CA / ICWA / AMIE or Executive
  who joined NTPC initially as Executive Trainees.
 Executive on deputation/ secondment to Joint Venture Companies of NTPC.

Executive is not eligible if –

 Executive is not meeting the above criteria.
 Executive already possesses any PGDBM / MBA or equivalent (in any
  specialization) from a recognized University / Institution.
 Executive has acquired any higher qualification under company sponsorship
  (with company contribution 50% or more) within five years from passing the
  last sponsored programme.

The summary of the scheme is given at Annexure-A.
 The Programme Status:

The status of various steps taken for implementation of collaborated PGDBM
programme for building managerial competence is given under:

      Approval of the Board for the scheme on                23.09.03
      MOU signed with MDI for 3 batches on                   27.11.03
      Scheme for acquiring PGDBM issued on                   05.01.04

 The first batch started in 5th July’04 and completed on 30th Sept,2005.
  Sh. K Sreekant, DGM- Finance (CC), NTPC won Prime Minister’s Gold
  Medal for overall performance. The department of Personnel and
  Training, GOI, HR Gold Medal was won by Sh. Rakesh Prasad, DGM (HRD),
  NTPC in HR discipline. List of candidates sponsored for first batch is
  given at Annexure-B

 The second batch commenced on 14th July’05. The course was
  completed on 30th Nov, 2007. Sh. S.K. Grover of PGDBM course received
  the Department of Personnel & Training, Government of India Gold
  Medal in the area of Human Resource Management for obtaining the
  highest CGPA and Sh. George Thomas of PGDBM-Energy Management
  course received the “Director’s Gold Medal” for highest overall CGPA
  List of candidates sponsored for second batch is given at Annexure-C

 The third batch commenced on 17th April, 2006.
  List of candidates sponsored for third batch is given at Annexure-D.

 The PGDBM program has been extended further with a batch size of 20.
  The fourth batch participants have just joined the course on 17th April,
  2007. List of candidates sponsored for fourth batch is given at

  The provisions related to fee, other expenses, benefits and Liability to
   continue the course and to serve the organization, etc. is given at

  Contact Person:

       For any further information if any please contact P.K. Dewangan,
       Dy. Manager (HRD), PMI, NOIDA. Ph. 0120-2517908(O),

        Summary to CHRC No. 516 / 2004, Date 05.01.2004

Title         : Scheme for acquiring Post Graduate Diploma in Business
Objective     : To systematically enhance the Managerial Competence of
                executives by exposing them to latest Business Management
                Education in collaboration with Management Development
                Institute-Gurgaon for acquiring AICTE recognized Post
                Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) degree.
Feature of    : Fully Sponsored by NTPC. Full time 15 months programme.
the Course      12 months residential at MDI Campus. 3 months Project
                assignment at NTPC work place. Collaboration for three
                batches. First Batch Commencing from 1st July 2004. Batch
                size of 30-executives/ batches.
Coverage      : Executives at the level of E6 and E7 with minimum 10 years
                experience in NTPC.
Eligibility   : Minimum Age – 32. Maximum Age – 45 on 1st April
                Possess 60% marks in Graduate / PG in any discipline or pass
                in CA / ICWA / AMIE. Executive with MBA or equivalent – not
                Executive who has acquired any higher qualification under
                company sponsorship for higher studies (with NTPC
                contribution 50%) would be allowed on completion of 5 years
                of services from the year of acquiring the last sponsored
Process of    : Candidates short-listed by NTPC based on performance will
selection       go through a Selection Test, Group Discussion and Interview
                conducted by MDI and a final batch of 30 executives would
                be selected for admission.
Fee & other   : NTPC would pay full course fee for completing the course in
Expenses        single attempt beyond which expenses are to be met by
                individual. Out of pocket allowance of Rs. 1500/- PM.
                Lodging charges for bachelor accommodation in MDI campus
                only for 12 months by NTPC.
                Charges towards food etc. to met by individual.
Service       : Amount – Rs. 5.00 lakhs and to serve NTPC for 5 Years

           Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management at MDI, Gurgaon
                          List of executives of First Batch

Sl.          Emp. No.          Name (Mr./Ms.)      Level     Deptt.       Reg-Location

       1      04750     Jitendra Singh Chordia       E6    C&M            CC
       2      03776     Sangeeta Kaushik             E6    CP             CC
       3      04769     S Upadhyay                   E6    QA & I         CC
       4      04141     Aditya Dar                   E6    FIN            CC
       5      02919     K Sreekant                   E7    FIN            CC
       6      04181     Rajiv Shrivastav             E6    FIN            CC
       7      54969     Sunil Gupta                  E6    FIN            CC
       8      02945     Vijender Nath Jain           E6    FIN            CC
       9      02938     Rakesh Prasad                E6    HR             CC
      10      02761     MD Mishra                    E6    IT             ER-FSTPP
      11      04624     Amit Kumar Bhaumik           E6    O&M-C&I        ER-FSTPP
      12      05200     Dipankar Biswas              E6    O&M-MM         ER-FSTPP
      13      04222     Satya Prakash Upadhyay       E6    FIN            ER-FSTPP
      14      03826     M Bishoyee                   E6    IT             ER-KHSTPP
      15      04548     Sudip Nag                    E6    O&M-O&E        ER-FSTPP
      16      03496     B C Barik                    E6    O&M-EM         ER-TSTPP
      17      04059     S S Sahu                     E6    O&M-FM         ER-TSTPP
      18      03015     G V V V Rao                  E6    O&M-R&M        ER-TTPS
      19      01189     Swami Dayal Prasad           E7    O&M-Opn.       NCR-ANGPS
      20      05138     Neeraj Jalota                E6    O&M-MM         NCR-BTPS
      21      03860     Praveen Saxena               E6    TS-P&S         NCR-FBGPP
      22      21255     Sudhir Arya                  E7    FIN            NCR-NCPP
      23      02650     Rajesh Kumar                 E6    O&M-Chem       NCR-NCPP
      24      05139     Sujai Naik K S               E6    O&M-Opn.       NR-RHSTPS
      25      01617     Kanchan Nath                 E7    TS-FQA         NR-RHSTPS
      26      03446     M V R Reddy                  E6    O&M-Opn.       SR-RSTPS
      27      04542     N S Rao                      E6    O&M-R&M        SR-RSTPS
      28      01870     Vemuri Srinivas              E6    O&M-Opn.       SR-SMPP
      29      03272     S Mathew                     E6    O&M-Opn.       WR-VSTPS
      30      31718     B R Rao                      E6    OS             WR-HQ

      Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management at MDI, Gurgaon
                    List of executives of Second Batch

Sl.     Emp. No.        Name (Mr.)         Level      Deptt.       Reg-Location
 1.      004759    Umesh Kumar Jain         E6     PE-Task F       CC-EOC
 2.      003357    Balkrishna Kamath        E6     Dist. Gen.      CC-EOC
 3.      005201    Purushottam Gupta        E6     CMG             CC-SCOPE
 4.      004791    Prashant Kumar           E6     Envt. Mgt.      ER-HQ
 5.      005664    A.K. Chaurasia           E6     Operation       ER-FSTPP
 6.      041730    Arindam Banerjee         E6     Operation       ER-FSTPP
 7.      005093    Arindam Sinha            E6     Mech Maint      ER-FSTPP
 8.      005115    Goutam Deb               E6     Mech Maint      ER-FSTPP
 9.      003891    Bhaskar Bhattacharjee    E6     Mech Maint      ER-FSTPP
 10.     005225    K. Shanmugha Sundaram    E6     C & I Maint     ER-TSTPP
 11.     002255    Biswarup Basu            E7     C & I Maint     ER-TSTPP
 12.     002216    S.K. Grover              E7     Commg.          ER-TSTPP
 13.     005164    V.P. Pandey              E6     Maint. Plng.    NCR-BTPS
 14.     002700    Sanjeev Kishore          E7     Operation       NCR-Dadri
 15.     004353    Neeraj Agarwal           E6     Mech Maint      NR-FGUPP
 16.     001861    Chhavi Nath Singh        E7     Comms & Test.   NR-RHSTPS
 17.     041631    P.K. Upadhaya            E7     Fuel Hand.      NR-RHSTPS
 18.     004458    Debabrata Dasgupta       E6     Operation       NR-RHSTPS
 19.     003921    R.G. Bhaskarwar          E6     Operation       NR-SSTPS
 20.     03856     Diptendu Mandal          E6     Mech Maint      NR-SSTPS
 21.     001665    Mohammad Zia             E6     Elect Maint     NR-TANDA
 22.     004977    J.M. John                E6     IT-Commn.       SR-RSTPS
 23.     003951    M. Narayana              E6     Operation       SR-RSTPS
 24.     002646    K.S. Sarma               E6     Chem            SR-SMPP
 25.     003829    Dillip Kumar Patel       E6     HR              WR-KSTPS
 26.     004520    S Govindarajan           E6     Materials       WR-KSTPS
 27.     005112    P.K. Pan                 E6     Operation       WR-KSTPS
 28.     004233    Thomas Varkey            E6     HR              WR-KWGPP
 29.     004779    Sanjay Prasad            E6     Civil Const     WR-VSTPS
 30.     061495    Gautam Das               E6     Mech Maint      WR-VSTPS

          Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management at MDI, Gurgaon
                         List of executives of third Batch

Sl.     Emp. No.        Name (Mr.)          Level      Deptt.       Reg-Location

  1.     005126    SUBHASIS BOSE             E6     Insp. Serv.    ER-IS-KolKata
  2.     005632    RASMI RANJAN PARIDA       E6     C&M            ER-TSTPP
  3.     004430    AJIT KRUSHNA KAMILLA      E6     Mech Maint     ER-TTPS
  4.     005199    ANJANA RANJAN DASH        E6     Mech Maint     ER-TTPS
  5.     005370    B.V.R.SHARMA              E6     PE Civil       CC-EOC
  6.     002813    U.K.BHATTACHARYYA         E7     Consultancy    CC-CONSL
  7.  004344       NARESH KUMAR              E6     C&M            HYD-LPHPP
   8. 004771       AJITMAL NAHAR             E6     Civil Const    HYD-KOLDAM
   9. 005552       AJAY SINGH YADAV          E6     TS             NCR-ANGPS
  10. 002725       RAVI PRAKASH TRIPATHI     E7     Maint. Plng.   NCR-BTPS
  11. 005774       S MADHU                   E6     C&I Maint      NCR-BTPS
  12. 005843       SUDEEP KUMAR DAS          E6     Maint. Plng.   NCR-BTPS
  13.    005477    K.SATYANARAYANA           E6     C&I Maint      NCR-BTPS
  14.    003261    ANIL KHANNA               E6     O&E            NCR-FBGPP
  15.    005883    MANISH JAIN               E6     C&I Maint      NCR-FBGPP
  16.    005246    D.K.S.RAUTELA             E6     Operation      NCR-NCPS
  17. 003858       ANANDA BANERJEE           E6     Mech Maint     NCR-NCPS
  18. 005300       CHARANJEET SINGH          E6     Operation      NCR-NCPS
  19. 067061       ANUP JI AGRAWAL           E6     Purchase       NR-FGUPP
  20. 005710       PARAS MANI                E6     Finance.       NR-HQ
  21. 005067       TAPAS KUMAR NANDI         E6     C&I Maint      NR-RHSTPS
  22. 003875       ARVIND SINGH              E6     Purchase       NR-TANDA
  23. 005507       D.SRINIVASA RAO           E6     Mech Maint     SR-SMPP
  24. 003822       V.P.RAVINDRANATHAN        E6     Comml.         SR-HQ
  25. 005238       KAMAL BHANAWAT            E6     Mech Maint     WR-GNGPP
  26. 003764       G.K. MOHANTY              E6     Operation      WR-KSTPS
  27. 005534       R.N.PUJARI                E6     Mech Maint     WR-VSTPS
  28. 004544       SUBHABRATA BHADURI        E6     Operation      WR-VSTPS

            Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management at MDI, Gurgaon
                          List of executives of fourth Batch

Sl.         Emp. No.        Name (Mr.)         Level        Deptt.    Reg-Location

      1.     004432    Alok Kumar Tripathi      E6     Consultancy   CC-CONSL
      2.     005692    Anita Srivastava         E6     Finance       CC-CONSL
      3.     005663    A.K. Singh               E6     FM            CC-EOC
      4.     005529    Anupam Mukherjee         E6     Operation     ER-TSTPP
      5.     005817    V Srinivas Rao           E6     Operation     ER-TSTPP
      6.     005605    Kishore Chandra Patra    E6     Mech Maint    ER-TSTPP

      7.     006073    V.K. Kanungo             E6     EEMG          NCR-NCPS

      8.     005047    Vishal Mathur            E6     C & I Maint   NCR-NCPS

      9.     005144    Bodh Raj                 E6     IT            NCR-NCPS

      10.    005211    Shivam Srivastava        E6     AHP           NR-FGUPP

      11.    005855    A.J. Agarwal.            E6     IT            NR-HQ

      12.    004565    V.K.S. Bankoti           E6     Operation     NR-RHSTPS

      13.    004782    Murari Prasad            E6     Chemistry     NR-RHSTPS

      14.    006087    A. Kumar                 E6     Elect Maint   NR-SSTPS

      15.    058291    P.K. Biswas.             E6     HR            NR-TANDA

      16.    004806    Tata Visweswara Rao      E6     Materials     NR-RSTPS

      17.    005628    V.P Ramachandran.        E6     Inspection    SR-HQ

      18.    005880    T.M. Devi                E6     HRD           CC-PMI

      19.    005190    Anjan Kumar Sinha        E6     Consultancy   CW-GMDC

      20.    005262    Rajendra Kumar Joshi     E6     C&M           NCR-AUGPS

      PGDBM - The provisions related to fee, other expenses, benefits and
       Liability to continue the course and to serve the organization, etc.

A- Provisions related to fee, other expenses, benefits and allowances:

1. During the period of study the executive would be treated as fully sponsored candidate
   and would be allowed all facilities and benefits as per his normal entitlements as on
   duty (except incentive payments and / or Ex-gratia payment / rewards etc.). He would
   be allowed retention of accommodation in the last station and would draw full salary
   and allowance as admissible in NTPC Scheme for Company Sponsorship for Higher
   Studies in India and further terms and conditions mentioned elsewhere in this circular.

2. The salary (Basic Pay, DA, Personal Pay, CCA/FCA, literature reimbursement,
   reimbursement of expenditure on children’s education, reimbursement of
   entertainment expenditure, reimbursement of rent and / or call charges of residential
   telephone, washing allowance and cash canteen compensation) would be disbursed to
   the candidates at their respective units.

3. The reimbursement of conveyance expenditure would also be allowed if vehicle is
   maintained and used during the study at the institute by the concerned executive. In
   this case the concerned executive himself would meet the expenditure towards
   transportation of car from last station to the institute. The executive may however opt
   to travel by his car from last station to the institute and claim TA as per rule.

4. The dependent family members of the candidates would be entitled for medical
   attendance and treatment as per rule at the respective units. The candidate in respect
   of his own medical treatment would claim the reimbursement from his respective units.
   In case of hospitalization of the candidates, EOC-Noida would directly make payments
   to the empanelled hospital and would debit the expenditure to the respective unit.

5. The candidates would be allowed to go to their respective unit during the period of one
   week break after each term. It would be treated as on tour and candidate would only
   get journey TA, DA as per his entitlement and would be allowed to perform the journey
   in his entitled class. The respective units would settle the TA.

6. The total tuition fee (including academic fee, reading material, computer and library
   fee) would be paid by NTPC for completing the course of 15 months in single attempt
   by the selected executive.

7. NTPC would pay total lodging charges for single occupancy bachelor accommodation in
   MDI-Gurgaon campus for a period of 12 months (any charges for use of MDI-Gurgaon
   accommodation beyond a period of 12 months would be paid by the individual
   candidate himself).

8. The sponsored executives would also be entitled for an “Out of pocket allowance” of
    Rs. 1500/- per month towards purchase of books, periodicals, stationary etc. during the
    course for 15 months period.

9. The sponsored executive would pay himself boarding charges (the charges towards food
    etc.) directly to MDI-Gurgaon as prescribed by MDI-Gurgaon.
B- Liability to continue the course and to serve the organization:

1. The provisions related to liability to continue the course and to serve the
   organization, fee, other expenses, benefits and allowances applicable during
   the period of study shall be applicable as per the scheme for acquiring PGDBM
   (CHRC No. 516 / 2004 dated 05.01.2004).

2. As per the scheme the sponsored executives upon completion of the study and
   after being duly awarded with PGDBM would be liable to serve NTPC for a
   minimum of 5 years from the date of acquisition of PGDBM of MDI-Gurgaon.
   Accordingly, the selected executive is required to execute a Service
   Agreement Bond for a period of 5 years for an amount of Rs. 5.00 lakhs.

3. Further, the sponsored executives would be deputed for international
   exposure / study tour abroad by NTPC as a part of the course for which they
   have to execute a bond for a period of 2 years for an amount of Rs. 1.50 lakhs
   under foreign training policy.

4. Therefore each of the executives is required to execute a Service Agreement
    Bond for a period of 7 years for an amount of Rs. 6.50 lakhs before being
    released to join MDI Gurgaon. If any executive after completion of the Course fails
    to serve NTPC for a period of 7 years, he would be liable to pay the Bond money of
    Rs. 6.50 lakh to NTPC.

5. The executives who join the Course would be expected to complete the Course
   successfully in one attempt. Any expenditure on account of Re-examination fee, Re-
   evaluation fee for papers, refundable Caution Money, Alumni Fund / fee etc. and other
   incidental expenditure would be borne by the concerned executive himself. Similarly in
   case of re-examination the executive concerned would have to also apply for leave and
   no TA/DA etc. would be payable.

6. In case any executive discontinues the course or fails to successfully complete the same
   due to any reasons, other than death or major accident / ailment resulting into
   permanent disability, would be liable to pay total payment made by NTPC to

7. The programme is fully residential and the concerned executive will be given single
   room bachelor accommodation in Mandevin House at MDI campus-Gurgaon. The
   executives sponsored would adhere to all relevant rules applicable to students in MDI
   Campus and maintain, conduct and discipline of high order during the stay in the
   campus for purpose of study and would also be governed by the relevant rules of the
   Institute and the CDA rule of NTPC. They would pursue the course in the right spirit and
   maintain high level of performance in their academics.

8. The course design, reading material, examination pattern, evaluation etc. would be
   determined by MDI-Gurgaon and the executives would be governed by the academic
   rules and regulations of the Institute.

9. Executives after completion of Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management would
    be liable to be posted to any function and at any   place in the Company based on the