ITEM 03680.9601XX M - FIBER OPTIC CABLE, XX FIBER by myx17334


									ITEM 03680.9601XX M - FIBER OPTIC CABLE, XX FIBER

DESCRIPTION - This work consists of furnishing single-mode fiber optic cable in existing and
proposed conduit at locations shown on the Plans.

MATERIALS - The cable shall meet the following specifications:

•      Single-mode fiber

•      Loose tube cable

•      Dielectric central member

•      Reverse oscillation buffer tube stranding

•      Footage markings printed every 61 centimeters along outer jacket

•      Attenuation at 1310/1550 nm: 0.35/0.25 dB/km (maximum attenuation for every fiber in
       cable across entire operating temperature range)

METHOD OF MEASUREMENT - Fiber Optic Cable shall include the cable as described
above, and any materials required to terminate or splice the cable in cabinets as shown on the

BASIS OF PAYMENT - Payment will be made under Item 03680.9601XX M, paid by the
linear meter.

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