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                                                 Hair Loss Causes And Treatments
                                                          By Andrea L. Dilea

    Alopecia, that is the proper term for hair loss whether total or partial. Most people will just use the
words bald or balding. No matter what you call it, before you can treat it you need to have all of the
facts about hair loss. There are a few things that you must take into consideration to better understand
your hair loss situation and the various options currently available for its treatment. The more
information you have early on in treating hair loss, the better your odds for success.

In order to best understand and treat your hair loss situation, you first need to determine what type of
hair loss you are dealing with. This will help you begin to sift through the vast amount of information
available. Hair loss can be a gradual development, or occur in patches and even be something that
affects the hair all over your body. Some hair loss is natural, with the average person loosing
approximately one hundred hairs every day. Considering that the average human scalp contain around
one hundred thousand hairs on any given day the loss of one hundred a day is not overly significant.
The life span of the average hair is approximately four and half years during which time it will grow
about one half inch every six months. After about five years the hair will fall out and be replaces with a
new hair in another six months. Genetic hair loss occurs when the body does not produce new hairs to
replace those shed along with excessive hair loss.

Hair loss does not discriminate between men and women. Typically as people age they loose the same
amount of hair, whether man or woman. The same is true for thinning of the hair. Inherited pattern
baldness does tend to occur more for men than for women. One forth of all men will have begun to go
bald by the age of thirty and two-thirds will have developed balding patters or be completely bald by the
age of sixty. Male pattern baldness typically includes the receding hair line accompanied with thinning
of the hair around the crown. The key factor contributing to male pattern baldness is testosterone. This
means that men lacking n testosterone due to castration of genetic abnormalities will not develop male
pattern baldness.

  There are many causes of hair loss this is why it is extremely important to consider all available
information on potential causes of hair loss before assuming that your hair loss is inherited. While
baldness is typically the result of to aging, heredity or testosterone there are numerous other factors
that must not be ignored. These include hormonal changes, serious illnesses, medications, excessive
shampooing or blow drying, stress-either emotional or physical, nervous habits, burns and even
parasites such as ringworm.

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                                             What! Female Hair Loss Treatments!
                                                              By Amy A.May

 Many people think that hair loss is a male problem, but it is one that many females suffer from as well.
Hair loss is a very traumatic experience for a woman, even though it perfectly natural to lose your hair
as you get older. When young women start to experience hair loss, they start to research the kinds of
female hair loss treatments that are available to them. The treatment they find depends on what is
causing the hairloss to occur in the first place. Some of the causes may be stress or hormonal
changes. In these cases the doctor can easily prescribe female hair loss treatments that have nothing
to do with hair growth.

New hair loss treatments are coming on the market all the time, but their validity has yet to be
determined. Scientists will tell you that many of the so-called new hair loss treatments may not work for
you. Since every person is unique and the reasons for hair loss vary from person to person, there are
no one kind of female hair loss treatments that work for everybody. Find out more about Female Hair

With the doctor prescribed hair loss treatments for women, the one that has had the most success is a
topical solution containing 2% Minoxodil. New hair loss treatments containing higher percentages are
still being tested to see if they are suitable for females to use. Female hairloss treatments sometimes
vary to male hair loss treatments.

Another of the new hair loss treatments available for men is a hair growth pill. This is not being
considered as one of the female hair loss treatments because of the possibility that it may cause birth
defects. Pregnant or nursing mothers should never use the prescribed treatments for hair loss because
it is not known what effect it could have on an unborn or newborn baby.

Many women are turning to aromatherapy as female hairloss treatments. Some essential oils are said
to be beneficial in controlling hair loss. In a study conducted with females experiencing hair loss a
blend of essential oils was used as a topical solution for the scalp, The results of this new hair loss
treatment were very promising, with 44% showing marked improvement after seven months of the
treatment. With aromatherapy oils, as with all other female hairloss treatments, once you stop using
them so does the hair growth.

Female hair loss treatments often vary from male hair loss treatments, depending on the cause of the
hair loss.

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