Instructions on how to download from the FTP server

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Instructions on how to download from the FTP server
Software used in the course can be downloaded from our FTP server.
Use the information below to access our FTP server:

Credentials for connection to our FTP server
Port: 21
User/login: arcgis
Password: yrhdnx
Quick link for browsers: ftp://arcgis:yrhdnx@

  Read the information in README.txt on the FTP server for
         information on how to register the software.

Note that the password can change without prior notice. If you
 fail to login with the credentials mentioned above, download
               the newer version of this document.

FileZilla instructions
Instructions are for FTP client FileZilla (version You are free to choose
whatever FTP client you feel comfortable with but we only give support on FileZilla.

To download material from an FTP you need an FTP client. The client can be your
regular browser or a dedicated FTP client. There are many different types of dedicated
FTP clients, some free and some commercial. One of the free ones that is good enough
for casual use is FileZilla.

To get Filezilla go to and download and install the client, not
the server.

No matter which FTP client you decide to use, make sure it switches automatically
between ASCII and Binary transfers. Otherwise you might end up with corrupted files
after a download. In FileZilla this setting is found in the toolbar (Transfer > Transfer type
> Auto).

When you have installed FileZilla you can enter the login information in the top menu in
FileZilla (see below).

Red ellipses mark where to enter the login information. Press Quickconnect to connect to
the FTP server. You can also use the Site Manager (located in the top left corner) to store
different connections.

If you have problems to retrieve directory listings or to transfer files, try to change the
default transfer mode (go to Edit > Settings > Connection > FTP).

When you are connected you can download files from the server (make sure you have
set which folder to download content to!). The window is divided into two panes; the
left one is your local computer (where the files will be stored, here called Local Site) and
the right one is the FTP server (here called Remote Site). Right click files or folders in the
right pane (Remote Site) and select Download. Text files (e.g. Readme.txt) you can view
directly by right clicking and selecting View / Edit.

Web browser instructions
If you use your web browser, just paste the quick link for browsers into the address field
and press enter. From there on you can copy/paste as usual (in Internet Explorer) or right-
click/save as (in all browsers) but using a dedicated FTP client (like FileZilla) is highly
recommended because it can resume an interrupted transfer.