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How to measure performance from Knowledge Center professionals when there is no
ACD system for phone stats?

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Although it would be difficult to obtain and measure call statistics without an ACD that is
capable of providing data for reporting purposes. There are several techniques that can be
used to monitor and measure call center professionals in this area.

Call monitoring or call observation is a technique for first-hand observation of the
interaction between customer and call center professional. The call center manager,
supervisor, and/or call center peers may conduct call monitoring. Case resolution and
communication skills should be monitored and used as feedback tools for improving call
center professionals' service to customers. The advantages of regular, objective, well-
managed call monitoring are:

 Showing the organization's commitment to:
      Training and learning
      Continuous improvement
      Customer satisfaction
 Emphasizing that each contact is the call center professional's opportunity to impress
  the customer.

 Stressing the value and the impact of a call center professional's work to the success
  of the business.

 Identification of training needs for the call center - technical, procedural, and/or

 Identification of call center professionals who need training and what specific type(s)
  of training they need.

 Evaluation of the effectiveness of call center training; reinforcement of training.

 Providing criteria for evaluation/performance reviews; establishment of an individual
  benchmark for improvement measurement.
 Recorded calls, both positive and negative, can be used as a training tool for the call
  center team.

 Identification of needs related to standard operating procedures and scripts.

 Validation of customer feedback.

Call monitoring feedback can be extremely valuable in causing customer service
improvement and promoting call center professional development.

Other measurement tools that can be used are:
   Customer Surveys
   Case Quality (All required information is entered and is clear and concise)
   Number of Praise Letters Received by Professional
   First Call Resolution Rate
   First Contact Resolution Rate
   Case Follow-up