Hotel reservation guarantee per credit card

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					Hotel reservation guarantee per credit card
How to properly proceed

Credit card holders (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners         2. Inform the guest about your conditions. It is
Club Card or Discover Card) can reserve the first over-       best if you send the guest a confirmation via the
night stay through their card. As a hotel, and/or poten-      postal service, fax or e-mail with the following
tially as an assigned agent, you must observe several         information:
important points that are listed in this datasheet. Make      – Price per overnight stay for the requested room
sure that the booking agent forwards all information            category and the invoice total (including VAT)
regarding reservations and cancellations to you im-           – Precise hotel address
mediately.                                                    – The reservation number
                                                              – Information about cancellation and charging
Here’s how a reservation works                                  conditions:
1. Request the following information from your guest            If the cardholder does not cancel the reser-
   during the reservation process:                              vation made by 6:00 pm local time on the
   1 Credit card number, expiry date, card security             planned date of arrival, then one overnight
     code (CVV2/CVC2 on the back of the card)                   stay shall be charged, including taxes.
   2 The cardholder’s last and first name (must

     be identical with that of the guest), address,
     phone/fax number and e-mail address

This data and information about your guest may
only be obtained per telephone or fax. Transmis-
sion per e-mail is prohibited. Furthermore, this data           1

may not be stored on electronic data carriers.
                            These are the conditions for a cancellation                                          Substitute accommodations
                            You are basically required to accept all cancellations                               You are obligated to make the reserved accommoda-
                            that are received by 6:00 pm local time on the date of                               tions available correctly to your guests. If this is not
                            the planned arrival. In addition, you must provide the                               possible for you, then you are required to organize ac-
                            cardholder with the cancellation number.                                             commodations of equal value in the same location. In
                                                                                                                 addition, the guest is entitled to a transfer to the sub-
                            If this cancellation period is insufficient for you, then                            stitute accommodations as well as a three-minute tele-
                            you can set it for up to a maximum of 72 hours before                                phone call; furthermore, you are required to forward
                            the planned arrival of the guest. In this case, you must                             all messages and calls to the new accommodations
                            bring this special cancellation period to the guest’s at-                            free of charge.
                            tention in writing. Clearly list the specific date and time
                            of this cancellation period in your confirmation letter.

                            If the customer does not appear and has not cancelled
                            the reservation, then you can issue a sales slip for the
                            charging of one overnight stay to the cardholder.
                            Since you only have the card number and not the card,
                            use the “manual card data entry” function1. In place of
                            the signature, enter the comment “no show”2 by hand
                            in the signature field. If the cardholder disputes having
                            made the hotel reservation him/herself, then you have
                            no claim to reimbursement.

                            How to proceed on the day of arrival
                            Request the guest’s credit card upon check-in and re-
                            serve the anticipated amount due through to the end
                            of their stay using your terminal.

                            Be sure to read the card in on the terminal. Only enter
                            the card number manually if neither the chip nor the
                            magnetic stripe are readable and therefore the card
                            cannot be read by the terminal. You are required to
                            observe the SIX Pay special conditions in the General
                            Business Conditions regarding the handling of manual

                                The precise name can vary according to the terminal type. Please contact the manufacturer of your terminal should you have questions.
                                “No show“ is a standard industry term.

                            The Special Business Conditions for the Acceptance of Credit Cards in the Presence of the Cardholder apply.

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