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									                                INDIANA UNIVERSITY KOKOMO
                         IT Advisory Committee Meeting, Bogle Room
                          Wednesday, November 8, 2006 2:30-4:00pm

Present: Diane Bever, Bill Yost, Chris Rivers, Nadene Keene, Craig Swoverland,
Carl Pennington, Melanie Hough, Tim Sehr

Absent: Ellen Sigler, Robert Dibie, Fred Hakes, Sharon Calhoon, Cathy Hightower,
Christian Chauret

Old Business

We are waiting for additional input for the proposal to support laptop computers. Looking for
consensus at our next committee meeting. This will be presented at a budget presentation on
December 6th.

IUPUI has shortened their IT survey. We will discuss our survey at our next committee meeting.

Classroom Auto Lock has been installed on faculty and staff computers. There has been little
feedback from faculty of staff as to how this is working. However, there have been issues with
public email stations in the main lobby with students leaving their sign on. The instructor
stations are set to auto-lock after ninety minutes. If this happens press and hold the power
button. Signs at instruction stations will be put up explaining the reboot process and to contact
the Help Desk if needed.

Classroom Clickers folders were handed out to faculty and a FAQS handout to the rest of the
committee. If a faculty member would like to order an Instructor CPS Receiver and Clicker Kit
they need to email Eva and give their name, title, name of class and the size of class. CTLA
provides training for faculty.

Draft Plan handout for Windows Vista and Office 2007 Deployment and the XP retirement was
given to the committee. Both will be released end of this month. The bookstores will have the
media for students in April. How are we going to roll this out with minimal confusion and bring
new product to the campus? How will these impact departments? We should start working with
students and faculty by March, 2007. Use feedback from the Academic Council, Faculty Senate
as to when they feel we should roll out to the campus.

New Business

A handout was given to the committee regarding Print Management Solutions. VendPrint is our
current print management but has not been reliable so we are looking for a new solution. We
continue to use the system but student computing services will facilitate the process of selecting
a new print management solution.
The classroom management software Vision is currently installed in all computer classrooms.
There were some complaints last spring but an upgrade was done over the summer that should
address those complaints. A demo will be done on November 17th of another product line.

The new Telephone Directory is currently being printed. If you have changes for next year email
the help desk.

The First IT Chat took place on September 17, 18 and 19. Some faculty drop by and shared
valuable thoughts. This is a good start; a suggestion was made to change the name to Chit Chat.

The RFP for Web Design Proposal has gone out. We hope to have a consultant on board by the
spring of 2007 and bid the redesign work.

Faculty Items

Computer rooms for E-course
An expressed need for additional computer lab space was presented. Because of preferred
method of instruction two new labs were being requested. This request will need to be
channeled through the Dean and be presented at the Cabinet level since it would require new
space or a reallocation of existing space. Based on income generated through the technology fee
this request many not be possible in the next rascal year.

Minutes taken by Kathy Coppola, meeting ended at 4:00pm.

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