The 6W Model of Customer Analysis by myx17334

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    The 6W Model of Customer Analysis
         Who are the customers?
Psychograph o Those with the purchasing power?
y vs.       o Those who can influence purchases? Kids, family,
              parents, etc?
            o Age group? Where do they live?
         What do the customers do with the product?
            o How do they consume the product? Give away?
            o How often do they buy?
         Where do they buy the product?
            o Channels of distribution
                                            What are the
                  Proximal/distant?        implications here?
            o Internet
                  Safety issues
            o Direct marketing
                  [What might be the issues here?]
         When do they buy the product?
                                         Can the purpose of buying
            o Seasonally?
                                         determine when to buy? AND
            o Situational?               WHAT MIGHT THE
         Why do they buy?
            o Need satisfaction?
            o Presence of alternatives?
            o Power of uncertainty of needs / changing needs
         And why don’t they buy?

    An understanding of the above (6W) helps to reveal:

           Customer value
           Customer needs
           Customer segments
           The attractiveness of the identified segments [segment size &
            growth potentials, attractiveness & potential profitability,
            resources & skills of the organisation, compatibility with the
            org’s objectives, cost of reaching the market]

What does value stand for?

…would mean different things to different people. However
generally defined as:

                  Perceived Benefits – Cost

Delineating Benefits & Costs [Students to come up with examples]

Benefits                            Costs
Functional                          Monetary
Emotional                           Time & Energy
Image                               Psychic Expenditure

        Steps in customer segmentation research [students to come
        up with a business idea / product / service and interrogate]

        In segmenting a market, what questions might we ask?
       Are they homogeneous or heterogeneous
       Is the market accessible?
       Can the customers be identified or measured? [ in terms of
        what variables]
       Is the size significant enough to warrant some marketing
        effort? [ must we approach a simply market because of its

Segmentation Research
     Gather raw data from customers
        o How?
              Face-face interviews

                  Focus groups       Students to discuss
                  Observation        merits/demerits

           o What do you ask? Page 76
       Interpret the raw data in terms of customer needs
       Arrange the needs hierarchically in terms of major needs and
        sub needs
       Establish the relative importance of the needs
           o Either let the research team decide might be the
                  Or                              benefits here?

           o Redo the search – using new set of customers or the old
                                        What must we check
       Evaluate the results and steps out here? What are the
                                     benchmarks? Page 78

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