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									Preventing Diabetes

                    What is

• What is diabetes and pre-
• What are the risk factors for
• How can you delay or prevent
  type 2 diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

• Blood glucose (sugar) levels higher
  than normal

• Not enough insulin to allow glucose
  to enter cells to be used for energy
Types of Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes
• Usually diagnosed in children and young
Type 2 diabetes
• Most common form
• Most often diagnosed in adults
Gestational diabetes
• Can appear during pregnancy
• High risk for type 2 diabetes later in life
What is Diabetes? - Video Clip
Insulin – Video Clip
Type 2 Diabetes – Video Clip
Type 2 Diabetes

What is Pre-Diabetes?
• Comes before type 2 diabetes
• Blood glucose higher than normal,
  but not yet diabetes
• You can have pre-diabetes and not
  know it

 How are diabetes and pre-
 diabetes diagnosed?
   – Fasting blood glucose of 126
     mg/dl or higher
   – Fasting blood glucose of 100 -
     125 mg/dl
Preventing Diabetes

 What is your fasting blood

 When was your glucose last
Get Checked

 Get your blood glucose checked for
  pre-diabetes if you are
 • Age 45 or older and overweight
 • Age 45 or older and not overweight
   – ask your doctor if you need to be
 • Under age 45, but overweight and
   at increased risk for diabetes
Risk Factors
• A parent, brother or sister has diabetes

• You are African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native
  American, Asian American or Pacific Islander

• You had a baby weighing more than 9 pounds or
  had gestational diabetes

• You have high blood pressure (over 140/90)

• You have low HDL (good) cholesterol (40 or lower)

• You have high triglycerides (150 or higher)

 If you have pre-diabetes, what
   does it mean?
 • You might get type 2 diabetes soon
   or sometime in the future
 • You are more likely to get heart
   disease or have a stroke
Preventing Diabetes

 Diabetes is serious
 You will be healthier if you delay or
  prevent diabetes

 Diabetes is common
 But you can reduce your risk by losing
Preventing Diabetes

        Delay or prevent type 2
        diabetes with
        • Regular physical activity,
          such as walking almost
          every day
        • Weight loss
Preventing Diabetes

 The Diabetes Prevention
  Program study showed
  30 minutes a day of moderate
  physical activity along with a
  5 to 10% weight loss produced
  a 58% reduction in diabetes
Losing 5 to 10%
Losing 5 to 10%

 How much do you weigh?

 How much is 5 to 10%?
Strategies for Losing Weight

   •   Cut back on calories and fat
   •   Be active most days of the week
   •   Eat breakfast daily
   •   Keep records of:
       – What you eat and drink
       – Daily physical activity
       – Your weight
Strategies for Losing Weight

   • Implementing a weight-loss
     – On your own or
     – Through an organized weight loss
       program (e.g., Weight Watchers)
   • A combination of meal planning
     and physical activity is most
Keeping a Record
  Records helps keep you on target

Write down
• Everything you eat and drink including
  serving sizes
• Your physical activity – what kind and
  how long
• Your weekly weight
Keeping a Record

 • A small notebook or
 • ADA’s “My Game Plan: Food and
   Activity Tracker” or
 • Anything that works for you!
Keeping a Record

 You can delay or prevent type 2
  diabetes with regular physical
  activity, such as walking almost
  every day, and weight loss.

   Learn all you can to help:
      lose weight
      be more active
      eat healthy
Learn More

 Other Preventing Diabetes
  Cutting Calories and Fat
  Being Active
More Help

 A new powerful risk assessment tool
 • Enter your personal health information.
 • Receive a personalized “Results Overview”
 showing your current risk for diabetes, heart
 attack, and other health problems.
 • Change items in your profile (such as walking
 more or losing weight) to see how making these
 changes would impact your future.
Diabetes PHD

 Online at
For More Information

          For more information
   about preventing diabetes please call
  1-800-DIABETES or visit
For More Information

        Contact your local ADA at
 1-888-DIABETES to learn about activities
    and volunteer opportunities in your

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