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					  For Attention Of All Regional And Chapter Chairmen & Secretaries of IIF

You all are aware of the NCTS (National Centre for Technical Services) activities.
The latest service NCTS is offering is software service to the foundries. The
details are being forwarded to all members.

The NCTS in consultation with National Council has made a plan to enhance the
activities and to be proactive in service to the members. The NCTS needs your
cooperation for the purpose.

We need to identify an experienced and knowledgeable foundryman from your
chapter who will volunteer as NCTS representative.

The work involvements are as follows
   1.     Promote NCTS products and services.
   2.     To assist foundries for availing software services from NCTS.
   3.     To assist in chapter activities such as technical meetings and training
          programme with NCTS materials.
   4.     To identify an expert to provide solutions to local foundries with NCTS
   5.     To help coordinate NCTS projects.

This is a very important assignment and we look forward for a person who has
knowledge of foundry technology and possesses good communication and
coordination skills and works with missionary zeal.

His actual expenses during the performance will be compensated and depending
on project involvement the remuneration will be decided.

This is a very important step of IIF- NCTS towards service to the members and
this endeavor will be successful only with your cooperation.

Please communicate.

Thanking you

Sham H. Arjunwadkar