never cry wolf_ part 3 by alendar


									                                                      Part 3
                                               NEVER CRY WOLF
                                               A Carroll Ballard Film

                                Chapter 3: New Neighbor (last part of chapter)
                                     Chapter 4: In Pursuit of Phantoms
                                      Chapter 5: George and Angeline
                                 Chapter 6: Company (first part of chapter)
                                             [31:15 to 1:01:01]

         Part 3 starts with Tyler under water kicking up at the ice. It ends while Ootek and
         Mike are visiting Tyler and he tells them what he is eating. Part 3 stops when
         Ootek says, "Good idea."

After watching Part 3 of this movie, you will do the following:
   A. study vocabulary
   B. prepare notes for three topics (3 paragraphs)
   C. write three paragraphs (about 450 words)

Topic 1:           Tyler’s life in the Arctic
Topic 2:           Tyler and the wolves
Topic 3:           Your life in a new place (OR) Animals in your life

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                                                Never Cry Wolf
                                               Vocabulary: Part 3
acceptable adj. all right; okay                               clue n(C) hint; suggestion
accomplished v(I) finished; did successfully                  conducting v(T) doing
affection n(U) love and caring                                constant adj unending; continual
alpha n(C) leader; first in order of                          consumed v(T) eaten
    importance                                                contrasting adj. different
amarok (Inuit word) wolf                                      counts n(C) parts; ways
apparently adv. probably                                      cubs n(C) young animals (such as: young
arise v(I) wake up and get out of bed                             wolves)
asserting v(T) insisting on; demanding                        decline n(C) lowering of numbers
assertions n(C) actions to prove (his own)                    den n(C) animal home
    beliefs                                                   detached adj by oneself
attuned adj aware of                                          detected v(T) noticed
boundary n(C) property line; border                           disastrous adj destructive; ruinous
calculation n(C) use of numbers to figure                     display n(C) show; demonstration
    out how many                                              dispute n(C) argument; disagreement
Canis Lupus Arcticus N arctic white wolf                      dominant adj ruling; leading; top
capture v(T) describe                                         downwind adj. on the side opposite the
carnivore n(C) meat-eating animal                                 wind (so the wind will not blow over the
challenged adj. seriously in danger of losing                     wolf first and Tyler last)
challenges n(C) contests; fights                              entirely adv. completely; totally

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envy v(T) am jealous of; wish to be like                      rarest adj. the most uncommon; the most
excursions n(C) trips                                             unusual
exhaustion n(U) nothing; nonexistence                         recognition n(U) knowledge; awareness
experiment n(C) scientific test to learn new                  remains v(T) continues to be
    things                                                    reveal v(T) let out; tell
exposed v(T) shown                                            revealing v(T) making known; showing
field of vision n(expression) area that can be                rough adj. approximately; not exact
    seen (area that the animal can see)                       rounds n(C) travels
fleetingly adv passing quickly                                scant adj only a little; not much
gain v(T) get into; take                                      scat n(U) bodily waste; bowel movements
gait n(C) style of walking                                    scatological adj animal waste
granted v(T) gave                                             senses n(C) sight, hearing, touch, taste, and
identical adj exactly the same                                    smell
indicating v(T) showing; marking                              signs n(C) information from movements,
insignificance n(U) unimportance                                  sights, sounds, smells, tastes
isolated adj alone; apart                                     skepticism n(U) disbelief; doubt
journal n(C) written record; diary                            smattering n(C) small number
lenses n(C) curved glass which makes things                   species n(C) group of similar life forms
    look clear                                                spluttering v(I) spitting
longs v(T) desires; wishes                                    staggering adj awesome; great
maintain v(T) keep                                            staring adj. looking for a long time
mammal n(C) warm blooded animal                               stem from v(phrase) come from; occur
match n(C) game; competition                                      because of
mate v(I) have sex to make babies                             suspicious adj strange; untrusting
mystified adj puzzled                                         sustenance n(U) food
numerous adj. many                                            symbolic adj. important but not having any
object of attention n(expression)                                 real effect
    something to look at for a long time                      territorial adj property; land
observation post n(C) place to watch from                     territory n(C) property; land
observed v(T) noticed                                         thus adv. therefore, so
offspring n(U) children; babies                               tracks n(C) footprints; marks made by
once conj. when                                                   animals’ feet
opt v(T) choose                                               translates v(I) interprets; changes from one
outmaneuvered v(T) tricked                                        language to another
outsider n(C) someone who is not accepted                     triplicate forms n(phrase) three exact
    as a member of a group                                        copies of papers with spaces to write
overall adj. main; most important                                 information
pack n(C) group of wolves                                     twilight n(U) time when day is starting to
particular adj special                                            become night; dusk universe
perform v(T) do                                               universe n(C) group of experiences
periscope n(C) long tube with mirrors to                      urinating v(I) pissing; peeing
    look over the top of something                            varied adj. many different
perplexing v(I) complicated; complex                          violating v(T) breaking; going against
phantoms n(C) mysteries; ghosts                               whether conj. if (if something is or is not
pickings n(plural) money or profits                               possible)
polar adj. Arctic
presence n(U) being there, existence
principle n(C) rule; law
pursuit n(U) chase; search

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