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									       NAUGHTY, BAWDY, BROADWAY, TOO!
             Michael Belle, Danny Bolton, Laurel Dantas,
           Thomas Dawkins, Kaori Emery, Rebecca Hains,
            Tyler Hains, Karen Lennox, Stephanie Mann,
      Francesca Perrone, Angeliki Theoharis, Karla Kelley, piano

Willkommen (Cabaret)                                                Kander and Ebb
                              Danny Bolton and Ensemble

I Want To Be Bad (Good News)                              Dasylva, Brown, Henderson
                                     Karen Lennox

I’m Always True to You Darling In My Fashion (Kiss Me Kate)                   Porter
                                  Francesca Perrone

What Is It About Her (The Wild Party)                                         Lippa
                                    Michael Belle

If you got it, flaunt it (The Producers)                                     Brooks
                                      Stephanie Mann

The Hostess With the Mostes’ On the Ball (Call Me Madame)                     Berlin
                                 Angeliki Theoharis

I Might be Your Once-in-a-While (Angel Face)                                Herbert
                                   Laurel Dantas

Isabella's Jewel Song (Christopher Columbus)                              Offenbach
                                     Kaori Emery

My Love (Candide)                                                         Bernstein
                                Rebecca and Tyler Hains

We Are Women (Candide)                                                    Bernstein
                     Rebecca Hains and Angeliki Theoharis

My Love Reprise (Candide)                                                 Bernstein
                            Tyler Hains and Thomas Dawkins

The Wages of Sin (The Mystery of Edwin Drood)                               Holmes
                                  Karen Lennox

You can always count on me (City of Angels)                      Coleman and Zippel
                                  Stephanie Mann
Smut                                                                       Lehrer
                                 Thomas Dawkins

Class (Chicago)                                                   Kander and Ebb
                       Karen Lennox and Angeliki Theoharis

I Could Have Danced All Night (My Fair Lady)                 Anonymous and Loewe
                                   Laurel Dantas

Just One Step (Songs For a New World)                                      Brown
                                Francesca Perrone

There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Grease)                       Casey and Jacobs
                                   Rebecca Hains

When You’re Good To Mama (Chicago)                                Kander and Ebb
                              Angeliki Theoharis

It’s Too Darn Hot (Kiss Me, Kate)                                          Porter
                            Thomas Dawkins and Ensemble

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