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                          (Computer Shiksha Yojna)
This Undertaking is entered into on this day of ………….. 2007
1. Center for Entrepreneurship Development, Madhya Pradesh (CEDMAP), an State’s

Autonomous Organisation having its Head Office at 16-A, Arera Hills, Bhopal, Madhya



2.Mr./Ms.______________________________________the principal of the College
(Name                                   of                                 college:
having              its             registered             address               as
_________________________________________________       herein after referred to as

College Authority for giving his consent for establishing the study center of MPBOU in
association with CEDMAP, Bhopal, in the premises of the Government colleges at
___________________________, district __________________________.
   A) Centre for Entrepreneurship Development Madhya Pradesh (CEDMAP) is State’s
       Autonomous Organisation engaged in entrepreneurship activities for providing
       training and education in the field of Computer and other related areas/subjects and
       having numerous Computer Education Centres across the State.
   B) CEDMAP and Madhya Pradesh BHOJ (Open) University submitted the proposal of
       “Computer Shiksha Yojna” to the Higher Education Department of Government of
       Madhya Pradesh for approval.
   C) The Govt. approved the project and issued the sanction vide letter No. 2463/06 dated
       17.11.06 for implementing the courses from session 2006-2007.




1. Definitions

Without limiting any other terms defined elsewhere herein used in this agreement, the

following terms shall, unless context otherwise requires, have the following respective


1.1   Centre for Entrepreneurship Development Madhya Pradesh (CEDMAP): is

      state’s autonomous organisation having its Head Office at 16-A, Arera Hills, Bhopal,

      Madhya Pradesh.

1.2   CEDMAP IT ACADEMY (CITA) : is a division of CEDMAP looking into the

      matters related with Information Technology and Computer Education in Madhya

      Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

1.3   Independent Business Associate (IBA): means the representative so authorized by

      CITA for imparting computer education and training courses designed by MPBOU

      and CITA.

1.4   Faculty: means the Academic Staff appointed by the CITA authority for teaching

      computer education and training.

1.5   Study centre infrastructure (assets): means all the assets arranged by IBA

      CEDMAP representative relating to and forming part of the project will be the

      property of CEDMAP representative only. CEDMAP has full right to lift the material

      from college premises.

1.6   Computer Courses: shall mean DCA, PGDCA and include all other Computer

      Courses designed and approved by MPBOU & CITA.

1.7   MPBOU: means the Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University.

1.8   Authorized Premises: shall mean and include the premises registered with CITA by

      the IBA to carry out the computer courses.

1.9   College: means the Madhya Pradesh Govt. Colleges.

1.10   College Authority: means the Principal of the College or its authorized


1.11   CEDMAP Authority: means the Executive Director of CEDMAP, Bhopal or its

       authorized Director.

1.12   MPBOU Authority: means the Registrar of MPBOU, Bhopal.

2.     Scope:

       In consideration of the promises and mutual covenants the parties agrees as follows:

2.1    That the Government Colleges/Institutions participating in this project will provide
       the accommodation furniture, if possible, in campus of the concerned Government
       Colleges/Institution for installation of computers and teaching. It will be the mutual
       effort of the CEDMAP and Head of the concerned Government College/Institution to
       acquire/provide accommodation/furniture for this project. University and CEDMAP
       will coordinate in this matter with the Colleges/Institutions.

2.2    That the in case of non availability of the Room/Infrastructure in College/Institution,
       CEDMAP may establish its centre at a place near to College/Institution, in
       coordination and consent with Head of the Institution.

2.3    That     the      CEDMAP       would      authorize     its      representative   Mr./Ms.
       ________________________, Phone No. _______________________________ for
       establishing the study center and conducting the computer courses in the said

2.4        That CEDMAP shall provide requisite infrastructure as specified in Annexure „A‟

           and resources for successful implementation of the project.

2.5        That the College Authority would authorize a coordinator for the smooth functioning

           of the Study center and will communicate to the CEDMAP.

2.6        That the College Authority would promote the students for the admission at the study


2.7        That the entire electricity charges for running the center during and after the

           institution hours shall borne by the CEDMAP as per the sub meter fixed or mutually

           decided by CEDMAP and Head of the Institution.

2.8        That the CEDMAP shall provide Internet connection at his own cost, in coordination

           with the College/School authority.

2.9        That the :-

      a.      Registration fees and Tuition fee will be collected by CEDMAP with the

              coordination of the Principal.

      b.      The amount collected through Registration fee will be given by CEDMAP to

              concerned Government College/Institution. The distribution of this fee to college

              staff is specified Annexure-“B”

      c.      Prescribed fee for study material and examination will be collected by CEDMAP

              with the coordination of the Principal, and sent to Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open)

              University in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of ‘Registrar Madhya

              Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University’ payable at Bhopal, within time specified by the


      d.      The schedule of payment of fee for DCA and PGDCA will be as per Annexure-


2.10       That the college will provide safe place /room for installation of hardware and


2.11       That the students shall be trained as per the entire syllabus of CCA (only for schools),

           DCA and PGDCA of ‘Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University’.

2.12       In addition to courses mentioned in this undertaking, courses offered by CEDMAP as

           per ‘Annexure D’ can also be run with the coordination of Principal of the College.

2.13       That the eligibility for admission in DCA & PGDCA will be as per norms of


2.14       Admission: - Any student of the concerned Government College whose admission

           and enrolment is certified by the Principal of the concerned Government College shall

           be eligible to get admission under this project.

2.15       Examination: - Evaluation and award of certificates will be as per norm of University.

3.         Validity

           This agreement is Valid for Minimum Three Years or continues till further mutual


4.         Resolution of Disputes

4.1        In case of any discrepancies to be found in the conduction of the training at the study

           center the College Authority would bring immediately in the notice of ED, CEDMAP

           so that the problem could be rectified.

In witness whereof, the parties above have hereto set their hands on this         day   of

               2007 in the presence of witnesses.

For and on behalf of                                 For and on behalf of

College                                              CEDMAP

Signature and Delivered by                           Signature and Delivered by

Mr. /Ms ____________________                         Mr. S.K. Amlathe
Principal                                            Project Director
For Government College                               CITA-Bhopal

In the presence of                                   In the presence of
Mr. Feroze Bunglowala                                Mr. R.D. Mandaokar
State RIBA                                           Manager IT (CITA)
Indore                                               Bhopal

Witness:                                             Witness:

In the presence of                                   In the presence of
Witness:                                             Witness:




                                 INFRASTRUCTURE DETAILS
S.No.     Type          Specifications                                         Qty.
1         Computer              P-IV CPU 2.4 MHz or more MHz                  1 No.
          Server                256 MB Ram
                                80 GB Hard Disk Drive
                                52x or Higher CD writer
                                1,44 MB FDD
                                15” Color Monitor
                                Mouse with pad
                                108 Key Keyboard
                                Multy Media Kit with Matching Speakers
                                Lan Card
2         Computer              Celeron-2.1    MHz/P-IV       CPU      2.0 9 No.
          Nodes                  MHz/AMD-2.0 MHz
                                128 MB Ram
                                40 GB Hard Disk Drive
                                15” Color Monitor
                                Mouse with Pad
                                108 Key Keyboard
                                Lan Card
3         Printer       Inkjet                                                 1.Nos.
4         Internet      Dial up/Lease line                                     On all computers

(i)      5 Computer + 1 Printer if strength of the college is less than 500
(ii)     10 Computer + 1 Printer if strength of the college is more than 500


                            FEE STRUCTURE

S.N Course   Registration   Tuition fee   Study       Exam     Total
o.                                        Material    Fee
1   DCA      Rs 120=00      Rs 1250=00    Rs 735=00   Rs       Rs 2605=00
             per student    @ Rs 125=00 (Set of 6
                            per student
                            per month
                            for 10
2   PGDCA    Rs 120=00      Rs 2000=00  Rs            Rs       Rs 4623=00
                            @ Rs 200=00 1703=00       800=00
             Per student
                                        (Set of 7
                            per student
                            per month
                            for 10


                       FINANCIAL DETAILS

                      Registration Fees Sharing
Sno.   Course                                      Total Registration Fees
                 College Authority     CEDMAP

        DCA                                        Rs. 120/- per student per
 1                     100/-                20/-
       (MPBOU)                                               year

       PGDCA                                       Rs. 120/- per student per
 2                     100/-                20/-
       (MPBOU)                                               year


S.No. Course                             Fees     Duration

 1    MS-OFFICE                          1200/-    2 Mths

 2    DTP                                1400/-    2 Mths

 3    TALLY                              750/-     1 Mth


 4    EXCEL                              1400/-    2 Mths

 5    C                                  700/-     1 Mth

 6    C++                                900/-     1 Mth

 7    AUTOCAD                            1800/-    2 Mths

 8    VISUAL BASIC WITH MS-ACCESS        2000/-    3 Mths

 9    ORACLE WITH VB                     2500/-    3 Mths

 10   UDYAMITA COMPUTER HARDWARE         2400/-    3 Mths