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                                                                                                               Dennis LeBlanc

                           Medical weight loss direct to the public

         Based on 12 years of research, Keep It Off For Life provides proven
           motivational support to help people lose weight and keep it off

                       The answer to “yo-yo” dieting that never seems to keep the pounds off is not another fad diet or
                       ab-sculpting device, says Dr. Brian Alman, Ph.D., an internationally acclaimed expert on medical
                       weight loss.

                       To lose weight you have to exercise more and eat less. The problem is, most people get
                       discouraged, bored or apathetic and quit doing what works. Research indicates about 95
                       percent of people who lose weight later regain the pounds.

                       Dr. Alman has 30 years experience helping people lose weight and keep it off. He developed the
                       Keep It Off For Life motivational support program to help people change their behavior and stay
                       fit for life. The program, used by top weight loss clinics, is now available directly to the public at
                       the Web site

Suggested Intro: Every day it seems we hear about a new diet or exercise program that is going to help us lose
weight and get in better shape. But if there is anything harder than losing weight, it is keeping it off. With us today is Dr.
Brian Alman, an internationally renowned expert on medical weight loss and creator of the Keep It Off For Life
motivational system. It delivers personalized, interactive weight loss coaching from Dr. Alman to help people when
they need it most. The calls are proven to help people stick with their diet and exercise programs to avoid regaining
weight. Welcome, Dr. Alman. Why is it so hard to keep the weight off once we lose it?

  Childhood trauma: How it is related to the weight problems affecting many people
  The psychology behind losing weight and keeping it off.
  Technology and the development of the Keep It Off For Life “supercomputer.”
  How Keep It Off For Life is different from other weight loss programs.
  How research has validated the results of the Keep It Off For Life system.

      Online Press Kit (media): – images, more story ideas, etc.
                            Public Web site to promote:

Suggested QUESTIONS for Dr. Brian Alman:

        1.  What is the Keep It Off For Life system, and how does it work?
        2.  What is the success rate of the program, and how has it been verified?
        3.  How did you get the idea for an interactive, telephone-based weight loss coaching system?
        4.  How long has the system been in use, and who uses it?
        5.  How long has it been available directly to the public? How much does it cost?
        6.  How long must people use the system to see permanent results?
        7.  What is Kaiser Permanente, and how did you come to conduct research there?
        8.  What is the ACE study, and what does it tell us about underlying causes of weight gain and obesity?
        9.  What are the nine types of childhood trauma addressed in the ACE study?
        10. What percentage of people who are overweight or obese suffered childhood trauma?
        11. How does Keep It Off For Life help people overcome the root causes of weight gain to lose the weight and keep it off?
        12. Among people who have had documented success with the program, how long have they been able to avoid regaining
        13. How did MIT contribute to the development of the Keep It Off For Life system?
        14. What technological and other developments do you see in the future for Keep It Off For Life and the science of
            medical weight loss?

                To book Dr. Brian Alman, call Dennis LeBlanc 480-986-8460,

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