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             605 Welch Road Morrow, Ohio 45152          (513) 899-2334     FAX (513) 899-5050

May 22, 2009

Dear Parents,

The staff of Little Miami Intermediate School joins     Meadows, Emily Medosch, Emma Metty, Mckenzie
us in thanking you for your ongoing support             Metzger, Amber Mohlman, Chloe Morrell, Braxton
throughout the 2008-2009 academic year. Your            Noffsinger, Austin Oeder, Ryan Papali, Naomi
many hours of volunteer service and assistance with     Patten, Alison Perelman, Kyle Pessell, Jesse Peters,
classroom activities and projects have enabled our      Casey Pritchard, Kristina Ranney, Kyra Reinzan,
teachers to provide learning opportunities that         Meredith Reagan, Taryn Richards, Tyler Rogers,
otherwise could not have been possible.                 Rachel Sawyer, Jacqui Schrickel, Howie Schweinlin,
                                                        Samantha Sexton, Kelly Rambow, Jacob Scaggs,
In order to recognize the many accomplishments of       Chelsea Schwartz, Jon Sheridan, Keith Stark, Natalie
our fifth and sixth grade students, awards assemblies   Stark, Brayden Thornbury, Nicholas Tomasetti, Ellie
have been scheduled on Thursday, June 4th in the        Vanderkolk, Katie Vanderzee, Haley
multipurpose room. The program for fifth graders        Wisbey, Hannah Wisbey, Allison
will be held at 8:00 A.M. and for sixth graders at      Yakimow, and Brandon Yates.
12:30 P.M. Parents are invited and welcome to
attend.                                                 We also extend best wishes
                                                        to physical education teacher
Special congratulations are extended to this year’s     Tony Marchione, who retires
sixth graders earning the President’s Award for         after thirty five years of
Outstanding Academic Excellence. In order to            service.
qualify for this award, students must have
maintained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in    Enjoy a very relaxing and safe summer vacation!
grades four through six, as well as having scored at
the advanced level on the fifth grade Ohio              Sincerely,
Achievement Test in either reading or mathematics.
This year’s recipients are Elizabeth Anderskow,
Spencer Ballard, David Bertsch, Quincy Blackburn,
Joshua Brock, Kimberly Byrum, Matt Cavanaugh,           Robert D. Reagan
Savannah Coffey, Austin Douglas, Samantha               Principal
Dunbar, Breanna Fernbach, Kevin Geohegan, Megan
Greatorex, Stefanie Green, Justin Griggs, Ella
Grosnickle, Ben Haller, Austin Havlin, Blake
Hillard, Ashley Hinds, Tessa Hoerst, Elizabeth
Jones, Madolyn Kelsey, Alexis Kemp, Allison
Kerman, Heather Kneip, Kevin Knippenberg, Jacob         Tom Turner
Knueven, Raechel Lombardo, Gianna Lupinetti,            Associate Principal
Allison McKain, Morgan McVey, Elizabeth
                                                     May Nurse’s Notes: Summer Safety
                                                                 We are all happy to see warmer
                                                                 weather arrive and there are some
Calendar of Events                                               health issues of which we need to be
May 25        Memorial Day – No School
                                                     FUN IN THE SUN – Remember
May 28        Fifth Grade Field Day                  this phrase,
                     (Rain date – Monday, June 1)    “Slip, Slop, Slap, Wrap”.
                                                     Slip on a shirt or protective covering.
              Scholars’ Reception, 7:00 P.M.,        Slop on some sunscreen of an SPF of 15 or higher.
                     High School                     Slap on a hat with a brim.
                                                     Wrap on some sunglasses.
May 29        Sixth Grade Field Day
                     (Rain date – Tuesday, June 2)   POISON IVY – Along with
                                                     poison oak and poison
June 4        Awards Assemblies                      sumac, these can nip you at
                    Fifth Grade – 8:00 A.M.          the slightest touch. The oil from the
                    Sixth Grade – 12:30 P.M.         plant moves easily to skin from pets, garden tools,
                                                     etc. The best thing is to learn what these plants look
June 8        Beach Party/Read In Day                like and avoid them. If your child does come in
                                                     contact with the oil, get it off the skin as soon as
June 9        Students’ Last Day                     possible. Wash the skin with soap and cool water
                                                     (warm/hot water opens pores for the ivy oil to
              Report Cards Issued                    absorb). A cool compress or calamine lotion helps
                                                     the itch. If the rash spreads to the face, or the
                                                     reaction becomes severe, see a physician.

Students of the Month                                TICKS– If your child has
Congratulations to Little Miami Intermediate         been outside, especially in a
School’s Students of                                 wooded area, check for ticks.
the Month for May:                                   If you do find a tick, grasp
Spencer Ballard,                                     firmly with tweezers and pull
Jake Bateman, Lexy                                   out firmly and steadily. Do
Birkenshaw, Matt                                     not squeeze, turn or jerk the tweezers. Use an
Brandenburg, Isaac                                   antiseptic and wash your hands. If your child
Converse, Rachiel                                    develops any rash, fever, severe headache, stiff neck
Cook, Bailey Cooper,                                 or any joint or muscle pain within the next three
Catherine Evers-Smith, Kevin Geohegan, Camrynn       weeks, remind your doctor about the tick. Also
Gilpin, Stefanie Green, Nathan Gregor, Shelby        observe the site for infection. If part of the tick is
Lierman, George Martinez, Lexi Mason, Melissa        left in, consult your physician.
Melling, Yara Mohamad, Bailey Privett, Kristina
Ranney, Ethan Salisbury, Mandy Schnetzer, Caitlyn
Seldon, Eugene Sychugov, and Adam Weiss.

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