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                     AT KILIMANJARO KEMPINSIKI

Mr. Chairman,
Representative of the Director General of WIPO,
Mr. Lee Yuke Chin – Consultant,
Permanent Secretaries,
Invited Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

Mr. Chairman let me first of all take this opportunity to welcome you all to this
one day Intellectual Property Advisory Services and Information Centre High
Level National Meeting organized by the World Intellectual Property Organisation
(WIPO) in collaboration with the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency
(BRELA) and the National Commission of Science and Technology (COSTECH).

Intellectual Property is increasingly taking the centre stage in the global setting
especially now when the global economic scenario is based on knowledge.

What is exactly intellectual property and what role does it have if any in a social,
economic and cultural global setting? does intellectual property have any
significance in development strategies for countries like the United Republic of
Tanzania, if yes what is its significance?

It is precisely these questions and many others of similar nature, that this one
day high level meeting on topical issue on intellectual property, would attempt to
address and answer.
It is a fact that not many Tanzanians, today know what intellectual property is all
about much less of its significance to the social and economic development of a

Chairman, I have looked at your programme and the various presentations which
I have noted will be delivered by some distinguished persons and intellectual
property gurus both from within and from outside Tanzania. I note and wish to
recognise the presence of Hon. Ambassador Khamis Kagasheki, a Member of
Parliament for Bukoba urban. I am informed that Hon. Kagasheki was once an
Assistant Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation. I also
note and wish to recognize the presence amidst us of Mr. Kifle Shenkoru a
Director of the LDCs Division of the World Intellectual Property Organsiation
(WIPO) in Geneva.    Last but not least I recognize the presence of Mr. Lee Yuke
Chin, a Consultant from Malaysia, I am informed that Mr. Chin was one of
architects of social and economic reforms that transformed a once least
developed Malaysia, into a new Malaysia with a vision to become a developed
nation by the year 2010.

I quite remember that Mr. Shenkoru and Mr. Chin were here in December last
year, at the University of Dar es Salaam where they were the resource persons
to the skills development and training, for some users of Intellectual Property
Advisory Services and Information Centre, which I am informed will be formally
launched tomorrow at the COSTECH .

The presence of these distinguished persons in the list of resource persons for
this meeting, signifies the importance with which the organizers of this meeting
are attaching to the whole issue of enhancing awareness on intellectual property
in Tanzania. It is my hope that you will be able to share experiences during your
discussions on the various issues relating to this subject and its relevance in
fostering the social and economic growth in the country.
Mr. Chairman, intellectual property I am informed, cuts across all sectors of the
national economy and beyond, it is not an area that belongs to one specific
ministry and or institution. Intellectual property as you will probably be told
later today, has relevance in almost all Government Ministries and in many other
institutions public as well as private. Intellectual property relates to development
of technology, promotion of trade in goods and services, consumer protection,
fair trade, entertainment industry, development of literary and artistic works,
public health and access to medicines, new plants varieties, biotechnology,
genetic engineering, mechanical and civil engineering and many other areas.

For a nation to benefit fully from the contribution of intellectual property, it is
necessary to have a holistic approach, which among other things, provides for
the integration of intellectual property into the social, economic and cultural
development policies of the nation in question. This happened, and is in fact
happening in practice elsewhere and since you will have an opportunity to share
the experience of Malaysia with Mr. Chin you could clearly see how carefully
integrated intellectual property into national development policies could have
very positive results.

You are all aware I believe, of countries like India, China, South Korea and many
others in Asia, which embraced intellectual property in their economic policies,
their economies have dramatically changed beyond imaginable proportions.
There are many lessons that our country could learn from these countries.

While Tanzania is struggling to foster its economic growth and poverty alleviation
and also aspiring to strategize on how to achieve the United Nations Millennium
Development Goals, it would in my view be very interesting to discuss how
intellectual property could contribute to those endeavours.

So I urge you to seriously consider during your discussion and deliberate on how
best the United Republic of Tanzania could apply intellectual property in
achieving the social and economic reforms, which aim at creating employment
opportunities and raising the standard of living of all Tanzanians. It is my hope
that at the end of this meeting, as most of you are at the level of policy making,
you could come out with recommendations that would assist the application of
intellectual property in industry, agriculture, communication, education, culture,
health, trade and all other sectors.

I am informed that BRELA, COSTECH, COSOTA, the Ministry of Higher Education
and other stakeholders, formed an Intellectual Property Forum with a view to
bringing together intellectual property stakeholders and have a common place at
which to discuss the various intellectual property issues.

The forum I am informed has been legally established as a non profit making
and non governmental organization. It has an open ended membership for any
person natural or otherwise, who has an interest and or stake in intellectual

May I take this opportunity to urge all of you to join the forum which does not
require any membership subscription fees at least until now.

In conclusion Mr. Chairman, let me thank the Director General of the World
Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) for accepting to organize this
important meeting to enhance the awareness on intellectual property. It is my
sincere hope that the Director General’s representative, will kindly pass my
profound gratitude to him in Geneva.

Having said that, it is now my singular honour to declare this Intellectual
Property Advisory and Information Centre High Level Meeting officially opened,
and I wish you fruitful deliberations.

I thank you for your attention.

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